World of Tanks in 2019 LUL

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Source: Anfield

Anfield playing WoT????????


  1. I hate this bullshit hulldown meta

    • I love to play aggressively but you really can’t do it in WoT these days 🙁

    • @Anfield yeah, back in the days when tanks with good turret have bad guns. Now every tank WG releases is simply a better version of an old school one, like the super conqueror or the cheftain vs the t110e5 🙁

  2. LUL. how low have u fallen? nah, u r not even worth to have any interaction with. sayonara

  3. Console is almost as toxic as the PC. You get reported for killing an enemy ?.


  5. Come back bro we miss you

  6. I was literally thinking about how you quit WOT and stopped streaming the game like 2 days ago and the next day you play your first game in 2019. Coincidence? Probably.

  7. Oh anusfield how I’ve missed you.

  8. Warcrimes incarnate

    No anfield stay away, for your own sanity. Don’t come back to this abusive drunk husband of a game.

  9. did he lose a bet `?

  10. so you are gonna play wot AGANE OMEGALUL

  11. tell me about it! the only game that can make black desert look good lol

  12. Why would you do this to yourself? I mean I can see it being a public service, I know it cured me of thinking maybe I should give it another try.

  13. Good to see you back 🙂

  14. So, when is the platoon with Hardest1 happening? 🙂

  15. ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  16. Farmer Anfield is back again momentarily yay!!

  17. Glad to see you back on. Missed the WOT videos. Now we have the wheeled vehicles and the new 279 that’s ruining the game.

  18. Coincidentally, yesterday I got a recommended video named ‘The best of Anfield WoT’ and was reminded of just how much damage this guy does. Just raking it in. All day. Every day. He just does so much damage, and that’s just about it. Anyway, cool to see the roflstomp simulator once again.


  20. ✌✌✌???

  21. “This game never changes.” So true… I mean, it’s actually as toxic as hard drugs and people never quit happy.

  22. I had to delete this game. I wasnt enjoying it anymore. Haven’t played it for a few weeks now. The RNG just kills it for it me. .

  23. did you mean anfield awakens 2?

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