World of Tanks || IN IT TO WIN IT!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going to make a huge mistake early and then have to stay in it to win it!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. There’s just way too many people who didn’t get the point of the video.

  2. Another replay featuring an overpowered russian med vs a 90% piss coloured/tomato team… How surprising. How original. Can’t wait QB to call another WN800 player with 15k battles “experienced”.

  3. Funny thing…I got the T 62A from your recommendation in your original video on it ,but i am having more success in the 140 nowadays.

  4. You really have RNG boost hidden for yourself in the game. to many shots with pixel hunting.

  5. Great vid.. Would love to see some other updated reviews/discussion on older ‘more mature’ tanks in WoT like the Maus, etc.

  6. Russian tenk not need accuracy, Russian tenk have HEAT-seeking missile

  7. 62A best tier 10 Russian medium. Change my mind.

    Edit: Also, playing from the red line in any situation, while having unicum stats, will get you no end of “stat padder” screeching from pubbies. “OMG SPOT EVEN THO UR ON 200 HP SPOT THE ENEMIES SO THAT I CAN MISS MY SHOTS AND YOU DIE11!1!!!1!”

  8. Calin Daniel Belibou

    Make a challenger review

  9. Zoutsteen from Holland

    Don’t Bee-Line to D4 pls. its suicidal more than 50% of the time.

  10. ilyas bhajbshjbsaj

    1:28 if the Skorpion fired normal ammo quicky would have been dead and this replay would not have been on youtube!

  11. qb stop showing russian tier 10’s im sick of it aha lol

  12. Which Tank would you prefere, Obj 140, T62A or 430U?

    Edit: I like to play my tanks on ridge lines and take hull down positions

  13. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    Could you revisit the WZ 111 1-4, I’ve been struggling to win with it.. I’ve had sessions where I was barely hitting 30% wins in the WZ… I have 1.8k avg. damage, and 810 avg. experience with 42% overall win rate… and I see people with 54%+ who do less damage than me… am I just the worlds unluckiest WZ player? or is anyone else experiencing this loosing heaven right now?

  14. Play on console

  15. Nice cherry picked battles, your wife must be Belarus, how convenient for you. Thumbs down forever.

  16. You suck

  17. Just me or does it look like the game is stacked to one side, just looking at the %% for each team.

  18. I think Assault Karelia is the best map in combination with this mode, because the map layout is so different to what we are used to. Since I recently activated Assault again I am really enjoying this unlike most other current maps.

  19. Great video. Thanks for the advice. I’ve been trying to do this, but seem to end up trapped in an exposed position. I need to be a little less aggressive up front, I think. Keep up the good work.

  20. Thank you QB for your help

  21. Morgan Ainscough

    This has got nothing to do with this video but basically I’ve got a ram II in my garage that’s been there as long as I can remember but I never bought it, anyone know where it came from?

  22. Tier10 sealclubbing Tier8s isn’t really exciting to watch.

  23. Dude with my luck arty can splash me and ammo rack me

  24. You need to take in account that WHEN or AFTER you have played like 20 games (example) and 15 of these games were like a 5 – 15 loss (or worse)….in the end you lose your motivation… I think you can understand that when a player is left with 200 HP, it doesn’t feel very confident of winning any longer … And to be honest….WoT does allow 5-15 games, more often than not..

  25. For some reason this one video simply will not load properly… it’s just slow as *heck* and keeps reverting to minimal resolution. All other videos seem fine.

  26. I found this video really helpful QB. Nice one 🙂

  27. T62a sucks it’s turret isn’t special anymore and the 140 has 20% more gun depression and better hull armour

  28. Model Train Channel

    That t44 shot hit because of Stalin and Russian bias!

  29. If the type 5 did not hold the game, this round you should back to garage 5 min earlier. All 15 tanks would destroyed in 5 min

  30. Lol QB, that was the VK 7201K, not the Pz 7 XD

  31. 0:15 its just not OP enough for me

  32. Hey derpy devositator

  33. It’s me joniet

  34. I cant win in my Objekt 140

  35. never give up

  36. Wow, quikybby in a Russian med, and he has a good game. What a surprise. Yawn……………..

  37. Areebgaming .games

    I know this is of point but can you please checkout world of tanks blitz
    Your reaction would be gold

  38. Quicky! I just saw you’ve made a preview of the e100 and not the Maus. Can you please do one if you have the time?

  39. The age old question… ” Will it? “


    Well…. be lucky that your enemy is noob… skirt firing harsh round at you?? I never had players being so generous on me….

  41. Its annoying how low HP tanks just give up or just don’t realise that its the Gun that matters in the battle and if only more played like that than the games would be better for them.

  42. The higher the tier I get in this game the more rage it just seems to provoke from me, just got my first tier 10 and absolutely hate playing it (the E5) then went and re-bought the PZ IV H with the derp gun and I’m enjoying myself a hell of a lot more. I spent so much time just grinding that I genuinely forgot why I play WoT…to have fun…

  43. José F. Martín

    So… the day when WG openly admits that they not only uncapable of fixing the MM but also unwilling and that’s it’s not a priority for them, you come with more propaganda like this. I’m sorry, QB, but you’re no longer a reliable source of information. A pity. Once you were a youtuber, and a very good one.

    Best of lucks.

  44. Any suggestions to increase my win rate like yours?. Been playing this game from 2010.

  45. Never give up!

  46. hopefully scorpion G is shooting with HE

  47. WTF?? A SOVIET tier X medium?? AGAIN??

  48. 430U has better armor than 113 heavy tank 😀

  49. We like to see ur own plays,,,, appreciate ??

  50. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    That gun handling… Oh my God, my Leo1 can’t have that in its wettest dreams :/

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