World of Tanks – If It’s Stupid But It Works…

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

If a title’s funny once, it’s funny every time.

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  1. Since we have the TOG II* at Tier 6, why not the TOG I (with a Matilda turret and 2-pdr gun) at Tier 4 and the TOG II (no *, a unique turret and IIRC 77mm HV gun) at Tier 5?

    And for that matter they should also do the French TOG equivalent, the Char 2B.

  2. given it’s location I’d say very few people visiting bovington knew about it before WOT

  3. I don’t remember when it was the last time I saw similar ending result.
    Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  4. games and drandom stuff

    Jingles you are at 600k subs

  5. Sensibly Named Person Of The Internet

    Jingles, would you mind adding a 1 to 2 second gap between the end of your intro and when you say “Howdy folks?” When I hit the skip button it goes in increments of 10 seconds so I pop in at “olks”…

  6. The person who pitched the TOG II must have had one hell of a sales pitch for the team to go along with it. And thank goodness it worked

  7. “If it’s stupid but it works” a reoccurring and borderline classic Jingles phrase

  8. The House that Jack Built

    i used to watch your videos, but once i heard people use you for a standard, i hardly ever watch now.

  9. Sensibly Named Person Of The Internet

    A short tog 2 video… Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  10. おつかれさまでした。

  11. Glad to see arty is still just as fucking stupid as Wargaming’s executive management. I quit playing this game months ago and, honestly, have not looked back since. Love Jingle’s clips, just very much dislike the game’s mechanics and WG’s utterly idiotic design.

  12. Damn, that was almost a heartbreaker. Don’t do that to us, Jingles.

  13. The TOG II is just so eccentrically British. Its a totally ridiculous tank that really shouldn’t work but somehow it does anyway. TOG doesn’t care.

  14. Even the Tog is an easy tank to buff but as always this is WG, buff the frontal armor and the mobility then problem solved. Can use some extra health as always.

  15. What Flush_1 could have done to make it harder for the AMX is drive over to the second position after the AMX hit it. Not many people will consider that option, and that will include the enemy. That said, it is a good game.

  16. In those situations, I usually move to wherever arty just got done shelling. What are the odds that they’re gonna nuke the exact same place twice? 😛

  17. Toggggggg……

  18. Lets make tog video the most liked to counterbalance the last one, so we can confuse jingles.

  19. Why did they switch it so you can win even if all your team is dead?…… makes no sense at all…………. then I guess this is World of Tanks WG but even so………………………

  20. Don’t apologise to autists, jingles. Apologies to these tards are like blood in the water to sharks. Don’t bother.

  21. Should have moved to where the last shot fell, reload was too long to correct before the timer ended, very lucky that he got the win.

  22. A games mechanic lucky win. But a wins a win.

  23. is it just me or does that Tog 2 look different?

  24. What were the two videos so violently treated with that cucumber

  25. If It’s Stupid But It Works… Its still stupid and anyone it works against should be ashamed of themselves.

    … Unless it involves a TOG. Tog is never stupid. TOG just has momentary lapses in judgement.

  26. Cant believe I wasted so much time playing this horrible game.

  27. Oh man, that Arty player was robbed……………….!

  28. I’d bet the 85 WAS spotted. Sometimes bushes don’t do shit

  29. ♫♪ it’s tog it’s tog, its better than bad, it’s good♪♫

  30. Ask and you shall receive lmao

  31. t29 dumb for not using wreck for hull down cover

  32. Tog with the stretch marks camo. Which the WOT description describes as Canadian camo which you can’t put on the Canadian Ram II.

  33. all hail the mighty TOG!
    how did it get in the game?
    ummmm…russians…vodka…`nuff said

  34. 7:31 You could say he *knew nothing* about the IKV behind him (look at the T29 driver’s name).

  35. We love you, you old bastard 🙂

  36. TOG II* came into the game most likely because it has absolutely no place in any tech tree and also it somewhat resembles the WWI Mark tanks (it is after all an evolution of their design). Meanwhile the actual Mark tanks will probably never make it into the games.

    That’s my guess.

  37. You know how you get action films that are pretty serious in their tone, but then there is that one goofy character who is there purely for some comic relief… That’s the tog.

  38. Ah I missed the dislike jingles video because he said so event. Gotta go dislike that video be right back.

  39. I wonder how many Tog’s have been sold thanks to Jingles at this point….

  40. The Tog Pooh is WG’s joke on the brits… as is the UK LTs. Why would they want to please the brits

  41. Dennis Schoenthaler

    I like all of your videos Keep up the great work Man

  42. Never seen a victory with all 15 dead before

  43. Why did u bring the cucumber ? in this ewww yuck ? why jingles

  44. … it’s still stupid and you were lucky.”
    Maxim #43, 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries.

  45. I hate the tog it’s one of the few things I disagree on.

  46. Hey Jingles, no offense, but i feel like the sound level on your videos as of late is way to high. If i come over from quickybabys channel to yours for example it always blows me out of my socks, it is so loud.

  47. The title of this video and the TOG II can be explained in one video – VODKA!

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