World of Tanks | How to Remove Gun & Tank Shake When Firing and Hit Tutorial Guide Hint Tips

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Ever miss your shot due to Tank shake?? Well never guess what? you can turn that off!!! and you do not even a MOD!!!


Friday (subject to change, due to Baby Havocs requirements)

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Christian Reindl

Thank you Christian


  1. Emerson over performance is a hard choice

  2. The thing is this is an option, if it was enabled in game and they didn’t
    allow you to turn it off then it would be fair and more immersive, but
    since this is an option by enabling it only gives yourself a handicap
    whilst everyone else can and probably does have it turned off.

  3. +Ruiner
    I totally agree with your logic and conclusion, which goes some way to
    support my point about the irony that players will complain about
    somethings that are unrealistic in the game, but I doubt any of them don’t
    choose to turn off the gun shake, which is realistic(ish)

  4. Yeti ALERT!!!!!

  5. +Sir Havoc You git!!! that’s Mrs Havoc, 🙂 .

  6. check out strategic movement and battle positioning tutorials bro

  7. Dutch Annihilation

    many thanks 😉

  8. +Andreas Nordlund could have been worse, might have said world of warplanes

  9. Nope. 🙁
    Bummer, wanted to be first.

  10. +HirAmHelcaraxe my misses mate

  11. +Sir Havoc i am on 33 dude

  12. +Sir Havoc I was sure I had this set from a long time ago but having seen
    this video I thought I should re-check it. Sure enough I did not have this
    mode enabled but it is now. Maybe my Chinese 110 with it’s 122mm gun may
    become a bit more accurate. thanks……

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