World of Tanks || IS-2 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Tank preview of the upcoming IS-2, a T7 premium Soviet heavy tank capable of mauling the enemies with polar bear style. Part of the Berlin Trio!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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  1. I loved his expression when he used jingle’s line “guided by the ghost of
    stalin” XD

  2. Well, I guess it’s the fact the crew has any possible skill and perk that
    made the tank look very good.

  3. its russian not chinese, china buy tanks and copy them like they do with

  4. The chinease is2 has plastic tracks, because… China

  5. Looks excellent, would have prefered a tier 9 game though.. Just to see how
    it performs against IS-8s, T-54s, and Fochs even though I got an idea about
    it. Still, awesome tank preview :)

  6. Eternally Angelic

    the fact the joke “stalin wood” for WT, and “Shells guided by stalin” for
    WoT, prove Russian bias.. Those jokes wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t true.

  7. Its not slow I have circled a kv4 in normal IS

  8. its a kv-1s lol :)

  9. Action starts at 6:20!

  10. quickybaby is real gold noon.

  11. Alexander Mikita

    Was the ISU-122S only released on the NA servers? None of the EU youtubers
    have mentioned it.

  12. in tier 8 and 9 matches i find playing the IS more like a medium tank or at
    least in support of the mediums tend to work nicely for it

  13. T29 or this one?

  14. Will these Berlin trio tanks be removed from the shop after this event?

    I expect Cromwell B will be nerfed and don’t want to buy it if this may

    • +David Holland yes they will be removed.

    • Can you like me to where it says that? I Searched the store and other pages
      and couldnt see anything

    • +David Holland Starts: Thursday, May 7, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)
      Ends: Friday, May 15, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) This is the time they stop being
      sold at and they call it rare tanks meaning limited time.

  15. would you like to make a video about 343?

  16. QB the one thing you forgot to mention is that the Chinese IS-2 gets a
    250mm HEAT shell making it actually useful in tier 9 games.

  17. guided by the hand of stalin…wtf?

  18. Review T54 mod 1 please haha

  19. QuickyBaby you forgot to mention the Chinese heat shells which are superior
    compared to the Russian apcr shells :)

  20. Federico Spadone

    My druk, Stalin allvays on yorr side if he sees that the Communism in you
    is stronk. So be a stronk Communist and Stalin’s smile vill bestow fery
    stronk luck on yorr tank!
    Hand of Stalin vill guide yorr shots straight into target. Armorr of yorr
    tank vill absorb damage ant distribute it to starvink political dissidents
    in remote areas of Siberia for the greater good of Revolution.

  21. loving the daily uploads ;)

  22. KaiserSchnitzel

    I don’t quite know why EU didn’t get all four tanks, but it’s a shame.
    They’re all great. If they could get around to an American TD premium, that
    would be great.

  23. IS b or IS 6?

  24. Even tho I quit playing a few months ago i kinda want this IS-2, that way i
    don’t have to buy back the IS or my chinese IS-2 but meh.

  25. Good info but the in-game play is misleading. You’re playing with a WG
    press account so your crew has ultra super skills and doesn’t accurately
    represent the average player.

  26. i love this IS2, played 14 games with it, only lost 2games

  27. HermSezPlayToWin

    Looks like Wargaming & Gaijin both figured out that they can simply reskin
    a standard vehicle, sell it as a premium, and plenty of whales will buy
    it. More cash grab with minimum effort. Whatever else Wargaming may or
    may not be, they’re good at cash grabs.

  28. It’s a Soviet IS-2, which is awesome for my Soviet Heavy Crew (I already
    own all the other USSR Heavy Premiums). It allows me to play as proper
    brawler with that improved slope on the front glacis.

  29. The Commitee of Idiots

    The 13 skill commander also helps a bit…

  30. I didn’t like using the 122mm on the IS, so I stuck with the 100mm, and
    played it like a medium. I finished up with a 60 percent win percentage
    and really enjoyed playing it.

  31. Aiden o'sullivan

    Doesn’t this is2 have preferential matchmaking along with the rudy and
    Cromwell Berlin?

  32. GG Dude :)

  33. I know that this is just a preview, but since I do not know if QBs is
    reviewing this tank in the future, I would prefer if he would show more
    I am thinking about one as a hightier, one as mid and the final one as
    lowtier. It is a bit more representative than the current form, at least it
    shows how a tank performs at the end of the food chain.^^
    Every tank is performing well as a toptier (more or less).

  34. That shot on the KV85 tho……

  35. 60058499999 Me again

    ISU 122s

  36. 60058499999 Me again

    New tank destrered

  37. A bit unfair review, thinking they all have all crew skills unlocked. And
    no normal player will experience driving the tank like that. Just saying. 

  38. 16:17 mtls-1g14 tank?????

  39. Reason why it is so accurate must be due to the fact you have a crew with
    all the perks and skills in the game.

  40. Matthew Roberts

    Check out the original IS 2 laying down the hurt in this replay:

    Stronk Tenk!

  41. WarGaming ran out of money for condoms, now they re-do old tanks and make
    thousands out of that. – Let’s Pay

  42. The Chinese IS-2 does not appear on the wot compare website isn’t it?
    lol… QB can you mention whether these tier 7 or tier 6 vehicles meet +2
    tier vehicles?

    • Ivica Mijatovic

      +Weizhi Liao The berlin trio does meet +2 tier vehicles, WG is actualy in
      the process of removing the prem tanks with prem MM so these new tanks have
      a normal MM. Also, they are basically an elited tank with some painjob on
      it so there is no reason for it to have pref MM

    • +Ivica Mijatovic ok, just bc i think that is an important factor to decide
      whether to buy a prem tank.

    • +Weizhi Liao All premium tanks introduced from now on (including the Berlin
      trio) will have standard MM. There won’t be any new premiums with
      preferential MM

    • +Stephen Green ok, thx

  43. Does this tank have special matchmaking?

  44. 15:6 or 6:15.. typical result in 5x event.

  45. miles francisco

    If someone reply to this comment I will sub to QBTV

  46. I so badly WANT trio, or at least the Cromwell, but I don’t NEED it and so
    I can’t afford it. I hope it stays in the shop for a while.

  47. It is more likely that WoT doesn’t put in the real stats that they give the
    Russian units as opposed to the “Hand of Stalin”.

  48. TinkerTanks-WoT?

    I do love me a good soviet heavy, but I already blew my budget on the
    Cromwell B… A bit of a shame for this one looks worthy.

  49. To avoid confuses with the names, they should have named the ‘Berlin’ IS-2
    as IS-2m imho.

  50. It looks so easy when you play.

  51. OH GOD! The massacre! So many dead reds!

  52. Dennis de Ruiter

    I am kind of pissed of that the Chinese IS-2 has 1 less gun depression.
    Sometimes it can make a big difference having just that bit more of
    depression. I won’t buy this one as I already have the Chinese one but I
    still think it sucks.

  53. Best thing about the tank…..Not sure. I found the pen so lackluster. also
    the cupola is huge. did I mention the the cupola is huge?

    • +Matthew Devine When you main the American line, you get used to the
      tumours hanging into your turret. Would explain why I do so well in the
      Tiger P, lol.

  54. The IS is an IS-2 original and the IS-2 is the IS-2 mod. 1944

    • +Gunslinger15 Yes, wot is so inaccurate for mounting the 122mm on an IS, as
      the IS becomes the IS-2 when equip with that gun.

    • Exactly the IS-1 had the first iteration of the t34-85 D5-T which was a
      subpar gun when on a tank

  55. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    One thing I don’t like in my chinese IS-2: it’s gun doesn’t have that
    Stalin’s blessing.

  56. I got a 497 dmg role in my kv1s before it was tier 5

  57. Procrastinator7

    For a person like QB that already has been through the entire tech tree
    it’s probably not that interesting but for a scrub like me it looks like a
    great premium tank to have.

  58. Hey quickybaby, are you going to do the review for ISU-122S premium TD? I
    have my eye on it but want your expert opinion as to whether i should buy
    it or not. Thanks.

  59. TheTemplarnight

    what about the ISU-122S?

  60. How does quickybaby have his spotting range of his tanks shown on the map?
    And how does he get to see the stats of players like that?

  61. +QuickyBabyTV The replay is not a realistic result because of the press
    account being used. It has maxed out crew which is not an accurate

  62. Ivor Mlinarević

    Great tank

  63. I wish he would be in 1st person and not “3rd person – We we we we”

    • Procrastinator7

      +alexander1485 “we” is 1st person plural.

    • its annoying, he needs to say I more.

    • +alexander1485 It would be considered rude to speak the way you suggest. In
      a formal presentation, it is better to say “we” instead of “I” and “one”
      instead of “you”. It’s called the “Editorial We:

  64. The Berlin trio is actually a quartet….

  65. or just shoot the lower plate :/

  66. BlueDrakilicious

    I hated the non-premium IS-2 (China) so not sure its worth the $35+ but the
    paint is nice. Might hit like a truck but it bounces off other peoples
    armor like a basketball too… horrid accuracy/aiming from what I recall
    … Crom’s probably the better way to go imho.

  67. I always joke about my russian gunners. You can have one game where your
    shells seem to hit with laser precision every time, and the next you can’t
    hit the side of a barn at 5 feet no matter how long or well you aim. I call
    the latter condition VDRGS or vodka drinking russian gunner syndrome…

  68. So the IS is the IS-2 mod. 1943 and the IS-2 is the IS-2 mod. 1944

  69. Beautiful tank! Awesome looking machine.

  70. 2:43 look at top left corner.. YEP ITS THE EPIC QB PHOTO! :DD

  71. GreatLord Gywn.

    Russian logic. The slope angling works! Now, lets slope every bit of our
    future tanks projects!

    • +GreatLord Gywn. Have you? because on the wikipedia page it says nothing
      about that sloping being an effective deflection mechanism.

    • +GreatLord Gywn. If it was it was probably a coincidence.

    • GreatLord Gywn.

      +EirikXL Yes, it could occasionally block other tank shells. But tanks
      fighting each other in ww1 was extremely rare.

    • +GreatLord Gywn. I never said it was meant to block tank shells, I just
      said the armour sloping was nothing but a fortunate design that happened to
      be good at deflecting bullets, it wasn’t designed to do so.

    • GreatLord Gywn.

      +EirikXL Actually it was designed for that purpose. It was a utility tank,
      meant to support infantry in the trenches and provide cover and covering
      fire on assaults. The sloped design gave it that role. That’s why if you
      look at later french tanks in the early 1930’s they were already working
      and producing tanks that had sloped designs before the Russians did.

  72. Any reason or explanation as to why the 122s isn’t being sold in the EU but
    is in NA? I play on NA and was wondering if i should buy it… Doesn’t look
    like i’ll be getting a guide for it though as the people I watch for these
    things are QB, Jingles, and Foch.

  73. It’s just IS-2.

  74. i thought it was kind of shitty that you didnt point out how the russian
    is2 gets 10mms more front hull armour than the chinese version for some

    • +DEANOGTO It’s not uncommon that countries “water down” their tanks before
      exporting. But I can’t find any historical evidence to back this up 🙁 RU
      bias? haha

    • +Yuxin Ma This reduction of frontal armor was probably due to the use of
      HEAT at that time and also for the chinese terrain, you need a lighter,
      more mobile tank, that would be more adequate for soft grounds etc. As far
      as I know, the Chinese themselves reduced the frontal armor, not the
      At least that is my theory.

  75. darrenfellows71

    Be nice to see this on xbox version

  76. You’re a Savage !

  77. I wonder why the only non Berlin tank he has played on that account is the
    MTLS-1G14. I don’t blame him for trying it, who would be able to resist?

  78. Soviet guns are infamous for being guided by a rather onesided

    • +Scara and Spud You call it “Good” RNG, I call it suspiciously efficient on
      my soviet tanks.

    • Miodrag Mijatović

      +Colonel Radec The laws of probability were just kind to you as an
      individual. For every crazy hit you make, someone else misses or bounces an
      aimed shot at 50 meters (like me or Scara and Spud).

    • +Miodrag Mijatović Maybe you are right. But as I said, I can only use my
      personal experience as a factor.

    • +Colonel Radec Play 1000 games in them and you will see. Especially when
      you are required to carry games in an IS-3, KV-3/4/5 or IS-4 or something.

    • Miodrag Mijatović

      +Colonel Radec I personally have ca. 70% hit rate in my IS/KV-3/KV-4
      because I fully aim almost every shot and drive into peoples’ faces to fire
      point-blank. Had I played them like my A-43 – firing clutch and on the move
      all the time – my hit rate probably wouldn’t be higher than 50%,
      considering the few games were I played Soviet heavies like that I missed
      most of the shots.

  79. Hey guys what is you favourite t7 heavy tank?
    – IS-2!!!!!
    Which one?

  80. Aldo Maximillian Sugito

    Not to mention the juicy cupola. Actually i had somr game with the tiger 1
    and itbis super easy to penetrate an IS frontally. Not forget to mention
    the 205 mm penn on the tiger 1. Good video by the way! THUMBS UP 

  81. Tiger I will have this for breakfast.

    • Unless he has cover

    • +Ammar Ashoor IS2 will need almost 4 shots (3,86 shots to be exact)) to
      kill a tiger I. That will take aprox. 47 seconds. Tiger I need 5 shots
      (5,33 to be exact) to kill a IS2 and will take 35 seconds to kill a IS2. So
      on 1 vs 1 Tiger I , as i said , will eat Is2 for breakfast. It can brawl it
      , it can snipe it do whatever it wants. But the purpose of IS2 is making
      credits not transforming this game into pay to win. We had enough of OP
      russian premiums (cough IS6 , SU100Y, SU122-44 ,etc)

    • +Claudiu Oroian All the IS2 has to do is only trade 1 shot for 1 shot to
      win. Obviously if they’re sitting in the open shooting eachother, the tiger
      can win, but the IS2 is more likely to penetrate his shots, bounce the
      tiger, and pull back to reload.

    • +ColindaPieman Have you ever seen a sidescraping Tiger? Tiger has
      absolutely no trouble penetrating the IS, even straight in the mantlet.
      Meanwhile, IS has to aim to the slightest place in a sidescraping Tiger…
      and hope it doesnt bounce…

    • Hilarious…but no. Your suggesting a tiger sidescraping would have high
      armor at the cheeks of the hull, which isn’t true since I penetrate the
      tiger 90% of the time

  82. Tbh I dont really like how wargaming have made different versions off tanks
    that r already in the game the cromwell IS & t34-85 r really good tanks so
    why bring out premium versions off tanks that are already in the game???
    Wargaming have really fucked me off with this berlin trio might as well
    have called it 3 tanks u can get for free but now u can by them with gold
    as jingles would put it wargaming your drunk go home but putting my
    fealings aside what is the point in making 3 premium tanks off tanks that u
    can get for free??? Anyone got an answer for that???

  83. i really like this tank to be honest, ive had pretty good luck playing it
    thus far (fingers crossed lol)

  84. What is bothering me… is that do you get a FREE BIA, like you get with
    Cromwell B? I see that your crew skills are somewhat weird, so what is the
    REAL situation concerning the crew skills? Do they have extra skill or not?

    • +Kenliero The North American package says you do.With the Cromwell B I got
      BIA at 100%, and could start the next skill.

    • +Kenliero You get free BIA and can, of course, immediately start training
      your next crew skill with all of the Berlin ‘trio’ tanks.

    • +Kenliero
      All the Berlin tanks get 100% first perk as BIA, I bought the trio on the
      EU server, and all tanks had BIA crew.

  85. 100th like!

  86. Beautiful tank! Any Russian tank is a favorite of mine, and will definitely
    try go pick one of these up, it’s disadvantages are easily worked around.
    Thanks for the outstanding videos again QB, gl gg all 

  87. Are those logs on the engine deck?? Great tank though!

  88. Why are you not doing the 152S? It’s for sale on the NA servers, got one
    myself and it’s fantastic.

  89. Vaas Montenegro

    Hey QB, I can’t find a helpful answer anywhere and know that you can help
    me. I’m planning on going to tank fest this year and was wondering where
    you can camp around the site. I know you can’t camp on site exactly, but
    I’ve heard there are local areas nearby. The Tank Museum staff have been
    helpful with all my questions except this one, it seems they refuse to tell
    me and just keep redirecting me to a sponsored hotel/B&B website which I
    don’t want to book at, and can see nothing on the site about camping either.

    So, where did you camp out last time for Tankfest 2014 with Ik, Peppy, and
    yourself? I really want to go for both days to meet people like you and
    Jingles, roam around the museum, see what WG have to offer as well, etc. as
    it’s my first time going there since I was very young, and since then I’ve
    grew very fond of tanks 😀

    Cheers for any help in advance

  90. Hhh

  91. Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Below 301 ! Ohhh yeah!

    Going to hell for that …

  92. almost first xD

  93. Here is the final link in the Berlin Trio, let me know if you think it is
    worth the price tag or if this re-skin will be one you avoid!

    I’m In Belarus till next week on holiday and will resume content then, have
    a lovely weekend!

    • +Cameron Boyce
      WG fucking over EU as usual, paid more for the trio than NA pay for all 4,
      because EU gets bundled with gold that no one wants…

    • +QuickyBabyTV what about the ISU-122S ? will you do a preview about that

    • +Matty S
      If you bought them individually they came with gold. if you bought them as
      the four pack you got 30 days premium instead of gold. I imagine this is a
      way for making up for opening up the Pz II J for purchase on the EU server
      but not the NA the other month or so back.

    • Have a great weekend too!

    • Federico Spadone

      +QuickyBabyTV My druk, Stalin allvays on yorr side if he sees that the
      Communism in you is stronk. So be a stronk Communist and Stalin’s smile
      vill bestow fery stronk luck on yorr tank!
      Hand of Stalin vill guide yorr shots straight into target. Armorr of yorr
      tank vill absorb damage ant distribute it to starvink political dissidents
      in remote areas of Siberia for the greater good of Revolution.

  94. when are you going back??

  95. Well done WG, giving people a link to the video before it is released :P

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