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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Well you try coming up with unique titles when you’ve done over 10 of these videos… :p

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  1. Na ah, Jingles doesn’t get the cold. He gets the highly dangerous Man Flu

  2. Thumbs down for E 25. I hate that tank more than arty.

  3. If Jingles loses his voice, would we get Mingles with Rita? :/

  4. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I have an E-25, and it is one of the most broken tanks in the game. You get
    the stealth, speed, and agility of a light tank, you don’t lose camo rating
    when you shoot your gun (because old TD mechanics weren’t removed from
    premium tanks), you have a godly DPM if you’re able to pen the enemy tanks,
    and those that choose to fire APCR will rebalance even those with armor.
    I’ve never fired a premium shell in my WoT career and I still do stupidly
    well in my E-25.

  5. I resent the Australia remarks.
    I wish Australia had a server, instead we have to put up with the worst
    We have asked WG to put a tunnel server in Australia, so far they have not
    even responded.

  6. Just wondering if SEA server users have tried playing NA west server?

  7. Oh my God, Jingles I have a hilarious reply like this!

  8. sooo Jingles…. once the throat gets it, can we get a fiew videos with our
    lord and savior “cheeki breeki windows text to voice box”?

  9. E25 is a bit op, easy to kill if they make a mistake, but once you start
    complaining in chat you look like a knob, especially if you get killed and
    then start complaining about the tank that killed you when you’re just a
    bit shit. Also, he was tier 5 and they’re tier 7s. Any pair of tier 7 tanks
    would’ve had him in seconds.

  10. I love the E-25, I call it the “Roach” tank. That roach patrol was

  11. Maybe you could use a random mission name generator like X-Com uses for
    your video names?

  12. Title edit: World Of Tanks crashes or World Of Lag you pick.

  13. (Spoken with a hint of sarcasm and a chuckle of laughter at the end) “If
    it’s OP and it’s still in the game then it’s not OP”. That should be a new
    phrase for you every time you show E25s being, well…E25s.

  14. mee too but i have already got the cold

  15. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Manflu=Why you heff to be mad?
    We need you to catch the manflu more often.

  16. Skulaug Varathragna

    I love the Blackadder George at the start.

  17. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    That lag might have something to do with the #Hamsterkaeufe in Germany :)

  18. My son was born yesterday, listening to you put him to sleep, well done =)

  19. This has been happening consistently at the start of most SEA server
    battles for the last week. It isn’t lag as chat still works fine. Some
    coding error. Weirdly too on a lot of games for a brief moment you are
    placed dead centre of the map before being placed in the “proper” starting

  20. i hate to say it, but yes the E25 is very much OP, god knows i love that
    tank but it really is an unfair tank! granted a noob is still going to be a
    big noob no matter what tank he drives, BUT that said most “noobs” don’t
    own that tank so usually when you see a E25 it ain’t a noob driving it. it
    amazes me that WG nerfed like other premium tanks before yet never tweaked
    this E25 tank, they just removed it from store…. make me wonder that want
    to make a second type59 tank, hype the E25 so much when they eventually add
    it to the store again EVERYONE buys one. sneaky greedy bastards. mark my
    word we will see the E25 in shop again.

  21. This server lag is just a test for april fools day :P

  22. It was not that amazing to play a hellcat with this lagg everyboddy was
    going crazy

  23. *Yawn* And yet another replay of an E-25 platoon doing well. That´s news
    like overweight man is sarcastic or whatever.

  24. I had to do 4000 dmg to get ace in mine but I’m also on the n.a. server

  25. Armageddon gaming

    its not that bad in australia our avrege ping is 119ms and we do alright

  26. I Feel your pain Jingles. I Also suffer from the summer cold syndrome :D

  27. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  28. Helooo DjoleKlarija!

  29. Константин Дарков

    JagdPanzer E100 AP round ricocheted off the side armor of M41 Walker
    Bulldog and destroyed nearby village :/

  30. The e25 platoon is my clan buddies :)

  31. every t7 tank is OP in this kind of mm

  32. E25 just needs the td camo nerf that every other non-premium td got

  33. Jingles server issues are about every second game, still going on. On a
    sidenote/tip – Hits are still registered and gunfire, so if you are hit by
    a laag whilst in close combat, hit autoaim, keep going back and forth a bit
    and keep shooting. Even though you will have no clue what is going on due
    to slideshow, you can still kill your enemy.

  34. I am very insulted by the “like you were playing from Australia” joke. I
    come from Australia, the download and upload speed isn’t the best but my
    ping is only fifty.

  35. when it was in the shop, all i saw were potatoes getting rekt while
    yolo’ing. thought to myself, “eh- seems trash. not buying it.”

    much regret.

  36. Jingles….what in the SERB!!! oooohhh right I forgot the laws of the ”
    Jingles Effect”, you can hit arty but not damage it…right

  37. loved the intro..

  38. I’ve actually opened a ticket on the server lag issue after being tired of
    losing my tanks and battles because of it. They said everything is fine and
    closed the ticket…

  39. Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war

  40. did that arty in the intro just fuking bounce the enemy shot?!

  41. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    World of Tanks – How i became a racist towards polish people.

  42. Ugggghhhhh those lags were soooooo enoying as fuuuuuuuck
    And then suddenly it all works and 5 tanks get lost in the match because
    they either drown or fall to death. Thanks wargaming

  43. Yeah, I had a couple of serverhamster fails, the most noticeable on Pilsen,
    funnily enough

  44. The E-25 might be overpowered. But that replay is no proof of that. They
    could have done exactly the same e.g. in Comets, or some other mobile
    medium. They did not make use of their camo value, low profile, or even
    rate of fire, really.

  45. well ive got the ace tanker in the e25 with 1900 base xp with 9 kills 5k
    dmg 3k spotting and a 1 vs 4 in the end :D

  46. “and the quarterback is toast”…. nice Die Hard reference. lol

  47. The SU-122-44 is sooo much better…. being top tier in the SU is like gods
    gift from heaven

  48. To get a mastery badge in an e25 you need to fire all the shells you have
    at higher tier tanks and penetrate with 90% of them

  49. I… have no id… ea what…. you… are ta…. lki… ng about…. wi…
    th… server ha…. mster th… ing. Could… someone p… lease ex….

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