World of Tanks | How to Remove Gun & Tank Shake When Firing and Hit Tutorial Guide Hint Tips

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Source: Havoc

of Tanks | How to Remove Gun & Tank Shake When Firing and Hit Tutorial Guide Hint Tips

Ever miss your shot due to Tank shake?? Well never guess what? you can turn that off!!! and you do not even need a MOD!!!

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Friday (subject to change, due to Baby Havocs requirements)

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Christian Reindl

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  1. wow mrs. Havoc is cute……way to go!!!!

  2. I need horizontal stabilization and no gun shake, got a solution?

  3. I find it a shame you dont have more views to your youtube channel as you
    describe many things that helps new players to wot …… keep up the good
    work and big up to ur channel

  4. Thx for this information Sir Havoc. It may be useful.

  5. Teach me!…Oh wait, I’ve not started the video…I’ll get back to you in

    I am impressed. I’ve not had a chance to try it out, but a made the
    changes. Being a noob, I have a lot of lower tier tanks, so this should be
    very useful.

  6. Hey buddy. Just found your channel off the WarGaming Twitter. Good tutorial
    for beginners and ill give it a go with the E100. thing is ive kinda got
    used the shake over the years and you learn to compensate for it i guess.
    Never less, a good video mate and i did laugh at the sneaky YT bomber……

  7. The irony is so funny. So often we hear players complaining about what is
    and what isn’t real in this game. Or getting excited about HD models
    because they make the tanks look more realistic. And here we are, turning
    off one of the realistic aspects of the game

    • Emerson over performance is a hard choice

    • The thing is this is an option, if it was enabled in game and they didn’t
      allow you to turn it off then it would be fair and more immersive, but
      since this is an option by enabling it only gives yourself a handicap
      whilst everyone else can and probably does have it turned off.

    • +Ruiner
      I totally agree with your logic and conclusion, which goes some way to
      support my point about the irony that players will complain about
      somethings that are unrealistic in the game, but I doubt any of them don’t
      choose to turn off the gun shake, which is realistic(ish)

  8. Did I spy the Yeti there at end of the vid Pete? 

  9. hi, does this also work on the xbox360
    And I am looking for beta key of world of warship

  10. Nice one bud, simple but effective, loved the hair, and the head bobbing up
    behind the couch…he he….

  11. he… she is peeking…. warn her….lol
    just kidding… like it…. let her play to……. most woman dont like
    tanks…. ;)

  12. Vid-bombed.

  13. thanks I was looking for that

  14. Dutch Annihilation

    dont know if you already did a tut about this. If not i got a sugestion:
    what to do in some situations & knowing when you should fall back

    (since I regurarly see a lemming train and I automatically go to defend the
    other flank)

  15. look rear, one “stealth ELC AMX women” in ambush 🙂

    thanks for this tips.

  16. Thank you nice tip…

  17. great tip

  18. Lucky here ! – the dynamic camera was off – is it by default ?

  19. Love your miss about warcraft/warships… Take care m8…

  20. Am I the first to see the “Easter Egg” in the video?!

  21. Daughter?

  22. Thanks old chap, another useful tip.

  23. Up close you look 90% like my ex’s father. Heartattack closely avoided ☻

  24. Cool! I didn’t knew that but I had that dynamic camera unchecked anyway
    because I thought it would slow my graphics.

  25. Wow, short turn-around, we only just spoke about this ^^, Thumbs up! Though
    we really spoke about the benefit of using the second box you can tick with
    dynamic camera. Vertical stab makes zoomed play on ridges and whatnot very

  26. Ever miss your shot due to Tank shake?? Well never guess what? you can turn
    that off!!! and you do not even need a MOD!!!

    • +Sir Havoc I was sure I had this set from a long time ago but having seen
      this video I thought I should re-check it. Sure enough I did not have this
      mode enabled but it is now. Maybe my Chinese 110 with it’s 122mm gun may
      become a bit more accurate. thanks……

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