World of Tanks – Incoming!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

“This tank sucks. A lot.” – Incoming, 2021

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  1. Good thing he had premium account time or that epic match would have COST him money. Make it make sense, WOT devs………..

  2. “The Tiger has 5 kills”
    *O-I pops up*
    “Yup, he wanted that top gun”

    Never change, old man.

  3. Screw goldsammers

  4. You can actually have some decent games in the BP, since enemys don’t know how to handle it. Because it gets played so seldomly (but it is still a bad tank and the majority of games will reflect that)

  5. And despite everything, I like the Black Prince over the Caernarvon.
    The wiki is basically saying there are ways you can make the armour of the Black Prince work for you; but I never found strong success with Caernarvon unless I was hill fighting or following behind others.

    British heavies are basically support heavies I think, not front line brawlers.

    Wargaming though with it’s map design means that role isn’t always easy.

  6. Nice amount of damage blocked there, especially for a down-tiered tank. That must have been satisfying and stressful.

  7. “this tank sucks” as it blocks three shots from a higher tier heav LOL. It does suck though. So glad I went past this years ago, cannot imagine how bad it is in the current game.

  8. Keep in mind that in order to make this happen, it required some absolute monkeys in the enemy top tier tanks that repeatedly shoot the only spot on a Black Prince they can’t pen. AND a really skilled (and lucky) arty player on his team, hitting just about every shot and still dealing over 500 damage with the stun-HE ammo (usually only does 100-300 on higher tier Heavies).
    So while I won’t deny that Incoming played this excellently this result is still 50% pure luck to have everything fall into place like I described above.

    • I actually included this in the email. The four shots that hit me before the bounce from the T25/2, all low-rolled. Then the M53 pens an AE Phase I? With the stock gun on the M53??

      Wild man, absolutely wild game.

  9. I actually liked playing the BP. When I was top tier it was great and when I wasn’t, it wasn’t great, but I was still able to have fun in it and do well enough.

  10. A pro of the Black Prince is it looks awesome. I love the rugged brick look and would gladly keep a model of this tank on my shelf.
    I would never use it has an actual tank though… 😑

  11. Yes you’re bad, that’s why I love you.

  12. I remember watching an old video on the BP about when I started playing this game, probably also from Jingles. It was the video I learned the concept of side scraping in, and with my pretty much non-existing experience at the time I thought the BP looked to be a really good tank that even had the potential to fight off multiple enemies as long as it had a corner to work with. Some half year later I got it for myself, and boy how wrong I was…

    It is a completely omega great super tank which is balanced for like tier 12, and easily eats enemies faster than any broken premium tank. As demonstrated in this video.

  13. I don’t understand the hate for the Caernarvon. I liked it and thought it was decently good. Considered it better than the Centurion but that maybe is due to it being slower, although not by much, so I couldn’t overextend as often.

  14. The BP was a horrible grind to fully upgrade but it actually ends as an alright tank, if only for the fact that 99% percent of players usually act like that GSOR and spam gold rather than knowing the weak spots. The BP was the best gold sponge I’ve ever had!

  15. Why did you mention the Caernarvon my guts churned at the thought

  16. Hey Jingles, the Caenarvon got updated 4 year ago. It’s a beast of a tank now!

  17. Wow! A world of tanks game! I didn’t think it was possible!

  18. I hate when people say “there are no bad tanks, only bad drivers” no, there are bad tanks, doesn’t mean you can’t make it work, but if it’s average at best in some ways, and bad in others, the tank is bad because all of its competition is better.

  19. It doesn’t make you a bad person. People firing gold are morons that don’t bother doing some research and find out where to shoot.

  20. It’s funny, because if he didn’t have to think this methodically and rely on team mates, he might’ve just lost.

  21. Audio a bit wonky, game your voice is fine, but game souns are too loud.^^

  22. Usually the Black Prince is as useless as any other Royal, but not in the hands of INCOMING. Great game !

  23. In the time I played the BlackPrince the tank itself was not really the issue. The HORRIBLE mm that comes with this tank is. 86% of the time you play VS T8+.
    It is like this tank comes with a negative MM instead of a preferential MM what it could really use.
    While the very few times it is not the case. it actually plays really well and even fun.

    (your opinion might differ)

  24. He said sarcastically, venom dripping onto his clicking mandibles.

  25. I have the BP on console, but I never bought it because it just looked dreadful. I dont play anymore, but if I was to pick it back up, I STILL wouldnt touch it.

  26. I miss world of tanks like I could miss a nasty migrane

  27. Fun fact for the PC players here:

    The Black Prince on console recently got buffed. However it’s buffs were only to its hull armor and it’s speed. I forgot how much the front armor got buffed, but they gave it a new maximum speed of 25 km/h, which with the right equipment added can go up to 28 with some good hull rotation speed to boot.

    Unfortunately they didn’t buff the other weaknesses on the tank the low penetration on its gun (seriously, it can barely go through the front of a VK 100.01 P’s hatch at the front with premium), the armor spots under the tracks at the front, and the fact that some tanks can easily just go through the front of its turret by just loading the gold. And ironically enough most of the tanks that did that were either tier VII or VIII. Barely any of the tier XI I’ve faced penetrated my turret.

    The Black Prince is still power creeped of course, especially since new premium heavy tanks like the Dreadnaught KV-2 (a tier VII KV-2 with a much better 152 mm gun that is a little more accurate than the standard one and heat shells that just don’t care about most tanks it’s gonna fight, among other things) came along and make playing tier VII tech tree heavies aside from a few exceptions harder to play. But luckily with Tanks Reforged, where a bunch of tech tree tanks in the game get buffs to various degrees, these tanks can finally compete with the new kids on the block.

  28. Caernarvon is probably one of the best tier 8 heavies! It got buffed, its gnow got the same reload as before but 280 alpha now

  29. As someone whos got Black prince and Carnarvon unlocked Screw these big fat British heavy Turds Just finish making bunkers out of them and be done with it lol

  30. While playing this, I was giving the Super Hellcat the benefit of the doubt like “ok, maybe he’s flipped sideways.” There is an angled pipe where he was, so it’s feasible that physics did what physics does.

    We used the freecam mod and, no he was just sitting next to it. The tank crew probably got carbon monoxide poisoning and died, or something along those lines…

  31. “God awful”?! Then explain why my shots bounce, not pen or totally dud when my tier 7 TD goes against one? Even on a side shot! And don’t give mr that RNG bs. And the tanks I drive don’t bounce gold! So how the hell is this B P “God awful”?!

  32. Jingles you have enough experience in this game to NOT keep that map sooooo tiny. Teach the new players to keep the map AS BIG AS THEY CAN, or we’ll see more and more games one sided …

  33. Actually Jingles, the Caernarvon is one of the best tier 8 heavies. Great DPM, good turret armor and 280 alpha isn’t all that bad considering the great rate of fire.

  34. Great game

  35. Man I missed this shit thanks mate

  36. Did anyone notice the non-penetrating M53 HE shell which did 641 damage to the Phase 1? 😀 But mom! WG said HE changes will make HE more predictable!

  37. Black Prince is a beast in Blitz.

  38. Actually jingles, I won a tier 10 game with a pz. II and got 82 kills and did 173,000 damage.

    The replay file was corrupted you see…

  39. Actually Jingles the Caernarvon is one of, if not the best tier 8 standar heavy. It has insane dpm, pretty good armor you can sidescrape pretty well. So after playing the BP you do get a very nice reward for your struggles 🙂

  40. @3:45 Please explain to me how that is a victory when the enemy has more kills?

  41. As a Churchill VII driver, this makes me hopeful I’ll complete the tech tree.

  42. Actually jingles I too could get alot of damage in a black Prince….. If you give me three to five business days to get to the front line whilst listening to the quick March of Her Majesty’s British Grenadiers.

  43. I remember getting the Black Prince for the first time. No one I do mean no one could figure out how to stop me. People were shooting upper, lower plate and be like the hell we can’t pen this rock. Then I’m pumble them with a higher rate of fire. Those were the days before WG over powered every new tank. Especially the damn Russians.

  44. Laughing at yahoos who try to buy their way by facepressing “2” key does NOT make you a bad person, it means you know how to think and they don’t.

  45. That was a _very_ good game in a _very_ crap tank.

  46. I’m a bad person too Jingles! And frankly, gladly so. I absolutely hate when people sling only gold in almost every battle. If people would just learn to shoot people in weak spots. But, nah! Pressing 2 is much more convenient. But, that’s the World of Tanks gameplay these days! And for the past 5-6 years to be fair.

  47. As much as the BP has shit stats it’s so troll that it doesn’t really have shit stats

  48. Oh gods, the unfortunate Black Prince. I recall (not fondly) the grind through that tank. But I also recall that I had exactly two good games in it. The lesser of the two was a win, though most of my contribution was acting as a meat shield for an A-44 who was doing most of the damage, and then as bait to draw foolish enemy tanks into a TD line that had materialized over my position when folks noticed that most of the enemy team was really determined to take out that lame ass British heavy tank…
    And the better of the two? A draw, because the BP cannot run down a one-shot-able KV-2. My BP saw parts of the Airfield map that no Black Prince had likely ever seen before…

  49. If only the su-100m1 had a stalin log

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