World Of Tanks IS-6 Tier 8 Premium Tank!

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World Of Tanks Tank!

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  1. im watch from school

  2. matt games

  3. Im going hunting today! Ya’ll be safe now you hear

  4. 10 views haha

  5. Swagggy Video!

  6. You’re such a bad player lmao

  7. Phly, ever heard of “sidescraping”? It works really well in the IS-6

  8. U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt???

    The fact that you load more premium than standard rounds is really annoying

  9. If I were to give you any tips, from “noob to newb.”
    Dont ever fire premium without fully aiming. And dropping the amount you
    carry to 10 or 12 will make you use it better.
    And if you spend a day or two shooting 1 specific weak spot, you will learn
    what tanks it works on. 2 days on hulls, then 2 days only turret cheeks,
    etc. Go for those shots only, and it will teach you very quickly where to
    shoot what tank.

  10. I am a decent player and I have to say you bought your Is 6 to early. You
    should have grinded a non premium tier 8 tank so you learn more on that
    stage in WoT.
    1st Match : all shots would had go in even WITHOUT the gold shots. So there
    were no need for this. Just aim carefully.
    2nd match :you waited to long and maybe should have pushed when the Type
    and the conquerer were alone
    Ps: therisiisingsun and Quickiebabay are good wot youtuber so maybe watch
    *just some critic *
    Sorry for bad english im from Germany :p

  11. This tank is amazing if you know what you are doing.

  12. I acteally thought about which tier 8 to buy, and the first thing I did was
    rule out IS-6 because of the gun, if I were you I would’ve got the the
    German tank because your play style. BTW I got the T30 BECAUSE HUGE GUN

  13. 07:54 why didnt you side scrape there 

  14. Try to angle when you are going into corners or sidecraping.

  15. 8:19 Soulja Boy Superman ^^

  16. Try to do more sidescraping in this tank Phly. You will be way more

  17. The IS6 really isn’t a good “newby” tank you would have been better of
    buying the Löwe 

  18. damn i hate the IS6 as a superpershing user lol

  19. The Löwe actually has a strip of very flat armour on its nose, Phly. About
    120mm I think. Pretty easy pen. It’s not really the lower plate, more where
    the lower and upper meet. 

  20. Lurve is how it’s pronounced phly you noob :)

  21. Imo best premium tank in the game. A real carry-the-team tank. The way I
    play this thing is that I tank corners and sidescrape, that makes you near
    impervious to enemy fire. (It’s not unusual to bounce ten shots while
    having only 61 hp left like this. That makes enemy tankers go crazy) Or I
    do some up-in-your-face brawling at the front line if I’m one of the top
    dogs on the team.

  22. Two tips:
    1. Learn to side scrape. It annoys me so much that you were poking at 7:54

    2. Don’t fire premium rounds. I’ve got two tier 9s and 3k games and I’ve
    only fired one premium round… ever. (It bounced). You can make yourself
    into a better player by learning where your gun can pen each tank. 

  23. Wow you suck at WoT. Some sidescraping in that position and nobody could’ve
    penned you.

  24. Yea Phly is red like meeeeeeeee!!!!!1

  25. I know you’re new to WoT, it is said: L-o-v-v-e (Luh-va). It has two “V”s
    instead of a “W”

  26. what. the IS6 is amazing!!!

  27. I believe Lowe is pronounced lurver

  28. Tactics in IS-6 is side scraping. And 175 mm pen is enough

  29. phly just thought id say that the is-6 is as good as the lowe (faster
    better armour same reload) that cant meet tier 10s and does more damage. as
    a german tier 8 id prefer a slower tiger 2 (maybe a 650hp engine add a ton
    to 2 to the weight and a 35kmh top speed) with the 88 (same 2.3s aim time
    and same rof as the regular tiger 2) and premium match making to the lowe.
    or maybe leave the lowe but give it the 128mm the e-75 gets with the same
    aim time it has now but a 14.5s reload with equipment and 0.4 accuracy it
    would make it a little more competitive in comparison to the t34.

  30. Yo Phly! The IS6 is the king of side scraping! Use that to your advantage
    and be more wise aboot your ammo you will save a lot more money (but I know
    that you already know that) just a reminder 🙂 keep up the good work

  31. just thought id say your better than me at driving this thing already ive
    lost the ability to play this thing well since i became more of a medium
    tank player and because its an is series tank i keep thinking it will be
    able to play a little more like a med like the is-8 or is but its not
    suited to that style of game play very well.

  32. You have to sidescrape in this tank, for example at 8 mins in you would
    have been able to hold that corner without taking much damage if any

  33. Also hold rmb to look around without turning turret, just a noob helping a
    newb ;)

  34. Gold noob

  35. Hi Phly, if I could suggest a couple of things they would be : with the is6
    you have to aim for the weakspots, all tanks have them if you want to stop
    spending all the credits that you earned on premium ammunition you have to
    learn them. There are the weakspot skins, I know they are not pretty but
    they can help to learn those weakspots quicker and you can get rid of them.
    I don’t know if you know about the tank inspector, its a programm that
    shows all the info known about a tank. Armour layout and all the detailed
    stats of all tanks, well worth the try. BTW its free ☺

  36. lel newb actin like u know everything and better than anyone on ur team :p

  37. wow you progress in that game way faster than meh ;(

  38. This tank is a great money maker.
    The only tanks that the IS-6 can’t reliably penetrate from the front are
    ST-I/E-75/VK4502B andKV-4.The ST-I/VK and E-75 to some extent,are
    impenetrable from the front with gold too,so the only tank you really need
    gold for is the KV-4.I usually carry about 5 APCR shells for when I need to
    kill a KV-4 or when I get an awesome battle and I don’t really care for the
    credits anymore,I just want to win.


  40. what mod is he using

  41. i fucking love my is-6, except that really low pen at 175…

  42. why you no side scrape!?

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