World of Tanks – I Made 10k Players Quit

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Source: Anfield


  1. Haven’t Played tanks in a while (sorry) but here’s some games I played including the funniest message I’ve ever had o/

  2. 0 views, 0 likes and 1 comment. Hmm.

  3. Totally no xvn targeting

  4. you expect me to watch allmost 2 hours to find the part with the message? 😀 wtf ethan 😀

  5. You were the reason why I got the 50b and now your back kinder*

  6. So we lost 10k shitbags on NA? Damn Anfield you should’ve gone harder on WG.

  7. The game might actually be playable if they made 10k arty players quit

  8. 1:32:30 for some angry clicker nerd

  9. Confirmed Anfield is officially Satan… since watching this video i now to have quit world of tanks!

  10. People playing arty should commit sudoku

  11. WG have worn me down in 3 on console ??

  12. btw anfield what do you think about removing arty but instead make regular WoT more like frontline mode?I think that thing was really fun even though everybody had pretty much double arty with plane bombs + artillery strikes.

  13. still waiting on the pubbie clan adventure video from 2016

  14. been waiting for this ….

  15. Who even plays this game anymore

  16. So, Jesus wants us to play SPGs? I must have missed the Gospel of St. Barbara. (Inside joke. IRL, St. Barbara is the patron saint of artillerymen. I was an artillery officer for seven years.)

  17. 10k players quit this game because it’s garbage.

  18. Arty sucks!! And the stun mechanic is actually a Arty Buff if the team utilizes the stun to their advantage.

  19. WG made 10k+ players quit

  20. Finally, I saw you play world of tank ??

  21. No red arrow in thumbnail ? missed opportunity for clickbait. 7/10

  22. the virgin super unicum annie vs the chad god-fearing christian arty player

  23. god how i missed these

  24. Could you please do something to make ALL the artillery players leave? Maybe you could get your cool rich parents to pay them to leave.

  25. Why are you so unhappy and miserable? What has happened in your life that has made you like this? Jesus said that when we spread hatred to others, that comes back to use threefold, but when we share love and kindness with others, that comes back to us too. Sure seems a no-brainer to me. In life we get what we give. What goes around comes around. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and I hope for your sake you make the right choice so you will have a happy, fullfilling life instead of one filled with misery and bitterness. I’ll say a payer for you.

  26. The only thing that makes players quit is really WG and their bullshit shenanigans with poor balancing and retarded RNG as well the retarded tunnel maps.

  27. People still play WOT?

  28. Well if its your “fault” artillery got nerfed you should get knighted. I also quit because of artillery.

    I had blue stats at 10k games and even with just 2200 wn8 I was often the best player in the match even though I only played tier 8 and above, so I’d be “taxed” by the artillery for a little over 30% of my HP on average, so I had to play so brilliantly that I trade 4 to 1 on average every single game because I knew I’d lose a certain percentage of my HP to artillery without being able to fucking shoot back when artillery shot me. The fucking AIDS of constantly having to make 4 to 1 damage done vs damage received -plays because I will get magically taxed in HP because I’m the most active player on the team, is beyond comprehension to players that suck and don’t affect the outcome of each match. “Average” players can go “Oh great, I peeked and got shot for 400 damage and did 400 damage, great trade, lets repeat that and then the enemy team loses 2000 HP and my team loses 2000 HP, making us no closer to winning than if we had 14 vs 14” (That’s actually above average if he does that the entire match and gets the same damage as his own HP). But as soon as you get slightly better than average suddenly you have to do better than 2 to 1 trades on average in every trade in every game in order to not simply get shitty results, because artillery will shoot you unless you literally hide and never get spotted twice in a row on one flank.

  29. Wow, all I can say, wow!

  30. Welcome bk and cheers for the vid

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