World of Tanks || HUGE SCOUT GAMES!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m giving tips and showing plays on how to make your scout games HUGE!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. yeah, us how do u spot from that bush with’s impossible to do passive spot with that tank.i stay in a position with 132a and i don;t get spotted but,guess what,in the same position i get spotted with wz 132-1….and your cammo it;s not applied on the sides!!!!!!as always all that is russian is the best.fortunately,just in this stupid game

  2. TheEsotericZebra

    haha at the end. “NICE ONE QUACKY”

  3. Christian Hornbacher

    How were those steaks you and Tanya had the other day? 😀

  4. I know most people choose one or the other with optics. But has anyone ever tried taking both the coated optics and periscope to get both benefits if playing as a pure scout? Would there be a marked benefit? Just throwing an idea.

  5. I’ve got an LTG with a camo crew, and I’m STILL stuck on mission 15 for the Stg… got 2600 once but it seems I’ll never hit that 3k mark. FML I suck at this game.

  6. Yup crazy OP russian scout tanks…

  7. The bush is not there any more tanks to WG for been debils and idiots and because of it I play War⚡

  8. great play haha that was fun to watch

  9. Do you think the T-100 LT is worth getting as compared to the T-54 Ltwt? I’d love to hear your opinion, because I think the T-54 Ltwt is slightly better overall and I’m not too interested in graduating to the T-100 LT.

    While the T-100 LT is a better scout the T-54 Ltwt seems to have better combat capabilities, not to mention it is the heaviest light tank in the game (besides the old awful panzer). Also the T-54 Ltwt has an extra crew member so you don’t need to put situational awareness on your commander (quicker training of that precious view range skill). As well the T-54 Ltwt is a tier 9, so it gets better MM.

  10. Wow, those were some well played games!

  11. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    That bush is great but you were lucky, normally a yolo noob will go there and deny your OP position or simply a light tank on D6 will spot you going to the ramp and you are dead before you even see the sixth sense going off. By the way, the permatrack on IS7 always works but in the Obj 257 that doesn’t work but you need like a 136 mm gun to pen and do damage broadside, which is annoying.

  12. hey QB just rocked a solid 10k dmg game in the 30B, be lit if ya showed it off :D, tis on WoT replays

  13. Elc even best scout ingame, 46.97% camo rating with 489m view range on the move on mine. Invisible! My record spotter is 10K in it, one day i will get 11 :).

  14. There’s a tank where QBs heart used to be lol

  15. Royall Millk Teaa

    can you guys give me quickybaby mods link ?

  16. thank you very much for the video. i’m just getting back in the game and i need more games like these with good pointers xD

  17. It was an interesting video. However, LT can’t play a defined role, as you know. This game has many problems still can’t be solved, but you have to mention that.

  18. Bushido Photo, LLC

    Wish they’d bring back the T-50-2

  19. You the man

  20. I have a 15.4K spotting damage game but it’s from patch 9.21 🙁

  21. Lemming rush is going to make a video of how the first replay is bad for the team.

  22. Played my tiger one for the first time in a while and first game was t9 and I came out on top as the underdog with 3k damage and 2k spotting it does feel good

  23. tbh in a light tank assistance dmg is more satisfying to see go up than ur actual damage

  24. If another LT go the same bushes, you already spotted
    this is nothing good for any player whit lucky play


    Well is all about RNG, I was on same tank, same location, and got killed in less than 5s…

  26. I outscouted a T100LT in my fat Sheridan once. TY 500m+ view range, good map positioning and excellent fire support.

    But let’s be real. T100LT is the only true T10 Light tank for scouting.

    I had the option of playing Leotard 1 or Fat Sheridan. Given the state of the leopard. Sheridan wins.

  27. Play OP tier 10 tank against tier 8 tomatoes. = Profit ? yeah w/e pal

  28. Thank you for this video.
    Scouts don’t get the attention they deserve

  29. Best scout in the game is also a mother Russia?
    I’m surprised!!

  30. great video! 🙂

  31. @quickybaby getting a scout medal in a t100 light isnt hard… I got one on my T110 E5 the other day…. and it wasnt the best scouting heavy game I’ve had :P.

  32. TaurusTheKing 72

    Too many IS-7’s were harmed in the making of this video

  33. How come you get tier 8 tanks in game when you re in tier X?

  34. is7 drivers gonna hate u m8 😛

  35. Excellent gameplay!

  36. Another LT-BrokenTank gameplay… its such a joke how OP the russian LT’s are

  37. Dat ollie over Leo. Sick man! 🙂 About Malinovka… my biggest scouting game was in my Indien Panzer on Malinovka with 11k spoting and 0 own dmg 😀

  38. The bush u sit in with T100 LT is very-high risk and reward is not that bigger then stopping a bush sooner. From the other side i usually try to rush D6 area with scouts – you are not protected from this kind of move as ur left side is not inside the bush… i rather tend to stop a bush sooner as its safer against that counter move and you still get close enough to get good spots.
    Anyway if you manage to get to this position while enemy LT goes camp forest or scout water, its a jackpot

  39. he is awesome

  40. As you point out, maps and mediums who are better scouts than them are pretty big disincentives to play a light.

  41. several last months I have serious issues to get proper scout maps. I found a pattern in that mysery. I get the best scout maps only in super heavy tanks…

  42. How to scout ? Find the George bush xD

  43. the problem with this spot is its not there anymore or better sad not that easy accessible the deleted a lot of bushes and trees there with the latest patch

  44. Nice driving over the Leopard

  45. Dicker max replay? I have posted one 2k dmg and 1k spot its not much but meh…

  46. #STOPACTA2

  47. That was very clever scout play however im still far from being good as that

  48. Spotting on malinovka tends to be a disaster – since what little early damage your team gets is offset by the fact that your teammates stop while the enemies keep climbing, meaning that 9 games in 10, you give the enemies the hill for free.

  49. can you make video abaut O-HO 🙂

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