World of Tanks – If Luchs Could Kill

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I feel especially smug about the title todays' video. Probably a lot more than I deserve to be. I may have used it before…

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  1. I play my A-32 often but I don’t feel like a sealclubber at all. The tank is too bad for it and since the MM rework (new player protection) the gameplay is not that different from higher tiers, including the T8-10 gold spam. Sadly the A-32 needs a lot of gold because 66mm pen vs Matilda and B2 just don’t work.

  2. Alex Jackson-Smith

    I only started playing WOT because of your videos on the Luchs. Just moved the crew to the Tier 10 Leopard1 and not so sure it was a great idea… but I have done it now.

  3. It’s not really seal clubbing if most of your opponents are also 10k+ games in is it? Also , tier8+ is exactly what you said; a complete dumpster fire, made far worse now that HE is about as useful as throwing harsh language. Tier 4-7 is about as balanced as the game gets sadly.

  4. My 8 year old nephew and his 30ish year old dad used to play tanks together and he played a whole heck of a lot better than that. Better than his dad after a few weeks, actually. But aside from that, Jingles keeps talking about how there’s mostly new people in low tiers, but is that really true? I have not played tanks in years and even when I quit at least 80% of people in low tiers were people with (tens of) thousands of games or very obvious rerolls, I cannot imagine all of a sudden tanks is hip with the kids again.

  5. Matheus Rondel Leite

    War Thunder video please


  7. OMG you waffle on about nothing …. commentate the game !

  8. If that guy is actually an adult, then this was the single most scathing insult anyone could’ve been hit with. “He’s playing so badly he HAS to be an 8 year old.”

  9. cute luchs never fail

  10. I was around the same age as the T3 when I started watching your videos. You have kept all of us entertained for so many years. Keep the great videos coming. Much love from Krautland

  11. the big difference between WOT and Real Live is, that you should stop playing at low tiers really fast when progressing in RL….
    The Gold Ammo Problem still exists though and there are some professional “Seal Clubbers” around too

  12. I kinda stopped playing the luchs and all those small machine guns after WG secretly nerfed the shooting speed of the guns.

  13. Not a seal clubber 😀 BS, you are simply Luchs bias, not to point out the advantage of games under his belt, or how much by now his crew has to be better then anyone starting a grind on one of the tech tree lines, the fact that most starters don’t even allow themselves a consumable like a repair or med kit, the only thing that he can’t be accused of is high skill level.

  14. I have to admit, my two favorite tanks are also Tier 4, the P26/40 and the glorious Matilda.
    well the 2014 is the year the T3 player has created his account, but with under 5000 battles played in that time, he more likely had no clue what was going on.

  15. Rastko Dimitrijevic

    Experienced player, yes. But a good player does not go around the corner like that. Good game, though. Juliomartin_2014 must have created that acc as a first thing when he popped out 😀

  16. I used to have an account that featured the date the account was created, 2015. Probably our T3 Medium companion did not have the same reasoning tho.

  17. I think the very concept of a premium amunition, even in a free to play game, is perverse.

  18. You know what triggers me more than excessive gold ammo usage? The fucking zoom out mod.

  19. wait so by jingles logic about tht t3s username ending in 2014 i was born in the 13th century! lol and if you have 5 digits at the end of your usernames greetings from the future! did the world end yet? 😛

  20. It breaks my heart seeing the Luchs gun doing so badly against a PZ B2. I remember bombing it around the map being the incarnation of DEATH in a Luchs. Better days.

    I’m not crying you’re crying.

  21. The reason I play tier 4 and especially marder 38t is not because of seal clubing but because later tiers outgrow the map. They should either make bigger maps for higher tier tanks or lower the number of tanks at the sart of the game. At tier 4 I max my view range at 445 meters and in tier 10 the same. Plus there is a difference in view range between light tank and other classes.

  22. Not obliterating a *BT-5.* My baby. What has WG done to you.

  23. The roles in lower tiers are more defined. TDs are best at ambushing, light tanks are best at spoting, mediums are best at flanking, heavies are best at tanking damage,arties are ok and just right.

  24. The reason they shoot apcr at low tier is not because of pen but because of speed of shot. They want to lock him and not aim. If they fire regular ap then it is too slow and will miss.

  25. I’m glad you find it ok to play down in the lower tiers. I love my Matilda and its my most played tank. Its the tank I play when I get irritated with all the other tiers.

  26. Tbf my favourite tier is tier 7 and imo the best tier 7 is the T29, beauty of a tank that and the t32 are mastered in my account but the m103 is crushing me in tier 9 and 10 games so ive decided to stop grinding to tier 10 and grind to my tier 7 is that i was close to before quitting for a year or two

  27. My eight year old kills my stats on a regular basis

  28. new in life and already in WoT, bloke never had a chance.

  29. Note to self , to get sympathy from jingles , make sure I make up a false date of birth if I ever play wot XD

  30. Gold Ammo Rants every WOT video

  31. seal clubber is wrong word, better is; user of earned tanks. The way to fix seal clubbing is with the MM. Here’s a suggestion; match make using skill level, not tier level.

  32. Gold ammunition being *necessary*
    Yeah that’s why I play Armored Warfare

  33. Geht dich nichts an

    That title made me smile. Haven’t even started the video yet xD

  34. Many small tanks where harmed in the making of this video 😀

  35. I play mostly tier 4-6 because: 1 Most of the tanks are real WW2 era tanks, 2 I don’t need to use gold ammo, 3 The game is still fun at this tier. The price I pay? Free except for the pain of Leaf blowers, pak40’s, and their ilk.

  36. The Pak40 will never face tier 5. Possible tier spreads for a tier 3 are: 2-3, 3, 3-4. So why that Pak40 was using gold? No idea.

  37. 13mins of justifying seal clubbing and use of gold ammo LMAo

  38. Luchs is less of a murder machine now. The general hit points buff all tanks got greatly reduced the ability to clip a tank. It’s still fun and I don’t think I’ve ever felt a need to use gold in it.

  39. Premium ammo is available for in game credits correct?
    I’m not sure if J man is aware of this or not

  40. because of the gold spamming in the hi tiers I don’t play it anymore!! Warschips is until now better with the no gold ammo 😉

  41. SirGiggleBush… you guys and your player names lol, ffs.

  42. The thought of people born in 2014 being on the internet is terrifying

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