World of Tanks – If It’s Stupid But It Works…

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Just make sure the comment section is ready… all sharp edges removed, anything breakable put into storage… okay, I think we’re ready for todays video.

World of Tanks –

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  1. Stupid? I’d like to take a step out of the salt mines for a second and say
    that stupidity is the best way to win.

  2. If you want to get to Unicom do not do what he did the best players of any
    game play like poker player they minimize the risk and maximize the gain he
    got very little out of the risk of losing the match

  3. 91Tibor is a selfish prick. He risked the entire’s team victory for just
    another kill, not even for the top gun.

  4. Austin F (SpiralTarantula)

    I’ve lost too many games because of teammates refusing to cap at the end of
    the match in an effort to chase down a single light tank or an extremely
    well hidden tank destroyer. I’m not against the “no cap, kill all”
    mentality but use some common sense before going on a mindless goose chase.
    On the flip side, I’ve won several games against multiple opponents because
    they decided to come attack me….one at a time.

  5. i guess he is the kind of player who pulls such a dickhead move 9 times out
    of 10

  6. If he was playing for the win, then this was supremely stupid. While it
    worked out for the win, the odds were heavily against it. And the only
    person left in the game who actually came out ahead was Tibor. The 2 arties
    with him both come out behind in rewards than if he’d just capped out. The
    Lor. SPG lost the survival bonus, and the M12 now has teamdamage penalties.

    But the fact that Tibor came out ahead I think is the big reason. I don’t
    think Tibor was actually playing for the Win, even though most people would
    assume that is the end goal in this game. I suspect he was focusing on
    something else; perhaps max rewards per match, WN8, or Mastery. In all 3 of
    those cases his play at the end, even if he’d LOST, work out better than
    capping for the win if one of them is his goal. All 3 of those metrics
    favor damage per match, and with the damage he had done he was pretty much
    assured a High Caliber so he’d get the XP and credits as if he’d won even
    if he ended up throwing the match to get one more shot in on the SU-100M.
    So, if getting the Win was not his primary goal, he come out ahead as soon
    as he put that first shot into the SU-100M. More damage meant more XP and
    credits in the match, higher WN8, and a higher score on the way to Mastery

    TLDR: His play was selfish, but clearly successful as soon as you realize
    he didn’t care what happened to the rest of the team. He’d already secured
    High Caliber and therefore effectively Win equivalent rewards whether his
    high risk plan worked or not. Which actually makes it a very low risk plan.
    The risk was borne by his teammates, who all would have had worse rewards
    if his plan hadn’t worked and even with it working 2 teammates still came
    out worse off. But not him, he was going to get good rewards either way and
    ended up with even more.

  7. Daniel O'Shaughnessy

    It was funny

  8. Very Honorable!

  9. WN8 farmer. “It’s just a game! Have fun!” How fun would have been the loss?
    How fun would have been the low XP gained. Would have been far lower for
    him, and count up the lost XP for the entire team and it was just a stupid,
    selfish, dick move.

  10. Daniel O'Shaughnessy

    How through he’ll did he do it

  11. Reminds me of a game I had on Sand River recently. Team was whittled down
    to a pair of Churchills that had done little all game, and trundled into
    the cap circle far too late to cap. It was a sheer fluke that the last tank
    on the enemy team, a damaged FV304, took a worse rush of proverbial to the
    brain, and came running to the cap circle. The Churchills blasted him just
    as the clock read 00:00.
    The guy in this vid… I dunno. A win is a win is a win, but again, it was
    a sheer fluke. There are 99,999 quantum parallel universes where this guy
    failed miserably. Leaving the cap circle was madness.

  12. It may that he forgot that this was attack mode. In the heat of the battle
    he thought it was a normal game

  13. was that worth of a risk? I think not…. silly wt couldve lost the game
    due to his greediness.

  14. greed for dmg is rising


  16. All cap no kill.


    In the words of Little Jack….

  18. selfish

  19. Watching the clock, it looks iffy that tibor could have even crossed the
    river before time ran out, he left the cap before the SU100 crossed the
    river. It looks like all the SU100 had to do to win was go to the SW corner
    and hide until the clock ran out and NOBODY would be defending tibor now.

  20. trough that players action that team killed arty could be banned by team

  21. Hell jingles.. that’s SOP. for my battles. lol

  22. Jesus Christ…

  23. I just noticed, the tank in the intro says “Gnome.” Question: is it driven
    by Keemstar?

  24. There’s something everyone is forgetting: That SU-100M1 has 223WN8
    That’s probably the reason why he risked leaving the cap.

  25. Players like this made me quit WOT years ago.

  26. Татьяна Сушкова

    “Жажда крови” настоящего бойца. Пожалуй, после Воина ему уже не так важно
    было победить, как забрать еще одного противника.

  27. Airbrusher Games and art

    Yolo biatches!

  28. Damage Hore

  29. This player is an Idiot and derserved to lose this battle.

    This guy has 52% winrate but 1700+ wn8. He should have a higher winrate
    with this wn8. He is probably only camping in the back and doing stupid
    things like this very often.
    Classical wannabe statwhore who is just a bad player.

  30. Perhaps he had some kind of mission to complete?

  31. In a Tier-9 game where you lose money if you aren’t good, that was just a
    stupid move. They say hindsight is perfect, but in jack of hindsight, you
    need to make the decision that’s most likely to work, and no-cap-kill-all
    wasn’t it.

  32. Brain fart in its purest form.

  33. Jingles, fuck, if its stupid but it works, its still stupid >:(

  34. Some people are willing to take the risk against all odds .. Just rolling
    the dice.

    For me it was really worth it i can only imagine the satisfaction he has ..
    Because he won his way

  35. he was a dam idiot that wasnt paying attention to the fact that he didnt
    have the time to kill him, or he is an idiot who threw away the win for a
    chance to do i little more damage and got lucky his team mates was able
    salvage the win for him

    people should lose their accounts for doing stupid shit like that on a
    regular basis, its almost as bad as teamkilling

    but it did make for an entertaining video

  36. in that situation the only time you should chase them is if you dont have
    time to cap. Or cant cap without being hit by the last tank. He almost
    threw a win away for no real reward.

  37. Worth it :D

  38. If that was me we would have lost and that is why I hate kill everyone

  39. The stupidiest and luckyest man..

  40. He is just lucky??

  41. If you’re an egoistic fucktard any risk is worth taking if it means 20 more
    XP at the end of the game….

  42. no thats just plain stupid he was just lucky that he won(bet ya he only did
    it to get jingle to make a vid of it). if it was something like someone
    yolo into a hord of enemy and wins that is what you call “If It’s Stupid
    But It Works. its not stupid”

  43. In my Opinion he had 101% luck that game.

  44. i think,he’s very selfish and too greedy.however,he may also know himself
    more than his random teammates,so,i guess it was his sheer strong
    self-confidence that drove him to do a very risky thing…

  45. There was no point on getting that extra kill ’cause he couldn’t get Radley
    Walters medal anyway. However we have to admit he played well until the
    moment when he left the cap circle. After that, it was nothing more than
    luck. A massive shit ton of luck!

  46. My 2 cents on the matter: If it’s stupid but it works… it is still

    All jokes aside, I can never stop and say gg to someone who risks dragging
    his team-mates (random teammates not some friends he can troll on voice
    chat) into a loss from what would be a definite win. I admit, he played
    well, however no GG for him.

    And this ties in to your other video about having fun. At what point is it
    ok to forsake the ultimate goal of the game, for which it is likely the
    other 14 players were playing (aka. to win), for your own personal
    subjective fun?

  47. Basically the typical team I have to deal with almost every match in WOT.
    Lets get the damage over the win they say. Then after the loss you get
    private messages from them saying “Look at my damage and winrate you noob”

  48. Here’s an opinion from a REALLY bad player (just putting it out there!) who
    nevertheless enjoys playing WOT more in hope of staying alive than maxing
    damage/credit points. The guy took a massive risk and got lucky – simple.
    Just glad I wasn’t in his team cos I reckon the stress of watching it would
    have given me a stroke lol

  49. There are things in WoT that people try and they only work 1 out of 10
    times…the one time it works you send it in to Jingles!

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