World Of Tanks II 100 mm Dominance II Object 140

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Source: House Havoc

This my first video in House Havoc Channel re launch. I will be providing you with epic games from the gamers.

This replay is from Michuu on the EU server where he dominates Erlenberg in his , securing 10 kills and his 3rd Mark of excellence.


  1. Looking forward some interesting content in the coming days…

    wkcw1 NA

  2. Tbh salty, i do enjoy the videos where someone comments something as well…so the end part of the video was best where you actually talk as well 🙂 Zenthilar from EU server

  3. Christian Montero

    Very good game, some commentary on tactic or strategy (spoken or text) would be good for us not very good at the game. I also hope that you feature more than just tier 10 tanks.
    IGN: SireMaxus
    Server: NA

  4. I want epic replays featuring the Churchill Gun Carrier please. =)

    IGN: OvidiusNaso; Server: ASIA

  5. GG was close 😀
    Chaosdraken – EU

  6. i think some tutorials on new lights mecanics would be a great addition
    also some great T5-T6 light replays from 9.18 would be nice

    immortal_sniper1 eu

  7. TheSUFCharvanator

    woohoo saltyjedi on the youtubez 🙂 (Harvanator EU)

  8. Don’t take things for granted as life may take it away unexpectedly but in this game you did way better than I ever will do in WoT (mrbaluba EU)

  9. From across the pond, excited to see what you have in store for us! (BenBoomBoom, NA)

  10. Slighty OP Russian tier X mediums? Epic game- congrats! (Pzkw_V_Panther, NA)

  11. omg is this comment unique, I don’t know, what if its not????
    Wait do i win yet????
    please let Mcmuffin win!!!

    tanker1200 EU server

  12. good game play is no reason to flame the video. retsel54 NA

  13. Enjoy life today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. IGN: Gameuser10 – NA

  14. victor aka SirDarkLight bixler

    I know r2 but they just call it that but no there not trying to kill you (sirdarklight na )

  15. Hello,
    It’s me.
    I was wondering if after all these comments this one’s unique?

    Aaronth01 (EU)

  16. hi what amazing game


  17. AnomalousIntutition

    I’ve been recommending your missions guide to the new members and they love them. Thanks Salty.
    General_Disturbance on EU Server.

  18. I’ll take three of those please.
    Lyonhell EU

  19. who else wants some russian bias?

    ifti91901 NA server

  20. I feel the video could be better with some commentary added during the replay. Just a little constructive criticism.
    ExoticTactics NA

  21. Epic game – would like some in-game commentary so us plebs can get an inkling of the decision making that goes into a game like this
    IGN: LeftSock
    Server: NA

  22. Nyan cat is life.

    Commander_Danilo (EU)

  23. maza rasha best tanks
    EU server

  24. Great first video and great game play keep up the work. I am already looking forward to future videos

    Username Farmer_123
    Server EU

  25. Antonije Jovanović

    LOL Good replay Username: Toni_Srbija (EU)

  26. I think i need to get my T-44 back. Great work as always guys 🙂

  27. interesting video na: truckSparky

  28. Alexandru Acalfoaie

    Nice replay. Can’t wait to get myself the object.
    Username: fablegamer96
    EU server

  29. Good tanking! Dredogin NA-server

  30. Good luck all

  31. Great launch video Salty. Love the content from both of you guys and I can’t wait for the streams to return <3 <(^__^)>

    Triple_Cheese (NA)

  32. 10k plus, very nice
    AtJ999 NA server

  33. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Object 140
    _Damage_Inc NA server

  34. Niklas Lindberg

    I have only managed to do just over 9k damage. Well done. Wallu25 EU

  35. cealera alexandru

    Great replay,this change my mind and i will get obj.140 instead t62a ,(Kv-122 is heavy tank not tank destroyer) :p CIPTECH Euserver

  36. gg wp #nopants
    Thiefy US servers

  37. So where was the commentary? What did I gain from that, that I couldn’t have gotten just watching any replay? Sorry, great battle result, but not why I am sub’d. Have no interest in un-commentated third party replays. Not up to Havoc standards IMHO…

  38. Gorgeus game of wot. Absolutely loved it.
    Gekser – EU

  39. Awesome replay. CaptCraptastic EU

  40. Russian mediums best tanks in the game. Why play anything else?

  41. When watching the t49 at the end of the match get one-shot by the artillery: “The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

    kharmapolice777 : NA server

  42. Woooot wooot da russia ??
    NasierHobbits NA

  43. monust03 EU server

  44. dat luck in this replay. everything worked like charmed.
    soldatul06 EU server

  45. Nice replay Saltyjedi, well played. Tate_oz, SEA server

  46. Welcome Back! Glad to see more tanking vids! NA Server: SonofStuntdad2

  47. Congrats on third mark.

    Username: Blackmane007 Server: Asia (SEA)

  48. balázs bödör

    i also got a pools in the obj 140 😛 in fact it is my only pools medal 😀

  49. it starts! floodmanuk EU

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