World of Tanks || IS-3A – Beast Mode

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

The IS-3A, a Soviet heavy tank, rolls on the EU today. Let’s see what Knagar, from the NA server, can achieve as goes Beast Mode!

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  1. Soviet tanks have poor accuracy … blah, blah. Just count how many snap
    shots he gets to connect in this match …

  2. It’s really a 50% premium tank because it’s useless for crew training.

  3. Mike “Stuntman Mike” McKay

    This tank is so fucking OP

  4. Hi QB, It seems the Patton KR is going to appear in the EU advent calendar
    as the new T8 premium medium. There are no reviews to be founds for this
    tank yet, so it would be great if you could help people make their choice
    regarding this offer.

  5. terrible player…

  6. The penetration really sucks. Against a Tiger 1(!) I had my first Pen after
    shooting the weak spots, could’nt even pen him from the side. My StuG III
    pens a Tiger from the side and even the Front with almost every shot.

  7. Much slower.. Except it has better terrain resistance so it doesn’t matter
    very much lol.
    This power creep hurts my soul

  8. I did notice someone the other day on 0k battles sporting a T22. Clearly
    just rubbing it in that you can rig the missions, but cleverly did so on a
    different account as to not lose it on his main. Not impressed :P

  9. This is so annoying, Christmas shopping done and I was going to buy 2 of
    these … one for me and my brother and it will only be on sale for 24
    hours. This is getting ridiculous.

  10. Which do you think is more OP: IS-6 or IS-3A? 🙂
    I’m guessing 6?

  11. QB the code that you found has a 4th part(piece) and the all the pieces are
    spread with 7 days between them and because of that the 4th piece would
    come out on 25th of december 

  12. if you want to make credits in WOT don’t buy premium. Just sacrifice a goat
    in the name of Stalin and play russian tanks.

  13. I just love it when mission riggers get cought and suspended. Ha ha, serves
    them right to not be able to use that sweet tank.

  14. If you are a noob , money are no object and you want to join the big league
    who starts from tier VIII , yes , IS 3A is way to go . I’ve said it before
    , if you are in a good team , doesn’t matter what tank you have , if you
    are in a team of idiots no premium stuff can help you and on random games
    most of the time you end up like that .

  15. quickbaby i dont see why you had to keep saying it wasnt a 1v5?? it was, so
    what if one player was afk. ive seen players jump on cap and win and get
    the medal. as you dont have to kill 5 players or more just win the game.
    which is what he did.

  16. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    a good crew in a regular is3 will be more OP… mobility, gun handling etc
    are wat better.

  17. Boring WG how about introducing higher tiers for us vets of four years
    playing? Same old nothing new here. Moving along QB might come back to wot
    when WG brings mbts. Happy xmas

  18. Good tank. I see this becoming the new Lion. Tier 8 premium, not a great
    crew trainer as it has no loader. But noobs can play with their friends at
    higher tiers.

  19. NA has to work harder as the audience is smaller.

  20. Can you make an is it worth it?


    looks good but il stick to my e-100

  22. I’m pretty sure WG used deception to sell this tank… By calling it an
    Autoloader… Even though technically, they weren’t wrong, I was under the
    false pretense that it was a traditional autoloader, like a BC 25 t, BC 155
    58, AMX 13 90, Luchs, etc. until I watched QB’s video on it.

  23. Well, technically, it DOES have an autoloader. It just has a 1-round
    magazine (aka the breech)

  24. This accuracy gave me cancer..

  25. And so seals the deal. Never playing WoT again after this broken joke made
    it into the game.

    When does the American tech tree get a premium T32 that shoots APCR? Or how
    about a WZ-111 with APCR as standard? Inb4 the T-54 mod 1 gets another buff
    so that it will shoot APCR as standard.


  27. quickybaby do a panther review

  28. Really not a fan of how QB tries to discredit this person’s Kolobanov’s
    just because one player was afk as if 1v4 isn’t all that impressive. I beg
    to differ as likely 70% maybe more of WOT players couldn’t do that, don’t
    be an elitist QB and give credit where its due.

  29. You are the best?

  30. You know whats funny? It has GREAT dpm but no loader XD wha??

  31. meh on the NA server u dont see many of them i have 200 battles in mine and
    2 marks on the gun

  32. please do a review on the pershing. i haven’t found many good ones. thanks

  33. I think what people are missing from these reviews is that the gun on this
    is the same gun on the IS, IS2, and IS6. It just shoot the APCR round as
    primary and HEAT as gold.

  34. the 3 crew member amount (and i have a IS-6 already) is why i would not buy
    one of these

  35. 09:57 420 BLAZED IT !

  36. uuhm IS-3A gets a 10,1 sec reload time and maybe just over 30 rounds

  37. Its an autoloading tray mechanism, so kind of a autoloader, but more or
    less the prototype version of one. And the weaknesses of this thing are
    basicly no different to the regular is3 besides the turret and the speed. I
    say if you have a high caliber gun, spam some HE at them and take out a
    third or two thirds of his crew since it only has 3. Its a decent tank but
    Im sure I could still do just as well with my regular IS3

  38. Took them a while to take that tank away from the cheaters. Now if only WG
    NA would do the same.

  39. He got 8 kills and damaged 11 tanks. I don’t think the afk light tank takes
    anything away from this amazing result.

  40. is3 for noobs

  41. it was a mm win for im

  42. QuickyBaby had to somehow do the “I’m better then him oh my yes, sorry but
    my 1v5 medal is real yours is fake”

  43. world of copycats

  44. It will be around 4-5 months before we even get a sneak peak on the SEA
    server hahaha!

  45. Russian Tech Tree is the most played in WOT……….. i wonder why

  46. I have the IS-3A and it is so boss!

  47. which was the tank that the T-10 replaced in the russian heavy line?

  48. Destroyed some IS-3A already with non russian tanks, so at least they can
    be destroyed… but they all annoying like all other russian tanks and can
    bounce even sure penetrating shoots, but we all know how RNG works now…

  49. 9:57 420 (air horn)?

  50. Do you recall what I told you about the relationship between penetration
    and match making, Lord QuickyBaby?

  51. Meh it’s an ok tank. Not worth the money when you can grind a better one.
    I easily killed one with my superpershing

  52. I played against a IS-3A with my T26e4 Super Pershing…. deflected one
    shot and then got steamrolled by the second third and fourth. i am sooooo
    gonna get that tank for my birthday. loved the video and keep up the good

  53. worst crew trainer in game only 3 man crew in a heavy tank nice

  54. No, it’s not the best tier 8 premium tank. The is5 is the best premium

  55. What nobody seems to mention is that the missing loader also makes this
    thing not as good as a version WITH a loader. I have found this out today.
    I have a decent is-6 crew which i put into this thing and, rammer, vent,
    all in both tanks, now i compare the reloading time ingame. (no brothers in
    arms) IS-6, basically the same gun, in garage “9.87” seconds. IS-3A, “9.87”
    seconds. Now i go ingame. IS-6 “9.87” seconds, IS-3A, and heres the point:
    “10.08”! Yes, the 116% loader is missing. Your “machine loader”stays always
    the same. So that is a huge thing that nobody seems to mention. So
    basically, its not THAT much better than an is-3. And you can improve much
    further with your loader. Brothers in arms, the commander skill for better
    @quickybaby, maybe you could say something about this or look into this for

  56. IS-3A = autoloader. Autoloader means, that IS-3 autoloader has
    autoloader… what a surprise. It doesn’t have a drum magazine… that’s
    the thing you all meant to say.

  57. I really hate it when u spend a long time trying to kill a tank only for it
    to end by someone I.e. arty to get the final shot.

  58. Quickybaby this thing is an auto loader it has has an automatic

  59. It’s not all about penetration, for some reason I do best in my IS-6 over
    my IS-3 even against same tier opponents including vs IS-3. I also have the
    Lowe, KV-5 and a 110. I do better in the 110 than IS-3, but my IS-6 is my
    favourite tier 8 heavy even with it’s low pen gun, it’s armour is so much
    more troll than the IS-3. 110 also has great armour and a great gun

  60. having this tank for some time I’d say the accuracy does not at all feel as
    bad as stated. that and as far as premium tanks for this is one of the
    better ones. it’s a remake of an already good tier 8 and it shits credits.

  61. the is3a is actualy doing very bad on the eu i expected to see
    alot of them but like theres only 1 is3a in a range of 3 games…..this
    tank is like the kanonenjagdpanzer, it was very hyped about and hwn it gets
    released its dissapoiting.
    quicky the is3as frontal hullisnt very good . any tier8 heavy can just
    point and click at the frontal pike dead on even at the tracks an pen.
    you alwayse mention the tiger2 and yet you aint done a review on it. you
    gotta do one

  62. M4A1 Rev… oh… REVOLVER

  63. hmm not entertained about this russian tank…very weak.

  64. Quicky, I think it does have an automatic loading mechanism aka autoloader
    – this doesn’t mean that it has a magazine shell loader, it just means it’s
    mechanically loaded, not by human hands.

  65. QB, you really need a new intro..

  66. Aleksandar Vinulovic

    Hey QB , you should watch the 121 game for 300k with 10k dmg at your site ,
    it’s quite a nice one and it rapresents the recent buffs on it. I watched
    it and it is a great replay. :)

  67. What are you talking about? the accuracy on this tank is pretty good.

  68. i have done this much damage in a rudy, but he didn’t showed that one :/
    this was quit a boring game to watch

  69. Juicy Tiger Pig

  70. happy birthday

  71. Proclaimed by SirFoch as *the* most broken premium.

  72. Nice Christmas tree (ps i saw you in battle) ?

  73. Why you heff to be mad its only game

    First 30 sec of gameplay.. yea.. im not gonna buy this one.. i cannot stand
    the speed. i prefer my old reguelar is3

  74. IS3a team throw the game , and the enemy hard work vanished by IS3a camping
    , what we need is 2 cap circles cause I think we had it with campers

  75. What a stupid tank.. Cost 50euros and is wors than regular is3.
    Who ever buy this tank is a moron or is living ot their parents pay.

  76. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    So this tank do heave real IS 3 engine. Too bad WG cant add this to IS 3 in
    da game, cuz only germans have to have “real” engines. If IS 3 had 520 HP
    engine, it would be most ballanced tier 8 HT, but with 700 Hp is broken…
    This tank, have very good ROF, far better then Lowe or T34…make no

  77. Hey quickybaby, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like you to check out my IS-4
    Himmelsdorf game I submitted to your channel. Username: Rhodium29

  78. It’s always Stalin that guides the shot perfectly. Eisenhower u better step
    it up.

  79. INHO this SP1-C player should be stripped off his Kolobanov Medal if he
    owns any for this AFK behavior :P

  80. I killed a E100 with the BOX TANK…..

  81. i really want one, but i dont have any money ; (

  82. This thing is way too slow and inaccurate to be OP. I could run circles
    around it with my LTTB while fighting other vehicles and using it as cover
    😀 Not my cup of tee for sure.

  83. I like normal is 3

  84. this is is-5 with diffrent name lol and little diffrent armor

  85. its quite irritating this patch, cause before patch 9.13 i had 60 fps (max)
    now i have only 30 fps on minimum settings, and they are quite laggy as
    well. its like that some of the new hd tanks got bugs in them.

  86. What do u think of the German VK 30.01 H

  87. While on paper you are a unicom, in reality you are a douche bag.

  88. t95e6 play?

  89. Two Nine Alpha Romeo

    Got one today 🙂 .. Its not the IS-3 but it is as good as an IS-3 .. Its
    faster than the T34 and Lowe, Its almost as fast as the IS-3 only relay
    suffering going up hills. as for the gun, Well its stats say one thing, and
    the gun dose another, may be its the APCR rounds flying faster and
    straighter. Id recommend it over the IS-6 any day .. :)

  90. Another replay that was possible only thanks to the combination of brain
    dead enemies, pure luck with RNG, where almost shells went right in the
    middle of the aiming circle, and the shitty tanks they were playing (enemy
    “skilled” platoon playing … T-34/100 … OH PLEASE).

    Great result? Sure thing. Beast Mode? You got to be fucking kidding me.

  91. Nice to see that the WoT community is still the same. Everything is OP to
    the reds.

  92. It has an auto loader that eliminates the loader. But it doesn”t have a
    magazine that needs to be reloaded after so many shots.

  93. Jeroen huis in 't veld

    what a stupid replay Just killed low tier meds. nothing special

  94. You know,what I missed in this video? Commentating the Replay^^ Most of
    what Quicky said would’ve been done with one sentence: “If you are
    interested in this vehicle, check out my full Is-3A Review, linked right
    here *waving in that direction in typical Quickybaby-Style* ” finished.
    So we missed commentary and opinion about the beginning of the replay, how
    Knagar failed with many of his first shots, gets his only damaging hit from
    the ARL, shows the map awareness to come back. Loads for whatever reason
    his HEAT-Shells for the incoming weakly armored Medium-Wolfpack and even
    donks one of them. And most importantly the trap he was preparing for the
    T34/100 by driving and hiding behind that stone, which the absolutely right
    thing to do.

  95. I dont know why but if i see how slow this shit is…..KV-4 isnt that bad

  96. it does have a auto loader… Just no magazine

  97. Is the IS-3A only available for today or will it get introduced into the
    game later on?

  98. The tank DOES have an auto-loader, it’s just not a magazine type one.

  99. Or kv 1S pls ;-)

  100. I kill is3a’s in my Caernarvon they suck the is 3 a

  101. Daily vids nearly!!! I love it

  102. So when is Wargaming NA going to do with the cheaters?

  103. QB, I’m following you now quite some time and I like your videos, your
    pre- and reviews and your charity events. Therefore a question off topic
    since I don’t know where to poste it else: what do you think about the
    Christmas-Facebook-competition WG started on 19th this month? I feel highly
    disapointed that WG tries to get as many as possible players to sign in on
    a more than questionable social platform as facebook. I closed my account
    there when they came up with the new “terms of condition”, users were not
    even able to vote against it. And WG is claiming that there is no contract
    with Facebook. Why then giving not an other optionfor joining the
    competition? Looks much like fooling WG members!

  104. OP = over powerd = over priced

    this tank is going to ruin tier 6-7-8 games

  105. Nice video !

  106. the wot na forums love me right now i baited a bunch of retards saying
    riggers should get the t 22 back

    there all in denial

    hah tasting there own medicine must be really lovely

    now my journey of no chat begins

  107. Wow…your standing has dropped from this vid…not a legitimate medal?
    Seriously? As if he can do anything about that? He killed the last 5…by
    himself…what would have happened, if he was fighting 1 and they dcd?
    Still not legitimate? Fail thing to say QB…that tank still spotted him
    for the arty, which could have killed him…

  108. .46 russian accuracy = .23 german accuracy

  109. Nice vid love youre work

  110. This tank is a waste of money. I have my lovely IS-3 which is better.

  111. its not his fault that the SP1C was afk… he did good, and who cares how
    he got the kolobanovs medal in the record anyway?

  112. I once got a Kolobanovs by capping with my friend against 7 tanks and as
    soon as the cap was finished, a Hellcat raised in and killed him so I got a
    free Kolobanvs. THAT one felt relly wrong to get but you can`t refuse them.
    At least I got the other ones regulary.

  113. Im not giving 50€ for is3 because he is ugly and reload little faster no f

  114. like the O HO shooting at the top

  115. I have a problem with your videos: with quite all the other videos in
    Youtube, buffering is fast enough to support the 720p60 quality but with
    yours it goes much slower, as if videos from “QuickyBabyTV” were much more
    heavier for my internet connection :/

  116. yup a op Russian heavy tank

  117. So how does it compare to the IS-6?

  118. Armored Warfare really is the better game no bullcrap over priced shit.

  119. Honestly just get an IS-3. Chances are, the pluses of this tank compared to
    the IS-3 are minor, and definitely not worth 58.99$. Ever.

  120. Overpowered Russian tank? In WoT? It’s more likely than you think.

  121. 5:53 ‘M4A1 doesn’t have the chance bouncing of IS-3 A’
    While he bounced every shot lol

  122. It *does* have an autoloader (with a clip size of 1), that’s why you don’t
    get dedicated loaders as part of your crew and the reload is less than the

  123. Mission riggers…

  124. can you only send in replays if you play on max settings?

  125. Can’t wait for the next 300k video.

  126. UltimateCraftStudios

    I want this tank so much!, I love my IS-3, so having the IS-3A would be

  127. That was painful to watch

  128. what about asia server? we haven’t gotten this yet

  129. Nice video QB. U are great :)

  130. WG punishing those cheaters made my day! That’s what you get for being a

  131. The IS 3A looks like it is bold on the turret :D

  132. stupid capital controls. I have the money and I can’t buy it.

  133. Guess what? No y0l0 members have been punished yet :)

  134. Not pay to win/Completely balanced 😉 promise.

  135. Another op russian tank. Thanks wargaming

  136. Play Armored Warfare QuickyBaby and don’t be a chicken shit, oh forgot you
    get paid to much from wargaming. WoT fanboy

  137. QB can u add the wot assistant mod into ur mod pack? That would be very

  138. another “very well balanced” soviet bullshit tank…
    cons: -slow
    pros: -fuckin death machine that never misses and does ungodly amounts of
    damage and has a ton of armor…

  139. is that tank good for this mony ?

  140. i would do everything for this tank..

  141. Europe get on our level dawg

  142. is it commercial video time?? You could buy games like fallout 4 or farcry
    primal for the price of this pixel tank.

  143. I went to war thunder from this game. Good choice?

  144. Met only noobs in it till now….

  145. great video QB

  146. The T-34/100 basically is the reincarnation of the T34-85 with the 100mm
    Which was loved by the community but then was removed, because Wargaming.

  147. anyone wants to buy my acc? 2 tier X, jgtiger 88 in garage?

  148. Is the Is-3A woth it if you just need it to make credits if you already
    have CDC and T-54 mod. 1 ? I don t care about crew training

  149. if this one tank would not have the price of a full-priced-game, I would
    buy it so hard

  150. 0:50 weird nosie

  151. Homerun5000 Minecraft



  153. when the new intro coming?

  154. Go watch the stream guys!

  155. im first

  156. 3 min ago, I like bieng fast xD

  157. Quickybaby are you going to make videos about armored warfare? can you let
    me know about that in your next video please.

  158. Quickybaby please do a Q&A with ur subscribers please lately whenever
    someone ask a question u never answer what’s the point of subscribing if u
    don’t know what the person thinks or needs to know to improve

  159. When will it be on Xbox ???

  160. Damn im early!

  161. Almost 1st

  162. Hello guys
    Like my comment if you see it

  163. 2. oh that is sad

  164. NOOO, Not the first one to comment 🙁

    4th person to comment :(

  165. such a good tank. much better then the other non prem mm tanks

  166. 3

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