World of Tanks || IS-3A -Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

of the new T8 Soviet premium heavy tank the -3A. A vehicle that sacrifices mobility for enhanced gun performance.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Better gun? DPM wise maybe but its far less accurate with terrible gun
    handling and has much worse rounds with standard having less pen and heat
    as its gold round being inferior to the is3s heat.

  2. $80 Canadian is just too much for any premium tank.WG is really screwing us
    over on the rate of exchange.Not a bad tank though from seeing them on the
    battle field

  3. +quickybabytv i would have loved to see you comparing it to the IS-5, too.

  4. yes i needed something to eat with my jg 2 thx

  5. Hey guys do you have any ideas of when the amx m4 1949 will come out ?

  6. Mike “Stuntman Mike” McKay

    This tank is so fucking OP

  7. There’s too many premium tanks in WoT.

  8. it looks like a IS-3 equip stock turret and with IS-3’s BL-9

  9. Илиан Авджийски

    IS-3 is my favorite tank,even i am 47% win in it and probably this is the
    tank i will buy and will be my firsth tier 8 premium for making
    money,beacuse i have problems with making money.Quickybaby,i hope it will
    not be for 2-3 days?it will be permanent in the gift shop right ?beacuse i
    will buy it january or february,i dont have the money now ):

  10. Stovell Harry James

    The 3 crew format I feel is a deal breaker. If it still had a 4 crew format
    IMO it would be more attractive, in order to use it for crew training.
    Dunno if I am gonna go for it, given the fact that: a) the mentioned above,
    training fact, B) Worst gun handling and mobility.
    I will keep my eye on it, and see how it goes when it goes live.

  11. Well, the biggest plus of the IS-3A is that it is based on and is very
    similar to a tank that was recently stupidly overbuffed, the IS-3.
    So, first of all it shows how strong it’s going to be.
    Remember the IS-5, it has shit gun handling too but it is doing fine.
    And being a premium means that even if they someday nerf the monstrosity
    that the IS-3 is they will not be touching this.
    So we have the battlefields infested by the new KV-1S, this time in tier 8,
    the IS-3, now we are going to have even more of those.
    And should you choose to move up to tier 10 to steer clear of them and be
    able to wreck them with ease, the E5 awaits you to rape you, regardless of
    how noob it’s driver is.
    So either get raped or join the party and get one.
    Meanwhile, on other news, Tiger 2 drivers joined in a protest in Moscow
    against heavy police forces…

  12. Russian bias again.. : more premiums that are better then the original

  13. It does have an autoloader, an automated loading system to replace the
    loader. What we call autoloaders in WoT are drum loaded vehicles, which I
    guess are also technically autoloaders, but a different kind. AMX 13 90 for
    example needed the magazines reloaded by the entire crew, outside the
    vehicle. This thing just has one big magazine.

    “To improve the rate of fire, the students of the BTV academy (Military
    Armored Forces Academy) came with a novel solution – to install 2 two-layer
    pistol-style magazines into various heavy tanks, including the IS-3. The
    magazines served as ammo racks (they were not loaded extra) and were
    operated electrically (using hydraulics). One magazine contained HE
    shells, one contained AP shells.”

  14. stop selling premium shit tanks as good ones… :/

  15. I wonder if this is-3 auto-loading system is forefather to the t-72
    auto-loading system. you can find a youtube video where this auto-loading
    system is demonstrated. you can find it if you type: t 72 (Shooting from

  16. better gun LOL :p it’s the same as the IS5 and it’s kinda crappie most of
    the time

  17. first buff the upper plate of IS3 because it is underpowered
    second introduce new russian premium tank with OP turrent OP hull and 200mm
    of sideamour
    no premium match making so to balance it out give it 221mm penetration of
    APCR and HEAT as premium ammo
    wallet are lining up for the tank and some where WG is smiling
    (screw u is6 112 wz111, have fun penetrating E75 and OP STI with 175mm of

  18. you play good with that new tank. But i think that wg dont have new ideas
    then put this ”new” premium shits in game. Game is ruined with this
    russian op tanks

  19. You didn’t do any damage to the IS-3. The second time you shot him, looked
    like it went in the spaced armor.

  20. “I didn’t play this one round” /Constantly refers to the match as him and
    his actions/decisions.

    Kinda confusing me, QuickFingers

  21. This is completely uncalled for, how can a company put out products like
    this and call their game balanced?

  22. well the aiming time is indeed quite bad. option 1: put in a vertical
    stabiliser for faster aimingtime. or option 2: play as much as you can and
    the crewskills will be before you know it on the 100%. (means the aiming
    time will be decreased)

  23. IS3A IS WEAK!

  24. Headshoott!! LoL

  25. if u did this damage in a fcm, ur profit would be doubled, if u do 2k on
    fcm u would get 90k credits.

  26. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Yay! The rich get a new toy.

  27. i had already an is-3 auto in my team. but the Players name was

  28. Its an nice movie and tank looks nice but you are saying its nice for crew
    training but for what tank Tier 3 ??? it has only 3 crew so why shoud you
    buy it if it is useless for crew training

  29. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    16:48 I wonder how you cant get steel wall…

  30. Cronester & Xinia Gaming

    I enjoy most of your videos and I’ve seen around 90% of your videos in the
    past 2 years. Call me a groupie 🙂 However, I was a bit irritated while
    seeing this one. You are blocking so many team members in this battle, I
    would think you are doing this on purpose.

  31. is QB trying to tell us something by highlighting the “Baby in Tank”
    emblem? That would be sad as he will have to change his name to Quickydaddy
    and he won’t have anymore time for WoT vids or streams.

  32. QuickyBabyTV you actually are wrong about the APCR dropoff. When APCR is
    standard ammo for a vehicle, it doesn’t get an increased dropoff over
    distance when compared to AP. T71, Bulldog, this tank, and tier 10 mediums
    with APCR standard have the same dropoff over distance as other vehicles
    with AP as standard ammo.

  33. Is it just me, or does this video not work for you… at all? Been trying
    all day lol. Every other video works though. Hmm.

  34. Won’t the IS-3A replace the IS-6 with its preferential matchmaking?

  35. My wz-120 will feast on these if i see em ;)

  36. Video wont load anywhere in my house

  37. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    who cares about IS-3A when we have IS-6 in game

  38. Please give me a suggestion, is it worth to get this is-3A if I have had a
    is-6 already. Also, would it be a better credit maker than FCM 50T ,
    considering it is lacked of preferential matchmaking? I am both good at
    IS-3 and medium tanks, feeling struggled right now

  39. I’m done one IS 3 is bad enough but two of them fuck this and fuck the
    Russian tanks

  40. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    Doesn’t the IS-3 have 0.4 dispersion on top gun? Why does tanks gg say 0.38?
    Did the dispersion get buffed or something?

  41. Well done on your report of the IS3A…gonna go purchase it now. My type59
    is still numero uno…

  42. I want the Rheinmetal SKorpion.

  43. Sounds awesome! If I didn’t have the IS-7 already I would definitely pick
    one up! Thanks once again QB for all you do for the WoT community!

  44. And why did Wargaming add this tank to the game?

  45. it costs $85 for me >.<

  46. Qb: this doesnt have autoloader
    Description: was featured with autoloader
    Me: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  47. a tank with shitty is-5 gun? u dont get my money for this shit gun WG.
    i cri everytim when i play stronkhold for credits with my is-5. i miss or
    bounce so much more shots with is-5 then with is-3 or t-32.

  48. Hi dude just seeing if you have ever played wot on Xbox is so what do you

  49. I was so hyped about this vehicle… 3 crew. NO. Im not buying.

  50. People complain about another OP Russian tank and not how World of Tanks is
    increasingly becoming Pay to Win :(

  51. I just bought tier 14 artillery and tier 12 tank in WoT it is Abrams; left
    no credits tho !

  52. how do you take screen shots in world of tanks

  53. IS3 pay to win edition

  54. 18:01 it made me laugh thinking about csgo community after hearing him say

  55. Holy fuck that crew

  56. whatever they say
    its still IS…

  57. lol when talking about tank stats at end (18.45) it gets whopping dpm
    increase and when talking about price (19.40) its not pay to win because it
    gets slight dpm increase. Which one should i believe.

  58. Geralin Gran Maranga

    oh my god ! ??

  59. so active lately… QB upload vid everyday now?

  60. i cant believe some of the people i see have stats close to qb i mean i got
    good somewhat slow and all my stats are shit basically and even my newer
    tanks are shit im really sad ill probably only be good at anything in this
    game stats wise ingame i have no clue but i doubt i will be anything really
    special in a good way.

  61. IS 6 is still better to have for credits farm.
    And also it uses 4 crew members, so no thx i stick to my IS 6 with prefered
    match making.

  62. The weakspot on top of the turret isn’t nearly as bad:

    It is sloped back a little bit further, meaning you can’t even see it if
    the IS-3 is even a tiny bit higher than you. It also lacks the cupolas.

    What I figure though:
    It’s more of a true heavy tank, rather than the Hybrid heavy/medium brawler
    the IS-3 is.

    More like a 110 really.

  63. why I cant watch this video?

  64. in the begin you said that the name was confusing because it doesnt have a
    auto loader but it does have a auto loader, it doesnt have a magazine or
    machine gun tho.

  65. This thing won’t come close to besting the IS-6 when it comes down to tier
    8 premium heavies.
    And if you go tier 8 premiums in general, it will never beat the FCM which
    is the best all-round t8 prem, just due to its great blend of mobility,
    vision control, DpM, on top of having preferential MM coupled with not
    needing ever to fire APCR thanks to its good pen combined with
    aforementioned pref MM -> credit shower !!

    Also, T-54 proto very competitive ? What the heck are you smoking ? Slow
    piece of crap with a weak-ish turret, a mediocre (at best) gun, that sees
    tier 9s and 10s 90% of the time, where its supposed “great” feature, the
    armor, is useless. I’d take a CDC over it any time of the day.

  66. THANK YOU QUICKYBABY :D. I really couldn’t decide whether to buy this tank
    but now I’m sure!

  67. nice another paper tank lol

  68. Just me, or is it a bit fishy that every shot went within a inch off where
    he was aiming? Maybe WG made som fake gun stats for the account to boost
    its image?

  69. people be like
    no! this is not op tank tier 6 and 7 can load gold and shot at it and
    penetrade so it’s not op

  70. tanks $84aud here no thanks lol

  71. Man I wish WG would make premiums for the lines that really need them I.E
    UK & Japan UK still doesn’t have a premium T8

  72. is3 in general is just too good for its tier. it is realy dificult to pen
    on samee tier tanks and it punishes you real bad if you miss or you dont
    pen the small weak spots it have. in my opinion there should be a different
    tank for tier 8 other than the is3.

  73. QB — comprehensive and well done review on the IS-3A, thanks for your hard
    work making this vid for us. Wargaming needs to give you a permanent press
    account so you can keep on top of all the latest tanks upcoming for the
    game, in my honest opinion. You put out the best overall tank reviews of
    all the multitudes of WoT YouTubers out there, keep up the great work!

  74. on what Sever is That ?

  75. Thanks again for saving me money.

  76. premium after fuckin premium, rinse and repeat. getting boring beyond

  77. still rather have the Super Pershing to this thing. 258mm pen on premium
    shells, great frontal armour and pref matchmaking. American bias confirmed.

  78. IS3 is already over powered so yeah this premium is overpowered as well…
    because RUSSIA COMRADE

  79. Don’t tell me this is another shitty russian copy premium…oh for fucks
    sake, fuck off WG.

    4 or 5 months that I haven’t played this game now. Can’t say I regret it.

  80. it looks like an IS-3 that’s shaved off its mullet

  81. you didnt chose the battle of t10. but the battle of tomatoes ennemies

  82. Cancer ass game. War thunder, a lot better!

  83. Yes, more russian premium plz. I cant w8 for the day they release this
    crap. My amx 50 100 will feast on them .

  84. Getting one as soon as it is available – NEED ONE NOW!

  85. That tank has a WIERD looking turret u know?

  86. Does “Baby in Team” mean one is on the way?

  87. Does Quickybaby mention that APCR has no normalization, thus, makes the
    IS-3A have problems against opponents with sloped armor?

  88. need a giveaway XD

  89. Just think about this. This tank was supposed to have an AUTO LOADER…
    They actually though that was a good idea. That’s why the tank is the is-3

  90. thank you for the perfect information in the description. ‘A vehicle that
    sacrifices mobility for enhanced gun performance. ‘
    all i needed to know!

  91. I am a bit sad this tank got released because it’s making the IS5 totally
    not that unique. The apcr ammo being one of its’ strong points. Considering
    it was a clan wars reward, it is supposed to be hard to get. Now people
    will just pay 12k gold and get it with no effort.

  92. Imho It is way worse to play a heavy on tier 10 battles rather than a
    medium, because thanks to mobility mediums have more opportunities to do
    well even with big scary tanks in the enemy team. Therefore when I play my
    heavy premiums, I give a lot of value to preferential mm. For the latest
    premium mediums howerver, I don’t feel it is that much of a big deal to
    have full mm. For me personally, I will be keeping my money until the
    Panzer 58 comes out.

  93. Wow, this is great! I was just thinking to myself the other day that what
    this game needs is more IS3 in the game.

  94. thatbattlefield dude

    I still love my t34 :$.
    And my t32 :$

  95. When will it come in premium shop?

  96. this tank is auto-loader, it simply doesn’t get clip.

  97. Kinda makes IS-6 seem pointless.

  98. I prefer to buy the food for the month, thanks.

  99. so … they released another “IS-5″

  100. +QuickyBabyTV Why do you always use the premium experience and credits
    rewards as a comparaison for profit? I believe this ain’t talking to most
    players who don’t use a premium account and only have the “premium tank”
    advantage to earn credits

  101. WTF, I can’t watch this vid!!!!!

  102. It’s not quite as pretty as the IS-3.

  103. action starts at 10:08

  104. Good for grinding credits in skirmish if you don’t have an IS-5 since you
    don’t need prem to pen the IS-3 unlike the 175 pen tanks.
    Not so good for randoms, because no special MM. Rather sealclub with IS-6.

  105. NA get an ISA we get an overpriced tier 3 tank :/

  106. Just a copy of the IS5

  107. Basically a slightly worse IS3. Finally they replaced the terrible IS6.
    (terrible compared to the IS3)

  108. typical wg giving russian tanks vastly superior armor and guns but giving
    my tiger gun 130 pen yea…. right… fucking bs

  109. good hit & bad play

  110. 12:03 that ammo rack tho Damn son

  111. Aaron Suess (SheepDog2142)

    $58 for a tank is not bad when ppl pay easily between $100-$2500 in Star
    Citizen for virtual ships for a game that is no where near release

  112. Cheers QB 4 the gr8 vid!

  113. We need more russian Tanks!!! Kappa

  114. So they buffed it again great

  115. rip tier 8 gameplay

  116. sexton- is it worth the gold?, u lazy ass

  117. Same gun like IS-5, but -1 crew, and why they call it auto when its not
    autoloader? I was expecting 50 100 with IS-3 armor … this is not worth
    WG – gold diggers!!!

  118. That tank seems good credit maker and tank overall but it has no loader,
    making it a pretty bad crew trainer

  119. 3 People in an russian heavy tank. Man what a monster for crew
    training……wp WG you fucked up again.

  120. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    We need more Russian tanks )) axaxaxaxa good idea you get promotion Ivan

  121. Auto cannon yet higher dpm…. I feel like I’m being shat on by War Gaming,
    I spent almost 50 Euros on an IS6 a few years back and that tank can not
    compete with this tank EVER. Who in their right mind (apart from tank
    collectors and rich kids with money to waste) would ever buy an IS6 knowing
    they could buy this IS3A for the same price??

  122. So umm running outta ideals wargaming?

  123. QuickyBaby on point with the review!! Keep up the good work!!

  124. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    i would rather have my normal is3 4/5 times

  125. Pique interest of tier 8 game modes. No crew trainer. Most tanks at tier 8
    have similar/better pen. DPM is gnarly for a durable heavy. I don’t like
    the addition of it. Reverse side scrape with magical spaced side armor
    (that never existed, even tank tour guides at tank museums will open it up
    and show you). GJ Wargaming, cash flow.

  126. Is this better then the IS6 premium? Should have compared it to that
    premium tank.

  127. another soviet op tank..

  128. Cant wait, im buying that thing!

  129. Normal IS-3 sucks, why would this be any better.

  130. Well, from the comments this tank sounds pretty awesome; too bad I can’t
    get the video to load.

  131. So the IS-3A is pretty much an IS-5?

  132. what do you use for armor inspection at 6:00 ?

  133. QB make a review of SuperPershing pls

  134. Just wanted to say thank you for all your posts and reviews. Over the past
    year I have found them very helpful and quite informative. Cheers and look
    forward to new ones in the future.

  135. i dont think 1 second of faster reload is worth $60

  136. I wonder if WG will release a good premium tank that’s not Russian

  137. im a new player i like playing the french tanks (having 12t and starting
    the heavy lane soon) and im also playing the russian heavies (is)
    but my question is who should i get amx 50t or is3 a?

  138. this tank in not EU but in USE

  139. I don’t think this tank is that competitive comparing to the wz111, because
    wz gets pref MM and has basically the same gun handling towards IS-3A, even
    though its penetration is poor, but with a lot better speed limit. Which
    means if you platoon with another 2 skilled wz111 you will have a pretty
    good win ratio, also means you can make more credits in the long term. My
    wz has 73% win ratio over 150 battles, half of it was platooned, I think it
    will be higher if you platoon more….op gg need nerf

  140. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Fuck you WarGaming, I quit.

  141. before is3 a was 5 gold

  142. I’ve actually managed to bounce a shot off that strip on the turret

  143. Here comes the “here look another op russian tank train” Guys, this tank
    isnt even that good, it’s horribly slow, bad accuracy and it does not get
    preferential mm. Sure it has better DPM but in order to achieve that DPM
    you must be able to hit your targets, and get into good positions.

  144. Aren’t there already enough IS-3 players running around annoying everyone
    with 175-190 pen guns ?

  145. Im happy to have the is5 with the special camo It way better then this pill
    opf crap

  146. Not OP at all…

  147. Mech “Winter” Zilla

    It’s…okay. Not great, not bad. A nice little compliment to the garage.
    And since it’s still half off training, I didn’t feel bad about popping my
    crew to 100%.
    Haven’t seen too many of them so far, oddly.

  148. Great, another over powered Russian pile of shit..

  149. My “volkswagen golf auto” is much better than this tank.

  150. QB, pls learn wtf a real autoloader is.

  151. Of course players like Quickfingers and Ship_the_nutz are going to make
    this tank look like it’s worth $50+. The fact of the matter is that it’s
    only an IS-3. It gains rate of fire by trading off mobility. Since APCR
    gets less normalization than standard AP, it’s not necessarily a better
    gun. With a 100% loader, BIA, and a gun rammer on my IS-3, all I have to do
    to get my DPM close to matching the $50 “pay to win noob magnet” is
    sacrifice a consumable for the extra rations.

  152. I dislike having APCR as standard rounds. The M4 Revolver APCR rounds has a
    hissy fit if fired at anything sloped or angled

  153. Shouldn’t this be with auto loader?

  154. R.I.P IS-6

  155. Bring back E25

  156. now if it had a 3 round auto loading clip i would consider buying it..but
    for basicly $60..ummm…. no to much money and i dont want some stupid ass
    bundel for it..i would rather buy it seperat then buy gold as i need it.

  157. Mmmm looks like a mistake from WG to me, if they’re going to start
    introducing premium tanks that are pretty much on par with in game tanks
    they will no doubt have to “ballance” all the other premium tanks or face a
    wall of indignation. Maybe this is already starting with the buff to the
    T-54 prot gun on the next patch? What about non soviet tanks?

  158. Wow QB, let the IS-7 ahead of you ffs. Edging out top tier tanks
    in a bottom tier tank is potato day one bullshit.

  159. For whatever reason, this video simply does not load and makes my processor
    an go nuts.

  160. Keep the reviews coming!

  161. Quicky talks about the applique armor (track) on the frontal hull, looking
    at himself, and fails to mention the IS-3 get headshot from full health
    behind him. LOL

  162. too many USSR premium tanks… way too many….

  163. do a t25 at review

  164. 12:04 T110E4 Ammo racks a full health IS 3… 13:46 Karma baby

  165. WAIT just a minute…..if Peppy had a child that was born a few weeks
    prematurely, would they name it QuickyBaby Jr. O_O
    I just blew my mind

  166. Anyone else notice the IS3 get ammo racked at 12:05?

  167. it’s been a while since you’ve done your last teamwork video!!

  168. Well if I had a spare $60 I would say yes… alas I am grinding to tier

  169. is-3 auto NO !!! WG sorry you dont get money for this tank

  170. Do you know why your gun seemed to kind of reload 3 times at 12.54?

  171. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Hmmmm….interesting, I mean the lack of a loader trainer makes this not
    ideal or really worth purchasing since the IS-7 and IS-4 have 3 loaders
    between them.

  172. How do you get a press account

  173. Is it going to be available in game for gold or is it that kind of tank
    that people which dont pay money to play cannot buy so they have to be
    punished more for not feeding WG with money which is for them as i can see
    more important than this game itself with numbers of premium vehicles

  174. I actually fought against one of these yesterday. Seems like a fun tank.

  175. How much he gets paid for these premiums reviews?

  176. CHRoOMAX - Randoms Videos!

    2 Months ago, I bought the FCM 50t, thinking that it was the only premium
    heavy tank with a competitive gun and now WG releases this. My favorite t8
    is probably the is-3. I do like the 50t, but I do struggle sometimes since
    I am a ‘heavy’ tank driver and like to have a bit of armor. I would love to
    exchange these tanks, but WG doesn’t allow me to do so. F WG. F decisions.

  177. So it has better armour values for most of its side armour than the Tiger 2
    has on its front? Wow, seems balanced to me.

  178. +QuickyBabyTV – QB, all your videos are @60 frames? including your stream
    on Twitch ?
    60frames kill twitch app when ppl are streaming over Chromecast to their
    App doesnt like 60frames :(

  179. New OP Soviet tank…

  180. “BABY IN TANK”??!? Really???

    Did QB insert a family-news exclusive into this bound-to-be-watched review
    of the awesome new premium IS-3A?

  181. lol all those retards who think this autoloader has a drum with low delay
    between shots

  182. Иван Живковић

    12:03 epic ammorack in background :)

  183. “Baby in tank”
    Peppy pregnant confirmed

  184. Hey @quickybabytv, have you got any thoughts regarding comparing the IS-3a
    to the IS-5? It will be intresting to hear your opinion between these two
    even though the IS-5 isn’t for sale.(well not for now anyway….)

  185. nice advertisment for a shitty overpriced tank!

  186. a year ago i would of bought this in a heartbeat but frankly the game is
    just not very appealing any longer

  187. How can you get a IS 3 Auto ?

  188. Geometry Dash Warrek

    IS-3A looks very stronk (soviet tank, of course). One thing, that bothers
    me the most about it is the crew of only three men. It will be problem to
    train regular IS-3 crew in it :(

  189. One year from now the russian tech tree will have 2 pages to scroll

  190. I don’t think humans could fit through those new turret hatches…

  191. So the tank is an IS-3 that fires APCR as regular rounds and have 1 less
    crew member? WG is really running out of ideas…

  192. Although lots of people are trying to be funny “WG stoopid another OP
    Russian tank”… I agree with you QB, the IS-3 just does seem better with
    the IS-3A’s drawbacks, but that doesn’t make it a bad tank at all.

  193. QuickyBaby You should check out OneAndOnly016’s WORLD OF LOLS Videos!
    He just uploaded a new video!!

  194. Yay but no buff to tiger 2 though! One more tank for me to fear and be
    beaten to a pulp!

  195. “resilient turret”, yeah no.

  196. Meanwhile, console still hasn’t gotten the Japanese heavies.

  197. it doesnt let me watch the video plz help! :(

  198. just what we needed , a is3 for all the pepole who cant be asked to play
    and research the real thing, and it has a better gun too so its totally
    balanced when tier 3noobs get themselves an is3 the dirty way

  199. you really think this will be buyable?

    i guess its another gift tank for pros, which is unintresting for 90% of
    normal players…


  201. WH Russian BUAS


  203. Can I change my awful IS-6 for this?

  204. also its a just a slower inaccuret IS3 with higher DPM

  205. New type 59..WG is sinking and grab more money before disapear..

  206. well there’s no point to buy it without the autoloader

  207. It doesnt really make alot of credits especially without premium two of
    your games were that u shoed us were only 40 k and the other one was 50k or
    80k out of 4 games it doesnt really seem like the credit profit is as good
    as other premium tanks cant lie it is a beast besides the aiming time and
    accuracy it just doesnt seem like it makes enough credits without premium
    time which i cant afford everymonth or every year lol

  208. i ammo racked a dull hp e100 in the t28 prototype before

  209. Hi IS-6 replacement!

  210. 132,000 credits for 5k damage with premium? is it me or does that seem
    kinda low. i swear ive earned more doing 3-4k in is-6. hmm

  211. IS-3A=IS-5 without the armor

  212. Oh wow thx WG another OP russian tank, tier 8 battles will be even more
    balanced now

  213. kv-4 or is-3?

  214. Yeah we definitely needed a tier 8 tank thats as good of an allrounder as
    the is-3 with an even better gun. and guess what, you have to buy it. more
    moneygrabs by wargaming. Im just waiting for aromored warfare to get some
    more maps and bbe properly balanced out, and im out of serb’s money
    printing machine.

  215. because IS3 wasnt op enough

  216. I want this to replace the IS-3 :/

  217. TY QB

  218. Oh look a OP soviet tank, mark me suprised XD

    Also its turret looks like its bald :D

  219. So this is the IS-6 replacement?

  220. Baby in tank!

  221. I honestly would prefer that WG just made prem tanks as good as normal
    tanks (maybe lower earning potential a little) it would solve all the
    preferential mm problems. Mix this with a buying cap (can only buy a prem
    tank 2 tiers higher than your highest tank for example) and I for one would
    be ok with that(I have just about given up hope they will sort out prem
    shells my no 1 bugbear).

  222. The last one to leave for armored warfare turn the lights off. WG is just
    throwing last minute gasp at the game now instead of actually fixing issues
    that have been in game for 4 years.

  223. holy crap $80.64 Canadian thanks but no thanks! curse you low Canadian
    dollar :(

  224. it is almost 60$ on US server, will be likely 60 EU+ on EU, and free for
    “play regularly 30 days” mission on RU server…

  225. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    rush b my friend cyka blyat

  226. IS-3A is pretty good but I was confused it was an Autoloader everyone said
    it was an Autoloader

  227. Axel Kusanagi (AXELXu7)

    It’s a pity it isn’t an autoloader in-game, but I can see why they didn’t…


  228. I do love my IS-3, not sure if I will buy this tank though.

  229. It’s always that place where the T110E4 gets ammo racked a lot if he is

  230. 2:18 the turret of the IS-3A is also flatter in the base

  231. IS-3A or IS-6?

  232. Stålet,

    why the f…. The is3a was going to have autoloder 🙁 shit Wg

  233. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    My only question is: is the ammo rack just like the IS-3? I get a lot of
    ammo racks on IS series tanks by shooting the side just in front of the
    turret and I wonder if this is the same.

  234. Will be lot’s of fun pushing your russian heavy tank crews with this
    tank… not.

  235. Only 56 years until Xbox gets it

  236. It’s an IS3 with a worse gun and 1 less crew member. It’s just a poorman’
    IS3 without pref mm which is definitely not worth it. If you’re going for
    crew training and credit grinding pick IS6 over IS3a any day of the week.
    Pref mm on IS6 makes pubstomping a charm :)

  237. Great, another IS-3. Just what we need…. -.-

  238. reloads 1 sec faster, more inaccurate…totaly worth it……hahaha

  239. ahh the batchat the tank that survive the longest compared to hes team even
    whitout armor the batchat shud instantly gets hd model ; p

  240. I was happy to see Is-3A but that acc is making me sad, not for me :-/

  241. when is this tank coming?

  242. how many HT Soviet T8 prem 4 ? 5 ?

  243. 12:16, you didn’t actually pen him, then you say that “we rolled for 396,
    no, that was for the AMX 30… A bit later you say ” putting another one
    into the leopard, err… that’s an amx 30… Qb high af

  244. poor people’s is5 :D

  245. It’s overpowered QB because the IS-3 is OP :)

  246. I’m glad this tank doesn’t get preferential matchmaking.

  247. Crew Trainer? No no no…I beg to disagree…. 3 man crew???


  249. to be fair, when i saw another game on a replay channel, befor you uploaded
    this helpful review the gunhandling was one of the first things i noticed.
    It must be so depressing when you have to aim for that long and still be
    unreliable. The dude in the replay i watched had to clutch many shots and
    missed every single one of them. And even if you fully aim your shots you
    very, very unreliable. And in some situations you stand no chances, with a
    gun like this. And even if the shell volosity is comes in handy the enemy
    you want to snipe will reach solid cover befor you can shoot and if you
    manage to aim befor he does so you will probably miss

  250. reminds me is5 for somereason

  251. i dont know why but the face cam is lagging but the video isnt???

  252. I would like to swap my IS-6 for this vehicle :)

  253. Wow, thank you Wargaming for making my IS-6 look like absolute shit now.
    Quite unfair to put a much much better tank for almost the same price in
    the game right now. :(

  254. clearly overpowered now its in every way better then my vk4502A

  255. I blocked 1700 damage in my at-2 in a tier V game

  256. Just what this game needs, more IS-3’s and more premium tanks.
    They should a;ready stop pretending to be doing anything else with this
    game other than adding premiums and buffing Soviets.

  257. and i know its IS-3A btw

  258. Finally an IS-3 review, thanks qb

  259. How do You Get this Tank?

  260. is 3A: child of the is3 and is6
    is3 armor,is6 mobility,is3 pen,is6 costs (euro’s,gold)

  261. when will be available on the eu server ?

  262. 12:10 you bounce of him but you said it was pen 😀 misplay QB

  263. In my opinion, the original IS-3 is still the best, just because the
    mobility and the penetration. If you have good crew and equipment, the
    shitty aim time doesn’t feel that bad at all…

  264. Technically the IS-3A is the only legitimate autoloader in the game, as a
    real autoloader is a system of loading the gun without a crewmember, not a
    drum or clip system.

  265. basically a slightly different IS-5, but IS-5 is better because its faster,
    better aiming time and takes 4 crews.

  266. And accuracy on Russian tanks doesn’t matter as the hand of Stalin guides
    the shells. With a VStab and GLD I nail most of my on the move shots. I am
    wondering if a rammer actually helps the IS-3A as it can use one, but Vents
    might be the better way to go.

  267. Oh look, another op Russian tank!

  268. I think WG became crazy, because the is-5 was enough OP but it was the
    better (or the lucker) players who had this but here the is-3A has the same
    gun but everyone can get it.
    I think WG will do the same thing as the E25, get money then see it is OP
    and just wipe it out.
    BTW thank you QB for show us this tank !

  269. is the IS 3A better then IS 3?? I think that IS 3 a better tank

  270. 12:08 but you didn’t damage him like you said you did. Kappa

  271. Im the type 4heavy xD thnx for saying the weak points

  272. nice video! but can you make a review of the is5. i think it is even
    stronger than the is3 and is3a.

  273. QB, you should have mentioned that just because something is called
    autoloader automatically has a drum magazin. Drum magazin isnt autoloading.
    Its actually loaded by humans, thats why the reload for each magazin takes
    a long while so the drum magazin can unload. Autoloader means that the gun
    reloads with a machine and without human help. But it doesnt mean the gun
    gets a drum magazin! This is what many people irritats

  274. IS-3 with a faster reload, stock turret, one less crew member, and fires
    APCR as standard. It’s not really a crew trainer, but it sure is a credit
    maker. Love mine and can’t stop playing it.

    And YES this is an Autoloader, not in the sense of having a clip or a
    magazine, but it does have an automatic shell loading system that loads one
    shell at a time and removes the need for a loader. It really should remain
    the IS-3 Auto, but I’ll take IS-3A.

  275. QB what are x9 and x10 on your crew members ?

  276. Why hello there beautiful :D

  277. Cool !!!

  278. russia comrade, russia

  279. Will this stay in the premium shop?

  280. waiting for this,hopefully its gonna be out for EU,

  281. Maddox Wong (SHAFT king)

    there is something similar in Blitz. but according to the XML files it got
    a 3 shot autoloader, 25 sec reload, 0.4 dispersion….. why….

  282. so shut up and take my money?

  283. IS3A stronk tenk mad in sofiet racha new players noobs will love dis
    friendly easy to pley tank it has OP front armore made by stalinium ( by
    difinition stalinuim is stalin’s moustache ) , also its powered by fodka
    and not gazolin and it fire apcr because why not and it has rachan spaced
    side armor because reasons , and racha , and fy . and sorry for my englich

  284. Flaming Arrow Gaming

    QuickyBaby, Lov ur VIDEOS

  285. First comment

  286. Of course, there are not enought russian tanks in game.

  287. the video isnt playing for me! ll come back to it in a bit. its only this
    video though and idk why..

  288. Sweeet im in your video

  289. It’s the best premium tank? And it’s Russian? What a surprise.

  290. is 5 is much better

  291. Looks like a great tank, however is WG just Lining their pockets again? how
    about buffing all the other crappy premium tanks?

  292. In a facehugging duel with an IS-3 once while driving my E-75, I managed to
    bounce a couple of shots on his turret top weakspot.
    I was quite shocked :O

  293. hey it will be avilavable only ina gift calendar or maby later i i t will
    bew avaliable also?

  294. I’m early :P

  295. You just changed my mind,I would buy BO3 instead of premium tank for
    wot,but when I saw this tank,Hell Yeah Gonna Buy It!!!!!

  296. Crew trainer my a.s.s. :)) A 3 crew members serviced tank is maybe a crew
    trainer for French autoloaders line. And I don’t know why they did not put
    back the loader into crew rotation since an autoloading mechanism is thrown
    out of the window. Balancing tanks is such a hard task…

  297. would you bought it, QB?

  298. I like to watch QBs vids because I can like them before I start watching.
    Keep it up QB

  299. when the twicth start ??

  300. Firm_YorkshireBuzzard

    How do you get this tank? 😀 and I know it’s early but are you going to
    tankfest next year QB ;)?

  301. 3mins woohoo

  302. Interesting

  303. First one srly??! Omfg best day in life

  304. ‘best premium heavy yet’, and guess what, its a soviet tank. NO SURPRISE

  305. PotatoMasher Productions

    I’m liking that 60fps Quicky!

  306. Alienware-PC-gaming

    Already 200 Views :)

  307. 25 like

  308. Its my favourite premium tank?

  309. hey qb im early today

  310. First :)

  311. Sorry it’s a little later than I posted on twitter – was stuck at 360p for
    an hour :(

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