World of Tanks – How To Start Your Morning

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Source: Anfield

send therapy..


  1. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV


  2. 66 views…..hmmmm 66*10.0909090909= 666….satan confirmed

  3. can we all agree to tk arty in the next game after we get the medal for not damaging teammates 50 games in a row? 😀 I mean, I always do that so just spreading the word

  4. Well how does it feel to get outskilled? :p

  5. why have armor when you can just fire HE

  6. That one physically hurts

  7. the only thing that makes armor useless in this game is high caliber he…will wg realize?

  8. Get rekted you pubbie

  9. Legionaryeagle England

    Gotta laugh though Annie !!!!! LOL ……classic game play

  10. I’ve watched WoT since Jingles’ channel was Bohemian Eagle, but never played until about a year ago.

    I then played for a year straight – got a Maus, an E100, a T110E5, mediums, lights, all sorts of goodies, but got triggered by the arty monster to the point that I’m taking a long break now, sans SH with the mates. Sandbox changes can’t come soon enough.

    I admire your stamina, Anfeels. Keep fighting the good fight. ;_;7

  11. bounce an arti ,He or not is rare so i think the arti is smart and gg to him

  12. 797 damage by a tier 8 arty dealt to one of the most heavily armored tanks TWO tiers higher.
    please, ship those god damn sandbox changes. they are so much less cancerous…
    i mean playing arty still does not take any skill whatsoever for the most part but if one decides to play arty you can actually hit if you take aim and people don not have their kolobanovs robbed. I know the pain…

  13. It was entirely your fault Anfield..
    He had the high ground! :p

  14. i know its hurt but be passion bro…take it easy…. keep playing and never rage :v

  15. What’s that camo/skin? Where can I download it?

  16. haha after watching you rekt so many players. that was funny.

  17. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    this is why i was so fucking mad in your sandbox update video.. reasons like this.. this cancer will keep on happening as long as arty is in the game

  18. How did he even manage to do 800 damage frontally? Even if he hit your lower glacias that’s still absurd

  19. i just woke up and look there is a new anfield vid 😉

  20. fk this game

  21. does he play on nA or EU?

  22. feels bad man 🙁

  23. i never did 800 dmg frontally to a jp with my m40. feelbadman

  24. haha thats called overconfidence. i usually get tunnel vision on prey and get killed

  25. ‘Yaay comrade arta so balanced da, tier 8 cancer arta does 797 dmg to the most heavily armoured td in the game…. gg wargaming you f….

  26. lol didnt expect that :)) but how did he do, 800 dmg to you.
    kiss rng’s d*ck

  27. OH Man , so saad.

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