World of Tanks|| IS-3 Bottom Tier!! Map Awareness Interactive Tutorial Guide Help Sir Havoc

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks|| IS-3 Bottom Tier Map Awareness Interactive Tutorial Guide Help Sir Havoc
Here is another Interactive Tutorial folks, this time we look at how you can play bottom tier and still a game, as always we stop and start to ask you how you would proceed and then we see what I do.
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UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have Tier 10 Tanks


World of Tanks University NA
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  1. I am liking these tutorials Havoc.thank you

  2. You should offer lessons like alot of the League of legends professionals
    do. You may not get much since its no where near a popular a game, but
    there is always someone with disposable income that is willing. You could
    stream it or show what a 500, 750, 1000 etc wn8 players tend to do, where
    to go on each map for each tank types etc if you have not already.

    Well done matey.

  3. Lovely gameplay once again! hope to see more on your stream later :)

  4. Thank you for these interactive tutorials. I am always going back to the
    cap for the same reasons and rarely get help so my numbers are bad…but I
    cannot help myself and team support means more to me than my farming easy
    points. Now I can show people what I mean by recommending your video which
    shows how and why it is the right thing to do. Thank you again for your
    easy to follow and informative lessons. (rocket Wot-Uni NA1)

  5. Great video nd food for thought. Hope you guys start a clan on the SEA
    server some time soon…will be joining if you do.

  6. Great vid mate, it’s about the win. Unfortunately not many players think
    so, play for damage.

  7. Nice and easy choice to make to base protect :)

  8. love the vid and great format

  9. Hey SirHavoc great video! I really enjoy these videos they give a good
    insight into the thought processes you put into your games. Just joined
    wot-uni na1, great group tons of fun.

  10. Awesome video mate. I really like this new format.

  11. Good stuff

  12. Great example of team play there Sir Havoc. I see it so many times when
    players either can’t react to what the minimap is telling them or assume
    someone else will save the game for them. Its good to see someone pointing
    out really good map awareness and team play.

  13. Good stuff Pete. I love these games where the right decision can make the
    difference between a win or a loss. It doesn’t always net the greatest
    XP/WN8 but win rate is king, right?

  14. Frederick Schulze

    What’s with the graphics? They look so different.

  15. Great game and good lesson. The opening graphic clarity is just stunning.

  16. smart play, as always :)

  17. Thank you for the educational nature of these videos.

  18. great situational awareness Pete/ Havoc. Good thing you were in a highly
    mobile heavy. Love the IS-3 it’s my only heavy beside the T-14. I keep it
    because it plays much like the mediums I prefer to drive.

  19. I love it when you make a call and you realize that call just won the
    battle. It doesn’t happen to me very often.

  20. Great video. Very helpful. Please produce more of these c:

  21. real nice tutorial ;)

  22. Richard Griffiths

    classic again bro

  23. nice game pete and good call to bring a friend :)

  24. like the heavy gameplay

  25. N1 video. But I hafe every time the luck when I will safe the game, I
    bounced on the tier 10 tanks 🙂 I know shoot from the side, weakspots.

  26. Excellent vid. What mod pack do you use? It looks pretty cool.

  27. These tutorials are awesome. Cheers Havoc!

  28. These tutorials are awesome. Cheers Havoc!

  29. These tutorials are awesome. Cheers Havoc!

  30. this is a perfect example really of how you have to view stats with
    caution. you don’t have to be a stat-monger to be able to play a critical
    role in your games! thanks for sharing!

  31. Muthanna Almughairy

    good video man , btw I like the idea of the interactive tutorial :)

  32. Great video! I will admit, I would have instantly rushed back in an attempt
    to save the Leo.

  33. Nice job Sir Havoc, well spotted

  34. Great video havoc!

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