World of Tanks || Ikv 90 Typ B – Tank Review

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– Ikv 90 Typ B. Today I’m reviewing the Swedish the Ikv 90 Typ B, a ludicrously fast vehicle best suited to long range engagements!

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  1. I wanna see the Löwe next

  2. Markus Dahl (Deadman_38)

    I loved the ikv 90 typ b becouse of the camo. My favo teir 7 tank right now

  3. I don’t know what brake force (5:06) is, and saw that the ikv’s was
    considerably worse then the other tanks in th comparison. Can someone tel
    me what it is?

  4. I feel like the mid tier Swedish tanks just under preform. I feel like they
    are way to inaccurate. Many times I have had my shots just dip before they
    hit the target. I find myself having to aim at the upper parts of tanks in
    order to hit them in the lower plates. All this aside I am really enjoying
    the Leo. Have not enjoyed any other mid tier Swedish tanks. I have not made
    it to this tank but it does not look enjoyable. I absolutely hate the tier

  5. cesar the imperator

    jp2 has to be play with 105 mm.

  6. incredibly good tank. avg replays.
    you should have choose one from a replay site.. because you clearly don’t
    use the power of this tank even though you highlighted it… and this is
    kinda confusing especially for those avg players whom watching this

  7. Does anyone know what is with #tankbetter? I think QB said it on stream
    once but I haven’t been watching then. Does anyone know?

  8. gg hi hi

  9. This or the US Scorpion??

  10. Mr. Bread (animonster23)

    This just made me realize could the Fv304 have potential to be TD given it
    was equipped with 17pdr or a 20pd. Cause this tank reminded of it

  11. omg dat IS-3 tomato platoon

  12. Indeed quite varied and enjoyable content

  13. Some say it can stealth fire and drive as fast as a car no it isn’t bert
    the avenger but bert the avengers swedish cousin

  14. qh ur the best,hopefully i will meet u one day on tankfest,ur voice sounds
    morelike a kid,but we still love u

  15. Hey Quicky, what’s the best way to play the Hellcat and T25/2? The Hellcat
    is my favourite tank and I’m working on getting a 100% crew on it, and I’ve
    made it elite by unlocking and equipping every upgrade on it. I use a camo
    net and binocs on it too. However I find that I don’t last more than 4
    minutes in most games because I’m playing the tank wrong according to
    everyone I play with. The thing is, I play the tank multiple ways,
    sometimes camping with other TD’s at the back of the map or moving in with
    the Mediums to take down a couple of tanks (mostly maps with valleys I do
    this in). I bought the T25/2 and think that tank is a rubbish upgrade from
    the Hellcat and find the same problems with it, with similar strategies I
    use in the Hellcat, albeit about 40km/h slower. What’s the best way to play
    both tanks? I assume they’re both classified as support tanks, but I use
    them differently compared to other TD’s because of their turret advantage.

  16. 12.27 ??????

  17. quicky must have been hungry while making this video….tasty treats…big
    juicy artillery…etc. A lot of food references.

  18. qb complains about 240dmg being low for t7,is fine with tier10 td with only
    390 alpha

  19. The tier 6 ikv 65 alt 2 is way better tier for tier, why didn’t you review

  20. Minecraftster148790

    I haven’t played the game in ages, but I thought 0.36 was pretty good
    accuracy. Don’t know if that is just the power creep with all these new
    tanks. It used to be that 0.33 was very accurate

  21. Quickybaby if you can’t out run a Churchill VII then there is something
    wrong. Something terribly, terribly wrong.

    Look how close many of these tanks have to get to spot you. That camo is
    excellent. Remember, the best armor is one that doesn’t get shot at.

  22. Looks Like it’ s getting cold QuickyBaby? “Hoodie” =)) Where are you from?

    Big Hello from Latvia! =)

  23. goes through a kv2 turret like it’s butter, can anyone else see the
    problem? lol

  24. love these reviews, more of them pls :)

  25. Man I felt bad for that 42% platoon of IS3 players. EU has some high
    quality players. lul.

  26. Hi QB. Did you finish #tankbetter ?

  27. Honestly, I expected better stats from this tank. Awesome gameplays as
    always! I’m 5k away from this tank, I guess it will be a bit frustrating at
    first. I remember my early Bishop gameplays… :D

  28. so…. if you can, shoot HE at this?

  29. the ikv 90b reminds me of a block of cheese….

  30. scruffy baby

  31. review Jag 8.8cm pls

  32. I’m working through the IKV 65 and that bread box is annoyingly weak as
    well but with a large profile. This line is going to be aggravating. The
    only solace is the all female crew, it may get expensive but every time I
    move up I am retraining the crew for that vehicle so they will be maxed by
    the time I get to the 103B.

  33. I loved all the swedish TDs before the IKV 90B, I even kept the IKV 103 for
    the lols. But the IKV 90B is so weak … I decided to free experience it
    when WG did the 1 to 35 xp convertion to get the UDES 03. I never regreted
    my choice.

  34. I was born in ur surname!

  35. I cry ever time

  36. i once showed off this tank from a mountain with my t54 ltwt lmao.

  37. can you get a review on IKV 65 II

  38. all I choose that tank is because I want to try the siege mode so im still
    in my journey to strv 103b

  39. FullHDWorldofTanks

    i pen jim whit m4 whit he


  41. I’ve played against it several times but the guy using the ikv 90 b was
    either noob or just “unpatient” so he didn’t get any good results
    Btw, QB, can you make a tank review for vk 45.02 a, because I am struggling
    with getting the vk 45.02 b

  42. 13:45 here you say that it’s a bad thing with the high tier swedish TDs,
    and then you immediately say that 8-9 and 10 just goes backwards. That’s
    not a complaint! xD

  43. Hi quickybaby, I grind actually the Swedish td line and still playing the
    ikv 90 and that all true what are you saying. When you got spotted run as
    fastest you can haha… I have the small gun an know how much bad this
    is… But the tactics are right shoot till you get spotted then fast back
    and try again ? you was luckily to get in over 70% matches…. Thx for the
    video quickybaby. You make a good job with all this videos I like it so
    much…. Bye bye

  44. Thanks QB !!

  45. Hey quicky, you should do a video about the IKV 103… and maybe make it
    your best game in it. Just a suggestion lololol

  46. I kind of liked this tank, though all the things you point out as bad are
    exactly what I did not like about it. So while it is was fun for a bit, I
    am glad to be passed it. Now to try and figure out this UDES thingy, it is
    rather tricky.

  47. Pleas do lower tier games

  48. Ikv 103 is the worst tank ever, more than M3 Lee and AMX 40

  49. the DPM is mediocre and the armour is not good rest of it is alright but
    not looking forward to playing it on xbox one world of tanks

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