World of Tanks IS-3 – 12 Kills – 7.3k Damage

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks -3 – 12 Kills – 7.3k Damage

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  1. physics troll strikes again!!

  2. He got lucky at some spots (is-3, LTTB could pen him if used APCR), but
    guess that is what you need to get games like this. Nice one 🙂

    Also the position he used is quite good for heavy tanks with strong turret,
    as it is one of the most arty safe places (can get hit only from A0). You
    can get shots at enemy TDs (as he did), you can get shots to enemy tanks
    behind corner exposing just your turret and most important, you don’t need
    much gun depression. And also if enemy push the runway side, you can still
    defend and if necessary retreat down the slope (where he fought KV-3) or to
    middle if you team controls it.

    It is risky to go there as u can get shot to side as you climb the hill,
    but guess he seen no fast tank on enemy side and combined with good spawn
    so he went for it.
    From the other side it is not as good as chance of arty being behind all
    the TDs is slightly higher and if you get spotted you might even get shot
    by TDs.

    Going to water is not a good idea, as there are usually waiting TDs for
    you, it is not arty safe and if you manage to push thru, you cannot get
    anywhere as there is a huge open ground where you can get cross-fired. It
    is a different from the other spawn (east) as you can use the little hills
    to hide and u can get up by side of the cliff. But i still think if
    something, then fast medium should try it.

    About the gun blocking the shot to turret, it is a best chance… wiggle
    and press gun up, however against KV-3 which was above him it has little
    chance to success, but hey, it can help and does not hurt, so 🙂 Also IS-3
    turret is now much stronger as the auto-pen zone for higher caliber gun is
    smaller then it used to be previously.

  3. kv3 wasn’t hitting him in cupola but the thin plate just the above the gun
    and sadly IS3 wasn’t able to block the shot with its gun

  4. He has 3 marks what do u expect lol

  5. The faiLTTB was able to do one more thing: allchat his displeasure about
    “retard” that he “reported” with “ticket” upon being shot. Because, you
    know. It’s WoT, self-awareness is dead and irony buried it.

  6. Sorry to say it, but going south with heavy isnt good idea.
    First, its not arty safe and before you can get under theirs gun you’ll get
    killed by arty and TD combined.
    Second, even if you manage to survive that, from position as this guy was,
    or from elevated place on other side, its very easy to lock you down and
    prevent you from advancing further. Fast tanks can do it, but certainly not

  7. FYI, in the video you say you’re not going to tell us what score he’s going
    to end on, but it is written in the title of the video. :P

  8. love the analysis. keep it up sir havoc!

  9. GG sir havoc 🙂 nice video !

  10. Second to like it ;x

  11. The Van Damme bit at the beginning was just for a joke incase you are
    wondering if he will be a regular feature — he will not :)

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