World of Tanks || I DID IT!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. I may have lost a little of my soul in process but I took Kevin’s challenge and won! FREE EBR BABY!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. And if your an average player it will be 766 games played x 6 minute game is close to 80 hours.

  2. 580? Well if you lack tier 9’s for mastery. It’s a longer grind. Did see posts on the forums that did take close to 700 battles over 12 days. I went for a pure Standard B grind and elited it during the event. As I got mastery on 7 of the X stages so I can’t complain. As I lacked time to play every day to even have a chance with normal missions like the 90 battle one.

  3. Did you get a Russian Refund to all that time wasted?

  4. Yeah like a fool I tried that once on that British tank … I haven’t played Wot since.. I’m still sick of it… Too much tanking spoils the game.. I will now play a game and then half way through it I lose interest.. then just finish it and then rather play something else.. that’s unfortunately what this type of competition does to you… ? But well done QB… Enjoy the tank..

  5. This is a very different experience on the console version. WG NA has been gracious enough to have F2P do ops to get gold or garage slots. We don’t have barracks. I agree you need to put equipment on vehicles or have very good armor to survive long enough to do the damage.

  6. So I have never actually bought any garage slots in WoT, yet I have around 60 slots

  7. Get em Frampton!

  8. Totally honestly, 66% WR with 1k dmg per game in tier 6 seems like a lot of luck. 1k is not even purpe wn8 for a tank

  9. Congrats QuackyBaby!
    Also note, that 4.8333 hours doesn’t include ~10-15 secs to look at your post-game stats, and say 5-10 seconds to find a game, 5-10 seconds to wait for everyone to connect before the countdown begins… I’d wager you spent more like 8 hours staring at your screen without playing during this marathon. Mind-boggling, really.

  10. You blow me away all the time!!!!!! You Brit’s, it so oh hum just got the job done? My name is James James Bond. I love it. ?

  11. I’m glad f2p on World of Warships is much more tolerable 🙂

  12. First time I’ve downvoted QB. An exercise in self indulgence.

  13. You have a real life?

  14. Dennis Zeelenberg

    nice, it will take me about 2000 games if i’m lucky 🙂

  15. AAAH !!! so you didnt skip date night !!! Good 😀 ! never skip date night… think of those tanks crew members and all the date night they missed getting this french vehicle !!

  16. 30k+ games played over the years, QUIT the day they released these wheeled abominations

  17. hey QB I have one replay for u , EBR 75 FL 10 over 5K 11 kills enjoy guys…

  18. Christopher Browne

    Can you say…..SUCKER!!! lol

  19. Thank You for doing this, QB and showing everyone and WG how painful this Marathons are getting.

    Hopefully the next one won’t need a couple of pounds plus your soul to get.

  20. I spent 0usd and didnt care about not getting the tank. #winning

  21. And QB you are a unicorn player what about the average joes who does’nt get 600 exp per game so wot is not days just a p2p shit of a game

  22. Now kill 14 enemy tanks and win the battle, between tiers 7 and 9

  23. exterminater MK1


  24. Hi QB, I still think you shouldn’t have done it: your ftp account allowed regular schmucks like me to see you relate to my wot experience. But now, you are again a unicorn player with a ftp unicorn account. Pretty soon, your ftp account will have nothing in common with normal ftp players. Too bad, I really liked what you were doing with this.

  25. Well Done QB now take some time off and your wife out

  26. Who would this worth for? I mean like 0,5Pounds/hour? I know you only tried to prove that it is possible to do, but still… 60 hours of work(because lets be honest, this would be no fun for anybody) , even for a 16-17 years old is at least 200 pounds ? I rather work few hours overtime, and purchase the tanks ?

  27. Good job QB spending your time. Are you going to do a review on a swedish MT tech tree? I guess it is already on a testing

  28. Przemysław Stalmach

    30s countdown is nothing. Yes, annoying but it is important. Delay at the end of the battle between “victory” screen and the moment you are able to click “battle” is unfortunately also quite a long. And if you exit early (because you died at one point) and select vehicle and then game freeze for few secs to give you last battle summary is basically pulling out some animal rage out of me…

  29. Martika Kotopoyli

    yep i did try….i stopped at 30%…2 days with 12 loses in a row??? nope for me….As for the premum tank….didnt buy it. even with 30% less. and WG should have a package without the additional goodies…then i may have reconsidered buying.

  30. That’s why I don’t bother. ?

  31. Stephen Tartenpion

    Great challenge QB ! I hope that Mrs QB is very understanding….lol

  32. Here I play since 2012 and seeing that QB F2P account is further than mine

  33. 4 hours of minimum wage gets you this tank.

    60 hours of minimum wage gets you a tank and a lot of drinks.

    I’m not sure this is ever really worth this.

  34. Excellent content. AS ALWAYS

  35. Enjoy the tank!

  36. The real question is, is the tank even worth it. I’m guessing no.

  37. The battlestart time on console is 20seconds

  38. You have to sell the tank now, we can’t let you have an advantage over all those free to play players who didn’t have the time to get it 😛

  39. congrats. you have wasted millions of hours for a single pointless armored vehicle.

  40. social3ngin33rin

    ty so much for grinding through this :)!!!!!!!
    You have so much I hate these basically impossible grinding missions!!!! lololol

  41. Thank you so much for this QB, and all the other vids before every marahon. You have saved mme alot of wasted hours and possible insanity.

  42. 600 hours (for me 700) for a virtual tank, so waste of time. I think that is too hard! U have not pleasure playing! I will never spent on this game even 2euros, I pref. to stay with Tanya…

  43. Well done QB. I hope you at least had some fun doing it.
    WG marathons are designed not to be completed. Simple calculation of time invested vs time needed to earn the money will make you pay WG (if you want the tank, that is).
    The only positive thing is that you do get those discounts for partial completion.

  44. Well done qb

  45. Dries der Führer

    What if you just take QB’s 60 hours of playing World of Tanks, and then just work those hours for a basic wage.

    You can buy the tank at least 4 times.

  46. I got mission 7 completed and just bought it after that. It just isnt fun anymore when you have to play this much to earn a tank.

  47. i got progetto caernarvon ax su130u ans ebr for free

  48. QB… :O You’ve done it! :O No words.
    Amazing statistics, and
    excessively incredible job! (y)
    I’ll give you my account to research every tank is the game, and play Frontline, alright? 😀 😉

  49. 30 hours a week? Madness.


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