World of Tanks – Importance of Focus

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  1. upload video 1080p, no to 1080p60 please. thank you

  2. Nice video but you speak too much

  3. And i hate when you stop the replay

  4. Very good videos , dont stop 😀

  5. Did your team win the game?

  6. ayyy babe nice video

  7. Didn’t you stop accepting replays? I did send one about two weeks ago m8

  8. Good video

  9. Wot is about repositioning and surviving as much as possible..

  10. Jantje van Speijk

    For me as almost 2500 wn8 player, videos such as these are very educational and help me hopefully get even better. I feel QB and other youtubers stay on the same level of educating the wot audience. I therefore think if you make videos discussing the tactics and minor details which only real unicums are able to consistently do it would be very helpful and entertaining. Thanks 🙂

  11. nice rep….this is something what ppl need to watch more often…p.s.will be nice to make vid. like this -or something like: when to retreat, when to push, what to look etc.etc…anyway nice work bro

  12. #tankbetter

  13. does anfield play on EU, or NA?

  14. Luís Augusto Panadés

    What did you expected from that shit Grille 15? That vehicle is a shit and after super nerfed and the heavies buffed it just can’t pen nothing, it is a complet shit.

  15. Alowishus Davander

    Its Maus’s not mice – its a tank, not a furry little critter with four legs and a tail called a mouse.

  16. This is the sort of thing i’ve been doing all evening and ruining my mood because i’m having shit games.
    Note to self, don’t play when tired. Many stupid decisions are made.

  17. Has your Twitch name changed or am I just being retarded?

  18. Most pubbies would’ve applauded you for ‘bravery’ LUL

  19. OMFG

  20. Anfield was that a good play by us? My friend and I are the maus, and have you ever thought just because you have above average stats that maybe you don’t get yoloed every game that was us just pushing the flank…

  21. welp im at 93.4% on my e5 marks so I’m sure ill have bad games to send XD

  22. Very educational, thanks!

  23. Sad to see, but glad I’m not the only one who does this. More then I admit

  24. The situation was pretty obvious in the end but I really liked the analysis and how you talked the evolution there. Thanks!

  25. mice

  26. How do you climb the hill from this base?

  27. Very educational…its hard to get bad play from average players all game is bad :(but sometimes……..

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