World of Tanks || I’m Taking You Down With Me!

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Today Tobbe02 going out fighting in T10 American Tank Destroyer the T110E3 – I’m taking you down with me…

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. No premium shells and an average player ? Can we see a link between those
    facts ?

  2. What a replay ! Well played to this guy ! The end is LOL ^^

  3. Алексей ББ

    разрабы – тупорылые Х У И С О С Ы

  4. Well played but Tobbe really did show his tomato heritage by not killing a
    one-shot IS-7 but rather go for the damage on another tank. Bad moves which
    can easily cost you the game.

    Second *big* mistake was to split up from the team when the IS-4 and E-100
    went the other way. In these situations you always stick together as a
    Batchat can still easily win against 3 opponents, especially if they are
    inferior players like in this case.

  5. Loadout with 6 HE shells? When is he ever gonna need 6 HE shells?

  6. Well i think he didnt play that good.. he missed a lot of shots and just
    aimed like a power donkey..

  7. Ive done something like that, killing myself with my own splash, I was
    driving my KV2, and a bunch of enemies rushed around the corner, and an M4
    got right in my face, so I derped it, forgetting that my shells had a 3
    meter splash…

  8. Semi-nub playing an OP tank and doing great: CONFIRMED! Anyway was a great
    game…but way too many HE shells…could have lost the game because of

  9. Object 263, cause it has the speed to get to places ! :)

  10. how is the modification called u can see how mutch wn8 every battle is?

  11. Perfect for a tank pun QB

  12. Hey quicky baby is IS 7 is a better heavy tank

  13. CDC and Waffle are pretty stupid to be assaulting in the frontline when
    they have paper armor against tier 10 tanks. Didn’t take much to get
    themselves killed lol

  14. I owned the E4, just couldnt perform in it. Do much much better in my T30.
    As for tier 10 TD’s, I really enjoy my obj 268

  15. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Well, my choice is always, If I’m dying, I’m taking you with me! Good Job

  16. QB your videos are getting better and better, keep up the good work

  17. hes playing way better than his WN8!!
    didnt expect this to be a good replay but he didnt do anything wrong wow

  18. This game is old news. The community in World of tanks are mostly all
    useless inbred shitbags as well. Armored warfare is the way to go. Anytime
    I play world of shitbags now ,I team damage and give away the allies
    posistions just for fun..Fuck war gaming.

  19. 183 just because

  20. Certainly a crazy video!
    My favorite part was when you looked at the whole map and pointed out a few
    tricks and where to go on the map. As a newer WoT player, i found that very
    And would love if you could make a video for that purpose and go through
    several if not all of the maps in the game!! If you could I myself and
    quite a few others im sure would very much appreciate it!!!

  21. Whats the maximum dmg you have done Quickybaby?

  22. this game needs a movie made about it.

  23. WOW!:) Totally epic replay. I kinda wished he hadn’t killed himself at the

  24. “mis-timed”, as if random battles could have coordination…

  25. Stephen Plays Games

    QB whens the next 슨두부찌개 ELC video?!

  26. everyone or almost confides in XVM and loose the mouse when it is not what
    killed logitiel wot, it is because of this that I do not play

  27. lol so funny

  28. If we compare this replay with the last one you uploaded, this dude was
    clearly very Lucky…he didn’t know where to aim most of time, had a
    terrible accuracy and was moving his tank like a real tomato….

  29. Object 263 is pretty cool

  30. t110e3 going with a bang!

  31. thejoedude thefirejoe

    i wish i could have had tier 10 tanks in world of tanks, but i wasnt up for
    grinding thousands of matches and dedicating my life to getting a tier 10
    tank… not worth it and world of tanks grindfest thats tbh pretty

  32. Bad player or not that was fun to watch, he did a good job.

  33. probs one of he most amusing wot replays

  34. Phuripat Choktiyakorakul

    Do a review on the Chi-Ri please.

  35. This guys aim was horrible in this game.

  36. that should be a bombardier medal :D

  37. Hey QB! Great video, thanks again. Just wanted to say, I rewatched the
    beginning of your stream today and you said you were trying a new bit rate.
    I did notice it was more kind of jerky moving on my screen, wasnt a clean
    as other streams I’ve watched. Might only be me, but just wanted to let you
    know. Keep up the awesome streams!

  38. the E4 because that ninja camo with turret

  39. thatbattlefield dude

    the e3 is an absolute monster of a tank.

  40. E-3 & E-4 do 850 alpha damage, not 750.

  41. e3 wiewport is no longer weakspot after hd armor buff.

  42. Ярослав Петров

    Привет из России танковые коллеги! Удачи на полях сражений )

  43. Watching this match was like watching a bottle of tomato ketchup….

  44. Favorite tier 10 TD is FV215B(183) although I lose credit every time
    playing it.

  45. Good for this guy not loading any EZ-mode ammo.

  46. I guess? kind of a bitch move shooting at higher HP targets instead of
    securing kills, a la IS-7…. meh.

  47. Have you gotten the tankenstien yet?

  48. Obj.263 because of it’s consistent damage output, mobility and still very
    effective armour 

  49. This replay looks familiar… Did he upload it a time ago?

  50. E4 is shit

  51. LOL :)

  52. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)

    Can you please do a is-3 video

  53. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    im getting jpze100 by tommorow…i know it will be my favirout. it has
    armor decent top speed powerful gun. just like the death star its presence
    to stops an advancing team.

  54. T110E4

  55. ┳┳|
    ┳┻| _
    ┻┳| •.• ) -Daddy,are all the Reptilians gone?

  56. omg thats me ?

    thx qb love your videos and your streams and thx for The kind words ?

  57. Allahu Akbar

  58. Wait 6 HE rounds??? Way too many, 3 at the most

  59. lol @ red team.. thefook they doing theoretically they should have
    roflstomped him and his team lal ^^

  60. Amazing dmg but it’s obviously a very lucky noob who missed and bounced
    shots, had too many HE rounds, ran out of ammo and still managed to win. In
    the same circumstances any green + player would have done quite more

  61. ok so where’s the guy going NOOB FUKING NOOB

  62. i love shooting HE with the Jg Pz E100

  63. My favourite TD is the Foch-155

  64. What E3 driver carries 6 HE shells on them? smfh

  65. jason li (gunfyre212)

    Im taking you down with me….allahu akbar!!!!

  66. Fv 183

  67. Sometimes it can be more effective to fire high caliber HE shells
    underneath tanks instead of hitting them directly, since the bottom of the
    tank is generally pretty poorly armored.

  68. 01:42 I saw that Waffleträger turret pop up and at first I didn’t recognize
    it xD I thought it was some sort of glitched-out Churchill GC or something,
    really got me xD

    Also, in the end; VERY HONOURABRU!!

  69. “If I’m going down I’m taking you with me” Moment at the end xD

  70. I thought friendly arty TKed him at the end! xD

  71. Thx for that vid, mate!

  72. Jeremiah Pua (潘金順)


    Did he just bounce the Lowe’s unangled lower plate….

    …right after which QB said how good the pen on the gun is lol…

  73. look a bot with 49% winrate ….. ofc a lucky replay ….

  74. Lol i think i saw this replay once xD

  75. like every yellow or less wn8 player, they carry too much HE and no Premium
    Ammo. I had to way many battles where we could won, but of course my
    teammates dont carry gold and they didnt penetrated the enemy tanks :(

  76. Jochem van Pamelen

    qb are u going to do a review of the amx 30 b and compare it to the leopard

  77. FV215b 183 and T110E3 are my favorites because of excellent armor-guns!

  78. Well, I don’T think the guys from the north were really getting greedy,
    just getting surprised.
    When they shot down the T-54 there were 7 tanks left all on that corner in
    a fight with the Heavies on south.
    Of Course some of them will have map awareness and come back,but others
    will hold that corner or don’T have that map awareness to notice it. That’s
    what they thought and so they came so confidently fast forward expacting
    only 2 or 3 turreted TDs or slow heavies, who have already taken damage,
    which they could easily and fast surround and kill with their armada of
    fast mediums. What they didn’t expected were that nearly ALL of them came
    back, except of the T69! The AMX CDC was taken and taken out by
    surprise,The Is-7, T34 and Tiger II had no chance suddenly facing the front
    of so many T9/10 Tanks, The T 62A in the heat of the battle went east
    instead of west following the Bat Chat to the now open southern corner.

    What I want to say is: In my opinion what won them the game wasn’t the
    greediness of the enemy team, but their own unbelievable big support in
    coming back and so switching the location of the pincer movement completely
    to their advantage.

  79. another tomato in a tank with a bunch of frontal armor shoting dumb people
    that cant aim

  80. Congrats on +300K subs

  81. lol i thought they killed each other lol

  82. TOBY ending was same with mine

  83. camo net… best eu

  84. Geometry Dash Warrek

    What an awesome carry! Congratulations :)

  85. Fantastic Ending … like a Filmhero ;)

  86. Unfortunately his team have many tomato players more than enemy team so

  87. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    Honestly I prefer the JPE100, it not only makes a profit for me on average,
    but it has a nice mix of armour and mobility, so that it keeps up with the
    heavies and can take a few hits if it has to. I fear the E3 in it though so
    I take a single 420 HEAT shell to scare them off.

  88. jp pz e 100 because of the damage

  89. Crogamer productions

    QB is it me or your videos are lagging badly in last time?

  90. fv215b (183)

  91. KV-5 was designed to be most armoured at the back ;)

  92. the enemy got a “lucky” medal for that

  93. I did that once in a wolverine

  94. OB, could you please do a review of the new t-10

  95. IS-7 shooting HE…

  96. Yet another replay where someone is doing good,because there is no ARTY,wow
    why am i surprised,if there was an arty in game,second he is spotted he
    would get focused,and that would be and end of story.

  97. QB i advise you to test again the E3 viewport on his right, as i believe
    since his reskin in HD, that place no longer is a weakspot anymore

  98. Movement when Maus/JP and E100 are advancing is not bad.
    But his aiming is horrific. He could have easily made 3-4k dmg more.

  99. notice no arty? because of course he has a great game when there is no arty
    ruining the match

  100. Panzer_Armee_Afrika !

    Tobbe02 is damn lucky to get the roll he did in MM because most games these
    days have at least one arty and you know what arty can do to those big
    Tier10 TDs. But good job just the same his team beat the odds at a 30% to

  101. what an ending

  102. No kamikaze meldal?! gg to tobby02 well played :-)

  103. Mango Patrick Chan

    I would say this is a rather lucky gameplay instead of a good gameplay .
    I think he make a few serious mistakes
    1) Bring too many HE shell, 1~2 shell should be enough. I think bring extra
    AP or few APCR shells is better idea.
    2)Stand still when WT E100 is aiming at him, 128mm is more than enough to
    pen E3 lower plate.
    I would advice do not go too front or use the hill in the right side to
    hide the lower plate, i.e. T69 position in 4:04
    3) He drive into open area in 2:41 to 4:09. I think he is very lucky did
    not get a shot on side armor.
    4) He did not finish T62A in the second shot instead he spend on a distance
    full health Tiger 2. I think this a serious mistake, don’t underestimate
    T10 MT, especially when u driving a slow non-turret TD.
    5)He can wait for his teammate support in 10:39, just hide in the hill and
    wait for BC25T to expose his side armor or sandwiched by E3 and IS4 and he
    can survived
    I may not be a good player using E3 but I love it so much.

  104. Maybe I’m spoiled on good replays, but I don’t really think someone driving
    up to the corner of fail and hoping for the best is an interesting replay.

  105. Yeah, they do 750 average damage per shot. But they used to do 850 :P

  106. do a review of M103 please

  107. Can just imagine the E3 grabbing the Bat25t
    If i`m going to hell I`M TAKING YOU WITH ME!!! FOR GLORY!!!

    Edit: WITNESS HIM!!!

  108. al your videos are so informative, good work man! and u do deserve the

  109. Commander: We got this BatchatThe Crew: Yay we got itGunner: We have HE
    loaded….Commander: Just fire it, its our only shells leftGunner: But the
    spla…Commander: To Buts, only shootGunner: Okay…E4 ExplodesGunner: TOLD
    YOU SO

  110. 6HE and rest AP… Is that the standard loadout?

  111. Lucky tomato ;)

  112. The player and great awareness? Yeah im wonder why hes only yellow with so
    much awereness. ;)

  113. Wow, I actually cheered at the end and dropped my jaw when I realized what
    happened. What a clutch game, this is why I love this game!

  114. How you activate free camera?

  115. u never gonna take me down muhahahaha

  116. wdf
    he lost 10k dmg

  117. Oh look, today we’ll watch a tier 10 battle with a team full of sub-50%
    players pull off a win because the enemy is incredibly stupid and doesn’t
    cap about half way through the battle when they could have.
    Nothing new.
    The SMART play on this map is to go HEAVILY on the North and let the
    muppets muck around on the Corner of Stupid.

  118. I wonder how many of the games shown on this channel had 0 spgs. Seems like
    most of them, and that’s exactly what we experience playing the game: most
    of the big matches and also most of the fun matches are played without the
    interference of SPGs. Less camping, more tactical options are available.
    (Ye, i know, not really original thoughts…)

  119. tier 8s trying to take up the front line.

  120. yay!!! 1st

  121. Football highlights

    great video great replay cheers to you quickyy

  122. Im starting to hate my t110e3… gets ammo racked too easy.. i like Jg.pz4
    e100 is the best …

  123. Божи Миленков


  124. favorite TD 10 is the JG pz E100

  125. Thanks for the Video QB!

  126. What is your favourite T10 TD?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  127. no meeeee!!!!??????

  128. Great as always qb!

  129. second

  130. first ;)

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