World of Tanks | How To Play Paper Medium Tanks Game Play Tutorials

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of | How To Play Paper Mediums Game Play Tutorials

So I made a great tutorial all about playing mediums, but that was the -Mod 1 and that is an OP Beast!!!!! Viewers asked Can I do a Tutorial with Mediums with Armour…… Here it is, please enjoy.


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  1. +autotune jesus One of the best ways to fight in tanks w/ horribad gun
    depression is to reverse up the slope of a hill to shoot over an undulation
    in front of you and then go forwards back down into cover (uses elevation
    instead of depression to acquire shots) this is especially useful in high
    tier chinese mediums. city maps with level ground are also good for these
    tanks w/ bad gun depression. you will notice they have very large caliber
    high alpha guns, and they lend to a brawler play style.

  2. +Adrian Perovic You don’t seem to get armor. It doesn’t matter if you have
    100 mm or 50 mm when people have 200+ pen. Both 100 and 50 is “no armor” at
    that point. I’d take the 50 mm over the 100 mm at higher tiers every single
    time. All the Panther II’s armor does is slow you down. If you can’t rely
    on your armor, you need to play like you don’t have any. Then you might as
    well not have any and gain some mobility.

  3. +Gnawer Shreth Of course it matters. Extremely low armor means it can be
    penetrated by High-Explosive shells and also be overmatched.

  4. +Citronvand Oh yeah, all of those HE rounds spammed at higher tiers in WOT.
    Oh wait..

    Overmatch or regular pen, who gives a shit? Both of them do damage to you.
    If a Tiger II or whatever shoots you, he pens. If he shoots at a guy with
    50 mm and overmatches.. Guess what, he pens. It makes no difference.

    Overmatch is a problem for tanks who *do* have armor. Like some of the
    heavy tanks with a very weak turret roof. Then it becomes the obvious
    weakspot. Because the top of the turret is usually extremely sloped, having
    100 mm of armor there would effectively make it an autobounce zone. If the
    armor is too thin, it overmatches and doesn’t bounce.
    The Panther II doesn’t have that problem. There’s no autobouncing. They can
    just shoot right through his front plate, so having 50 mm instead would
    make no difference since it already pens now.

    If he had 50 mm of armor, he would be a lot faster though so he might not
    have been hit in the first place.

  5. +Gnawer Shreth Your loss if you don’t use HE on artillery and paper tanks.
    You would have a point if the accuracy was perfect in WoT, but like we both
    know it isn’t. Especially after the accuracy nerf. Therefore the shell will
    occasionally hit the wrong place and could auto-bounce due to the angle
    even if you normally would have penetrated the target. Now if it was a
    paper tank and you overmatched the armor this wouldn’t matter.

  6. +Citronvand I’ll use HE if there’s a single guy leaf on my flank or if
    there’s a guy with like 50 HP left. I’m not driving around with HE loaded
    just in case. What would I do if I had HE loaded and didn’t mean the paper
    tank but met his friend in the E100 or whatever instead? 😉

    Accuracy is still way too good in WOT. You can reliably hit weak spots and
    that’s all you really need. They never should have buffed the accuracy so
    much back in.. I don’t remember the patch number anymore. Some years ago

    Yes, the point isn’t that the Panther II will *never* bounce a shot. We saw
    that happen right here in the video after all. The point is you can’t rely
    on it, so you need to play as if you don’t have any armor. If you have to
    play as if you don’t have any armor, you might as well not have it and gain
    the extra mobility from that. (Basically become Leopard-ish.)

  7. Agreed… Panther II has some armor, whereas the leo 1, cdc and tanks like
    that don’t have any armor at all

  8. Paper armour: when a tank can be easily penned by anything it faces.
    Therefore panther2 is paper.
    Leo, cdc etc have NO armour. Theres a difference.

  9. Youssef Sammouh

    He uses Aslian’s but i dont know where that stuff is on the modpack

  10. +larsvd meyde sorry if it sounds sassy

  11. +larsvd meyde yeah ofc I can bro, I loaded gold to Make sure because it was
    a game decider when they were capping after that I forgot to switch back as
    many of us do. I am only human like you bro 🙂

  12. maybe then it was just me, because when I paid attention to your ammo I
    mostly saw gold loaded. and I NEVER use gold

  13. ooh and I don’t know if I am actually learning from it but not noticing it
    or I really don’t (1550+ WN8 and 2200+ over the last 1K battles)

  14. Check WoT replays. Player Havoc199. 1800 Base XP in the CDC.
    Really recommend for CDC gameplay.

  15. +Shaz Widhani good advice mate

  16. +Shaz Widhani HE is unreliable in clutch situations like that one was…
    had one of his shots went into the tracks or not penetrated he would have

  17. +Shpee with open turreted tanks if you are shooting HE aim at the side of
    the turret

  18. +Alex AKaravas Hey Alex thanks mate

  19. +Briarus HECATONCHEIRES thanks mate, i love the panther 2 also!!

  20. +Shaz Widhani yea but what can you do with 169 mm of pen? i can’t even pen
    most tier 8 tanks…and the accuracy sucks .’ can’t hit where i aim even if
    i fully aim every shot

  21. +Tenky Tenks I will always be honest with you guys, I am not a good Tank
    destroyer player unless that TD has a Turret. the St I would utilise view
    range gun and its main thing Gun Depression

  22. +Tenky Tenks The St. Emil was playable before the nerf. Now it doesn’t even
    have the view range advantage, so it’s pretty terrible.

  23. Best way to play it is to use ridge lines. Watch where enemies are looking.
    The second they look away punish them for it. I had many 3-4k damage games
    with the stock gun.
    With the top gun you can also use this tactic just more agressively or you
    can also snipe. This depends on the map. Open maps or flat maps I try to
    snipe any map with ridges or bumps etc is a massive ‘come here’ sign for
    the Emil.

    Personally I think it is a terrible tank but you can have great games in
    it. Also dont lose heart the next one in the line is well worth it.
    Rhm Borsig is incredible. Not as good as the OP ISU-152 but still a very
    nice TD.

  24. +M.H.B yea i try to use ridges as much as possible but i always get city
    maps when playing it D:

  25. +Orban Miklos thanks bro 🙂

  26. +Ian Love cheers Ian

  27. +Ginge nice one Ginge

  28. +Matas Jauniskis cool man

  29. +Pack No cheers pack

  30. Try the cdc, now that has paper armor the most it has is 34mm

  31. +mat24ist I <3 my CDC, earns tonnes and 3k damage games are no surprise

  32. seigfred carcero

    +George State to play the m4

  33. Do a how to play top tier TDs

  34. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    +Sir Havoc how to play bottom tier arty?

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