World of Tanks – Invincible

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Do you remember the days when a Churchill III could just drive along a road with shots from the front bouncing off harmlessly while it blazed away with its 6 Pounder gun? I do, but those days are long gone, WOT is a much more balanced game now, right?


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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. And here we see the O-I (scientific name Godzillacus Chubikus) in its natural habitat. An apex predator, the O-I is fiercely territorial and responds to intrusions to its range with deadly force. While a solitary creature, it is often followed by packs of smaller predators seeking scraps of its prey. Due to its enormous bulk, it very rarely chases down its prey, instead usually content to hunt the sick, weak, and bullheadedly stupid. Today has been hard fought, but the O-I’s efforts will serve it well. It will gorge itself on the bodies of its slain rivals, and the fat this will provide will sustain it well through the winter.

  2. Got about halfway through and just couldn’t watch anymore. Stupidly over armored tank clubbing a bunch of seals is neither fun nor interesting. Sure, they played very poorly against it. But the fault lies mainly with WG for allowing a tank that ridiculous into the game.

  3. AstronoTwin Merkel

    Someone needs to make a frag movie for this showing all of the tanks arriving to the hidey hole of peca and then with some dubsteb playing show compiled clips of each one getting completely fucked over. It would look awesome.

  4. A Ke Ho can kill an O-I no problem. The Ke-Ho can pen the side armor of an O-I, and the O-I has terrible gun depression over the sides. All it would have taken is for the Ke-Ho to show up on his flank, drive up right next to him and keep pumping shots into his side armor. Even if the O-I made the right play and drove to terrain to cover this weakness, he had such little health and the Ke-Ho had enough DPM to kill him before he made it most likely.

  5. haha…giggling every time I hear the player’s name.

  6. Patrick Radcliffe

    I didn’t see it but how much damage was stopped by the armor? I saw some 900 damaged bounced.

  7. This is less about how hard it is to kill an O-I and more about the “No cap – Kill All” philosophy. An O-I can be beaten or forced into a draw by the smaller, faster tanks if done properly. This all comes down to the XP/Credit values attached to doing damage vs capping the circle. Frankly, Wargamming can fix these situations completely by sharing the XP/Credit value of killing all surviving tanks [at current HP levels] between the players who cap the circle. A few medals that rely on capping but are as valuable/rare as the kill everything medals would also make it work.

  8. Run the AC while recording. I’m sure we won’t mind

  9. Of course they dont think of capping!!!! This game has nothing but brainless retards playing…Especially the latin, south american inbreds…

  10. 0:36 yuuuuupp….i think i got cancer from the amount of lasers being fire by the sun 😛

  11. yeah, already saw this replay before by DezGamez

  12. I am kinda at a loss of words, why the idiots didn’t go BEHIND the O-I….there was a ffffing hill behind the O-I for Gad’s sake!!! dummkopfs!!!

    **sign** -_____-


    Did you meet bushka?

  14. 10:00

    “Hello quickybaby :D”

    Ey, no, you’re not there! You’re in the Salt mines now! >:D

  15. I love your voice, laughter and the way you talk Jingles. However, the O-I is a tier 6, not tier 5 tank. Didn’t DezGamez feature this replay yesterday?

  16. I don’t even play this game but this is INSANITY

  17. Hot? It’s been 87+ F here 42* north latitude. It’s HOT here in NY. We’re not used to it. Lol.

  18. I vote the KV-2 to be moved back down to tier V, or move every Japanese superheavy one tier up or nerf. Can I have a second?

    Of course not, but I wasn’t kidding about the nerfing.

  19. poor Jingles its a bit hot not as bad as australia thats the temperature in summer every day and hotter

  20. imagine if the Ken He managed to cap at the end you’d have to be so mad lmao

  21. This… this is too good
    When Peca41 drove through there at 10:05 , it looked like a valley of absolute death 😀
    But seriously, what is this game even

  22. the jap super heavies are the reason why I gave up on WoT.

  23. the amount of stupid shown, broke my mind

  24. Is Peca from Boston?

  25. And this is why I hate playing on the NA servers, no one knows that the cap exists, and kills are the only way to win.

  26. I lost it as soon as he nestled himself in the cubbyhole

  27. Nah, if I was the Ke-Ho I would have either let O-I kill me or go down fighting because a draw is a loss for both teams and at least one team should win, especially if he pulled this off.

  28. Well i’ll be, that was indeed entertaining.

  29. Mr. Jingles, been subscribed forever, but i dont really watch ur vids anymore unless i go to bed, your voice just knocks me out. But i rewatched one of your old vids when you visited an Ohio eatery. IRL is all the craze, can you show us around London or England and the different local eateries. Just an idea. Cheers my brother.

  30. OMG evryone that use WOT replays on there youtube has uploaded this video this past week XD seen it 1 epic seen it 2 still epic seen it uploaded by 7 people not so much spectacular video anymore

  31. Standing ovation.

  32. I have zero respect for anyone that uses an O-I

  33. Gabrael Nightfire

    holy cheese burgers …k… think i might needs to get me one of them… then again i suck so i wouldn’t last 2 mins much less kill the whole team lol thank you oh great overlord back to the mines with me

  34. Try to get the largest possible amount of friends into a single platoon or multiple platoons and all play as togs

  35. SirAlec Cassella

    DezGamez featured this replay yesterday so I was already ready

  36. moonmoonbirdcpt

    There was a youtube video that said the IQ of the people are higher than people from 50 years ago. The creator of that video should really watch this one and delete his own video on that subject.

  37. Ronald Thompson

    Why is it youtubers always show the O-I dominating but when I run mine I get hit with artillery 3 times and penetrated through the boob turrets a dozen times before I get a second shot off? O.o

  38. xToy_Soldier 808

    I’m glad you made a video today. You deserve a pat on your back

  39. No Cap, Kill All. Is Monto in World of tanks. Come on People

  40. jingls man the fuck up 35 dres is a avge sumer day in oz

  41. The world is dying, in response to the heat.

  42. You can’t fix stupid…..

  43. R. Giada Melchiorre

    I needed a good laugh before heading to bed. Thanks Gingles for a great vid.

  44. is every body showing this replay.

  45. Mohd Zharfan Azami

    Like kv4 v LTs

  46. Didn’t see the mighty jingles at tank fest. Didn’t you do the Sunday? ?

  47. Well…the only tanks in the game that can confront and withstand against evermore rising power of the soviet bias so, no wonder people (including me) are driving them….

  48. Hot in England? I was there for 12 years and I don’t remember any hot weather…. I asked a bloke in a pub (yes a south coast pub) when summer was and he replied “This year we had it on a Tuesday”!!! You want hot come on down to Straya (not right now it’s winter, you know an English summer) and we’ll introduce you to HOT weather, I dare ya!!

  49. 2nd 14 kill game posted today, QB posted q gut in a progetto 46 too.

  50. I can’t believe this last kill… Seriously? 🙂

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