World of Tanks || HWK 30 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks HWK 30. Tank Review.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. you hit mantlet with HE

  2. Ru 251 re skin when it was tier 8

  3. really come on compare it to the lt-432. This thing is junk thats it thats all

  4. will wg ever buff the american heavys?

  5. 3:00 “I like big butts and I cannot lie!”

  6. You hit him right under the gun In the first game

  7. Meanwhile, dune buggy flies up and aim-assists you in a full-speed circle and ends up halfway across the map before you even spot it.

  8. show us a replay playing against a decent team with a couple of EBRS on the enemy team that are not bots and we ll comment on that, you have all become WG salesmen

  9. Don’t even know why they introduced this tank when thete’s already the german bulldog…. granted how “op” the tank is, I rarely see those tanks since it was outshined by the new wheeled vehicles and the lt-432

  10. Pay2win lol

  11. with such a crew this will be no review, this is like u drive a VW with an R12 , dislike man

  12. Marius Valentin preda


  13. QB needs to have a fallback for a career. I just installed Wot for the sole purpose of being able to do a clean uninstall. This game is not about long time players… it’s about new players feeding the machine. I’ll watch Jingles from time to time, but that’s about all.

  14. DABBING THE 2 KEY 2K19
    ok im leaving 🙁

  15. SuprAtheAceofSpades

    12:12 looks like that shot somehow hit the mantlet below the gun. :/
    Not really impressed with this tank but then again I mostly suck at driving light tanks.

  16. I know this is not the point of this video, but I must say that Taiwan is part of China.? you can just say Chinese tank

  17. *zooming in directly on the shell penetration mark* “I dont see where the splash is, maybe it’s not rendering”

  18. i think a solution to this is add intermediate tiers, for example, a prem tier 8 tank which has all around better stats than its normal cp should be tier 8.5 and of coz, tier 8 will have better match up

  19. Maybe its not the HWK that resembles a T9 tank, its about RU251 resembling a T8 tank. Its too underpowered.

  20. 50 dislikes are people who use calculators for pc’s

  21. You think those premium rounds are expensive? The T92 premium american light tank has 210 pen HEAT rounds that deal 150 damage and cost 5,600 credits per shot. No joke.

  22. Communist Chinese will track you down because you keep calling their tanks Taiwanese ones. LOL

  23. It’s like an ru251 body and gun with a tiny leo 1 turret.

  24. WG, plz buff penet AP & Gold ammo from gun LT 432….. 🙁

  25. sananmuunnokset munansaannokset

    Do this kind of lt432

  26. Left this game a long time ago

  27. 10:16 is what is wrong with this game :/
    A tier 8 light tank loading gold and shooting right through the UFP of a tier 8 tank that has the same armor model as a tier 9, and has “armor” as one of it’s strong points.

  28. If things weren’t RNG Determinist with techtree tanks not up to where should be…
    (plus Gold Ammo that isn’t economically fair / balanced)

  29. So we get a Tier 9 Tank at Tier 8 as a premium.
    We are getting in the “It makes money for us, so its okay to do it” territory for WG again…

  30. hey, its just straight up better than the standard tanks…

    what a surprise….

  31. Rainier Pomeranians

    Funny you mentioned that pit. I actually accidentally drove right into it, in my M4, and literally was able to crest up from 3 sides and down and get the gun depression I needed. I can’t say I was the most helpful, but did have 6 kills in that game until the last arty one shot my soft top. We still won the game, so ya… that pit.

  32. It’s better than its non-premium counterparts, but I don’t really think it’s “OP”. I always like to see better light tanks added to the game, because I find light tanks in general to be under-powered, though really I just miss the old RU 251, it was the most fun tank to drive in the game. That crazy russion tier 8 premium light tank is the only one which I think is just too much. It’s just way too hard to actually damage.

  33. They have released this one just to sell a lot of them as Frontline continues. All these OP lights are going to be a pain in the ass when playing FL.
    WG is just desperately wants to make money and they don’t care if they destroys the game.

  34. German Tonks get so many premiums advancing hates brits

  35. Goodbye balance my old friend,
    Don’t think we’ll ever meet again

  36. 12:31 HE can appear as a massive pen mark if it penetrates spaced armour but just not the armour below its almost certainly that big hole under tha mantlet

  37. Lt432 better in every way!!! RUSSIA

  38. Mr.quackybaby instead of complaining stop buying prems…. When there is demand there will be supply

  39. Ru251 down a tier is what this tank is lol

  40. So the ru251 at its rightful tier but better because its still a t8 and they didn’t fuck its gun up yet… Light tanks aren’t worth it anymore 99 percent of them are garbage now I want my ten shot bulldog back.

  41. already got my hands on it so they may not nerf it now otherwise refund! but i don’t spam HEAT in this i run it with 20-10-20

  42. And again a much better premium against the normal tier 🙁 There were not enough of them appartenly ……..
    What is the point of grinding if there are allways better premuim tanks for sale
    The KV2 is the best example off that. The feeling of doing much working for a nice tank, and getting the good feeling rewarld for all the struggle is no more :-(…..
    That was what i realy enjoyed in world of tanks!!
    @ quicky>>> can’t you proposal to WOT that they get a realy nice tank in the game with only grinding BUT doable for free to play gamers like me. ( and no 60 ours needed in 2 weeks ;-( )

  43. It’s not too good for it’s tier, it’s the other LTs that are crap. Stop advocating releasing terrible LTs.

  44. Oh Quicky are you bitching or complaining? You as a very good player don’t need to play the good tanks us shit players NEED a little help to compete with your crowd!!

  45. The HWK 12 HE rounds are subsonic…. speed of sound is 343 m/s

  46. hey bud did you do this after a hangover lol you sound different just saying

  47. This reminds me of the RU251

  48. It’s a no buy cause there are no tier 10 tanks I wanna do crew training with

  49. Rıdvan Ahıskalı

    Showing when you are on top, even this possible not all time in nowaday mm. Once ı saw you review about Thunderbal and bye it. I am so regret about it. So ı think that you are cheating and lieng with this videos. If you want to get money do it not this way…

  50. lt 342 is superior because it is russian

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