World of Tanks – I Remember Paris… Patch 9.16

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

You were probably expecting a World of Warships video today, but it’s not every day patch 9.16 released, so here’s a double.

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If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

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  1. what was the intro song?

  2. Captain Amazing1337

    Great replays and commentary… as usual. Kudos to the Obj. Driver, some
    very skilled work

  3. I’ve gotten plenty of High Caliber finishes in artillery on city maps…
    the trick really is just finding the little spots that allow you to snake
    shots through to where players might not be expecting it. While I hated
    landing on Himmel in arty in my first couple of years playing this game
    (With the two weekends doing an “On the Track” grind on the French Arty
    line trying to get the 250k XP reward LefH18B2 being among my worst
    memories of the game as I’d get any combination of Himmel, Winter Himmel,
    Encounter Himmel, Ruinberg, Ruinberg on Fire and Encounter Ruinberg for up
    to 30 matches in a row), it’s now a map that I’m fairly indifferent to, and
    one of my favorites when driving an Arty with a decent penetrator shell
    that I load a decent amount of into the vehicle (Such as the Object 261 and
    the M44).

  4. the obj 140 replay was so güd :()

  5. Personally, I don’t think chasing after the T71 as the KV4 would be a bad
    idea, seeing how the entire rest of the team was near the cap. Because then
    IF the light tank were to reset, he’d be in a better position to take him
    out and win anyway, or otherwise keep the T71 from getting to reset. Not
    like he was needed in the cap circle.
    I also think the coernarvon was bellow the other tank, and not on fire,
    because I seem to remember that both tanks take damage if one sits atop the
    other. Haven’t done it myself. Seeing how the T57 stops taking damage the
    instant the other dies.

  6. 15:00 I think they was one on the other

  7. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Ok i subed

  8. playd 9.16 got hit and holly fuck info overload

  9. So they removed RNG with this patch? No? Ain´t coming back then…

  10. Is Paris tier 8 through 10 only?

  11. The moral of today is make sure you load LESS HE than the game decides to
    throw at your tank, unless you have a howitzer
    There was no fire, T 57 drove on the caernarvon

  12. First dude had too many HE shells, 2-3 is enough

  13. I love the way this guy laughs, he always makes me smile, this Jingles

  14. anyone else notice close range fully aimed shots missing by a lot after the

  15. dont take nearly as much HE as he did, 1-2 should be enough.
    and dont take prem ammo except a few rounds, or none at all like i always

  16. Magador shoudn’t have taken so much HE rounds. I personally have only 2 or
    3 if my tank can’t carry a lot.
    With low caliber guns, I only take AP.

    Nice battle !

  17. Jingles, can you turn on the damage counters – I find it makes replays more
    interesting when you can see how the player is doing as the match

  18. Should’ve called this replay failure loadouts. First M103 should’ve packed
    far less HE (no need for 7 HE shells), second guy should’ve replaced some
    of his HEAT with a handful of HE shells (which would have helped a ton with
    the German TDs)

  19. Jingles do you realy think that at 15:21 both tanks set each other on fire?
    I mean the damageticks are way to fast for fire and the both on fire at the
    same time? That looks way more like one of them parked his fat ass ontop of
    the others face.

  20. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    that looks like a very small ammo pool on the M103

  21. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    -_- oh jingles… I haven’t played in months and I could tell you that the
    57 and the brit did a facesit

  22. Paris in World of Tanks looks much safer than it looks like today.
    I’d take tanks over rapefuges and criminals any day of the week

  23. @The Mighty Jingles QUESTION: What do you think about the new “feature” in
    WoT? Is thisn going to kill Artillery play, sneaky light tanks and hidden
    Tank Destroyers by making them impossible to hide anymore?

  24. Look to the left of the screen at 5 05.XD

  25. What battle tier spread does the Paris map have?

  26. Hey Jingles because I am old and crap (so I forget) could you add a
    Remember to hit that like button every now and that at the end of your
    vids? Please Oh Lord of the Salt Mines!

  27. 6:02 Riverbread huh?

  28. M103 as good as T32 hull down? That’s a good one

  29. patrick Katalenas

    jingles, when will you make a history video?

  30. “- and now he is staring Death in the face.” LoL. I love Jingle-isms.

  31. I like the new damage blocxked indicater, its helps against mystery campers

  32. Patrick Hutchison

    What exactly does “hull down” mean? Eveytime I think I’ve figured it out,
    I’m proven wrong. Please excuse my newbieness.

  33. Patrick Hutchison

    This “premium ammo” nonsense is just one of the million reasons why world
    of warships is a much better game.

  34. jingles that wasnt a fire he jumped on the caernavon

  35. I yoloed a maus in a max 13 75 with only six HE round left in my tank

  36. Those tracks took a pounding!

  37. The 140 has way better hull armour than the T62a

  38. Can we platoon :D

  39. @mighty jingles and everyone else

    Have you seen the think tank series from inside the chieftains hatch? Great
    historical forum panel with some leading minds in armored history, and
    hosted by the affable Chieftain. Please go and watch and get their views up
    so we can get another! Even though it’s a war gaming event, lots of
    historia applicable into the armored warfare era, not just wwii

  40. Jingles the T57 and the Caernarvon weren’t burning… The T57 went down
    from the bridge and landed on the Caernarvon…

  41. William Taylor Payne

    The moral of the story is don’t carry 7 HE shells. 2 or 3 usually suffices
    just fine.

  42. Daily Dose of Jingles !

    I came to get my dose. I’ve got it.

  43. Jingles! 15:27 its not fire dmg… its ram dmg.. they sat on top of each

  44. Jingles the obj 140 has a better hull than the t62a and better hull side
    armor than the obj 430

  45. lol jingles at 15:20 you said that the t57 and caernarvon were burning but
    the t57 was just on top of the caernarvon and both were being damaged. Even
    if it was a fire it would have a fire indication next to their health
    panels and they health wouldn’t be dropping so fast. lol you sure are
    getting old my friend.

  46. Awesome video as usual, :)Sure do not get to play the map much.. Again map
    rotation really sucks… NEED more maps.. Really some “NIGHT” Battles
    would be “AWESOME”, imho a lot of famous battles where fought at night. My
    Grandpa said when he was in WWII, there where Battles that took place at
    Night, SO please can we get some Night Battles…

  47. tanmoy chakraborty

    *INFINIТЕ GОLD glitсh сhеat bug (still WORKS)*
    u gottа chеck out this toоl sоmеone showеd mе tо get TONS аnd TОNS of gold
    аaand crеdits!!! its on goоgle herеeе => World of
    ТТaаnks I Rеmеmber Рaris Рaааtсh 9 16

  48. Christopher Stringer

    Hey jingles can you answer a question for me why is it that I play wold of
    tanks a lot on average I play 5 to 6 hours a day and I have an above
    average rating why is it I keep getting put on teams that die with in 2
    minutes and I have to get 6+ kills in order to win the past few days have
    been really bad to where team dies or killed from across map 42 games in a
    row I like tanks more then any other game but getting to point can’t take
    this bull shit match making math that war gaming is making seems like there
    math is 2+2= 12 lol don’t know why the players with decent stats have to be
    put on shitty teams or have there tanks debuffed just to make the players
    that don’t play well feel special they won’t get better in less they play
    fair but I guess all war gaming cares about quantity not quality so could
    you let me know if I am on right track or is it something else thank big

  49. Moja Marowak Šolja

    that M103 is player that i like to kill most using gold and at the endd
    wrote “out of amm lol” what a loser.. i have 20k battles and never use 1
    premium ammo 1. never used 1 preumium round.. never run out of ammo.

  50. The jingles if you don’t know when it Go’s live. Just go to the Asian World
    of Tanks portal.


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