World of Tanks || IS-7 – Monkeys are cool?

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Here monkeys_are_cool from the NA server using his T10 Soviet heavy the like a boss!

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. crazy, sooo many bounce on this is7.
    great game dude!

  2. nice :)

  3. Omg that t-71 was dumb … 

  4. The real Milkatafel

    Why is the E 100 model in HD in this video? Was it on the Testserver?

  5. they both played very bad in the end. I would rather prefer to see a replay
    with players in is7 doing 6-7k damage and making great decision and
    outplaying people than seeing a game in is7 doing 10k damage by luck. I
    personaly like skillfull play instead of amaizing stats. Sure is just an

  6. T71 suck this battle at the end.

  7. Good thing he thinks monkeys are cool; he should enjoy the numbers of them
    he’ll find playing this game.

  8. Bad play with that IS-7 I would never come out like that!
    And bad play by T71 he should go from another angle!

  9. That E100 driver gave me the lols.

  10. Are they running this game on max?

  11. Side scraping because the top layer of the side armour is incredibly troll

  12. IS-7. MEH. The commies always have been and always will be the Care Bear
    faction. Even in War Thunder and their so called ‘historical accuracy’,
    the commies are the Care Bears.

  13. That was a good game.

  14. TBH i think the IS7 is a bit op…

  15. 9:04 The rendering finished.

  16. Well of course monkeys are cool, especially mandrills. Great replay! IS-7
    is such agile beast, great brawler tank.

  17. how do you get all this bigs tankes can you help me please l loss
    almostevery battle because those team is shit so l do not get money and xp
    not so many please help name GhostTankkiller

  18. what de hell e100 lower plate is more bigger???

  19. why does he even have those HE rounds?…

  20. That’s why WoT is a really fustrating game.. win a game alone and lose
    because of the rest of your team…. pathetic in my view.
    And btw, the Is7 is really OP with its troll russian armor -_-

  21. Eh quicky? The t71 is american not French. A tier 7 american scout tank

  22. 1. I think Monkeysarecool was depressed when he realize how easy he died. I
    think he was stressed after that game. Anyway – good job.
    2. you called t71 a french amx ? 😛
    3. first time I noticed how sunshine moves on groundsurface according to
    movement of the clouds.

  23. if i see someone getting like 10 kills and i’m the last survivor i wont try
    to win. even it is unsportsmanlike, it is the best for him.

  24. I have no problems with most IS-7 drivers I’ve faced that had face hugged
    I regularly drop 150mm love letters into their engine decks

  25. BOW TO THE IS7 MASTER RACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. T71 = French to quickbaby French backside lol how do you scrue that up??

  27. LOL… LOL…LOL…

  28. Wait a second,Is NA already updated to 9.7 !? THAT E100 IS HD

  29. Game would have ended differently if he would take a shot for the t54e1 whe
    nthe amx 50b was comign to shoot him. He would be able to cover his ass and
    win against the e3

  30. Thise reminds me of a video of wargaming showing a tank hulled down against
    like 10 waffentragers don’t remember which onces and it took atleast 30

  31. He should have reloaded his HE to shoot at the STA-1, adn keep his APCR for
    the T110E3, only mistake of the game imho :)

  32. New quote 2015 by QB- ” stronk as a bear “

  33. 12:58 AMX what? It’s a T71, american, not french. :P

  34. so balanced, must be russian

  35. ישראל איבגי

    T71 relly tomato player!!! he can win this battle.

  36. Ughh endings like these are so painful to watch. One did 9k dmg in a stock
    centurion 7/1 and lost :(

  37. what about IS-4 is it sth like IS-7?

  38. My brother did ht 15 in a kv4 the first time he played in it

  39. Everyone knows the true mvp was the amx 13 75

  40. 13:00 i am not sure but thats a t71 :P

  41. Your mother is cool… What?! Mothers ARE Cool!!!!

  42. Frostseeker Wot-EU

    “French backside”? –> Quickybaby DERP-Moment ™ 😛 in fact, the T71 is
    American ^^
    BEsides… well, I don’t think the T71 played that good at the last
    minutes… he should closed the distance after the E3 missed his shot and
    then, he would have got him easily… but yeah, would have, should have,
    could have… ^^

    Nevertheless, great game in the IS7 *thumbsup*

  43. You need a play on a russian server.

  44. Wow

  45. So close…

  46. He must be a monster !!!!!

  47. I hate players like T71, dont cap kill all…
    Sometimes its just better to cap!!!
    But most of the players dont like it…

  48. Cannot believe how many watch your videos without taking a moment to click
    the like button.

  49. Its sad to get destroyed by a fuckin tomato player when you did such a good
    game… Annoys me everytime.

  50. When the IS7 Died the T71 could’ve flanked him and killed the E3. When the
    E3 shot at basecap T71 could’ve flanked him and killed him. Also The T71
    was alive after the shot only because the E3 is even bigger noob than him.
    That was like watching 2 goats fight themselves. So bad.

  51. There are so many monkey related videos :D

  52. “Hah just another Unicum owning noobs.
    Not entertain- o wait he’s average?”

    “Hah all luck no skill! Did you see how he used Cod Tactics?”

  53. That E100 was HD. Does this mean that 9.7 is live on the EU server? Or is
    this a test server game?

  54. Hey QB, I can’t decide which is a better tankline to go through, the Waffen
    tragger e100 or the t49 American tank line? 

  55. The amx? It was a t71!

  56. Dude I bet that T110E3 did like nothing and then at the end of the game
    came out on full health that happens all the time in W.O.T

  57. T71 … last tank remaining XVM says tomato and he losses, nothing new

  58. “What sick monster send babies to fight me?!?!” -monkeys_are_cool

  59. The E100 can overmatch the top armor of the IS-7 with AP shells. That is
    the ONLY thing that he could’ve done in that situation.

  60. Great play by that AMX1375

  61. That was one of the best games I have ever seen,…and with a statistically
    “inferior” player to many of those we normally see featured here, yet he
    played almost perfectly.

  62. Hahahaha RIP EMAG bad kid. Clan of assholes on NA. Karma hurts.

  63. Check out my Instagram @like.4.a I post custom “like for a tbh/rate” stuff

  64. 9:05 Who else checked their computer?

  65. No One can damage him! WTF IS GOING ON!!! This game is amazing!

  66. I prefer to engage at shortish range or sidescrape with the IS-7 hiding my
    lower plate when I can. Facehugging against taller tanks is pointless as at
    tier x MOST players just shoot me in the cupola until dead.

  67. you had 1 fucking job t71

  68. t71 was shit

  69. I absolutely hated my is7 Was happy to sell the thing. It is nowhere near
    as great as the videos of it make it out to be. The hull armor is thin the
    gun depression sucks the gun is not all that great. These players were just
    bad. The IS4 is so much better.

  70. Wow he rolled for 514 twice in a row at the start

  71. Did this video upload in terrible quality for anyone else? ( mobile, can’t
    choose vid quality as far as I know )

  72. dude quicky that was some bs insult towards monkey and the t71
    complementing that e3 he’s a fucking lucky tomato that did virtually
    nothing the whole game

  73. I have also been there too, having a great game, and running out of goddamn
    ammo. Even another 10 rounds would be pro.

  74. Yay losing because this fucking idiot subhuman T71 cant find his own dick
    in his pants…..

  75. I want more of your videos and streams on Youtube!

  76. Someone doing well in an IS-7 against lower tier opponents who sit in front
    of him? Wow, he must be amazing at this game.

  77. 10:03 how was ther more than 1 person in the cap???

  78. I thought E100 does not have HD skin yet?
    (just went in game and checked mine in garage…..and that cant be in test
    server because there are no NA or RU or EU behind the usernames)
    how come?

  79. I like hiding my hull behind a Maus and using him like a building

  80. t71 what a retard i couldnt watch

  81. I think the is7 should just face hugg the e3 and let the t71 do the job

  82. I learned the hard way that you can take near full damage from a Jagzilla
    firing HE at your hull down IS7. How that was I dont know but I had one
    fire 3x at me (along wth a load of other tanks who were bouncing) but that
    penned and hurt me bad.

  83. I was facehuging once with my is7. .. e100 killed me by shooting the capola
    all the time

  84. *cough* OP *cough*

  85. dumbass T71

  86. Because Stalin.

  87. It wasn’t an amx, it was a t71. Great video.

  88. Was this on the test server? I noticed the E100 had his HD model.

  89. About 60% of those bounces were luck, pure luck. Suddenly, everyone forgot
    how to aim for the lower plate and when they remember how to do it, they
    shoot it while its angled and completly ignore a flat side with a front
    drive wheel.

  90. About the T71- French thing. Quickly baby could be referring to its French

    Who am I kidding? Quickly is dumb 😉 

  91. E3 az magyar volt 🙂 kaszás

  92. Wait, how was the E100 in HD? HD E100 is in 9.7 and quickybaby said at 4:12
    that Monkeys in on NA, which is in 9.6

  93. This is why I want to get the IS-7!

  94. Quickybaby called the T71 a amx and called it french

  95. I don’t mean to sound like an ass but this is why i gave up on this game.
    Still like it really enjoyed playing it but as soon as I hit tire 8 all
    kids of shit happen! I was so sick and tied of seeing this tank in mt tiger
    2. I really hate Russian tanks in this game you may say then why don’t you
    play Russian tanks? Because I like to play fair for me scumbags are the
    ones that use nothing but Russian Durp.

  96. Can somebody please link me to the video Quicky was describing?

  97. GG is7 driver…. my favorite spot is hulldown…. total beast

  98. The t71 was an idiot

  99. Im glad he got killed. This vid just show the Russian bias to Russian
    tanks. The IS-7 such a OPed bullshit tank

  100. The E-100 could have penetrated the IS-7 if he aimed for the cupola while
    face hugging and loaded HEAT

  101. min 13:02 “amx…juicy french backside”? that amx from your game is
    haunting you? :P

  102. If the e100 had pushed the is 7 into the wall he could have penned the
    commander hatch I do it all the time that’s why my e100 is my favorite tank

  103. And he forgot to hit the “Start” button on HT-15.

  104. You can totally tell, that this is the NA server…on EU they would just
    spam Premium Shells and call each other noobs :P

  105. wouldn’t it have been better shooting the amx 13 75 and probably the STA-1
    with HE? With a little bit aiming he still could have penetatred them and
    he would have the apcr shells left for the E3.

  106. lol that t71 is a baddie

  107. Amx? French backside? You are getting as bad as Jingles.

  108. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    When face hugged by an IS-7, it’s pretty effective to fire HE into his
    turret roof.

  109. nice game, but actually the IS7 threw the game away when he came out in
    front of the T3’s gun.

  110. The only mistake i saw monkeys are cool make is when the e3 was turning to
    kill the t71 and when he had only 1 more shot. He should have went and face
    hugged the e3 preventing him from turning, which would have given the t71
    an easy kill. Of course he needed to wait for the e3 to fire again before
    he made his move.

  111. for me the highlight is the AMX 13 75 trying his best and even trying to
    bodyblock XD, Kudos to that driver!! Shame that WOT scores kinda favour
    solo play.

  112. Im like one of those people that don’t handle 1 vs 1’s well I most likely
    would’ve failed hard just from trying to hard.

  113. AMX 13 75 – the peoples HERO !

  114. Can’t even remember the time we saw a vide of QB playing.

  115. TheAllMightyLight

    epic hearbreak

  116. amx? little french tank backside? bit confused arent u ? ^^

  117. Why would he come around the corner in front of the t110e3

  118. Hmm, nice replay thanks QB great play by monkey!, just looking at the other
    comments T71 is a AMX now? Was so shocked when I heard QB say that o: but
    hey back to the T71, I personally think he did rather well I would’ve
    rushed once the E3 fired and tried my luck, but then again when it comes
    down to a 1 vs 1 it’s quite easy to make a mistake as so much is riding on
    you, some people handle it well some don’t.

  119. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Why is the E 100 in HD?!?!

  120. So many mistakes from him today, on the livestream aswell calling a Russian
    tank a german one. Heads fried looking at screens all dag hahaha

  121. I feel proud :D

  122. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Pro tip: Angle you armor against tier 8s and lower so your lower plate is
    angled while you have enough effective armor to bounce in your upper front

  123. 2 noob at the end^^’

  124. Sometimes it does not matter how hard you carry. You are going to loss. It
    has been decided before you even picked your tank, ha.

  125. Stupidity armor o/
    And you never peak with an is7 that way..i mean You never Do that When an
    e3 is there with his 300 pen

  126. WE MADE IT !! :)

  127. Wow fucking stupid T71

  128. That T71 was capping and might have been able to cap out before the E3 got
    back there. It’s always frustrating to do really well and have the rest of
    your team do very little and lose. On the other hand, if your team plays
    well, then you won’t have monster games like that one.

  129. there were so many mistakes that could’ve been avoided.

  130. haha hope he was working on a HT mission 15 xD

  131. Wow, what a great game. I felt my heart clench at that ending, though.

  132. Is 9.7 up on NA server because that e100 is in HD?

  133. Hmm the NA server already has the E100 in HD?

    Also the T71 played really really bad, he should have capped and lure the
    E3 near him. Or rushed the E3 while he was tracked. But overall a very
    derpy play from him, you just saw he had no idea what he was doing..

  134. Omg they r adding a new french light the amx t71. Derp QB

  135. I have no problem beating a IS-7 in my E75 

  136. Woah this dumb T71….

  137. that is7 vid they did was ust a WG propaganda vid in real battle is7 will
    have fv215b183 jadgpanzere100s shooting at them

  138. I had a game in my IS7 a few days ago. I was poking a ridgeline with only
    my turret showing and from below an AMX 50 120 fired right through the
    front of my turret ^^ dont ask me how. The Jgd pz E100 behind the amx even
    bounced a HEAT shell.

  139. IS-7, IS-4, IS-8, ST-I, IS-3 really needs an ammo buff. At least increase
    it to 35-40 rounds

  140. stiggiekaptain TH3 R34L 5T1G

    T71 lost the game

  141. The IS-7 basicly was designed as a Front Tank and in the game its also good
    for facehugging E100s WT auf E100s and also FV 215b 183s… and also why
    the IS-7s side armor is completely awesome -> watch the tank guide from
    world of tanks’ youtune channel

  142. T71 with a French backside?!? Ohh QuickyBaby you so silly

  143. I did 12360 damage in my IS-7 one and a half year ago and i sent you that
    replay….U dont even watch it…

  144. Glad that the IS7 was my first (and currently only) tier 10… could get
    the e00 but i’m just not interested in it at all. Well back to the IS7
    I really like to use it’s good speed to rush into early and aggressive
    hull-down positions. So far i had some fantastic games in it and it really
    is a pleasure to drive… but i still have to ace it.

    Nevertheless great video QB and fantastic match really. Love what the AMX
    was trying to do 😀 Respect for monkey for doing such an aggressive play
    and flanking around the enemy lines :)

  145. Well… I have to say that sticking out the nose and getting killed by the
    E3 was a very stupid move.

  146. that T71 could have won the game when the monkeys was engaging the E3
    instead he was … hiding? O.o

  147. Poor guy, he lost after 10000 dmg. What he should od then to win? O_0

  148. *11 pm*
    *opening youtube*
    *quickybaby video…*

  149. Yep. Another game proving that w/l stats mean nothing in pubs.

    And T-71 has French butt?

  150. The t71 should have flanked the E3 when he fired the killing shot at the
    Is7. Or when he tracked the E3 in the end. Oh well. gg

  151. Like for penis.

  152. 514 damage how many times?!

  153. Woaw that ending tho

  154. the is-7 has a giant easily penned part of the tank on the side which is
    100mm thick below the spaced armour and above the tracks i often see people
    angling it like a kv4 but you really need to sidescrape in it like you
    would with a vk4502b if it had a frontally mounted turret.

  155. Comhghall Geraghty

    its a t71 not amx1375. quicky brain fart

  156. really bad played by the t71

  157. The T71 played really stupidly at the end. He could have easily won it 

  158. Lol I’m just sitting here laughing, looking at the mini map Cruz that indie
    panzer as absolutely surrounded!!!!!!!!! XD!!!!!!!

  159. Under 301 club,how tough are you.

  160. well played to e3? more like mistakes caused by adrenaline rush in monkeys
    and t71s driver blood gave him win

  161. what a defeat..

  162. QB would you consider putting the quality of the video down from 720p45 and
    1080p45 to just regular 720 and 1080 for us lower end peasants that want to
    enjoy decent quality?

  163. 13:00 little French backside? It’s a T71…
    Are you Jingles in disguise?

  164. Loved the attempt at saving by the AMX! That’s a great guy right there,
    good player. Also, I loved the Aggression by the IS-7, literally went
    roaming around behind enemy lines killing everyone.

  165. Worth it to get the lights after the elc amx? I love lights with great guns
    and the elc have one…but the french lights seems to have crap ones
    (penetration) until tier X

  166. I like turtles

  167. Василий Чкалов

    Hmm I wonder what the results would be if he was in an IS-4 instead… You
    think it would be a similar result? IS-4 suits my play style better, but
    that’s just me (:

  168. QB that on end id not french tank 🙂 so funny :)

  169. Under 301s, reunite!

  170. First comment, shit that never happens

  171. The Mighty Expert


  172. first comment yay. QB love ur vids keep up the reviews. Cant wait to sink
    you in world of warships.

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