World of Tanks || IS-3 – 1 vs 6 – 12 KILLS…

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-3. Today Tomhaus_ThePurpleOne is going to have the battle of his life in the the .

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. quikybaby where is the headshot montage ? İt was fun

  2. So many tanks on the side now with new physics………….

  3. Whywouldi Givemyrealname (skcuf)

    You say 61 mm of pen at 1:05. Isn’t overmatching with a 61mm or larger
    caliber weapon?

  4. not too impressive carrying a game with a russain tank, let alone an IS

    Write a letter to WOT, this is absurd and unrealistic even for a game. FIX

  6. Hah finish was very funny :D

  7. i’ve Done 11 kills and not verry much dmg(4k :D) with IS-3. Does it count

  8. overmatch mechanic is about gun caliber (not gun penetration) bein 3 times
    bigger than armor thickness

  9. much luck and low skill opponents … not impressive play, a little bit

  10. Destroyer Inazuma

    Hello Jingles! nice commentary, good game. Since we’re on the tier 8
    heavies, could you please do a video on the 50 100? Thanks, have a good day

  11. And his name is whoz-yo-daddy?

    well we’ll see whose you’re daddy after this


  12. thumbnails are too mainstream in 2016.

  13. Flipped tanks should be given flipped names hahaha

  14. Yep, physics!! This happens way to often than it should and which is the
    worst it happens for well known advantageous positions around all maps.
    Like the spot where that poor LTTB got stuck.

    What I think is that WG need to take their time and polish the maps more
    closely especially for the most regularly played positions, such as this

  15. That’s not the position for a top tier heavy tank. He can do great amount
    of damage. but he can’t win a 1vs6 duel everytime

  16. 27 shots taken – 1 100% blind fired miss – 2 allmost fully aimed misses – 1
    ding – zero fully aimed shots, still 22 did damage… So thats how it is to
    not be hit by the balancing RNG bat from WG.

  17. Shit manipulated mm..

  18. lol the lttp

  19. Do a review on world of tanks blitz mobile

  20. any gun with a cal of 61mm or above will pen it and thereafter enough pen*

    not”any gun with above 61mm pen will pen it”

  21. not 61 mm pen but 61 mm gun caliber

  22. poor lttb

  23. QB make more funny edited videos!

  24. Man I really want that song u played when the LTTB was found. What is the
    song call QuickyBaby? I rlly want it for drama =)

  25. Thepowerfulkiller

    9:40 is that singlish???”Meh”

  26. Wow what a hero! Now do the same in a Tiger II… hahahaha

  27. my daddy is Katie for sure ;)

  28. T32 bcuz great viewrange and turret sadly those bad gun statistics

  29. 50 100 is glorious, it’s just a shame when you get your 1800ish damage and
    then your team crumbles during the reload.

  30. lol lol lol lol

  31. Hey man,awesome Video,IS-3 is my favorite Tier VIII.

  32. So to sum this great game.
    Our hero was TOP TIER in an IS-3.
    Spawned north on Airfield so he could reach E5 without taking a hit.
    Proceeds to sit on that spot for the near full duration of the game.
    Well kemped.

  33. poor LTTB

  34. Mr. HorribleRexFir0

    I was crying when I saw that he was flipped XD

  35. That’s the second time I’ve seen tanks like that. How do people end up like

    A series of unfortunate events it seems.

  36. So bored of IS3’s.

  37. a small comment: 1:05: the rule is 3* caliber of the shooting gun, and not
    3*penetration !
    Except this, as always, I enjoy watching your movie! :-)

  38. I don’t know what it is about the IS-3 but I hate it. If I’m going to play
    a tier 8 heavy I always pick my KV-4 over the IS-3.

  39. That snapshot at the lorraine was unreal! The shell was guided by Stalin
    himself! Well done, comrade!

  40. +quickybaby he could have a very rare medal if he shot his HE in the air so
    he could kill the lttb with his last shell. that medal you cant get very

  41. It is IS-3….. :-(

  42. The moment when you notice you’ve already seen this replay on SirHavoc’s
    channel :P

  43. 07 tommy its good to see a tanker whith your stats fight and show why your
    stats are the way they are have a cigga good fight dude 07

  44. i like tiger 2 beacuse its very heavy

  45. I’ve already seen this replay on Youtube but i can’t remember who it was :S


  47. Why u spoil in the title and the thumbnail? :/ lol.

  48. hah, before I even clicked the video, one look at the title and I knew the
    is-3 would be top tier.

  49. 1:08 not 61+ penetration will automatically penetrate 20 mm armor BUT 61+
    mm GUN CALIBER. QB is mistaken here, please note.

  50. 5:42 what does that * behind the damage taken mean?

  51. Too delayed.

  52. There is a t29 game were he gets 12 kills

  53. How do I save my battles.I know how to watch replays.also can you go on
    YOUR account again

  54. 9.15

  55. Met Whos_your_daddy IG, I humiliated him aswell. What a poor nickname
    choice !

  56. when its the next PS4 WoT update?

  57. One of the best commentators on YT, if not the best … Good job QB again

  58. Russian Style Physics – In WoT

  59. Editing derp at 10:11

  60. I love tiger 2 for its fairly good armor when angle, moreover it is really

  61. Those casual snapshots. My Cent7 would have missed at least two of those…

  62. Anyone else notice at the 5:50 mark the sight bouncing from weak point to
    weak point?

  63. Quickybaby, you mentioned at 5:22 about not wanting to feed the Leopard
    another Coolheaded medal. I understand the instinct of not wanting to
    assist in giving opponents medals in-game, but I think this instinct is
    misguided. The only time that Leopard, for example, would ever be an
    opponent is during this one specific match. Afterwards, they are simply
    another person playing WoT. Wishing to deprive them of a medal is simply
    wishing a lower score upon another random member of the WoT community, a
    member that may just as likely be an ally as an enemy in future matches.
    Just some food for thought towards a better WoT community!

  64. Anybody know if you can get marks of excellence on the xbox one?

  65. Kv-4, with is KV-FORTRESS armor, can block shots from almost every tank on
    the opposite team, while still dealing 320 damage shots into your opponents

  66. does anyone like the T32??

  67. 12 kills, 12 Minutes, 1 kill per minute

  68. Anything over 61mm of pen will always pen? *Plays Vk 45.02 (P) Ausf. A and
    uses gun with 203mm average pen…. shoots is3 point blank in turret 5
    times, 2 pen 3 bounce…….on 20mm armor weak point* Weird…..oh wait rng
    i forgot.

  69. Physics give you the most funny situations. LOL

  70. at tier t8? hmmm… it would be the isu-152, even though I don’t have it
    yet the bl 10 gun is quite a treat :)

  71. for mother Russian

  72. Insert Name Here: _________________________

    Should have fired that last HE shell, easy Fadin’s medal.

  73. This guy certainly likes to lick the hills around the airfield. :P

  74. My favorite tier 8 heavy has got to be the Chinese 110. It’s the IS-3’s
    less seen cousin, which means fewer players know how to take it out
    effectively. Damage is also decent and the reload is great for a heavy

  75. what’s happening to his mouse around 5:59 on the back of the IS-3?

  76. I love your work. I’ve only just gotten into the world of World of Tanks
    and am enjoying it quite a lot even though I’m only at tier 5. Thanks for
    all the reviews and showcases, keep up the great work.

  77. awww yeah he gonna get fadins me………………………….did he just
    kill the LTTB? with two shells left he kills the LTTB. why you do dis?

  78. It kinda sucks that I know most of the facts and tricks to play better in
    world of tanks and when it comes to execution Sometimes I fail horribly. I
    mean stats wise I’m like 49% wr.

  79. I just got an ace tanker badge in my pz. 38 (t) nA if I were to send it to
    quickie baby do u think he’d play it?

  80. And if he had got to where the lttb couldn’t shoot him and used his last HE
    round before killing the lttb, he could have had a fadin’s medal

  81. 3:20 quicky just stops talking in awe of the sound!

  82. this guy has aimbot:P look 5:46 when is3 move behind t69 pure aimbot lame
    that u highlight videos with aimbot QB

  83. ive already seen this replay…

  84. What would have been more WOT-ish would have been if the LTTB killed him
    and won the game while lying on his side. That’s how my WOT epic games go,
    some BS at the end denies the win, lol

  85. bad quickybaby You have just uploaded this video 2 day ago do not upload it

  86. Sir Havoc did this replay too

  87. why cant i be against retards in 1v5 situations

  88. T32 is by far my favorite T8 heavy tank

  89. Petar Milivojevic

    anyone thinking he is using auto aim snapshot mod

  90. Sir Havoc did the same replay couple days ago. But that’s none of my

  91. I recently got my is3 no marks of excellence as yet… It really chomps my

  92. I finally got my wt auf pz iv, any tips?

  93. ze german scourge

    i would have gone for the naidins ^^

  94. Great game but another cheap kill due to bad physics. They really need to
    fix that, among other things.

  95. At first I thought that LTTB was under the map somehow XD

  96. lol he could win an easly fadin medal there… xD

  97. Just to mention, on the 20mm weakspot on the IS-3 mentioned at the
    beginning – it’s gun caliber, not penetration value, that determines
    overmatch… so any gun firing 61mm+ shells will triple-overmatch and
    auto-pen that spot.

  98. they’re mostly t5 and 6’s lol. well it is an is3

  99. Russian game balance, nice job Wargaming

  100. Frederick Schulze

    At 9:25, who knew what had happened? I figured it out when he aimed at the
    marker and the LTTB didn’t shot up ;)

  101. Frederick Schulze

    At 1:10
    Correction: Overmatching is based on caliber of the gun, not penetration.
    QB said 61mm of penetration but it should’ve been 61mm in size. A T-28 tier
    4 tank with a 57mm gun that has over 100mm of penetration will still not be
    able to overmatch the top of an IS-3. However, the M4 improved with the
    75mm gun and 92mm of penetration will overmatch the top of an IS-3.

  102. t34 favorite

  103. When 9 morons play WoT is what the episode should be.

  104. Physics strikes again haha

  105. Not taking anything from this guy he had a fantastic game, but knowing that
    the LTTP was stuck (on his side) at the end of the game why not fire 1 apcr
    into him, load the HE and fire it into the air (waste it) then load the
    final apcr to finish him off to get the Fadin’s Medal.

  106. not OP at all.Kappa

  107. can you do a video on the recent information about 9.15? cuz i dont
    understand what the wargaming site says ☺

  108. Missed out on the Fadin’s. Also, I think the icon should always be directly
    above a tank, regardless of the tanks orientation, i.e. on its side.

  109. nikkolodian vallena

    Tiger II ? , my first and fav tier 8

  110. haha lol

  111. lol the Leopard’s autocannon.

  112. ‫ام اسماء‬‎

    u meant 61mm gun caliber or plus :D

  113. Worth noting: overmatching has nothing to do with the penetration of the
    gun but rather the caliber. Any AP or APCR with a caliber 2 times the
    nominal armour thickness gets extra normalization (basic normalization *
    1.4 * shell caliber / nominal armour thickness) and 3 times means a shell
    wont ricochet even if the angle is over 70 degrees and it also gets extra
    normalization which usually means its an autopen.

  114. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    Sir havoc did this one too, didn’t he?

  115. Favorite Tier 8….for me its the KV-5. I am not saying its the best but I
    love rolling downhill at 40+ kph and landing on someone with 100+ tons :)

  116. imthemistermaster

    I woulda shot off all of the he then killed the lttb with the apcr and got
    a fadens ( no idea on the spelling)

  117. 110 > is3

  118. Please don’t play top tier HT and camp like this guys

  119. IS-3 missed out on an easy Faden’s medal – Kill the last remaining enemy
    with your last shell. If I were him, I’d have derped one of my shells in to
    the ground at the end there before finishing off the LTTB.

  120. +SirHavoc already did a video on this game more than a week agoo

  121. Ive gotta say ive played a lot of tier 8’s now and non of them quite match
    the 50 100. Cent 1 is pretty good though. Jp2 is fun as well but the 50 100
    being able to track t9 mediums and take them out of the game in a clip is
    pretty dang good.

  122. MuharremAbiGf Oyunda

    beyler abone olun

  123. To correct what quicky said about the turret weakspot on the IS-3, that
    20mm plate on the roof, it’s 61mm gun or bigger, not 61 mm of penetration

  124. Should’ve fired the last HE round

  125. My world of tanks is pissing me off I just finished the download and it’s
    having problems when connecting and I was able to play the first 2 tiers
    anyone can tell me a solution to this?

  126. SirHavoc uploaded this replay like 2 weeks ago :P

  127. Thanks WG for buffing all tier 8 tanks like is3 and sell trash like kv-5
    full with weak spots and shit gun for real money.

  128. Wotreplays By pedro

    t34 heavy i love it also the is3

  129. 9:39 when people manage to flip a vehicle while driving at 5Km/h

  130. FERDINAND!!!!

  131. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    I wish my opponents fought me one at a time, firing only AP, and not just
    spewing APCR into my gunshield.

  132. Everytime Quickybaby says, that the Kolobanovs Medal is the one, that
    everybody wants. But actually i have to admit, i couldnt care less about
    this medal. xD

  133. FEEDBACK!
    This commentary is really really good! Not too much details, about guns,
    penetration values and technical numbers, but straight to the point. You
    have good knowledge about stats, but it can get a little boring. Here you
    talk about tactics, and you do it well. Well done, Quickybaby!

  134. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Shot after shot goes direct centre with full bloom. So glad WG made those
    accuracy changes a few patches ago…
    Fucking SerB.

  135. There’s to much crap on the screen

  136. VeryUnfriendlySpoon


  137. at 3:52, IS3 & T69 cap = win. Another team “kill all, don’t cap”, and they
    loose. Nice Tomhaus gameplay.

  138. 10:06 , nope i should do this again … 10:13 … yeah better

  139. Nice game, but bad cut on 10:05;)

  140. So many lucky snapshots

  141. Good luck hitting IS-3 turret top after HD-modeling.
    Use to be pretty easy to hit that 20mm armor zone when it’s hinges a little
    forward. But now, it’s completely flat as the rest of the turret top. A
    hull-down IS-3 nowadays can take on tier 10 TDs if he wishes.

  142. Yeah, 50 100’s definitely one of the more OP tier 8 tank in the game.
    I remember once I was grinding my Tiger I, minding my own business in a
    stronk defensive position when suddenly the enemy 50 100 decide to rush me.
    1 clip in and I was dead. And that 50 100 driver said ‘sry’ in chat.

  143. Can someone tell me where I can find the v2 of the 9.14 mod pack?

  144. i once shot the top of the turret with the 150mm of the borsig shot him 3
    times and killed him

  145. I bet that lttb was driving the o-i. In jingles video

  146. overmatch works withiber of gun and not penetration Ithink

  147. Stronk russia tenk, pleyer gud, but tenk much stronker. Russia tenk have
    balance armor, mobility and he doesn’t need to aim; accuracy is for
    capitalist pigs!!!!

  148. He should have gotten a faidins! All he had to do was to go behind him. But
    Great game!

  149. he’s not aiming all the way! has I say!


  151. I guess I need to go back and re-buy the IS-3. I haven’t played it in
    years. It was my first or second tier 8 heavy.

  152. Ok this was won by pure luck if LTTB hadn’t flipped he probably would’ve

  153. BTW QB, you need a 60mm gun to overmatch, not 60mm of pen.

  154. wow wow wow man you good plyer

  155. SirHavocTV GamingVideos

    nice vid qb I did a vid on this game last week. it’s nice to see a
    comparison, great commentary as always mate

  156. I definitely love the IS3. It was the very first tier 8 i had. I liked it
    because it controlled like a medium tank and had great frontal turret
    armor. It also had a great reload time of 9 sec. for a 122mm unlike the
    su152 though with a 122mm that reloads only for 7 sec.

  157. sir havoc did same game, thats why it looked so familiar :3

  158. Sir Havoc had this replay before you :D

  159. T32 American heavy, with low hull armor it’s average but when hull down, it
    gets a 296 mm frontal turret armor. Even the back of the turret had 152.
    For a tier 8

  160. 1:10 i thought the caliber of a gun decides wether a gun overmatch or not

  161. Russian bios

  162. Rng bullshit again

  163. Great vid and I love the IS3 :)

  164. Always like to watch reviews. I see enough that I get to see multiple
    reviews of the same games. I believe Jingles did this one last week. I
    enjoy hearing the different views.

  165. Christophe Deblaton

    As a fact I flipped my t54 light 4 times today… What a stupid thing they
    added to the game –‘ In every game (almost) I see flipped tanks. Fucking
    broken physics.

  166. LEOPARD (VK16.02) HAS MACHINE GUN, NOT “AUTO GUN”. if youve ever played it,
    confusement like that is unacceptable ;)

  167. I gotta say t32 is my favorite tier 8 heavy. just love bouncing tier 10s
    off my turret.

  168. Why when i use this tank….

  169. ugh I have this tank but stock is the worst experience in my life. I never
    tried going heavy tanks before (I use french tanks a lot my Tier 10 medium
    is the funnest shit ever) hit and run 😀

    o/ fear my auto loader french of OP cannon

    heavy tanks are pretty fun tho

  170. IS-3 Very Balanced Tonk DA

  171. am i the only one around here who thinks that wining kolobanovs bc of
    flipped tanks is becoming a serius issue now? props to the Tomhaus, but the
    number of replays with flipped tanks i have seen in 3 weeks is enormous.

  172. Bas van den Boogaard

    nice done IS-3

  173. my favorite t8 tank would definately be the kv4

  174. This guy is getting a lot of fame on youtube for this replay, SirHavoc did
    a video on it, I did a video on it, now you did as well. GG Tomhaus

  175. Quickybaby, you are a filthy mind reader. For the past two months, whenever
    I either unlock a tank or head toward a tank, you post a video about that
    tank within 2 days. Also, you mention things I wonder about them every.

  176. Has QB had a haircut?

  177. I feel like Jingles did this replay too. Pretty cool they both liked it so
    much. We should all take notes I suppose.

  178. Saw this replay on Jedi’s channel too

  179. OMG lol

  180. m8a1 tier 4 american td can penetrate is3 frontally ._.

  181. I saw this game on Sir Havoc’s channel

  182. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    my favourate t8 heavy tank is amx 50 100 or tiger II

  183. Hahah that lttb

  184. ive recently started playing WoT with friends but mainly solo , i am
    currently on the T1 heavy tank down the US tree, how do i play it and what
    are the better tanks in WoT and what should i aim to go for?

    also how do i reduce the damage i take and i increase the damage i give ?

  185. I wish i could play my IS-3 that well. I manage an average winrate of 53%
    and usually make it into the top quarter of the team.. but i still haven’t
    gotten my Ace-Tanker or a crazy match like this one. Great stuff.

  186. 7300 DAMAGE AND NOT ANOTHER MARK OF EXCELLENCE??!! How much damage do you
    need for one of those things!

  187. TheRancidMarshmallow

    I feel like the arties in this game could have done far better if they had
    A. kemped bush (I know it’s not a popular thing to do, but they could have
    gotten the kill much easier)
    B. all stayed together, and pushed his reload.

    then again, then it would be a heartbreak and everybody would be raging
    against arty in the comments

  188. On top of my Head is was 225mm pen…

  189. after a minute I thought:”I saw this match.” so is started digging and
    realized sir havoc did a video on this replay as well;P

  190. Jéan-Pierre Schutte

    Did Jingles not already do this replay just a short while ago?

  191. Matteo Zoccatelli

    Just StalinGuidedShells

  192. If only Tomhaus had fired his last HE shell into the dirt, then killed the
    LTTB with his last AP round, he would have gotten ANOTHER rare medal…

    Amazing round, thanks for another great replay, QB!

  193. totally fair and balanced comrad.

  194. Hmm favourite tier 8 heavy 😀 probably the IS-3

  195. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    Well when the 50-100 is played by a good player who knows how to deal with
    the horrible reloading it can be a monster but when you play it badly it
    becomes a big French thinly armored baguette that will just… VANISH under
    HE shells

  196. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    quickybaby 1 v 1? ;)

  197. WG: How can we make LTs more useless than they already are?
    Serb: Let’s nerf their mobility by making it so they tip over on every bump.
    WG: GG Serb, thx.

  198. LTTB!!!! hahahaha fun player

  199. is-3 op pls buff wg

  200. Thank you QB for making this video :).

  201. I rate this video a “nearly 7″

  202. Do the japanese heavies even need to overmatch IS-3’s forehead? They are so

  203. Ah yes, comrade, is-3, shoot on move – no problem

  204. Probably my favorite tank in WoT

  205. Can we get a T-10(The tank after the IS3 at tier 9) review?

  206. I thought this would be a 1v3 and then arty, but the arty actually played
    well by relocating 😀 nice for a change

  207. i thought Quickybaby had 500k subs

  208. Please,QuickyBaby do more Škoda T50

  209. *generic comment on how it was all luck and no skill

  210. Lol noice round

  211. Kv4 will always have more armor

  212. I dont have tier 8 favorite cuz i dont have tier 8 :D

  213. this is why you dont drive high tier light tanks anymore….

  214. This stucking is geting anoyin i have see in many times and i myself got
    stuck a couple of times

  215. Awesome game

  216. I just knew that LTTB was fliped over… Nowdays we can’t have a kolobanovs
    without an easy kill on a fliped tank ohh fisics and the WGL finals is
    another proof of that…

  217. No Ace Tanker? Wow!

  218. Wow snap shot city.

  219. The RNG god was on his side this time…

  220. What’s the easiest way of earning ep in a kv 85

  221. MuharremAbiGf Oyunda

    omg youre great bro

  222. I luved that music. Nice editing. It made it even funnier.

  223. bodan karcakovski

    Is 3 defenatly

  224. i know this a very personal question but how old are you? and (if you could
    answer ;D) how old is the mightyjingles?

  225. OH GOD ITS NOT TIER 10 and its NOT MEDIUM TANK holy fuck i dont belive it !

  226. 7:54 and 9:20 Stalin guided shell

  227. lol that poor LTTB xD

  228. that music when the LTTB was stuck always cracks me up hahaha

  229. Michail Kalaschnikow

    he used a aimbot … watch the situation vs is-3 and t69

  230. Could have had a sneaky Fadins medal, but of well.

  231. Not very impressive considering the tank that’s being driven…


  233. yeah.. is3 not op, not at all…

  234. QB in your video title you always put how many kills, or how match damage
    someone does….. and it gets rid of all the suspense. if hes got 6 kills,
    and there are 6 people left, of course he is going to win cos you said so
    in the title. I dunno, i feel i would watch to the end more if i didnt know
    exactly whats going to happen, whether it will be a heart break or not.

  235. Jean-Marie Hoenen

    Nice HairCut ??

  236. I’m the lorr 155 driver… And I can tell you guys I hit my screen pretty
    hard when he snapshotted me. lucker IS-3

  237. I remember when I did a test with my clan mate….2 years ago. T1
    Cunningham with the 37mm gun shooting APCR from slightly above me. Yeah, it
    was fun killing an IS-3 with a tier 1 tank

  238. pls tiger II next video

  239. I already saw that at Sir Havocs chanel a week ago! ;)

  240. nice comment +Quickbaby, i enjoy your commentary a lot in this replay ,
    it’s make the replay much more lively and also a lot of trolling moments in
    it as well, keep up the good work QB

  241. my favorite tier 8 heavy tank is still the American T34. You have to love
    the 120mm gun O.O

  242. Bruh that LTTB tho???

  243. I don’t know i seem to be unlucky but in the very rare time i see a player
    with 3 marks of excelence he usually does completely shit dies in the first
    5 minutes does nearly no damage !! i don’t know i never saw a 3 marks
    excelence player actually does even normal not even to do GREAT

  244. Alexandar Milissov

    pls tell me why everyone likes so much the soviet heavy tanks?

  245. I think I’ve seen this video on another YouTube channel already

  246. I’m especially amused by QB’s reaction to the Leo’s machine gun at 3:19.

  247. do you know the youtuber thib1698?

  248. everyday new physics

  249. When you talk about the overmatch of the turret’s roof, it 3 times the
    caliber, not 3 times the penetration ;)

  250. Hans Solo Zimmler

    Would have lost, if that LTTB didn’t flip his tank. Was wondering why that
    LTTB didn’t attack at a few points in the video when the IS-3 was occupied.

  251. very nice Video again QB! I like it evry much how you are editing
    “speechbubbles” and These funny sounds since a while:D go on being epic!

  252. Martin Dubbelfeld

    why he dont shot his last he shot in the air and kills the lttb with the
    apcr. he could get a faidins medal

  253. I would take the fadins, shoot all the HE and kill hin with the last APCR.

  254. Suomi jonnet spotattu!

  255. Flipped tanks are quickly becoming the new AFK in cap for these larger

  256. 😀 from our community on fb

  257. I feel like you showed us 1 vs 2 :(. Those arties were no problem or lttb

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    Coming from another 3 mark IS3 player, I can say that the hull of IS3 is
    very soft when it comes to anything taller than you. And if you try and
    face hug anything taller than you, they will aim at the top of your turret
    obviously. When they do you need to turn your turret about 40 degrees left
    or right. Of you angle that way, there’s a good chance you they will

  259. [insert russian bias here]

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    anything else that does not make the video unexcited ? +QuickyBaby

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    iff the credit gain got nerfed ?
    i am not uber player but learn more and more in my t5 and t7 and earned
    credits , now it seems like 1500 dmg in t5 still lose credits when u get

  267. So on saturday , my friend was in type 4 heavy tier 9 jap. He shot 3 x
    times into the 20mm top part of the is3 and bounced 3 x times. The game is
    bugged or your talking total crap…

  268. my fav tier 8 has to be the tiger 2 because it was my first tier 8 and I
    have it for years , I mastered the German heavies line having an e-100 on
    PC,ps4 and wot blitz haha

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    start. same would have happened?

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    3 marks doesn’t mean an interesting game, I have 3 marks on my Churchill GC
    yet I doubt anyone would enjoy watching even my best games, since its a lot
    of camping…

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    I love missed edits. They’re always so awkward. Always gives me a chuckle.

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    I can’t get my 3 marks even with 1800 average damage :(

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    for overmatching? As always great video!


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    and not spgs

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    But seriously, how are people so stupid in this game???

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    ago… everything seemed so familiar, and then when the leopard shot him i
    had to go searching, i looked on jingles and the havoc, and there it was

  306. Couldve got an east fadins tho

  307. Feather is word of the day

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    i did 1485 DMG 2times fire and highcaliber in the Luchs but i dindt record
    it :-(

  322. My Favorite tier 8 heavy tank was and is still the Tiger 2 because the gun
    just aims so much faster than on the IS-3.
    Well…its not i dont like the IS-3, we use it for clan wars but personally
    i prefer the Tiger 2.

  323. why do players get so desperate they send the same replay to every
    youtuber…last time this happened it was a replay with a jap heavy..went
    on jingles..Qb and dez games…..the reson people sub more than one
    youtuber is so they get to see different things

  324. WoT Replays Channel


  325. i like o i block 5559 damage in it but team was very bad and lose

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    explosive plastic as it’s main ammo.

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  333. Quickybaby maybe time to let som other tanks shine, instead of always the
    same “op” tanks on a top tier match? With the dummest enemys in game? I
    like your own replays better, less luck involved…

  334. lol, the IS-3 turret is a bait and lie. You will not pen it even if you
    over match the armour, you have to have some serious elevation on the Is-3
    to even have a 10% chance to pen it.

  335. Incoming Russian bias comments

  336. Are you kidding me? Nothing much but luck…

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    my faforite t8 is the kv4 its soo strong

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    I think its time to change the intro, a bit more epic please ;D

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    finish him off with the last shot he had. but then again, maybe that’s a
    little too greedy.

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    it’s self

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  350. Can I have enemies like this please? :o

  351. Can I have enemies like this please? :o

  352. its good to see he ignored the fact that he couldve easily pick the Fadins
    medal by wasting the HE shot and finishing off with APCR. I dont see many
    of those fair players

  353. LTTB lolololololol

  354. You know, the amount of times I see IS-3 on top of the end results, even in
    tier 10 matches, makes the title really non-spectacular xD
    The IS-3 is THE asstank in the game. It is better in pretty much everything
    compared to any other tier 8 heavy.
    Even my Tiger II has less hitrate than my IS-3 despite me sidescraping all
    the god damn time with the Tiger…..totally just a coincidence!

    Hail Satan.

    Edit: the IS-3 is also the main reason, why it pisses me the hell off to
    farm credits in this game. My tier 6 premiums can meet him, tier 7 can,
    tier 8 especially do. And everything under tier 6 doesn’t make enough
    money/time to be considered as “good farming”

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  366. THAT LTTB

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    actually un-subscribed since I stopped playing WoT a while back, I am
    getting back into it now so I have re-subscribed. I was just wondering if
    you have ever had a Stroopwafel?

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