World of Tanks – Insert Title Here

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No, the title's not a mistake. For probably the first in nearly 15 years I just couldn't think of anything. Let's see you lot do better.

I may soon regret that hasty challenge…

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  1. At least it isn’t P2W since all the premium ammo used were unnecessary.

  2. Greetings from the States! No not the Baltics. No not Australia. No not… ITS AMERICA! Yes the north one! anyway… I would like to see more World of Tanks video’s. Do with this information as you will. Good day.

  3. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Oddly peaceful watching the Marder 38t drive around with music

  4. He has “only” 2618 battles in Marder 38t

  5. Insert joke here

  6. World of Tanks: Mid Tier, Mid Game Advertising. 😛

  7. Federico Di Liberto

    I remember when I used to play WoT the Marder 38T was the only low tier tank I played once in a blue moon, it’s very fun while not being OP, so you don’t feel too bad afterwards, still not the best feeling playing low tiers though

  8. TBH old man, I always preferred the shenanigans you could get up to around tiers 4 to 5. Matilda backed up by a pair of Hetzers with 105mm derp guns doing a flank push? Check! A20 platoon arty pillaging and general annoyance prior to your inevitable demise? Check! Tier 6 was where I actually played both semi serious and for fun, tier 8 was as high as I would go for fun but that did mean the occasional tier 10 game which was just sucky 🙁

  9. I can confirm Project Hail Mary audiobook is *excellent*. I listened to it twice when I had to drive for about 24 hours (not all in one day!)

  10. Filled quite my lunch break at work. Appreciate the effort of spelling the name instead of daving him

  11. Hahaha I do love a bit of low tier game-play. Beats T10 gold spamming boredom any day of the week

  12. It has been ages since i saw a Jingles video show up in my youtube feed bell thingy! i wish it did a better job of sorting and organizing new content. hi Mr. Jingles!

  13. I will take you up on that jingle audiobook offer downloaded the app last night

  14. Often at low teirs I will say to myself – “calm down, they probably only have a few games played, they’re new”. On checking after the loss, it turns out they have 50k games. Doesn’t always follow that idiocy relates to lack of games.

  15. 12:38 my new ringtone

  16. DestinyShallPrevail

    More stuff to watch with my trash sleep schedule. Hooray!

  17. Nice Patrick Starfish impression. Really amusing narration today.

  18. hmmm challenge accepted jingles, my go to title for your video is “Martyred”
    There is two reasons for this, ONE The dude is using a Marder 38T (sounds like Martyr)
    Secondly, that guy at the last second died as an example of what not to do when there is 10 seconds left in the battle XD

  19. Highlights of proper low tier tank driving = title?

  20. draw is like kissing Clauss Kellerman

  21. it would be totally within Jingles’ limits if the SAV would NOT have turned up in the end.

  22. I think you nailed your title a few times throughout the replay:

    You Can’t Expect Them to be Good

  23. This game is slowly going down the drain. What I see lately is 44 to 46% skilled players in tier 8, 9 or 10 premium tanks they don’t have the skills for. It ruins that game because most of the time they are among the first ones to die.

  24. Jingles giving us a perfect example of why experienced, high tier players, should be banned from anything below T6/7 games. Full skilled crew able to outspot, outshoot and outplay every new player in the game, even with the new “all commanders get 6th sense” change. WeeGee making all newb player game experiences as utterly miserable as possible.

  25. Oh wow, my second comment to get a heart from Jingles. I feel honoured, yet again.

  26. Frankly i think the sav made the better play here, even so it did not work out in the end… A draw is a loss for everybody involved. So the sav went screw this, i take the risk if i suceed great, if not, nothing gained nothing lost. It’s a reasonable decision if you are acting in self interest, while sitting around and waiting for the draw is instead just one out of spite “at least the ‘enemy’ does not win”.

  27. 2CVB is the french Citroen ‘tin snail’ so there’s your title…Tin snail makes slow finish?

  28. That lidilidilidili made my burst out in laughter and I can’t stop :’D
    I think you broke me :’D
    Jingles you never disappoint!

  29. Video Title: The Murder Marder

  30. LOL, thinking there is enough new players to fill out these battles.

  31. Ahh yes that title is certainly a title

  32. Title: “Leedle leedle leedle lee”

  33. Just planting seeds here Oh Jingles you gone over to the dark side of Chaos ?

  34. Suggestion for title:”This is the Muppetshow!”.

  35. A little negative today?

  36. Jingles, I recommend the title “Marder in broad daylight”. Love your content!

  37. Anyone else here thinking that the players name (2CV) is actually Deux-Chevaux? As in the car?

  38. I’ve had many a funny times playing the Pz IIj, Luchs and the Matilda being top tier and having to go take a shower afterwards. That ending brought the memories back, I even managed to run out of ammo in the Matilda once trying to hit stuff at extreme range and the shell ending up in the next postcode lol.

  39. Great vid. How about a compilation of M3Lee vids

  40. More lower-mid tier please!

  41. WDYM The 38t is the best td for high tier battles

  42. I’ll be honest, i miss the old Girl from Ipanema music when we’re waiting for something to happen

  43. Murder 38 t is my favorite seal club

  44. @The Mighty Jingles: Speaking of books, have you read Six Frigates by Ian W. Toll? Couldn’t put it down.

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