World of Tanks – If You Can’t Take A Joke…

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Source: Mighty Jingles

As the old saying goes, if you can't take a you shouldn't be playing World of .

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  1. I think there is a important distinction between the anglophone-sphere and the scandinavian and german speaking sphere. For english speaking people a “tank” is a tracked armored vehicle, with a direct fire artillery in a turret, build for fighting all kinds of different targets. As opposed to let’s say an M10 tank destroyer, which only focus is to fight tanks. On the other hand for example for germans ANY tracked, armoured vehicle is a “Panzer”. Panzerhaubitze (SPG), Bergepanzer (ARV), Jagdpanzer (Tank Destroyer) I think you see the pattern. Same word, slightly different definition.

  2. If you can’t handle an ancient intro from Jingles the you REALLY can’t take a joke

  3. Wow, that was a great battle.

  4. WG and overmatch is a strange thing. As KV-2 can bounce on both Hellcats and BUGIs…..

  5. Actually Jingles, overmatch works for guns OVER 3x armour not 3x and higher. So if You have 30mm of armour You will get overmatched by guns of 91mm and higher caliber, but NOT 90mm.

  6. Great team work between the TD and the LT

  7. that ending hurt

  8. tank, an armored vehicle that moves with tracks and have a weapon in a turret.
    tank destroyer, a similar vehicle to the tank, but usually have a heavily reinforced front armor and its weapon is fixed in a front firing position.

    so the swedes can try to trow a grenade as their new national past time all day, that thing is a td, mostly because it looks like a td, sounds like a td and works like a td. even if i understand, the logical shorthand for, std, is not something they want, but than just don’t go to the orgy.

    • Wolverine, Hellcat, Jackson and a few other US and UK tank destroyers would like to have a word with you.

    • @Razvan N not surprising, that the us tds would not be able to read, as i clearly said, usually, not always, those nations that has proper education also managed to make td-s without turret, so…

    • @Thorin and usually tanks have turrets, not always, usually. Some tanks don’t have turrets.

    • @Razvan N nope, no turret, not a tank. without turret, theyare spgs, tds or some other strange vehicles, but tank have turrets.

    • @Thorin some SPG’s have turrets, some TDs have turrets. The first tanks didn’t have turrets.

  9. Good commentary

  10. Let us bow our heads for DowJoe…. a truly Ace Tanker in his own right! May he tank ever more in the ever after… ooooor until he joins another battle!! lol

  11. The S-tank was designed to stop an invaison of Sweden from the east. The Swedes were mostly concerned that if we in Finland ran out of alcohol that we’d turn to our neighbourghs and plunder their strategic ethanol reserves.

  12. i have the second best dmg arty game for the m53.. plz look it up on wot replays and post to your channel

  13. That was brutal. His back must be hurting loads.

  14. The S-Tank isnt a tank, its a mobile turret.

  15. Lol, talk about winning harder… all the lowe and friends had to do was stay on their side of the map and they would have won.

  16. BUMP. I jsut saw a comment on Dezs channel about someone who cant play WOT due to an accident. I remember you making a vid. about someone who had lost a hand and was playing WOT. I did a search of your vids but cant find it. If you can remember the vid any chance you can send me a link to send Him?

  17. You Swedes are a good bunch

  18. Wow jingles so the sweds can call their wedge a tank but the Alaska has to be a “battlecruiser”

    I sense favoritism nome man

  19. Heh, I’d call that an “above average game” from a german heavy tank driver in WoT

  20. There is on gunner on the s-tank. The driver is the gunner. The tank commander van also both drive and shoot the tank as well.
    The tank actually only need a crew of 1, unless you run it remotely which have also been done.

  21. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Such beautiful tragedy… Its rare to get that constellation of factors where in your particular precinct on the map you are in the zone… Its not so rare that it all goes to shit in “The End”.

  22. the driver is the gunner , theen so can be the comander, bouthe can srive and ther is a rear facing radio op and revers driver , so in there he tank can be opparated by one person

  23. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    WoT does not rely on IRL rules, it follows RnGesus

  24. I remember shortly after I got the 150mm (or is it 152?) gun on my T30, I spotted one of these Swedish tank destroyers and remember thinking “Not today sunshine.” and then proceed to nail him to the wall.

    No bounce for you!

  25. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    That ending tho

  26. Thanks Jingles

  27. Needs a turret and a coax under British docterine.

  28. The S1 actually has exceptional gun depression with 11 degrees in siege mode, and very little of the tank needs to be exposed to clear the gun muzzle. And, yes, the driver and gunner were one and the same. Three crew members: Commander, Driver/gunner, then radio operator, who also is a backup driver for going backwards really fast and a loader for special ammo, since the S tank series had auto-loaders for APCR and HE rounds. The S tank series also had the distinction of it being possible for a single person to operate in a combat scenario and still be reasonably effective.

    • Jingles kind of has a point that the depression isn’t achieved like in most other tanks by moving the gun but by moving the whole thing with the suspension.

  29. actually jingles this is assault:p. he’s attack

  30. Yeah, they thought they had to defend themselves against an invasion from the east.

    “The Winter War,[F 6] also known as the First Soviet-Finnish War, was a war between the Soviet Union and Finland. The war began with a Soviet invasion of Finland on 30 November 1939, three months after the outbreak of World War II”

    SO why did the Soviet Union invade Finland in the first place?

    Was it true what Hitler and Mannerheim were talking about ?
    Was it true that Barbarossa was launched to prevent the Soviets from taking over the entire European mainland?

    Why would they, the Fins, have to defend themselves against the Soviets if the Soviets along with the Fins were the Allies?
    And why would 150 000 certain people fight alongside Finland against the Soviets, the same people who Germany were fighting against.

    Was it Hitler’s plan to conquer Russia, or was it Stalin’s plan to conquer Europe?

    Why did Patton say: We defeated the wrong enemy?
    Why did he want to push forward to Moscow?

    Ah, the second world war.
    So much nonsense has been told about it, that people have started to believe Everything they see coming from Hollywood or such sources.

  31. To be fair. The Sweds, have a lot of area where the side to side isn’t an issue.

  32. Jingles, your commentary made a good game, a great game to watch and hear you.

  33. World of Taking a joke, literally.

  34. Арктическое Лисицё

    I mean… It isn’t quite a tank destroyer… It’s just a casemate that RESEMBLES tank destroyers, but there’s no 1-off attribute or specific purpose that it is built for, so it’s just… A medium tank without a turret? If I will get pissed about one thing, it’s people calling it the S-tank. That could mean quite literally any Stridsvagn in the world, yet for some reason it’s reserved for the most limited model?

  35. Although a loss, remember this is a random battle. And a TD and a Scout coordinating? In RB? Priceless and rare.

  36. I just want you to see the world as I do…giggling in a corner and bleeding.

  37. What an utter heartbreaker. My god. 8 kills, 9k damage, and still couldn’t win – finished off by the noob in the Lowe who somehow managed to survive till the very end only doing 490 damage. What a joke this game is – it’s results like these that cause people to quit this game. These results simply shouldn’t happen, but they do, thanks to the disaster that the game’s playerbase has evolved into.

  38. This video is akin to one’s favorite athlete running up a Cricket Score of stats, but their Team loses the Championship anyway. Entertaining, to be sure, but, a Downer.

  39. Viktor Kock Appelgren

    Another thing they got wrong with the s-tanks is that they have a mean auto-loader
    *grumpy Swedish noises *

  40. Play WoT again Paul. I miss that.

  41. OT – but what is the Opening Theme music? Anybody know???

  42. In fairness to the Swedes, most WW1 tanks didn’t have turrets and we still call them tanks. It’s just that if you made a tank destroyer variant of the S-Tank, how would it be different? Perhaps the distinction is just outdated, like battlecruisers in WW2.

  43. The mighty jingles it’s always a pleasure to listen to your commentary

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