World of Tanks – Hull Down

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Source: The Jingles

So the British Centurions got a buff to their turret fronts that makes less of a lottery when you go hull down in them? Let’s see how that works out.

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  1. For anyone wondering how Hesh shells work: Hesh (High Explosive Squash Head) shells have a Soft nose, upon impact with the target the shell will “squash” against the Hull, Thus reducing Ricochet chance, Once the shell Detonates it causes Spalling on the inside of the armor.

    • Kristoffer Mangila

      And people, the counter for HESH (or good ‘ole HE) rounds is reactive armor and in the case of the Israeli Merkava and a few other armored vehicles, an APS (active protection system)

  2. 12,000 credits he says, and that was only the added reserve.. That was 29,000 credits… 🀣

    • Correct. But if you discount the added bonus from clan reserves (Battle Payments from Financial Unit), he would have only had a break even.
      Shows again, that you can’t play higher tier games sustainable without Premium/Premium Tanks to grind credits. πŸ™

  3. “Farms some loser points” – you get nothing unless cap reaches 100%.

  4. Come on Jingles, less have more of your game play, even get a T127

  5. Gold Ammo – the reason I stopped playing WoT….. 😞

  6. He made 29k profit. The 12k is added to credit reserve, an extra income that premium accounts have.

  7. “Actually Jingles”
    The centurions turret armor was buffed a long time ago in update 9.20, the recent buffs just made the guns on the tier 8 and 9 more comfortable, while the tier 10 also got a DPM and speed buff

  8. * clap clap clap *

  9. What was most impressive of all, was the Arty that actually moved up and away from it’s starting point xD
    Someone found their W key :’D

  10. Have all the Centurions received this turret buff? Been a while since I played my MK1, but I don’t remember the turret being weak. Perhaps I died to hull hits all the time.

  11. Wargaming logic With spotting damage.

  12. Even at mid tier, tier 5 on the ANZ server gold ammo is the norm.

  13. Everything is probability

    7:42 tank commander pass the vibe check with jingles gotcha… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. “Get down Shep” ha ha, a common line from kids TV from 40 years ago and Jingles just throws it out there like everyone will know what he’s talking about! Gotta love the old man (Yes I am older than him, but I’m not a YT sensation :p)

  15. “Get down shep” not heard that for a while πŸ˜€

  16. Yep got surprised with that little turret buff fighting against a cent. 😒

  17. What turret buff? It has exactly the same stats it’s had for years

  18. It’s nice to see the Centurions getting a turret armor buff. I’ve always loved the Centurion series of tanks

    • Only problem here is they didn’t get a turret armor buff at all. Jingles is just talking out of his arse πŸ˜€

  19. Carsten Rasmussen


  20. After 5 years of watching the mighty jingles. Finally made it into one of his videos. Dreams do come true kids lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Mate, why the hell did you buy the Lorr 50T instead of the cobra ?? mindbogglingly bad choice there

    • @CIRLU_bd because I like the lorr 50t more πŸ˜‚ massive rams and very fast. 3 marked that in the first 5 days of it coming out πŸ˜›

    • MarcusTheAbsolute

      Please no, I’ve dreamt of flying through a forest on an unsteerable giant paper plane, crashing into a tree and falling to my death from 50 m up.

    • @MarcusTheAbsolute only some dreams come true then πŸ˜‚

    • i got mentioned a while back. i changed my name when google did its shenanigans, but way back in the early times, our gnome overlord asked about easter eggs in armored warfare. me and a buddy had happened to notice a tiny echo base hidden in one of the cliffs on one of the winter maps. dont know if its still there.

  21. Just started this game, At what tier dose the seal clubbing stop πŸ™

  22. the cupola shots are always such bullshit in this game, you can hit it all you want but if the game decides nope, then you wont go through it for no fucking reason

  23. Singularity Raptor

    Love you Jingles. Can you do a series/videos on Deep Rock Galactic?

  24. Jingles missed the point where GOLD AMMO in the Centurion 7/1 is actually LOWER pen than standard ammo.

  25. Ehhh 12k is for his reserve. he made almost 30K profit.

  26. i cant remember if this game was so pay2win 10 years ago,but now when i have over 2k combined dmg ,a win,and i survived the battle with 8tier medium,without premium,I’ve lost 5k silver xD

  27. this is rare… enemy team having a combined IQ of 750 vs “our”team having an IQ of total 765… Then ofc we have mr Jingles sorting on dmg done and reading of the xp earned list… I think Jingles remembered that he must have atleast ONE Mess up in the video otherwise it’d not be a Jingles video… flawless commentary from Jingles? Unheard of

  28. I remember back in the day watching Sidestrafe playing the 7/1.
    Anybody else?

  29. I really have to say that the Centurion 7/1 IMO, has always been the best looking tank in the game

  30. whitout premium he woud have ended up at zero

  31. I gotta say, WOT credit reward is terribly low. It’s the reason why I stopped playing it, because I got no enough credit to finance my tanks and crew.
    And I’m not even a gold ammo user. I usually just load 5 rounds for my tanks, and only use them when I really needed them.
    At least earning credit in WOWS is far more lucrative.

  32. Why yes thank you dear enemy for shooting your special HEAT ammo into my spaced armor and do nothing again and again and again. Or keep trying to snipe me from accross the map with special APCR what loses penetration faster then regular AP. Knowing the type of rounds you fire it is something most special spammers lack. As Jingles so rightly pointed out there is something satisfying about hearing the ineffectiveness of special ammo on your tank. Me myself i use it sparsely only if the need arises. I’ve played free a long time and any credits i dont nee to spend is welcome πŸ˜‰

  33. And next game you get wiped in a 15 to 2 curb stomp…As for the Cent still love that tank but it gets owned badly when rushed

  34. When Lt. Dick Best landed on the deck of USS Enterprise after destroying two Japanese aircraft carriers at the Battle of Midway, a representative from Wargaming was present to enquire whether he had rather pay by cash or cheque for the use of his armour-piercing bombs.

  35. CentAX has always been the best looking tank in the game imo, nice to see it get a little love from the devs and be driven by a competent player.

  36. I am so confused. Nowhere in the patch notes does it say the turret armor on any of the centurions was buffed. Where the heck did you get that from?

    The gun handling was fixed. And on the tier 10 reload reload time, and speed were buffed.

  37. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    You should know, Jingles, that the HESH/HEP…or rather high penetration HE, isn’t actually common to British tanks only(not anymore at least). Leo 1 also uses a form of HESH(granted, it IS an L7 rifled but…bratwurst flavored), as do the 90mm armed German lights like the german Bulldog and HWK30…hell, even the Chinese tier 8 MBT looking travesty with the 160mm gun has a very high pen HE shell.

  38. ‘get down shep’… haha showing our age there

  39. He only made a profit due to a premium account

  40. Jingles you are so silly. in todays WOT, you need to load gold most of the time to hit and penetrate the weak spots. that is because of all new OP tanks and bad match making.

  41. For some reason, this felt like vintage 2014 jingles. Something about your voice reminded me of that time. Also I just realized I’ve been here for a decade. Time certainly flies

  42. “Loser points”

  43. they cant shoot through 34 metres of earth and rock

  44. That OBJ 430 must have been stock, AFK, or an absolute glue-sniffer. Bottom of his team in just about the best MM you can ever expect to get in an OBJ 430.

  45. Going to need to see those patch notes on that turret buff old man. Only thing changed is gun handling that I know of.

  46. If British tans can get a turret buff maybe the immensely power creeped German heavies like the E75, E100 and Maus should get a bufff too. afterall, the Maus sole purpouse is being an over the top tanky tank but it really isn’t anymore.

  47. αƒα‘¦α‘Žα“‚α–…α“―α…α‘α–… α‘•α–…α“΄α–…

    Oh boy, more hull down tanks in WoT. There definitely isn’t a huge problem with hull down tank stalemates spamming gold at each other in top tier

  48. 10:44 – 10:46 wtf was that shot?

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