World of Tanks || IS-4 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – IS-4. Today I’m reviewing T10 Soviet heavy tank the IS-4 a durable all-rounder.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I thought the IS7 was a better tank..doesn’t look like it..even the 113 is
    better, damn it I’m nearly finished unlocking the IS7!

  2. Thunderbolt 1000 Siren Productions

    the IS-4 was the first tier 10 I got my hands on and I love the armor and
    usually block over 3k dmg even in shit battles.

  3. except now the new overmatch mechanic is being scrapped

  4. Anyone have a tiger p and can tell me how to use it well because I got in a
    tier 8 game and I couldn’t penetrate anyone really I didn’t do any damage
    does it get better when u upgrade it or is it ok after upgraded?

  5. CompletelyRandomNick

    i still think is-4 is tier 9 tank >.<

  6. When all the crew has “maintenaqnce” at 100%, does that stack up or does is
    the same as 1 crew member having 100%?

  7. you go like bla bla bla meep meep bla bla breath awile and bla bla meep
    meep chasing yourself again bla bla .. . its frustrading me in all your
    vids that you aint relaxing to lissen to

  8. Finally, we have the review we were always hanging out for! ;)

  9. It’s like i hear Trump , UUUUUURBAN environment

  10. The over match stuff reworking is not going to be fun at all

  11. Щас бы на ис-4 в клинч становиться

  12. Question:
    Does the T-10 have magic side armour?
    Cause firing a 310mm of pen shell at the flat side of it and it just

  13. damn QB, ur broke af

  14. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    QB is not informed 😀 They quit the new Pen Mechanic because that would
    result in too many rebalances. So they will keep the actual 3 Caliber
    Mechanic :)

  15. qb if you didnt know, the one place you can get ammo racked or even one
    shot ammo racked by getting penned through the front wheel drive, idk why
    it happens, but it does. ive done it once, and ive seen it happen at least
    3 more times

  16. 3:43 Thinest armour is on the drivers hatch, *in the same breath it reaches
    990mm of armour* XD (its angled I’m aware of that)

  17. Can you make another video about T-10?

  18. all hail the Is-4!

  19. can you update the IS-7?

  20. Usievaład Kimajeŭ

    A couple years ago I realized that I don’t want to buy IS4 because of its
    1) slowness 2) weak roof and front armor. And I do not regret.

  21. Who needs a IS4 anymore if you can have a kranvagn?

  22. IS-4 is lovely

  23. good thing they are canceling overmatch change

  24. Environmental envy 1

    Are we all happy about the IS-4 review?

  25. If you noticed, QB has only 52k credits. I suspect it is because of
    consumable discounts :D

  26. QB u massive retard!!! U blocked quickshot GG just because u don’t want
    people to make money off your work. That just says how greedy and selfish u
    r. I hope that YouTube blocks your chanell now

  27. Wow the comment secion is just garbage… I thought I write something nice.
    Thanks QB for all your high quality content. You’re keeping up good work.
    You are like coca cola of yt channels about WoT.

  28. Level up with Doruta DIY


  29. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    i call this tank the toilet plunger. why cause the barrel break reminds me
    of this toilet plunger i once saw at a store.

  30. I want to see Quickybaby do a Review/Guide for the SU-100M1 or the SU-101.

  31. IS-4 is a joke when you compare to T110E5 (that doesnt show here dont know
    why)or the IS 7.
    45 degrees of angle make you pen by everithyng at tier X, quickybaby dont
    lure the players that tank is arguably one of worst tier X HT, potato gun
    with 0.25 disperssion, you cant make a snapshoot most certain will miss,
    its to bad, even IS 7 got better gun soft stats, ammo rack is weak too in

  32. World of Tanks, were idiots can install mods and can penetrate IS4s and
    IS7s in tier 8 tanks without even aiming . .


  33. I consider IS4 one (if not the most) of the most beautiful tanks. Who

  34. The IS-4 has so good armor… still got penned by T44-100

  35. Hey QB. Wargaming has announced they cancel the overmatch changes for the
    next patch. Source:

  36. ….overmatch changes are canceled ;-)

  37. 15:08 “penertrasion” lol

  38. Can you please review VK 30 01 P?

  39. So basically a high DPM tank tracking the IS-4 continuously, with a decent
    sized arty derping him is the way to go.

  40. why you dont show us the maus jump in your live stream inthis vidéo

  41. Thumbs up

  42. Hey QB – they are backpedaling on the overmatch and not removing it.

  43. I feel tier 9 t10 ‘s gun handle better than is4.( they have both same gun)

  44. how really usefull is deadeye perk on gunner?

  45. heeeey. u cleaned up your room. i no longer can see that sword whitch was
    behind you at every video

  46. The IS-7 gameplay revolves around Hull-Down tactics. Nerf its armour then,
    buff the IS-4’s, give the IS-4 better penetration and accuracy than the
    IS-7 and things are fair IMO.

  47. QB I know it is very unlikely that you will see this question, let alone
    answer it, but if I don’t try …
    How come you so seldom pick Deadeye perk?
    I, myself, am a new player of WorldofTanks but for what I have seen, it is
    a pretty useful perk to get.
    All the best.

  48. 113 review pls

  49. 19:42 what the hell was that shot?

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