World of Tanks || IS-5 – 11 Kills – 7,000+ DMG

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – IS-5. Today SnowSailor from the NA server is going to show you how to play the rare T8 Soviet premium heavy reward the IS-5.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. let’s all hug quickybaby all 400,000 of us

  2. Kacper Szlapinski

    When will u do another total war: Warhammer army guide?

  3. again spoiling the gameplay :/ with the video title :(

  4. Is5 looks like simaler gameplay to is8

  5. In blitz the is8 is still in the game I have it if they remove is8 for the
    110 will I get the 110 with the same stuff I have on my is8?

  6. Tolakos Green Love

    great battle! well played mate!

  7. Hi guys,
    How can i fix the QB mod pack 9.15, for this new micro patch…if
    i just copy the content of the map I lose my garage view!!

  8. Man,i love this replay and gameplay too !

  9. op

  10. Dennise Haristhio

    In world of tanks blitz IS 5 become bundles right?

  11. Некой си там

    IS there going to be a 400k competition

  12. Notification Squad?

  13. ?????

  14. Wow what a great result , big grats to this tanker. Of course Lionel Messi
    can play a blinder against accrington stanley too.

  15. It’s quite ridiculous how much RNG was on his side in this game. Almost all
    shots, not even fully aimed, flew with a 100% accuracy.

  16. bunch of shity tomatoes what a waste of my time.

  17. 400k ??????

  18. Why do you even show us there replays? Yes, he is pretty good and he know
    what decisions to make…but man he is ruining the game with those HEAT
    rounds…he would not have been able to destroy all of the enemy tanks
    without them…it is just boring when they are not even sweating or

  19. The main differences (negative) from the IS-3:
    -Horrible gun-handling, normally none of your unaimed shots will even hit
    in the same post-code.
    -No proper spaced sidearmour, so any shot into your side will penetrate.
    -Worse engine power, so going up hill is slower.

    While the IS-5 is a nice tank the IS-3 is still a lot better.

  20. i saw is5 2 times

  21. QuickyDad plays WoT? would be interesting video

  22. finally a fadin´s where the protagonist didn´t kill an afk. nice gameplay,
    interesting to watch and some things to learn

  23. that aim time ?

  24. well.. honestly is5 is decent.. but certainly not the best reward Tier for
    Tier.. obj907 is just much better :)

  25. luckily i have the awesome chieftain/T95 reward tank, its awesome!

  26. This tanks looks exactly like IS8

  27. Russian bias …..

  28. happy father day QB :v

  29. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    Would be awesome if u could not say in the title how much dmg and kills he
    got, so its more interesting for us if its going to be a heart brake or
    not… like a surprise

    like if u agree

  30. 400K!!!!

  31. 400K keep up the great work man i love ur tank reviews

  32. an IS5 is pretty much exactly a T10 with stock turret and the gun of the
    IS3A -150 health and a pretty bad radio. How OP is this?

  33. a t10 hull with a 110 turret

  34. Another overpowered Russian tank? Oh, wait that’s the whole IS line…

  35. when will they stop freezing the global map?

  36. um, not sure about the whole IS-5 having better armour cause of the lower
    profile, I personally butter my way trough the IS-5’s armour, but sometimes
    struggle to go through the T-10’s armour. I don’t know, but it seems like
    the IS-5 has weaker armour, and I might be correct, or totally wrong.

  37. Tim “runfox” B

    I really think from now on WG should give clan wars winners something other
    than OP tanks please, Great game though for sure , calm cool decision
    making. But really these clans that win clan wars are at a pro level and
    should be playing in their own leagues , in their own MM, not with the rest
    of us average casual players. Its just so frustraing to see a platoon of
    some crazy pro clan players totally carry a game in pub matches, and when
    your on the opposing team, you watch your team just melt away.

  38. congrats 400K subs!! ???

  39. Snowsailor was very lucky againt that ST. Emil, i have that tank and i cant
    believe that shell bounced

  40. short review: its a shit version of an IS-3

  41. 11kill by himself, in a platoon and no crucial contribution. this is why i
    only platoon with only people who have xvm in same range with me

  42. Aleksandar Ilceski

    Damm QB, Congratz on 400K mate 😉 Keep up the good work

  43. I peed a little before that last shell landed.

  44. Yes, QB, Is-5 is op with correct perks and equipment :)

  45. SnowSailor is on my friends list :)

  46. Very entertaining game in the end fadin medals , IS 5 tank is dangerous for
    good player lol ,

    And nice commentary 🙂 +QuickyBaby

    You deserve 4 million!??????????

  48. halo4pelicanflyer

    Never seen an m6a2e1 video yet I sent in 2 of my best ever…

  49. So epic, last round last kill…!

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