World of Tanks in SPACE… Moon Mayhem

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Source: QuickyBaby

of in – Moon Mayhem. Today I’m checking out the -Ball in the new April fools’ game mode!

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a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


Music: Also Sprach Zarathustra by Kevin MacLeod (original composer: Richard Strauss). Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


  1. QuickyBaby,do u have any tips on how to be better at the IS-8 Ball?I suck
    at it XD

  2. Tolakos Green Love

    Man, where is your new intro? You said ages ago that you will change it!
    Noone met your expectations at the competition you announced?

  3. yes, WG… work on some stupid April fools joke instead of actually doing
    something to improve the balancing and the game itself… GUD JOB! I

  4. MattTheRainbowUnicorn :D


  5. getting hungry for crab balls… IS8 ball looks like a freakin crab in a
    ball shape!!!

  6. You can actually get out of the map. You can do it if two people shoot you
    up when you are going up the edge. Btw, better than the actual game:D Also,
    now we know where they put the left over parts of the IS-8’s…….

  7. János Meszlarics

    Directed by Stanley Quickbrick

  8. stronk soviet balls for the win :)

  9. Another OP soviet-bias tank.

  10. Im not able to play right now, how long will this Event will be available?

  11. the 8 bit mode was the best because it was an excellent credit and crew xp
    farm, I believe I managed to get around 10 million credits from playing
    that mode while it lasted

  12. id love racing to come back…but under new physics it would be nutsor
    bring soccer back

  13. quickybaby please make your madpack work for this update. i cant live
    without :(

  14. Spherical tanks aren’t new. Check Kugelpanzer at Wikipedia

  15. Hes still playing on the m41 90mm account still :P

  16. Awesome video QB, I have abused the autoaim in this mode, hitting targets
    was much better with autoaim.

  17. Grzegorz Żurowski

    cant find link to mods, some1 help?

  18. no crew training :/

  19. Panos kolokotsis

    where is your xvm mod in the description as you said? i cant find it

  20. how did you keep your mods working?? my WOT crashed after the updates
    because of the mods…..

  21. That music seems very familiar, i’m pretty sure i have a techno track of
    it, but i can’t find it XD

  22. Carlos Valenzuela

    Meh, Russia always getting the SPACED armor

  23. i really like this game mode, btw good video :)

  24. But… why wouldn’t they use the Kugolblitz?

    We already have Nazis on the moon. Might as well use german tanks. xD

  25. SerB actually funded a space rocket-making company in Russia.

  26. Nice job bro,do u know the name of the song while u playing the match.

  27. i still love the 8-bit karl game mode , it was the best april fool’s mode

  28. I like it

  29. Никита Мичкасов

    сука по русский пидар

  30. Chocolate Gunner

    star wars WOT

  31. Jan Jonasz Lisowiec

    how can you have 60fps? i nagle 18…

  32. Zidan Qurosey Sabilla

    Hey quicky, can you post a Pz Iv hydrostat please??

  33. thats stooooooid

  34. Victor Gigante (Vicroc4)

    The starships in the background, I think, are from Master of Orion – those
    blue ones definitely look like human ships.

  35. It would be nice if they left all these fun modes in permanently. Karl,
    T-62 soccer, Chaffee racing… :/

  36. Well, us Xbox peasants got the HMS Tog II*

  37. chaffee race is the best

  38. This is awesome? Ha. This ain’t even close to being “fun”

  39. sorry but it was necessary, the statpadders were making the community too
    toxic causing a negative impression in new players, if the game gets less
    serious the asshats will move on to somewhere else, id rather have moron 10
    year olds than grumpy 20 year olds

  40. How to enter in this game mode ??

  41. QB how do u put xvm back into the game , mine just isn’t working for some
    reason. do u have a solution?

  42. Thomas Anonymous

    after the event is over it will e availible for purchase I ghe prem shop as
    a tier 5 LT with a classic 122mm fireing 26 rpm

  43. Smashing shirt you’re wwearing QB

  44. not sure if I’m entirely right cause they’re far off, but those ships up
    there look a lot like the Human and Bulrathi ships from wargaming’s new
    Master of Orion game.

  45. my tank commander is named james kirk

  46. Jorge Ian Gaytan

    How do get that many tank quickybaby and iam new to your channel

  47. So bouncy

  48. Jorge Ian Gaytan

    This thing is aswaome and it looks like it has eyes

  49. Best mode they have put in for April fools so far in my opinion, I like how
    you can get competitive by trying to knock people into the lava, takes a
    bunch of practice though.

  50. When does the moon have lava on it? XD

  51. nice video, sucky game.

  52. This looks so much better than what we got on PS4.

  53. Radio voices sound a lot like the old homeworld voice coms to me :D

  54. this should totally be a gamemode for wot forever

  55. i love this game mode.

  56. instantkaffeguld

    Boring? xD Give it a chance man. 🙂 this gamemode actually encourages
    players to work together for once, thats a good thing. It was quite a leap
    though, getting back in the IS-3 stiffy after getting used to handling
    balls. :P

  57. I miss the chaffee races

  58. fritz jhun verdad

    fear the balls of stalin

  59. I want the Race Game and t62a Football again

  60. elknightrider666

    this game mode is terrible… did the 10 wins and dont want to play it
    again… too much RNG can change game so fast it sucks… in a battle with
    a bounce my team lost 4 members…

  61. Nice t-shirt

  62. This is redicious. Wot is not game for kids.

  63. Music is some mix of Tune Crashers The Way Home

  64. Bro I’ve been playing this gamemode for a solid 2 hour and I’m still having
    fun. First hour by myself, then the second with two of my bestfriends on a
    skype call. This mode is blast and “crater” than the last one.

  65. if 7 tanks shoot one tank all time, they can shoot him out the map so you
    can’t see him anymore… happend to me 😀
    so much fun i like it

  66. Have you put out a new modpack for this little 9.14.1 update QB??

  67. I tried this this morning, man it was fun

  68. It was not because you were stationery, but because you became air-born (he
    shot up at you with you being slightly raised on the ramp to one of the
    craters)Check the replay at 6:25.

  69. what the hell is snoop vision on youtube player lol

  70. how do you look free camera in replay ?

  71. Anyone up to play HMS Togs?

  72. Are you russian? Game sounds are in russian language…

  73. This tank is so cute!

  74. I miss chaffee racing

  75. Screenshots saved

  76. I think we need 15 v 15 maus balls

  77. Chaffee races are better.

  78. please I need gold

  79. That tank is real?!?!?!

  80. I always take meteor showers, cause I’m a star.

  81. You think that’s cool we got tog boats/ HMS tog on xbox

  82. How is your modpack still working after this update?

  83. Jakob Christensen

    Of the fun modes I participated in, this is not one I will be missing when
    its over. I sometimes wish the Chaffee race fun mode was up and running
    again as it is my favourite of all.

  84. I’m only just realizing the space ship props in the background are from
    Master of Orion. Awesome little nod to their other title from Wargaming :P

  85. dev time wasted in worthless shit game modes, thats one of the reasons i
    left that shit game …

  86. QB, my XVM doesn’t work after I updated this new game mode. Do you know how
    to fix it?

  87. It’s spaceballs the video game.

  88. I love to TK in this gamemode, no penalty :D

  89. Obj 260 good option for clan wars?

  90. Read Stalin’s Balls of Steel (Russian Only).

  91. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    Looks like the Russians won the space race after all

  92. My XVM mod will not work??

  93. Console has world of warships style tog II boat battles

  94. I absolutely loved the intro! I cried!

  95. Are there crew and modules to damage.

  96. Mike “whiteraven09” Taylor

    Console version gets TOGBOATS which is….. pretty much like warships, kind
    of fun I guess.

  97. I Want To Ply With Ya QB

  98. Christopher Chen

    xvm stopped working after i updated

  99. David Fedrickson

    Communist ball is best ball.

  100. Thank you QB for the updated res mod file :)

  101. the football mode is best. :-)

  102. We got a lunar mode a while back on consoles for some event, for April
    Fool’s today we got a temporary TOG II premium that’s been turned into a
    boat! :D

  103. mod please

  104. I have 0:(

  105. The intro ???

  106. G’day QB has anyone indicated to you that your mod-pack is no longer
    working since the mini patch to introduce the April stuff?

    I tried re-installing your V4 folders back in the 9.14 folder, leaving the
    9.14.1 folder in there, but to no avail I’m afraid.

    What’s not working that I know of?

    * Crew switch between tanks (I noticed that the auto-return crew radio
    button is no longer there).
    * Hit logs
    * Your mini map enhancements.

    I’m not sure if you are already aware of this?

  107. qb i have a version of your modpack installed currently, and today when i
    booted up WOT and played a battle it wasnt working for the update… Is
    there a patch yet?

  108. JuiceboxVanHouten

    18,000th view! :)

  109. My buddy got flipped so fast that his tank went wobbeling and went flying
    to the sky like the ensk or siegfriedline glitch xD.

  110. Funny they use Russian “tanks” on the moon, as they have never made it

  111. Anyone notice tanks zooming around in zero-gravity…

  112. I’m kasia_dermont ccount:D

  113. This is what happen in the future boys :v

  114. please

  115. I need gold

  116. o man….i wanna that tank for my garage….please WG…sell it to us….

  117. hey

  118. After Deadpool we got Moonpool

  119. Can you put a link to the Mod Pack video?

  120. Did anyone else notice the ships were from master of orion ?

  121. Nice with Master of Orion base and lava is only water with other texture

  122. what happens to the XP after the event is over? Transfered to the is7?

  123. Alistair Docherty

    Thanks Mate no XVM. Some thing to do with last video

  124. The way they handle the XP on this thing is one of my biggest gripes about
    the way Wargaming does things. This event is completely free, there’s no
    premium ammo, or consumables, or anything like that to force you to spend
    credits or gold to be competitive; the whole event has this free, just for
    fun vibe going, but then they give you missions to complete that give you
    XP. But the XP is ONLY for the IS-8 Ball, and if you want it, you have to
    use your gold to convert it. They can’t just ever give Free XP, can they?

  125. i agree with quick, first 5 battles awesome, then you just want to go back
    to earth

  126. Paintballstealth

    this new update killed my XVM:( anyone have this problem?

  127. Mega lol

  128. what a waste of time for WOT to make this. Why not use the time to make a
    new map?

  129. The first tier 8 light is the Batchat thing right?

  130. does it count for or against your stats???

  131. Your account was for the German M41 Bulldog right? I want to here something
    more about it

  132. your mod pack isnt working bro

  133. and ken you record the theme song for space tanks and upload the song

  134. hey quickybaby the space tank song should be your intro song

  135. That intro tho xD

  136. In soviet russia….

  137. The IS-8 Ball as 30 degrees of gun depression :O

  138. Better than arty breifcase

  139. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    i like it a lot a great change of wargaming

  140. LOVE the shirt in this video. Where did you get it??

  141. omg he use auto aim on this mode ^^^gg nomally theres no but pfff^

  142. When are a comet video coming out soon

  143. On other servers it’s called IS360-Ball :)

  144. orestisDisturbed

    Boring as hell… Gets old after 1 battle.

  145. i got 50k xp and i converted that + my 45k from other tanks now i have 95k
    xp! its awesome but you do got to play a lot of battles and win a lot p.s.
    in Platoon is the best :P

  146. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    The intro alone deserves my like, well done!

  147. And console gets the mighty Tog boat

  148. Lol everybody is so exited for the tank in space yet its not the first
    time.anybody remembers lunar mode

  149. Autobots, roll out!

  150. It looks lame!

  151. Should have called it Space Balls.

  152. Right click is the winner in this game mode ;)

  153. hey Quickybaby, those ships in the background are from Master of Orion. I
    watch your video on that game and got it, pretty awesome game. The races
    fighting in the background are the Humans and Sakkara

  154. i think you are going to review the tier 8 German LeKpz M41 90MM am i right

  155. It looks like QB dressed for this event…

  156. I literally LOLed when I realized that was Serd’s face! Cheers QB!

  157. yawn

  158. CrazyRedstoneCreeper 66

    Quicky Xbox has a new update with tog boats!!

  159. there is no link to the modpack in the discription

  160. The April fools event on Xbox is way better. They’ve basically made it
    World of Warships but with the TOG II. Seriously they turned TOG into
    actual boat and you fight each other on a water map. QuickyBaby needs to
    stream some of it with Jingles.

  161. omfg… *jumps into WOT*

  162. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    Should have added in the Kugelpanzer if this was what they were after.

  163. Marble Madness a la WoT.

  164. the one and only time u want to stop is when you have a bounce coming, u
    just go straight up

  165. Update your modpack please.

  166. I like to play this mode in only sniper mode.

  167. this game mode is much better than rampage

  168. SPACEBALLS……woohoo

  169. gianluca comellini

    why isn’t kv-2 a tank?

  170. Petrus Sillanpää

    Hey QB a comment on the current premium shop Fools’ day “special”

  171. Nemanja Batanjski

    Best into ever…….

  172. I love the new game mode. I hope they keep it

  173. Has anyone else already managed to glitch outside the moon map?

  174. after i updated wot i could`nt use your mods

  175. That intro tho

  176. Console has the HMS TOG 2 boat game mode

  177. He even plays like a unicum in space……

  178. World of tanks Xbox had the best April fools
    Tog warship battling. Fantastic

  179. Nice

  180. That moon is insanely close to Earth, you can cover Earth with your thumb
    from the real moon.

  181. Quicky Baby have u seen what they’ve done on world of tanks console??? Hms
    tog 2 battleships


  183. why my mod pack stop working? :O
    (quickybaby mod pack)

  184. This looks so fun but I don’t have a PC (yet) but QB have you seen what’s
    on console? xD

  185. good idea but bad implementation

  186. World of tanks pool ?

  187. Anolaana Seranaar

    EU mods still work? Patch broke SEA mods yesterday :(

  188. later today first tier 8 light tank prem previeuw ? lol it is 1 april today

  189. Hey quickybaby great video as always, haha ive seen people shoot a tank
    somebody else hit in the lava and ninja the kill 😛 have you seen the wot
    april fools joke on PS4 ? haha it’s the tog battleship. im lucky to have
    wot on PC and PS4 to experience both of these brilliant Jokes, also i got
    war thunder on PS4 and everyone is confused if the ships are a joke or not,
    i guess you have seen them but they are pretty cool in my opinion.

  190. Played around 50-60 Matches in a row today. It is hell of fun in a 3 man
    platoon :D

  191. hey, in French, It is called Is in round nor Is 8 ball!

  192. Fear the Soviet Death Ball!

  193. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Why’s it called IS-360 in my game?

  194. Lol

  195. Wot blitz April Fools joke after 12 pm : World of TOONks

  196. What about the updated Modpack, you can’t play the IS-8 Ball and there’s
    also some other glitches that I found out. (Btw, totally loved the intro.
    Totally deserved like)

  197. The Xbox edition got HMS Tog II for April fools

  198. Woah

  199. yayyy new event again!! and 2hrs waiting to log in and im still waiting
    yayy!! I wonder where are they putting all the money from “full gold blue

  200. The Rebel Chicken

    NUUU IM I N HOLIDAY ;-; now i no get da special event, always during the

  201. Xbox got the HMS Tog

  202. i already played around 40 games in the IS 8-BALL (their is no real way to
    tell exactly). i find it vary fun to mess around with.
    a few tips for winning games:
    don’t try to ride up walls thinking your a bad A. . . you end up getting
    ether shot into the pit or you sliding into it yourself.
    keep tabs on HP when the meteor event happens. . . you might find a low HP
    tank to snag.
    when you see a moving force event, stop moving or turn towards a wall or
    you will end up in a lava pit.
    try to avoid getting close to a pit unless you are pushing a enemy tank
    into the pit, the middle is much less risky.
    wait out your kills. its easier to snipe out tanks wandering close to the
    pits rather then chasing tanks around the map.

  203. balls, bouncing, and touching each other…

  204. Gill van ooteghem

    Im in thailand so i cant play wot :/

  205. Thx for the morning stream.

  206. Fcking love your t-shirt QB :D

  207. SnoopaVision is in beta and will be enabled on World of Tanks in SPACE…
    by 1/11/2103. lol

  208. sry but i think this is crap

  209. Does nobody else see the Gundam reference here?

  210. snoopavision :D

  211. IS 8 ball, nah I’m going to call it Ballie!

  212. ITS REAL!!!!

  213. Love you Quickybaby I try to like all of your vids

  214. Нећу Давамкажем

    People think developers will cry because someone stops playing their game.

  215. It was about time ??

  216. on the xbox version you play world of warships but in tog2s

  217. I wish KARL was back :D

  218. kyriakos antoniou

    When will you stream again ?

  219. World of tanks blitz Gaming

    Hey quicky any tank lines to do I’m new

  220. Yay, on console we got HMS TOG II* battles, world of warship style battles
    in togs, instead of the space battles, which sounds fun, and mus be after
    all lunar mode has always been a fun game mode whenever it comes round

  221. *too

  222. We got it in na to right?!?

  223. Auto-Aim hacks Kappa

  224. Man that entrance! And that music ?

  225. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    Wow quickybaby you have gotten so good at editing. Keep up the good work!

  226. Give us M41 GF, QB! I can see you are playing with a review account :D

  227. was nice seeing you in game today QB 😉 haha

  228. What is the penatration on that tank

  229. Same – played it once – then got bored….Bring back Chaffee races.

  230. Should try the console version of April fools, it’s brilliant get to live
    my dreams and drive the HMS tog II.

  231. trains and stuff

    am i the only who read vehicle discription first before first game?(and yes
    my english sucks)

  232. LOL! FIRE in space? FIRE?? Come on wG! :)

  233. nice intro

  234. T-50-2 tier 8 premium light tank? O.O

  235. It’s a shame they didn’t put the pz2j in store for April fools like they
    did last year

  236. Nice hint for an upcoming video QUicky, using that account . .

  237. Andreas Johansson

    this was and is the worst special game mode wot has had

  238. iCrystalMethod O

    Can you please do more good guys videos? :)

  239. Aaaaaaaaaa I want one

  240. Were’s my mods? :-=

  241. ongchangco jarrod

    i miss karl

  242. Haha the Master of Orion ships in the background!

  243. Hopefully you guys like the SerB-rise :D

  244. XVM stopped working after this update.. how do i fix it

  245. WoT console has literal HMS TOG II boats

  246. lol, random event timer ends and nothing happens. game says “wait, nothing
    happened”… its pretty self explanatory

  247. my mods dont work anymore because of this update

  248. i could see this as a permanent mode :P

  249. The intro was epic QB. Great work there ;)

  250. Wow I luv the intro….good job QB

  251. I am loving the TOG boats on console

  252. I really want a mod where they use the crew sounds in this game mode on
    standard battles

  253. They really should have done american and soviet tanks. They were the two
    big guys in the space race, but I’m assuming they’re appealing to their big
    russian player base.

  254. Nicholas Roberts

    can anyone send me a link to the video where quickybaby kills the drowning
    arty in the end?

  255. Serious problems here on the Asia Server…..

  256. Wargaming wasting resources for BS 4-day gamemodes instead fixing their
    stupidly broken matchmaking.

  257. Galaxy Wolf Gaming

    I’m just glad they put a new mode in

  258. WG league’s spectator tanks should be these IS 8balls.

  259. Matthew Tomlinson (TheNaughtyEwok)

    HMS TOG II is better on console! ;)

  260. @QuickyBaby how does your XVM work?
    Mine just broke down as soon as the update came and now its broken….

  261. hello. im early

  262. Love you, mod pack plz :)

  263. quicky. its april fools. get online

  264. Muhammad-Elfatih Elsheikh

    Where is XVM?

  265. I’ve actually seen someone go out of bounds with the Bounce event, that was

  266. So they make warnings for meteor showers in pointless events like these but
    can’t implement the same mechanic for xvm-fapping platooned arty shitters
    in randoms where it actually matters? Seems legit kappa.

  267. mistformsquirrel

    This update really has balls. >_>

    (I’ll get my coat.)

  268. shit im early… better make a joke

    these comments

  269. quickybaby love u <3 (no gay)

  270. i fucking hate this update.

  271. Why is ur ball Called like that? Mine is called ” IS – 360″ Wierd

  272. that sneaky m41 premium teaser QB ;)

  273. Quickbaby *editing* a video? What the hell is this?!

  274. console got HMS Tog II*, I think I’m going to play this more though.

  275. Stalin’s testicle.

  276. I’m going to make a sandwich.

    When I come back I will have the most likes :D

  277. notification squad

  278. Ladislav jalový

    wg uninstall game.

  279. You can shoot to shock them!

  280. I thought, this was an april joke *.*

  281. ThePelaajapoika50

    What is the music in the beginning?

  282. The Ships are actually from Masters of Orion

  283. I WAS Literally looking for this video 5 minutes ago, i loved playing this
    type of game, i wish they would keep it forever!!!!

  284. Nebuchadnezzar The Third

    Better late than never

  285. when comes xvm?

  286. Wow I’m early 🙂 anyways though quickybaby keep it up your doing great

  287. hey QuickyBaby! i love your channel!!!!!

    I have a question: do u know something about the prohibition of mods? I´m
    in NA server, and since this morning, i can´t use mods anymore! even your
    mod!. The game only oppens when i erase all mods from the res_mods. Thank

  288. Here, we watch the balls of death, fight to the death.

  289. @QuickyBaby is this the best game mode they put out for april fools,or
    which one was the best?

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