World of Tanks || HULL DOWN GODS!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World . Today I'm showing off gods of the ridge , Swedish heavies, the Emil and Emil II!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. these tank only has good frontal armor on the turret literally just aim anywhere else frontally and you can pen them

  2. Yeah… good map to play hulldown when you play a hulldown tank, no artillery, no type 4/5 or other HE shoting japanese heavy, no tier 10 HE death stars like the 2 FVs and no idiotic team that is wasted in 10 seconds so you can be flanked… this only happens in my dreams 🙁

  3. russian bias confirmed by qb

  4. Its fun but I just got it and its a learning curve. Its not as easy as QB makes it look.

  5. I swer one of the new female driver looks like quickybaby GF

  6. Why does no one ever talk about the elephant in the room, how completely rigged this game is

  7. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Sorry to say but i am not convinced

  8. Strange that I always get three artillery on that map whenever I play a hulldown tank…

  9. What would be the best tank in the line at its tier?

  10. Justice from behind. Best kind of justice!

  11. Can someone give me a gift in WoT …….in game name ..hurricaneswag i got nothing ………just 2 tanks

  12. best tanks in the game

  13. Will I happen to like these Swedish heavies they are fun to play. The Emil 1 and 2 I play almost every time and I enjoy them as much as the French auto loaders and the American heavy autoloaders. Yes, there are a lot of drawbacks due to thin armor and being an arty magnet. Plus the long reload time makes you very vulnerable. However, tanks like these are what keep me playing WOT. Yes I have some Soviet heavies all the way to tier 10 but it seems like everyone else plays those. I want something different! Yeah my stats may not be as good as the next guy but who cares I’m having fun and that’s what really counts right?

  14. Autoloaders and premium ammo ruined wot for me. One mistake and ur out and premium raps my armor.

  15. Gonna hate this Skodas, BC’s, Emils, because they are toxic to the game. They removed WT on E100 to bring this sucking loaders?

  16. I am just playing Emil I and harvesting exp for Emil II 😀

  17. They are the kind of tanks i tought the top tier heavies were when i started playing the game

  18. Show the t8/t9 but not the t10?

  19. Paying real money to fire imaginary shells at imaginary tanks.

  20. This came up to watch, I could not be bothered as we will have seen it all before and I bet I can tell you what happens.

    Well first off, nothing changed these are not your normal game of tanks, even QB will say that. These are the pick of his games so they are not your normal players game. I bet he left alone able to spam his premium rounds as that is what Wargaming want you to do. Still playing on bad maps with bad match making. I bet the Emil was against T10 tanks for a T8 tanks. So he use gold rounds which is funny as his last video he was against them!!!

    This game is now old and passed it, look at the players who are leaving the game, look at the top clans that have gone i.e Fame!!!!
    The changes they (WG) have mentioned will be too little to late for a lot of EU players. They (WG) will be ok as they still have the RU server playing, it will be a smaller population and a lot less money coming in. They will be ok for a while as they now have other games out and coming out on different platforms to keep WG alive. The game has had its time let it die, we should not put up with this bad a game.

    The updates they have advised are coming, well they should have done this 2 years ago when asked. I doubt they even bring all what they have mention out in 2019 and if they do it wont be as promised it be a watered down version. Thanks for the videos QB I wont be watching anymore as they are all they same now, there is nothing new to show us, just ok game play that you had out of 10 games played. This is not your normal players games

  21. Hilmi Mustafa Demir

    OMG, Gold spammers are everywhere, even QB does it.

  22. Spam gold and you will win… pay to win game… Nothing to see here folks, move along

  23. From my Experience the Emil I has terrible Gun Handling, especially in moments where you need it the most :/

  24. the Emil could use an aim time buff but the Emil II and Kranvagn are my favorite tanks in the game tier for tier

  25. modpack? pleasee

  26. I like my Emil II, it is fun tank to play, but I am currently dissapointed with Kranvagn because it is just tier 9.5. It is just slightly better Emil II with worse MM. I hope they give it 150mm autoloader.

  27. I was playing wot in 2016 or 2017 one of these

  28. Do you have a real job or you can live off youtube? Just curius.

  29. 1.3 QuickyBaby mod pack?

  30. But the problem is my emil1 got pen by SPG 4 times in 10 games .-. each shot cause 1000HP to me ;-;

  31. why doesn’t he ever do videos with real live commentary? all the videos have post commentary added on.

  32. “Little bit of justice from behind”

  33. LOL, only QB get TD’s walsing up in front of him in the open 🙂 That never happens to me! However also love my Kranvagn.

  34. In the first replay this is what gold spammers get =)))

  35. QB your a disgrace one green their team, they have 8 redish vs your 3 redish and you have 4 decent player inc your self on top.. stop showing us your BS seal club replays// Everyone i know is saying your a tool now…

  36. Bad play at the end, he should finish t54e1 first

  37. Nice video but could you make it complete with the gameplay of the kranvagn? I once tested this guy out on testservers and it was not what i wanted. Well im stuck at the tier7 leo so far

  38. When did the 113 get buffed???, I have it and it’s just a worse 430U

  39. Y u dont lay the kranvagn?

  40. best tank of the line is emil 1. kranvagn was one big disappointment

  41. Why don’t you write and explain to people why there is no new mods pack?

  42. he picked the perfect maps for these tanks , if you are taken in by this rubbish you really are very delusional

  43. Emil 1 parked in my garage as the thoroughly boring POS it is. Its easy for QB to pull a couple of ridgeline games out but the truth is that its a dire tank which gets raped by pretty much everything it meets.

  44. Yes nice look how unfare team mm

  45. Op are all ruchia tanks and thans the point

  46. Very timely video – just finishing my grind with the Emi 2 so looking forward to gaining the Kravagn.
    Have you seen the new ‘meet the modules’ newcomers info section now hidden away in the game under Combat Intelligence.
    Another step forward to ticking off your wish list of changes.
    Happy New Year when it arrives – thanks for sme great and well thought out content. 🙂

  47. well in the first game you were 3 purple players agains a tomato team…………. lets see what happens if the teams were equal…………… just to say

  48. Saturnas Trisdesimseptini

    Emil I turret armor is nothing special and most tanks even at tier VIII can reliably pen it on those two little angled front pieces. SU-130PM with standard pens 10/10. I just 3 marked Emil I and had fun on it, but it’s basically like a slow medium which can rely sometimes on that turret armor.

  49. 7:53 sniki szkoda ?? its so funny

  50. I’m not having much success in my Emil I. Most maps I get are really suited for it.

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