World of Tanks – Initial Damage

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  1. why did u change your twitch name btw?

  2. Wow, that guy already got a Pz VII

  3. Needs more T92

  4. That first position on fisherman’s bay is almost always countered by opponents lights and mediums. You have to be very lucky to stay there unspotted.

  5. Initial damage is bae

  6. dislike for not featuring arty

  7. Very useful. Thanks!

  8. Nice vid… Also the early spot in the mid on Prokhorovka

  9. awesome, was happy to participate 😉 well edited

  10. I was happy to see this was a training room. At first I expected to see myself get farmed in this vid. I was on the opposing team from you in your Bat 25t, 3 battles in a row this weekend.

  11. Even though I have always known all these positions I use some slightly different than these on certain maps when I grind marks. But nonetheless I enjoy your vids man! 😀

  12. Hey Anfield, could you make a video along the same lines as this but instead it’s showing “artillery safe” locations far away from combat for comedic effect?

  13. Very helpful video, pretty rare nowadays, thanks!

  14. NIce vid as usual. I enjoy some of your positioning and tactics, even if I don’t always agree. 🙂

  15. There is much better place on Serene Coeast top spawn to spot crossing tanks. You destroy one small house and sit there behind a bush. Dakillzor does it on his stream a lot in bat chat clipping enemies in first minute of the battle.

  16. this spoils me 🙁

  17. Pleb bc crew 😉

  18. Hi. Since you don’t have a consistent naming scheme, can you direct me to your tutorials about good map positions for specific tank types (if you do have any) ? If not, it would be lovely if you made some.

  19. More of this please! Love positioning content.

  20. No arozzi in intro?

  21. I like the idea, but I think that you should have someone in the opposite team countering those position (either MT or LT) and how to behave in such situation. What you have shown is kinda the ideal situation to provide vision for your team. I think that how to counteract as well as how to deal with opponent going for such initial spotting place would be very informative and had to be mention when describing such spots on specific maps.

  22. Awesome video. In addition, I’d like to say, that Lakewille have a symmethric bush in the hose.
    Also, the showed position on silent coast is not safe. Position 15m right behind the bush between barracks is completely safe. But I recomend to not drop the tree there to not provoke the blind shots. It is pity, but symmethric position on silent coast is absolutely bad, because half of bushes doesn’t works. It is the hole.

  23. Nice video 🙂

  24. Got my 50b today, so frekin hyped. Are these Locations also for the 50b? Especially lakeville. Would you recomend going there?

  25. initial D?

  26. There is an excellent bush on Redshire on the opposite side from where you were playing, you can spot everybody trying to snipe from the middle hills or trying to cap in encounter. I love that spot because people always assume they got spotted from the opposite hills so they just pull back a little and think they got unspotted when in fact you have them perma lit.

  27. you dont need tactics when you pad pz 1 c

  28. Alexander Agustine

    How dare you to destroy the statue of Foch, you dirty Briton !!! Just kidding, good video 😉

  29. Excellent video, thanks Anfield.

  30. Very good vid. Thanks.

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