World of Tanks || I’M ALL IN!

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World Tanks. Today the French autloading medium tank, the Bat Chat, is going ALL IN!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Holy Crap!! I might just quit playing if i was on the enemy team for this!!! I mean he wins!!! i Give up!

  2. My reply when she says go deeper.

  3. well…I thought “Bruce Lee” was only in the movie….^ ^

  4. damn what a match …

  5. Wargaming should roll the game credits for h4rT_ and start him back at tier 1.

  6. Meh, its the Russian Server, half those players were bots.

  7. I keep my money in the fridge because it’s cooler

  8. Merry Xmas guys and QB

  9. But did he have his work cut out for him?

  10. how did he dodge the 705 shell..

  11. Ugh – French LTs’ ability to bounce/absorb shots is just uncanny.
    I’ve lost count of the amount of BIG shells I’ve hit them with and did nothing to them. :v

  12. One shell less and he’d have had Fadin’s

  13. 14 kills your reward….you lose credits and only get 38 bonds. Lol. This game sometimes.

  14. why does crew stunning affect the reload of an autoloader? ?

  15. Well done in the wheeled amx on stream today QB, that was awesome can’t wait for the vid

  16. Good job QB. Show a replay of someone using destruction. Like common…don’t be blind about 7:05

  17. really nice play O7

  18. O7 to that guy would love to meet him on the battlefield prolly get beat

  19. It definitely never made any sense to me that the 15mm caliber difference increased the damage by 10, from 390 to 400, but a 2mm increase, from 120mm to 122mm, increases the damage a whopping 40 points.

  20. Most I’ve killed in one game is 12 and that was a hell of a fight with a su 85b let alone at tier 10…

  21. 2020 Aaron Bronstone

    Let’s relate to the STB1 vid that QB put out:
    Camo? SAME.
    Situation? 1v7.
    Medal? Raseinias.
    Tank? Tier X Med
    Coincidence? I think not
    Hotel? Trivago

  22. Wow, a tier 10 tank does well in 357 matchmaking. Amazing…

  23. Still waiting for your modpack QB !! ☺☺☺☺

  24. bc is not better scout than amx 13 105.. no way..

  25. Hi QB thank you for all your videos, comments ….MX2U&Fam…Good bless…. 🙂

  26. how can we have you showcase one of our tank battles?

  27. Kills 14 out 15 enemy tanks, still loses credits

  28. does anyone have a good zoom-out mod for me to use with QB’s mods?

  29. Noobs use autoloaders

  30. RNGsus was with h4rt in that fantastic game. Not fully aimed most of the time and hit anyways.

  31. That was amazing, I hope to get as good as him, I just recently got the bat chat 25T as my first tier ten tank. It really gives me something to aspire to.

  32. Now he can quit wot XD he got all in one game Xd

  33. A great game bought to you buy ….. his wallet. Yes the spelling is intentional.

  34. S in Raseiniai sounds same as in sun. Please try to get rid of that pseudo russian z in medals name.

  35. Wow – this guy has a real life 6th sense. The way he guessed where the E4 is coming around the 7 min mark is something incredible. There were absolutely 0 things suggesting that there may be a tank coming there, yet he went after it with 100% confidence. Then after the reset he somehow guessed when he needs to turn and get out of there and exactly knew where the tortoise is about to appear, Just wow.
    Now that i watched it again, at 6:50 there is another great awareness going on, he guessed that somebody is crossing the town square, so he stops and reverses to check what it is (arty as we later find out).
    So lets recap. Last know pos of arty was on the field, as he shot him from there, last pos of obj is cap, So that leaves 2 Tds that should be behind him somewhere according to their last marked position. Yet he turns that corner with 100% confidence at 7:05. Even more impressive how he exactly knows where the tortoise is coming from at 8:20. Again, wow!

  36. his view range is so big, why?

  37. Very nice replay!

  38. 10:00 A great example why i didn’t play with tier 9 and 10 … you are loosing credits.

  39. if RNG doesn’t screw you over. rarely you put in a whole clip of 1.95K dmg most of the time its 1.6K if you’re lucky most of the times 1k

  40. Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator

    QB could you switch the reload counter on for replays? It will be quite cool to see how good their crew are

  41. The Bat Chat didnt “revolutionize” anything…except introducing an imbalance into game play.

  42. Bc 25 t is my first tier 10 tank?

  43. Hi QB, please can you make a 1.3 modpack available. Thanks. 🙂

  44. i call hacks, 2 times he knew the tanks before they got spot wtf, and he was allready aiming

  45. 0:35 , here you go

  46. U don’t even play the game

  47. QB why are you showing replays of cheaters? 7:05 8:22 he looks and in the direction of not yet spotted tanks… Thats why he survived in BC on Ensk with so many tanks left if he saw where they were destroying stuff. It’s so obvious that he is using this cheat, why don’t you see it?

  48. Autoloaders are so fair !

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