World of Tanks – I Was Expecting Someone Taller

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Source: Mighty Jingles


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Thanks Jingles!

  2. The ::cough:: Russia ::cough:: was fucking hilarious. Lol thanks Jingles.

  3. The reason for repair kit hoarding is simple. If tracked, s series tank just does have literally zero gun traverse… I keep on mine 2 repair kits, one regular and one premium.

  4. I don’t know if replays capture ping issues, but that ping was 200 ms almost throughout the whole entire video. Maybe that’s why.

  5. I absolutely love the Strv s1, have 2 marks on mine on xbox brilliant thing.

  6. Jingles you know why the Swedish Navy have barcodes on the side of their ships?
    When they get back to port they can Scandinavian whahaha LOL

  7. Quite a cough you’ve developed there, Jingles.

  8. Talking about swedish films and penetration got me all sweaty

  9. The only reason I could see him not using the repair kit is the fact that he can’t aim at anything if he’s tracked. Of course the cool down time between the damage and the next engagement were more than enough, especially when you know there’s no one left to ambush you.

  10. just bloody forgets to push the f… repair button….AHhhhhh……

  11. The reluctance to use the repair kit could be an old habit from when you only had one use of your repair kit for the entire battle.

  12. that panthera noob lol

  13. merci bien monsieur 🙂

  14. Jingles, you do know you forgot to upload this one to Floatplane, right? 😀

    Yep. Never change 😀

  15. Bolivian Navy?? LOL Isn’t Bolivia landlocked ever since the war with Chile? Kind of a sore subject in some parts of the world.

  16. That was so painful to watch. Idk what to say. I feel like this guy is 70 years old at LEAST!

  17. I am surprised how few people correct Jingles on the over match mechanics.

  18. Thanks for not being French ?

  19. Actually, jingles, he didn’t use the repair kit because he was planning on going to Ikea and using his coupons to get it fixed there

  20. ACTUALLY Jingles, it’s a Main Battle Tank

  21. Let’s be honest, isn’t Swedish basically French……

    (How to piss off 75 million people in one sentence)

    • Considering every single piece of Swedish heavy equipment I have worked on has had French and Swedish instructions…

  22. Oh god Jingles…. the man flu is back. I hear you coughing and mumbling strange words (in fever maybe). Hope you are well again pretty soon. ?

  23. You might want to get that cough looked at…

  24. Typical jingles, calls it a “Lowe Profile machine” when it doesn’t look anything like the Lowe.

  25. Omg is that bloody racing game again

  26. Swede on Swede action … Skanda Candy

  27. Man jingles has a bad cough

  28. Superstitious Agnostic

    First off back in the day Swedish conquests were done by Hakkapelitas who were Finnish. Secondarily I don’t see the point for the Swedes to design a tank to take down Soviet tanks because in order to get to Sweden they’d have to go through FInland which hasn’t worked out before when they’ve tried. Maybe they were planning on borrowing those to us Finnish if need be.

  29. Someone get him a lozenge.

  30. @Jingles My blood pressure and voice!!!!!

  31. It’s basically French caus it’s like a wedge of cheese.

  32. Jingles for reference to why not to use the repair kit, the guns are fixed and if the tracks are blown off then the gun also can’t elevate and the hull fixes to level position so having the repair kit is also useful for being flanked or even if being shot at and get tracked driving backwards

  33. Thanks for the Red Dwarf quote @ 1:03

  34. The only downside of the S tank is that it always arrives missing a few critical bolts.

  35. In Warthunder these S tanks are quite OP…

  36. Lol typical Jingles video. A not so good player against an army of Muppets… Nothing spectacular there except the stupidity of the p44 player and his team mates, going to the slaughter, one after the other like classic lemming wot players…

  37. F off you f noob , k

  38. If you can’t take a joke, you probably shouldn’t be playing WOT.

    Cause RNG will troll you when you least expect, or need, it.

  39. Bolivian armed maneuvers in the south Pacific? What is this, Red Dwarf?

  40. So the Swedish decided in the mid-fifties decided to develop a tank that could counter the T-72. How remarkably foresighted of them…

    And even more remarkably is the fact that a lot of people on this channel still think Jingles is a well of wisdom in regard to military history and technology.

  41. This tank explained: (just first few seconds)

  42. I see ian from forgotten weapons has finally let you out of his baguette dungeon.

  43. My guess is he somehow never noticed he had a repair kit.

  44. He was just a really bad player who got lucky and did well. No reason not to repair, he should have backed up to the wall at the end rather than let the p44 circle him. He went wide to look for arty even when he was capping. He basically just camped for an age, then moved when he had no choice. Not great to be fair.

  45. The refusal to repair something damaged brings me back: for context it was the final match before 3 marking my Fury, and the last member alive had a dead ammo rack, I asked him if he could repair it, his reply “No, the ammo is fine”. I lost a lot of faith in the world that day hahah. Somehow, we won, as the last two enemy players were worse than our ammo racked heavy who refused to repair.

  46. 0:40 *AKCHUALY* Jingles, it is a Main Battle Tank!

  47. I play on console so we have your old consumables mechanic. Once you use it. It’s gone. So I carry a small and large repair kit and only use them when I’m tracked or if an arty damages more than 3 modules. Otherwise you might find yourself in a situation where your tracked and have no repairs left. Feeling like an at7 being circled by a scout…

  48. He wanted to save the credits. That’s why he didn’t repair – simple.

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