World of Tanks || How to: MT-12 Incinerator

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m going to show you how I completed the most frustrating mission in World Tanks, MT-12: Incinerator for the Object 260. Instructing you how to increase your chance to accomplish those fires!

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  1. That was the most intense reaction to anything that I’ve ever seen. It was
    similar to when you see videos of people winning the lottery lol.

  2. Where can i get the modepack qb is using in this video from? I really like
    those new features.

  3. I like chicken!

  4. Im on the two fires mission for the T-55A and I only ever get one fire…
    BUT I have done the mission twice… in the AMX 13 90 and the T34 heavy
    tank -_-

  5. It happens every now and then that I set a guy on fire twice or set two
    guys on fire in the same match… But if I was doing an operation like this
    it would never happen for sure…

  6. I though you were raging

  7. Hahahahaha your reaction killed me

  8. First!!!

  9. Im quick

  10. dat live reaction though

  11. Hahahah, I loved your reaction to that last kill (with fire of course).
    Quickie you rock big time :)

  12. This could be significantly easier with WT logic

  13. This would piss me off so much, unless you are trying to set a chinese or
    russian tank on fire. That is easier!

  14. Nice as allways

  15. Top 100 :D

  16. What is the most frustrating mission in the game for you? Any more tips for
    setting fire to tanks? I’m LIVESTREAMING right now from Gamescom in Cologne
    come check out the event, gameplay and awesome prizes!

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