World of Tanks – Hunting Season

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Time to enjoy a few matches with the II in !

Live streaming with standards!


  1. glad to see you doing WoT vids again!

  2. this tanks seems awsome, although it could be because sidestrafe is driving
    it lol. is it worth getting, can get it next if it is

  3. Great stuff.

  4. Great to see some WoT content from you again. Great gameplay sir.

  5. This made me wanna buy the JP2 back. It was a great tank but I sold it for
    the JT. Definitely gonna get back at some point.

  6. Thanks for this gameplay SideStrafe, but if you don’t mind can you take a
    look at War Thunder tanks, the tank gameplay is pretty accurate. Thanks!

  7. after playing War Thunder Ground Forces for a bit looking at WoT driving
    makes me wonder whether they are trains

  8. Hey SideStrafe, any intention on covering Crossout in the near future?

  9. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    Funny how the ISU12 kept callingfor Sidestrafe to fall back. The kills, the

  10. Awesome content as always.

    Are you enjoying WoT again?

  11. Driving like a boss
    The JPII is such a good machine

  12. Somone is having fun playing WoT though he said may I quote “I will not
    play world of tanks” joking mate your videos always make become the better
    player (face cam) ??

  13. PLay War thunder

  14. Der Jägpanther Zwei nicht tarnung…

  15. Love my jp2 prolly 1 of 2 t8’s im keeping. That and 50 100. Sidestrafe im a
    long time fan and im looking for people on NA to platoon with around 50%
    win rate plz if you contact me have at least a t8 tank and a mic. My name
    is Tumbleton in game. Look me up a shoot me a message.

  16. Holy shit you play WoT? i just finished with my Rhm.

  17. I really like your editing, entertaining to watch.

  18. Musketeer32Gaming

    Sidestrafe, you’ve always got the best video thumbnails keep up the good

  19. Loving all the WoT content lately! I’m learning quite a bit.

  20. Aww man after watching you play some more makes me want to get back into
    the game X D

  21. Do you like the Dicker Max?

  22. Nice vid SideStrafe, i look forward to future content!

  23. More WOT am I in heaven?

  24. Hey SideStrafe, love the gaming content. I’m curious, do you ever consider
    posting more airsoft videos? Not trying to force anything on you but I
    definitely enjoyed those videos back in the day 🙂 Keep it up!

  25. Damn its been a while since ive seen a video of yours and well, you sure
    have improved. Keep it up ~fancy viewer

  26. fucking finally. i remember my first watched video on this channel. the
    hellcat video

  27. great warthunder vids never new that warthunder had hp…..:p

  28. Who would dislike such a great video?

  29. still love watching wot vids…but just cant force myself to play anymore
    (beta player, but just struggle to actualy enjoy playing the game now)
    keep the great vids coming!…always good viewing?

  30. CanadianWolverine

    What happened to War Thunder?

  31. Hey SideStrafe what song is it that you use as your “channel theme”?

  32. This is the oddest War Thunder video ever :P

  33. Ah I remember the Jagdpanther I and II, probably the 2 tanks I had the most
    fun with other than the Hellcat. Seeing the new fancy shaders and improved
    sound does make me kiiiiind of tempted to check it out again. But I know
    I’ll be disappointed by the incredibly small maps and the grind is like
    running into a brick wall :(

  34. oh ive missed you Strafe. glad to see you back

  35. A GLD might be an option for the JP2. I personally prefer Coated Optics
    over it but it probably depends on playstyle/preference. I like the extra
    view range as a TD.

  36. Robert Bergström

    Happy to see you enjoying world of tanks again

  37. ehhello mypotatoe

    Love you you do wot vids

  38. did you see that low roll? 368… lowest possible damage roll…

  39. I really like how you put this video together, it was kind of a mix between
    a kill montage but with your always fantastic commentary and adding the end
    of the match with the shot on the bulldog and your death which made it feel
    like one of your normal videos. (not saying you dying is normal in your
    vids lol.) Great commentary and game-play as always SideStrafe.

  40. Holy crap the sound and visual quality that this game presents is gorgeous!
    The new sound also does wonders for the ambient immersion in pubs these
    days. I usually don’t listen to the sound because of the “old” effects
    being so bad. may have to tweak my volume presets which have remained the
    same on my account for 4 years Ie really low lol.

  41. Thank you for the content SideStrafe.

  42. I got the Ferdinant instead of the jpanther 2 any opinions if i made a
    mistake and should have gotten it instead? The ferdinant has armor but its
    not sloped but the jpanther has no armor but has sloped armor and both have
    pretty much the same gun wich one do you think would get me to the next
    tier faster?

  43. PSSHH, Jadgpanther II is for pansies

    Ferdinand is where its at

  44. hi nice video. I play world of tanks too can to plz send me a friend
    request my name on the game is Rowan_invader

  45. bro, play some war thunder, fuck this game. is it still because of the
    whole low graphic setting thing?

    play what you want btw, I just feel WT is vastly superior to this arcade

  46. PotatoMasher Productions

    Very nice vid, as usual. Thanks SideStrafe!

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