World of Tanks || INSTANT TEAMWORK!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going to experience instant teamwork in two of my favourite vehicles!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. I mean I think the camping at the back = good wn8 bad win rate only really counts for rerolls. I started playing in 2012 when I was like 11 years old. I had no idea what I was doing. Now I am almost 17 and my computer runs on 20 fps and I get around 90 ping on average. I have played 35k games and I can say that my win rate is 48% but my wn8 is around 1.5k.

  2. Realy nice game

  3. Most of the people I see that are trying to platoon at the beginning of a battle are just spamming invites to everyone and taking the first two tanks they get. Its one of the reasons I tend to ignore invites.

  4. Wait

    When did you start not including the intro with the Comet and how have I not noticed this

  5. While this is a excellent example of team play this also highlights the glaring problems in this game. Premium ammo removes skill from the game and there is the fact that WN8 can be padded. People are happy to reroll their account to have a high WN8. Win loss is very hard to claw back if you are a legit player not a reroll, as most new players will have a lot of losses while learning the game. By the time you learn to play well and despite a good WN8 it can take a very long time to win your way back to a good win/loss ratio with the current matchmaking process 3,5,7.

  6. Why don’t I have games like those? I don’t understand.

  7. what date on the stream was this from?

  8. awesome video. But you know what people advise others to do? Turn off the chat!!!

  9. Hi,Quickybaby! I know you will never find m replay,but I’ve got 6 kills in the tier 3 soviet light tank (the LTP)
    I know a lot of people want low tier gameplay so,Here it is,if you want to see it !,68,72,71,70,69,67,66,65,64,63,45,62,61,60,59,58,57,56,55,54,53,50,51,49,48,46,44,43,41,39,38,37,36,35,34,32,31,30,29,28,27,26,25,24,23,22,16,14,15,13,19,18,20,17,21,33,40,47,52,42/nation/1/tank/688-947/sort/uploaded_at.desc/
    *Great Vid!*

    Pls don’t hate

  10. Hahaha Alpha is my Friend??

  11. I think the Patton line is severely underrated. I would say that they are the most versatile tier X mediums in the entire game.

  12. Hey QB, do you ever get map tips from WG themselves?

  13. So nice ? … Wish I could find a platoon buddy as well

  14. I like how the FCM 50 T was removed from the market and yet it keeps appearing on Market now in specials… I smell a scam/ Buy a meh tank you’ll never see again……………. will sell it again with the next special.

  15. Sometimes it happens to me as well. And i do really enjoy it when that happens.

  16. Players like Alpfa, they are like me. Never payed in this game, never buyed a premium, we are like cannon fodder!

  17. Lol, QB. You get CC match making. The rest of us get stuck on teams of full tomatoes V teams of full unicum over and over and over again. I have gone as much as 5 days with less than 40% win rate no matter how well I play. But yes, the rare random team work is absolutely faith restoring and almost makes me not want to quit for a night or two.

  18. I never meet players like this.

  19. So, your new m8 saved u 2 times in 2 games. Better to keep him around then haha. 🙂

  20. How about the gamescom videos??

  21. I’d love to see some more gameplay with Alpha! He seems like a nice guy.

  22. top tier platoon battle on first try? signs that matchmaker has blessed you… (or that wargaming pays your rent) this is bullshit and i am jealous! when my friends and i platoon we might get 1 in 100 top tier games *if* we are lucky (ie have spent up big in the game store lately) and if we try for platooned tier X? battle queue time out… time out… time out… time out… fuck that. uninstall. >:(

  23. who the xxxxx is Alpha_TRex? its time to leave a comment there….

  24. sycophant….lol

  25. I watched that on the day of your stream. I loved it

  26. may be he is excelent player who just use(d) farming credit bot ,but stil pretty good games

  27. QB reaping the crowd undercover. Naaah just kidding. Great lookalike though 🙂

  28. “its all about the confidence”

  29. After watching this video i believe in humanity restored

  30. Broness is strong

  31. I love quickybaby ?

  32. Michael Hildebrandt

    OMG – So much praise from a top player! Congratulations AlphaT_ReX!!
    And yes this are the moments you play the game for 🙂

  33. Great video as always, keep up the good work!

  34. If this type teamwork happened in WoT for me, ever, I’d be playing the game still. But my heart has been pulverized by the toxicity of the average muppet that plays the game. Years ago the community was better and the gameplay was as well. I do still enjoy your content even though I don’t experience it myself when I do occasionally play.

  35. And again, bulshit about moe…

  36. this one was epic

  37. Win ratio means very little these days.He probably just plays lots of not 9s or 10s and is always bottom tier; plays well himself but can’t carry a terribad team

  38. Started playing in 2012, not really well, without any idea of win8 or even checking my winrate.. started back a couple of years ago after a couple of them without playing, then discovered that I was a red tomato under 49%wr and 800 win8… not much better now, but to grind up when your first 12000 battles were terrible is like climbing a mountain … but getting there slowly 😉 most important is to have fun even when this game sometimes p*** u off.. :/ cirbues

  39. what i hate about WoT sometimes, is how pathetic people are when they dont push a flank or push through the only 2 or 3 tanks on the flank.

  40. I love this map and your playing skills

  41. Bloody ❤️ your video mr quickybaby u magnificent bastard great video ? Cheers have a good ☝️ also can’t wait ? for the next rolling thunder video theses tank skills are Bea U tiful to watch ⌚️ keep up the great work mr Quickybaby/quackybaby

  42. One of the best videos this year. A joy to watch. And remember, don’t call it a list at the beginning of the game because of the wn8 or wr of your team. We have all seen a far better team lose because of stupidity and a good part of narcissism.

  43. Next gayclicker.

  44. Low wr and high wn8 could be from good skill, but poor map awareness and not knowing how to carry — as well as starting out as a noob and becoming good. 49% wr is around average, after all.

  45. very very good game and play

  46. Very often, people don’t do their ‘high risk’ plays because they are afraid the team won’t support them, and rightly so: I have played thousands of games that we should have won, but didn’t, because of a lack of teamwork. TOP TIP: if you want your team to work together, BE that player. Be the player who helps his buddy, the one who takes a hit for someone else, even if you don’t know them – even if they made smelly comments in the countdown. If you’re green and he’s green, you are brothers – even if only for 5 minutes.
    Great vid QB, I really like that you encourage and promote teamwork in this way.

  47. Michael von Hirschmann

    I did meet a shitty person with a high WN8 but a WR of 46%. They kept blaming the team as incompetent. He sat at the back as top tier medium. Did nothing whole game. Farmed a bunch of damage at the end.

  48. @Cirbu Estub that is me!!! Exactly!!

    Although I had only 10k battles when I did come back, but it is still dragging me down.?
    Threw best part of wot is to play as a platoon. On the other hand, the mm still screw the platoons over and over.

  49. We know you wanted to call it “unexpected friend” again
    I remember when you played the game you were so mad about the leopard xD

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