World of Tanks – I’m With Stupid

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Source: The Jingles

The title of todays video is a clever spin on both the level of outright stupidity contained in the video and also the fact that I have the balls to call anyone else stupid right after uploading a video earlier today where the entire battle was played at half speed.

Stop laughing at me!

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  1. it should be considered a crime for stupid people to buy hight tier premium tank.. there should be like a requirement of at least 10k battles minimum.

  2. I agree with that Defender on one thing: this IS WG’s fault. It is their responsibility to provide a quality environment, or take all reasonable measures to that end. They just don’t bother.

  3. The second coming of Schrader?

  4. That asshole needs to be traced back to his ISP number and bannhammered at the source…or at least sent a ton of computer viruses.

  5. What I used to do is contact their clan leader and report that they are being disrespectful players offering the recording link as evidence. Back then most clans did not want the reputation of being a bunch of a**hats. Although sometimes it was the leader and chaos ensued. Not sure people really care anymore.

  6. He didnt have 2k games, it was $2,000. He has 27k battles

  7. Why is this replay even showed, it’s nothin g funny, spectacular or special about it. It’s literally an average shit game/shitty players of world of tanks. Jingles content has seriously gone downhill

  8. Jingles im just wondering why you took down the WoWS video that had my replay in it? It was called Request Denied, did it get copyrighted? I just watch it now and then when Im down and it cheers me up seeing how many people saw my replay

  9. The Mighty Angles?

  10. That Defender… If he just pushed when Lorr 40t asked him to they would have won that flank.. And now there will be a Defender on sale soon… More braindead potatoes to play them..

  11. Maybe Wargaming is causing so much cancer that they are using the money made from the game to develop a cure?!

    Ok Ill leave

  12. Did someone saved the half speed video?

  13. the guy is right though, Wargaming won’t ban him because he bought premium tanks.

  14. TheMightyCongueror

    Man, that Defender is probably the worst player I’ve ever seen.

  15. Jingles are you ever going to get a pop filter for your mic? It would be greatly appreciated.

  16. There oughta be IP bans

  17. is a Type 59… Jingels is becoming old :O 🙁

  18. That player is part of the problem with WoT.

  19. Honestly, why would anyone want to do this? Is this guy/girl that bored/stupid/lonely or whatever that he/she would fire up a game and sit there doing nothing and purposefully lose? I mean, clearly he/she is but still. It’s asinine. But it is, after all, an online game.

  20. Lmao Jingles. Never change.

  21. type 59 my dear jingles, tis a medium, not a light but good try old chap

  22. The Defender is clearly a troll with a lot of money (or moms credit card) to buy premium tanks on an alt account. Who names himself “Great”?

  23. This is one of the reasons so many people quit playing this game.

  24. My last vlog came out outta synch half way, even tried HandBrake… “No Joy” o.0 – posted it anyway xD So don’t feel too bad 😉

  25. I bet he kemp lots of bush.

  26. Did he remove the half speed video? He should keep it online for comedy sake

  27. the ultimate predator

    can’t wargaming just check his ip and ban all of the accounts that played on the same ip?

    that is, if this dipshit does actually have many accounts (i’d say he doesn’t, there’s no reason whatsoever to believe anything that he says, and also it’s possible that he said he doesn’t care just so he wouldn’t be reported)

  28. I miss Wanker of the Week….

  29. hes got many accounts all with premium vehicles- only person getting trolled here is the retard who’s spending money (on a game that’s supposedly rigged) on premium vehicles on all those accounts when he doesnt even use them other than to sit in the back of the map.

  30. It sounds like a little brother getting ahold of big brothers account/

  31. *Jingles*
    What’s the best screen video saving program to use ? I am hoping there is a good free one.

  32. So what I understand from this video is that there’s no point in using the in-game report button since it does nothing. The best way to ban a player like that Defender is to send it to Jingles.
    Edit: here’s an idea for you, Jingles. Why don’t you make a series out of replays like this one? Let’s rename this video I’m with stupid – Ep 1.

  33. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Report this defender driver

  34. That defender tho, doing nothing, shiting in chat. Probably some 8 year old kid with papa’s credit card…

  35. Aaand this is why every single F2P MMO is full of cancerous players and why i stay away from them.

  36. Actually his account is still listed at noobmeter. Its a NA account and it seems like its still active. Sadly enough that those guys can play this game without receiving any actions….So maybe he was right when he said “blame WOT for letting me play”…..

  37. Hello guys. Can one of you Jingles buffs tell me the name of the video where Jingles did a commentary on a M4 on El Halluf (they guy had a monster game in it).
    Its definitely from season 4.
    Thanks 🙂

  38. i honestly want to know what makes autism a joke in world of tanks or even why people make fun of autistic people, im autistic and take high offence towards any fucktard to make fun of an autistic person, one you have no fucking clue what an autstic person deals with day by day and second by second, no one knows other than someone that actually has autism or spergers(which is on the autism spectrum)

  39. What an utter twat. This kind of thing is all too common.

  40. Worst jingles vid EVER. Showcases a loser who dies quick. Should of skipped a day. Desperate and horrible move. Lost mucho respect from me and others for th is.

  41. Good riddance.

  42. Makes me wonder if it was a stolen account, and if his many other accounts were also stolen, and he just goes around getting them banned.

  43. I thought you only wanted relatively short clip to last a little bit longer 😀 Use T95 replays, then they wont go too fast 😛

  44. Shankar Ramachandran

    Jingles, what about the earlier video that got remov- OOOOH. XD

  45. I’d like to see the half speed video.

  46. Mighty Angles? Really? 😀 <3

  47. wrgaming is wrong 5% gold,not even close,in battles over t7 i woud say atleast 50% gold used,and at t9-10 80% gold

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