World of Tanks | How To Play Paper Medium Tanks Game Play Tutorials

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Source: Havoc

World of Tanks | Paper Mediums Game Play Tutorials

So I made a great tutorial all about playing mediums, but that was the T54-Mod 1 and that an OP Beast!!!!! Viewers asked Can I do a Tutorial with Mediums with no Armour…… Here is, please enjoy.


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  1. Nice one Sir Havoc ! thanks for your nice videos.

  2. The panther 2 isn’t a paper medium in any way, and you didn’t play it like
    one either as without your armour you would have lost the game

  3. Very nice replay Havoc, best tutorials on WoT by far! Just a question
    though, did you really needed to fire all those APCR shells? Against hull
    down T32 yeah, but the rest?

  4. Proper job.

  5. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    you chanel is awesome.nice video,

  6. Hello Sir Havoc, I would love to play (and learn!!) with you guys but i’m
    based on the asia server (Australia). Do you have/know any players on the
    asia server? (sorry if this is obviously linked somewhere, i cant find it.)


    Another gr8 video SirHavoc!
    BTW what mods is he using any idea?

  8. Ra1derpnananana

    Since when panther 2 is a paper armor tank?!?! grab a leo 1, the p2 is a
    beast. Sorry but wrong tank mate and misleading video.

  9. GREAT VID. I just wish you were in NA damnit. :(

  10. This was great. Can you show us how to play when you’re NOT top tier? Like
    a tier 8 in a tier X game?

  11. top be fair @ 3:14, when shooting @501m, and not fully aimed, that isn’t
    bad rng, that was a bad shot. was expecting more from ya tho, you are far
    better than i am, but
    what pisses me off, when i do that at 360m, in a dicker max(.36) fully
    aimed, and leading a bit

  12. “The Road To Tank Fest Give Away”

  13. Nice ;)

  14. You planning on making an NA clan? I might join that :D

  15. Please.. sloped 100mm armor on the UFP doesnt quailify as paper armor…
    had you been in the STA 1 you would not have bounced that shot from the
    Kv85 nor from the Hellcat and thus you wouldnt have been able to carry like
    this… dont get me wrong, this is still a great video and it is helpful…
    but the Panther II doesnt have paper armor… its pretty shitty armor but
    not paper

  16. Very nice. Any chance of showing that in a paper tier 10 medium? Leopard
    1, for instance?

  17. Sir Havoc, I understands that generally MT don’t have much armor but the
    slope of Panther 2 is actually quite acceptable for me. I had bounced many
    shells before and sometimes lower caliber guns just bounce right off.

    I believe when it comes to paper armor, we should consider the following
    tanks who in my opinion are much ‘softer’ yet possess their individuality

    German: Leapord 1 or PTA
    French: Lorraine & Batchat.
    Japanese: Well… most of them are soft.

  18. Badly armored tanks are some of the hardest to carry in and compared to the
    T54 video, this wasn’t really THAT much of a carry I’d say. The 112 did
    well at base and without him I’d say this would have been a loss. The
    Panther doesn’t have the speed to quickly poke over the ridge, the turret
    armor to take hits over the ridge or gun depression to handle a decap like
    that on its own. It worked thanks to the 112 being there no matter who
    actually got the kills.

    Still a good game though and it showed some teamwork and how to take
    advantage of a friendly taking fire. I’m sure plenty of people can learn
    from that. 🙂

    Oh, and to all the people saying Panther II doesn’t have paper armor: Armor
    is only worth having *if* you have enough of it to rely on it. The Panther
    II does not so you need to play the tank as if you didn’t have any. Then
    I’d much rather have 50 mm of armor and gain some mobility from the weight
    loss. The Panther II’s armor may be able to bounce some stock tier VIs once
    in a while but even then you can’t rely on it. Against anything its own
    tier, all the armor does is slow it down.

  19. Hi,

    Once again great job showing how to play.
    If I may suggest or rather ask for more videos about maps? You know, where
    to go in which tanks, good spots etc. That would be great :P

  20. Great as always. 

  21. Sir havoc. Liking you work. It has been helpful. Just wondering if you have
    a NA franchise?

  22. Connor Vogelsong

    Sir Havoc, The Panther 2 has paper armour? And what is your favorite tech
    tree, Favorite type of tank ” medium heavy ect” and favorite path of tanks
    “As in German medium path Panthers”

  23. does he have a clan for bad peeps in NA?

  24. Nice video. I especially like the comment that just because the heavy in
    front of you moved forward does not mean you needed to follow. I tend to
    be too aggressive in my play style, something you pointed out on other
    players in this video. Now to practice being selective in my support
    without camping excessively.

  25. Achtung panzer!

    Another cracking video! Always very helpful. Thanks mate for your advice
    and I look forward to your next one.

  26. can we get a tutorial on tanks with no gun depression?
    btw great job

    • +autotune jesus One of the best ways to fight in tanks w/ horribad gun
      depression is to reverse up the slope of a hill to shoot over an undulation
      in front of you and then go forwards back down into cover (uses elevation
      instead of depression to acquire shots) this is especially useful in high
      tier chinese mediums. city maps with level ground are also good for these
      tanks w/ bad gun depression. you will notice they have very large caliber
      high alpha guns, and they lend to a brawler play style.

  27. nice and easy to understand i play for 2 years but its steel good to remind
    my seft the basic stuff thanks Sir Havoc

  28. there are some 3 levels of armor for medium tanks.
    1.Paper is amx cdc, japanese tanks, etc – tanks that get penetrated by HE.
    2. Cardboard is panther 2, m46 patton, t44, centurion mk1 – tanks that can
    troll but will generally have difficulties bouncing the russian 122mm (175
    pen) if they are not in hull down or sidescrapping position.
    3. Russian is t54, obj 140, a44, t62 hul down – because fastest mediums
    deserve most armor, right?

  29. panther 2 paper armor?? this is ridiculous… have you ever played amx cdc
    or leo pta or type 61? put some of your time in playing leo 1 on tier 10
    and you’ll see wha paper armor is. If you can take an HE shell in the front
    an laugh it of, you don’t have paper armor.

    • +Adrian Perovic You don’t seem to get armor. It doesn’t matter if you have
      100 mm or 50 mm when people have 200+ pen. Both 100 and 50 is “no armor” at
      that point. I’d take the 50 mm over the 100 mm at higher tiers every single
      time. All the Panther II’s armor does is slow you down. If you can’t rely
      on your armor, you need to play like you don’t have any. Then you might as
      well not have any and gain some mobility.

    • +Gnawer Shreth Of course it matters. Extremely low armor means it can be
      penetrated by High-Explosive shells and also be overmatched.

    • +Citronvand Oh yeah, all of those HE rounds spammed at higher tiers in WOT.
      Oh wait..

      Overmatch or regular pen, who gives a shit? Both of them do damage to you.
      If a Tiger II or whatever shoots you, he pens. If he shoots at a guy with
      50 mm and overmatches.. Guess what, he pens. It makes no difference.

      Overmatch is a problem for tanks who *do* have armor. Like some of the
      heavy tanks with a very weak turret roof. Then it becomes the obvious
      weakspot. Because the top of the turret is usually extremely sloped, having
      100 mm of armor there would effectively make it an autobounce zone. If the
      armor is too thin, it overmatches and doesn’t bounce.
      The Panther II doesn’t have that problem. There’s no autobouncing. They can
      just shoot right through his front plate, so having 50 mm instead would
      make no difference since it already pens now.

      If he had 50 mm of armor, he would be a lot faster though so he might not
      have been hit in the first place.

    • +Gnawer Shreth Your loss if you don’t use HE on artillery and paper tanks.
      You would have a point if the accuracy was perfect in WoT, but like we both
      know it isn’t. Especially after the accuracy nerf. Therefore the shell will
      occasionally hit the wrong place and could auto-bounce due to the angle
      even if you normally would have penetrated the target. Now if it was a
      paper tank and you overmatched the armor this wouldn’t matter.

    • +Citronvand I’ll use HE if there’s a single guy leaf on my flank or if
      there’s a guy with like 50 HP left. I’m not driving around with HE loaded
      just in case. What would I do if I had HE loaded and didn’t mean the paper
      tank but met his friend in the E100 or whatever instead? 😉

      Accuracy is still way too good in WOT. You can reliably hit weak spots and
      that’s all you really need. They never should have buffed the accuracy so
      much back in.. I don’t remember the patch number anymore. Some years ago

      Yes, the point isn’t that the Panther II will *never* bounce a shot. We saw
      that happen right here in the video after all. The point is you can’t rely
      on it, so you need to play as if you don’t have any armor. If you have to
      play as if you don’t have any armor, you might as well not have it and gain
      the extra mobility from that. (Basically become Leopard-ish.)

  30. Love tutorials, have been playing a couple of years have 20k or so battles
    so enjoy the
    game but i make no excuses my stats aren’t very good, now i usually end up
    in the top half of my team almost every time. Problem is, i just don’t have
    the reaction speed
    to deal with multiple targets at the same time and i so struggle with
    I have multiple sclerosis and a chronic nerve yes i will
    always struggle
    with reaction time, and addressing those. And a trend i seen in the game is
    away from tank destroyers and the slower more heavily armored
    heavies..taking away
    the bush cover and lanes of fire. Mostly by putting a lot of undulations
    and raising
    ridge lines. What are your thoughts on the standing in the game of these
    in the game?

  31. That Steve kid is a douche bag, doesn’t know what happens and trying to
    rally both teams to report him. What a little cry baby. The way you auto
    aimed at the 304s driver at the end was pretty cool tool, normally auto aim
    goes for the center of the tank but yours locked right into that driver

  32. cole wolf (Scrub games)

    Sir this is just what I wanted thank you

  33. This is some good stuff.When I saw the title I was hoping that youd be
    playing in the STA-1 because Im having problems with that one and its
    definitely a paper tank, I love it but I just cant play it

  34. Timon Dragosavac

    Another great tutorial m8!Looking forward to join you for a few tomorow on

  35. +Sir Havoc I want to take part in training and improving my play style with
    your clan but I am already in a clan. Do you have any suggestions?

  36. Geat tutorial love iT can Udo more on tier6 fortification tactics

  37. 0:47 was that bird shit?

    But very good video Pete

    vinko99 :)

  38. Thanks m8 working on running Panther to Panther 2!! Good video!

  39. Nice boss :)

  40. Nice video lad but paper armour is not in the panther II.
    I rather say mediocre armour than paper…
    Paper armour is definitely CDC level, of unprotection what is overmatched
    even by 90 mil HE shells.
    But you definitely enlightened in the game.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Agreed… Panther II has some armor, whereas the leo 1, cdc and tanks like
      that don’t have any armor at all

    • Paper armour: when a tank can be easily penned by anything it faces.
      Therefore panther2 is paper.
      Leo, cdc etc have NO armour. Theres a difference.

  41. IWindsOfMidgets

    Sir Havoc, to join your clan to help people who are bad at the game, do you
    have to be able to talk on teamspeak ? i have teamspeak but not a working
    mic, so i can hear people but not talk

  42. nice Tutorial, i will try to get my stats up in my cromwell, cause i play
    td’s too much… 🙁
    keep the vids coming, they are great! how can i join the uni?
    greets from a dutchy

  43. One of my favorite tanks Panther II!! Great vid mate!!

  44. Great video havoc

  45. The Raging Storm

    joined the clan today. Sir havoc could you show us how to locate and find
    hulldown positions in WOT. And how to use them effectively, it’s important
    for me because i have a 113 and i want to learn how to use hull down
    tactics in it.

  46. that was epic with the paper armor tank, keep them coming Sir Havoc..O7

  47. I am happy to see that our comments don’t go on deaf ears. :)

  48. Havoc.. Is it possible that you can make a modpack of your mods. Like
    circon and quicky does. Like your setup much better then they have. If not
    a modpack, maybe you can make a video of what mods you use and how you
    install them..

  49. Why do people dislike your videos? There is nothing to dislike….I think
    your videos are awesome, and very helpful, ty.

  50. I’m sure you’ve read this countless times, but I really enjoy watching your
    videos. I started off with quickybaby and jingles, and after finding your
    channel I have continued to learn and improve myself even further after
    watching everything they’ve put up on youtube.

  51. Thnx Havoc that really helped☺

  52. paper, srly?

  53. can you do that without all those mods and without gold ammo?

    • +larsvd meyde sorry if it sounds sassy

    • +larsvd meyde yeah ofc I can bro, I loaded gold to Make sure because it was
      a game decider when they were capping after that I forgot to switch back as
      many of us do. I am only human like you bro 🙂

    • maybe then it was just me, because when I paid attention to your ammo I
      mostly saw gold loaded. and I NEVER use gold

    • ooh and I don’t know if I am actually learning from it but not noticing it
      or I really don’t (1550+ WN8 and 2200+ over the last 1K battles)

  54. Hi, just wondering if we could get some cdc gameplay as it’s my only
    premium and I just cant do that well in it, topping out at meh almost every
    game. I would really like some tips in it. Thanks 🙂
    Edit: Especially on city maps

  55. That gold ammunition was wasted though…

  56. Merseysidenforcer

    New channel for me.Great tips,cheers.

  57. You sound a bit like SunlightBlade

  58. Milan Lazarevic

    Your videos are awsom!only 1thing the picture of a video is terrible looks
    like some porn from the 80 CHANGE that stile and you will have more viwes
    and subs;)

  59. Could be worse you could be in a CDC, good commentary as usual – helping to
    bring up my stats even further and to make me more aware on the battlefield
    thanks again – keep it up! Beast

  60. Jamie Oliver… u make WOT tutorials now?… Damn u man… u are good at
    everything!!! just joking… nice vids… best of luck

  61. Thank you. The Panther II is a great tank. You almost have to play it like
    a TD. The reload time of the gun and the paper armor make it rough to play
    head to head.

  62. Should have loaded HE for hellcat, would have taken less damage and killed
    him faster

  63. Well done!


    nice vid! i had a heck of a time in the t20 and pershing trying to get to
    the sides of enemies. i think i did better in those than the panther II
    though, probably because i got overconfidant with that gun on the panterII
    keep ’em coming!

  65. Plays “paper” medium. Gets steel wall

  66. hey, how do you find the st emil? i still have it stock and i hate it sooo
    much!! i just can’t get decent games…any suggestions? thanks :)

    • +Shaz Widhani yea but what can you do with 169 mm of pen? i can’t even pen
      most tier 8 tanks…and the accuracy sucks .’ can’t hit where i aim even if
      i fully aim every shot

    • +Tenky Tenks I will always be honest with you guys, I am not a good Tank
      destroyer player unless that TD has a Turret. the St I would utilise view
      range gun and its main thing Gun Depression

    • +Tenky Tenks The St. Emil was playable before the nerf. Now it doesn’t even
      have the view range advantage, so it’s pretty terrible.

    • Best way to play it is to use ridge lines. Watch where enemies are looking.
      The second they look away punish them for it. I had many 3-4k damage games
      with the stock gun.
      With the top gun you can also use this tactic just more agressively or you
      can also snipe. This depends on the map. Open maps or flat maps I try to
      snipe any map with ridges or bumps etc is a massive ‘come here’ sign for
      the Emil.

      Personally I think it is a terrible tank but you can have great games in
      it. Also dont lose heart the next one in the line is well worth it.
      Rhm Borsig is incredible. Not as good as the OP ISU-152 but still a very
      nice TD.

    • +M.H.B yea i try to use ridges as much as possible but i always get city
      maps when playing it D:

  67. ROFL. I’m pretty certain you just outed Steveo… 1:40 – “Steveo is one of
    our gays from W-Uni2″…. I’m not judging but I think you should have
    given him the opportunity to make is orientation public…

  68. Great video

  69. Great vid :)

  70. Very nice, good video – cheers.

  71. Matas Jauniskis

    Sweet just the thing I needed 🙂 +1

  72. Nice vid man :)

  73. So I made a great tutorial all about playing mediums, but that was the
    T54-Mod 1 and that is an OP Beast!!!!! Viewers asked Can I do a Tutorial
    with Mediums with no Armour…… Here it is, please enjoy.

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