World of Tanks || IS-7 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – . Today I’m reviewing the most popular T10 heavy in the game the Soviet IS-7.

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play which is available as a free . It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Stop nagging about the IS-7’s stats QB, there’s this thing called Russian
    Bias xD

  2. I think IS-7 can be a rather good reverse side scraper. ;)

  3. I just love how IS7 looks

  4. 23:00 you can see shadow from machinegun but there is no machinegun on the

  5. There is no serious heavy tanks at enemy team. This replays are useless…
    We havent seen the real performance yet..

  6. it seems that is-7 needs a little buff

  7. I hate coming across these things when scouting in my amx, or when they tag
    along in medium wolfpacks

  8. Minh khoanpk Nguyen

    Can this thing do reverse side-craping? since the back armor has 2 troll
    corner armor and 1 soft point at the middle.

  9. 60 km/h only when you drop it from the plane. No, seriously, you can reach
    this speed only down from very steep hill.

  10. If there’s an option to shoot APCR with your tank, AP has no place in your

  11. Last match: Only shot at once with normal ammo, shows how broken this game
    is at the moment. Can’t wait for the HEAT pen nerfs hitting relatively soon
    so these tanks will get 30mm more penetration maximum with premium ammo.

    With all the premium ammo flying around and all the one-shotting artillery
    at Tier 10 heavy tanks in that tier bracket are pretty obsolete in most
    engagements a part form the lucky few you show here. It’s almost always
    better to play a medium or even a light tank. Same penetration but vastly
    better mobility. Since your armour is irrelevant anyway it’s better to have
    mobility than armour.

  12. I need 2,334 more experience until I get this tank and I have enough
    credits. I’m so excited

  13. how long do you have to play a single tank to get 3 crew skills + part of a

  14. The nice thing about the aim time requiring you to “just sit there” is that
    this is a tank that can very much do that.

  15. Here is my review of the IS7. Stalinium armor , shit DPM , shit gun ,
    mediocre mobility, the top speed is downhill only and huge tank in case you
    don’t want clickers to miss you. Frontally shoot pyke-nose or sides of it
    if the IS7 driver thinks its better to angle, otherwise flank it and shoot
    it between spaced armor and tracks-everything above 200 is going to pen
    that spot. The end.I didn’t need to make a video about it.

  16. Gameplay starts at 10:25

  17. there was a time when you just ammo rack the face of IS 7 with an e 100 183
    the fv and the t92s…. those were the days.. and it still doing great.. my
    first heavy ever was an e100.. with 5 crew skills. going to six. no marks
    of excellence just grinding my lovve.. there was time when all e100 vs is 7
    fought.. e100 won animously with.. yours truly heat rounds. AP its a
    situational thing

  18. Quickybaby! you must update your modpack!

  19. Please will you make tank review about IS 4

  20. New version of your modpack please! I love it :)

  21. Most OP tank in game, compared to the others

  22. PLZ review the is4

  23. u could have saved os much time by just putting the WG video about the IS7
    infront of the gameplay…

  24. Which tier 10 tank seems to be the best at the moment????

  25. Is-4 review plz

  26. most likely IS7 will engage close target, accuracy is not a case,

  27. lol why did he spam so much gold

  28. love the IS-7 but an E100 firing HEAT at you is always a lost battle.

  29. IS-7 should get Bl-10 as unclockable gun with 3,4s aim time and 3 round per
    min. = 2250 base dpm.

  30. Matthew “Donutdude” Halsey

    My first and only tier X after nearly 6k battles. I absolutely love it.

    Great video.

  31. 60 dislike E100

  32. e75 shooting it with normal rounds penetrating it every time, papertank

  33. Thanks QB for finally going into detail with equipment and crew skills,
    hopefully this trend will continue.

  34. I dunno about the PC version, but the XBOX ONE version is ruined by retard
    teams. I lost 4 straight games in my Obj.140. I did over 4k damage in each
    game yet my idiotic team could not do their part! Between the moron allies
    and cowardly arty players, its enough to turn me off to this game.

  35. UntamedAssassin 27

    Great video QB

  36. took you a while to review the first t10 heavy tank of the game qb

  37. Michele Malvestiti

    Pls can you make a review for the IS-4? Thanks, i love your videos and your

  38. I was waiting this for years!!!!!!!!!

  39. QB, can you do a T32 review soon?

  40. When driving against it, I treat it as a victim -consistent and easy
    penetration. Especially if they are playing it shy and try to trade with
    you from mid range. Unless they are in a pack with other is7’s, they are
    really not that strong.When driving the actual tank I apply a “in your
    face” strategy -try to convince a few heavies in my team to come with me
    and just go balls crazy from 10m distance. You would be amazed how people
    panic when they see you coming at them at full speed.

  41. o-ho 150mm vs is7 hull down

  42. Brian Lavrens Watson

    ahh the old IS-7, mother of weakspots.
    a weakspot guide on how to shoot the IS-3 is 8mins long..
    same for IS-7 14 mins long.. there is just soo many ways to kill it..
    when driving the IS-7 i fear IS-3s more than other IS-7’s the 225mm pen is
    just more than enough and your low hp, makes you a juicy taget for tier 8.
    and removing a Tier x Heavy at the start of the game is a good morale boost
    to the team.

  43. As an IS-7 owner, yeah it’s not awful, but it’s by no means great. Like
    it’s better than an E-100 (unless the E-100 knows how to spam that HEAT),
    but that is really not saying much these days.

    If I could wave a magic wand and convert my IS-7 to a 113, I probably
    would, but anyways…

    Now you’ve reviewed the most popular heavy tank in the game (probably since
    it’s been in the game from launch and it’s ruski heavy), rather than the
    IS-4, how about the Obj 263? The 263 doesn’t want to be left out like it
    always is. :p

  44. Which is better first t10 IS-7 or T57 heavy?

  45. is 7 is getting nerfed top speed will be lower leaked from sandbox

  46. …but…quick… You told them my weak points :(. Meh XD


    Did he say:” vk4202p” ?

  48. The is7!!!!! My favorite tank in the game!!! :D

  49. One thing is-7 has is a high chance to be ammo racked by high caliber
    premium shells like the Jageru

  50. please have a full review of the is-4

  51. i have sacrificed 5 girls into my IS7, i am regretting it ATM – I don’t
    know, i don’t enjoy playing IS7 as much as E5 or even T-10 … would love
    to have a chance to take my girls into some medium now :)

  52. Alexander Addison

    I made that same mistake vis a vis IS7 loaders but it’s not an issue, you
    can just swap them round.

  53. +Quickybaby i prefer using toolbox instead of vert. stabilizator becauze
    tank has low HP, and when someone tracks you, u are exposed to the arty,
    and they can smash your HP very easy. but with vert. stab. you are not
    going to fire on the move with russian gun.. xD

  54. Quickybaby, could you review the Chinese IS-2 next? I want to know if it’s
    worth the grind through my type 58..

  55. Hi Quickybaby,
    I’m new to the game, and I really like tank destroyers with a high dps.
    What TDs would you consider? What route would you proceed with at first?
    Best Regards,

  56. IS7 got nerfed too much… at least DPM should be re-considered or the
    mobility as it is terrible in those aspects…. i hated the IS8 (now called
    T-10) but i love the idea of having such a nice turret armor and spike nose

    thanks again QuickyBaby for all your great videos, thanks to you now i am a
    better player :)

  57. its still a good tank but it definitely need improve gun handling or dpm
    buff, theres so many new tanks i feel like WG just forgot about it.

  58. That accuracy makes me want to puke. Bad on paper… In game just click or
    aim nearly till the end to get Grille 15 accuracy in that Russian piece of
    shit. Look where these shots go! Nearly every time to the direct centre.
    It’s such a joke. That’s more accurate than any German tank even if
    Wargaming tells you something else… Good job on that!

  59. wich one I shoud get object 140 or t62a?

  60. Great to see some proper, helpful analysis (including crew skills/
    training) in the first 10mins backed up with some live game where those
    points are reinforced – this is why QB’s one of the best.

  61. Is8 should be tue next though because I don’t even know how to use it lol

  62. Yeay! QB actually says Waffenträger auf pz. Four, instead of trying to say
    auf pz. Vier. :)

  63. I never have problems with penning the is7 in T10s ?

  64. AvadaKedabra Fighter

    hey i want a tier 5 m4 sherman medium tank review

  65. i updated the game today and XVM stopped working (again) what should i do

  66. IS-7 should be overpowered as hell….they were phenomenal tanks.

  67. Stalin guided shells

  68. Lol i needed this video!!!! i have the T-10 tank and im just about to get
    the IS-7

  69. this might sound strange, but can anyone tell me what is the point of
    vertical stabilizer… +20% after move? It gna help only in peek a boo and
    shooting on the move…

  70. 22:47 poor t-34-2

  71. finally i saw some agressive unicom plays by u, the past half a year since
    that AMX 30 i havent seen this play from you anymore

  72. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich

    I think the T-22 med has the most unique shape.

  73. QB did you become noob? switching gold for 9 tier tanks? what example are
    you giving those already gold user damb kids?
    Moreover, I have a serious question: I am good player and I see a lot of
    similarity in your game and mine, also I see similarity how you think and
    act in game, I mostly play the same way, my thinking also matches. So, how
    it happens that you have such a good stats on all tanks and mine cannot
    even come close? there is so much distinction that I cannot explain how is
    it possible.

  74. please do IS4

  75. Its not true I hown 1vs1 all is7 you front of me with a E100 they have a
    weak spot on the side of the canon QB I can show you if you want i play on
    NA name : Col_Cote

  76. Death Star does 158 damage. WTF?

  77. Thanks QB, awesome video!!

  78. Hey QuickyBaby, awesome Review. Would you mind doing one on the IS-4 to?
    I’m probably not the only one who is interested. :)

  79. regard of the first battle i often see in the past few months hts going to
    weird places like that is4 and the t34 platoon. is there any sane reason
    for this change (pls do not mention their win%)? also experiencing an
    overwhelming cowardness amongst mts seems like they just waiting to someone
    else do something rather than wolfpacking the opposite lot. oh and these
    things started way before the arrival of the grille 15. that just made even
    the hts afraid to push anymore….

  80. I just love to play the IS-7 as a “heavy medium”. Just push one side with a
    bunch of meds and the IS-7 will be one of the best tanks in the game. :)

  81. i think if a player is “lost in battle” it just means they went back to the
    garage without dying first


  83. How can I send you a replay video

  84. is7 has troll armor, got penned in the front of the turret by E4 and
    bouncing Wt E100 with the side armor.

  85. Is WT auf E100 still in the game? I thought it was replaced by Grille 15

  86. a little tip if your tall enough and face hugging and he is facing the
    turret to left or right. aim to the left of his turret is to the left and
    shoot down on a small part of the top of the hull. vice versa when his
    turret is facing to the right he exposes the same small part of the top of
    hull. don’t know if this still works since all I fight are shitty gold
    spamming e100 and e5s sorry for bad English :o

  87. A classic mistake people make is shooting the lower plate of the VK 45.02
    B. Both the upper and lower plates are 200mm thick, and the angling of the
    lower plate makes it effectively thicker than the upper plate.

  88. 21:22 “the VK 4…202P manages to finish him off first.”

  89. IS-4 review please or maybe IS-7 vs IS-4?

  90. Of course the russian mediums are gonna spam heat…

  91. These are only numbers. In game IS7 have better battle statistics. Because
    you know. Soviet tank. Explains everything.

  92. quickbaby can u redo a charioteer preview? i keep getting owned in it and
    keep losing money no matter how i play it aggrassive or passive

  93. lol try ramming E100 at 59km/h lel , u would love it

  94. +Quickybaby plz make a IS 4 review or a IS4 vs IS7 what do you think in

  95. nice vid QB, irs nice too see that this game still exist

  96. Review the KV 2!

  97. дедуся тащит)))

  98. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    I was in a bt2 and penned an is 7 so it isn’t that wellcarmoref

  99. go check out my world of tanks blitz videos on my channel! just started and
    want some suggestions and help. (and yes I feel like a dick for doing this
    but I gotta start somewhere right?)

  100. 59 kph in free fall maybe…

  101. Yeaaa… and WG is regretting making the IS-7 the top soviet heavy tank.
    It’s probably not too long until they replace this tank too.

  102. So fucking balanced dude , they even buffed its gun a few patches ago
    fucking russian bias

  103. 300 MM of hull armor doesnt mean shit when you have a game full of heat
    spammers (every tier 10 game)

  104. two games , 1 isu152 sacrifice and 1 isu152 Savior , how about isu152 next?
    trollcannon pls

  105. I play my is8 like a med, should I do the same with the is7?

  106. But IS it good?

  107. PANKI was here :)

  108. Quickybaby is the is 4 review coming soon?

  109. SovietTenkDestroyer

    I would like to stress that the side armor has internal angling of the
    100mm of side armor. However, this is not seen and it makes people think
    that the 30mm of spaced armor is to be blamed for the troll side armor.
    While the 30mm of spaced armor does influence it, the 100mm of internal
    angling is what makes it so trollish.

  110. The IS-7 also has a wonderful grind in the tech tree.

  111. There’s no such thing as “resorting” to fire premium rounds anymore QB. WOT
    has degenerated to “We didn’t penetrate” followed by frantically hitting
    the 2 button….

  112. My 1st Tier 10!!

  113. QB health

  114. Look at his Health at 25:42

  115. I thought the most popular T10 heavy was the T110E5, you know, because it’s
    OP And BROKEN as hell….

  116. If you have high pen, aim for the front drive wheel when its coming after
    you. Ammo rack is there.

  117. R.I.P IS-7, Still remember the day i sold this shit tank

  118. Michael Cartwright

    I loved my IS-7…. until every other tier 10 came out. It’s not that great
    anymore. Rather its more of a disappointment.

  119. “…right.”
    -QB, in all of his videos lately.

  120. i love my IS-7. Best game for damage blocked was over 8,000.

  121. I am a fan of the IS-4, more versatile then the IS-7.

  122. whats the website to uploading videos that he can pick from?

  123. Thank you for doing an older tank and providing an updated guide for
    people comming to grips with an old tank in Today’s World of Tanks
    instead of the World of Tanks of 3 to 5 years ago.

    Please to the AMX M4 mle. 45 next.
    It is the longest and most frustrating obstacle to overcome before
    reaching the 3 AMX 50 variants that are the reason people grind up the
    French Heavy line. Also it’s the last chance you have to learn good
    lessons to prepare you for the fast auto-loaders, and while the M4 does
    have the lack of armor that teached being careful and acting as a
    support tank, it doesn’t really have speed or firepower to convey many
    good lessons about how to make the best use of the tanks that come after
    it. The M4 tends to teach you to be not just careful (which is good)
    but timid (which is bad) or to pick up bad habits born of frustration
    [getting pissed and making poor decisions the moment things don’t go
    well, or being mindlessly aggressive because you feel like it stopping,
    thinking, and giving it your best won’t actually do much] (which is also

    I feel a review by you would both help people get though the AMX M4
    faster and, more importantly, help them understand what lessons to carry
    with you from the M4 to the Fifties, and what lessons you are going to
    need to unlearn when moving from the M4 to the Fifties.

  124. I have the T-10 unlocked not bought yet, 1st Tier-10 i have is the Obj-140
    also have the M-48 unlocked not bought though but the IS-7 will be my 1st
    Tier-10 HT soon enough

  125. IS-4 review next?

  126. Having a hard time deciding where to go through the kv line or is line.
    Please comment which line I should go through

  127. His fps is allways 60

  128. yea i sold my is7 thinking obj260 is going to be mush better , and i found
    out the hard way that obj260 is one of the worse tier10 heavys .

  129. MS-1?

  130. Can you make Leopard 1 review?

  131. Woah – this is highly anticipated.

  132. how many money u pay to wargaming to get this machmaking?I always get at
    least 5 to 7 tier x tanks.
    bravo all u need to0 do is press that battle button

  133. e5 needs a nerf right now its the kv1s of tier 10 but instead of insane
    alpha and a random gun you get a very consistent gun and high dpm and
    considering most people insist on full prem in that tank it basically gets
    tier 10 td pen on a mobile chassis with an amazing turret (since the cupola
    basically tripled in strength with hd) and incredible front hull armour
    (which also immensely improved with hd). its so broken its a joke.

  134. Nice timing m8, good you showing us this brand new tier 10 heavy.

  135. IS7 was my first tier 10 tank. It is very good in some situtations but i
    just think that the armor is kinda bad because the way it is angled. if you
    dont angle, enemies will easily pen your lowerplate. when you angle, they
    just pen the unangled part. and the bad dpm just makes it imo frustrating
    to play if your enemies know what their doing.

  136. Type 5 heavy not the type 4 XD

  137. doesnt vents give you 5% aim time and 5% after movement? so wouldnt be
    silly to pick gun laying drive over vents because of the other bonus stats?

  138. IS-7 is a pile of crap thanks to WG not balancing the game properly.

  139. It amazes me how many people don´t know the VKB´s weakspots. Like the IS-7,
    it’s incredibly tough to kill, but you don’t even need prem rounds to pen a
    VKB from the front if you’re in a T8 or 9 tank. You gotta shoot the bugger
    in the machinegun port if you can’t hit the cupola. Yeah, it’s 200 mm
    thick, but it’s flat, unlike the rest of the front. It works really well
    against those drivers who think they’re invincible and don’t even bother to
    angle their front, making it extra satisfying watching them panic when you
    damage them.

  140. is the is-7 a beter is-3 ?

  141. Your “P”s are clipping

  142. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    In glorious Soviet Union, you don’t aim gun, gun aims you! Seriously
    accuracy stats mean feck all in this game, I have pretty much the same
    accuracy stats in my E50m as I do in with my Russian derp tanks. For
    guaranteed hits, fire snap, while turning turret and hull and moving at
    full speed. Disclaimer this only works on Soviet tenks, try doing this in
    an accurate German tank and the shot will enter orbit or dig its way to

  143. its russain that is all you need to know

  144. Facehugging an E-100 is not a good idea. E-100 is much taller and can
    easily shoot down on the IS-7s cupolas (if he knows what he’s doing). Also
    it has much more health and better dpm.

  145. qb if safe stowage is on the wrong loader you could just switch their
    position in the crew line up

  146. Well I really enjoy the IS7, how ever…. It has a tendency of getting
    Ammoracked from Full health.
    Played the 50 be top 10 in exp earned and get the reserves, but i had 3
    Ammo Racks full health in 30 games havent played It since.

  147. Why don’t you do an IS-4 review? It has better side armour than frontal and
    is known for reverse side scraping very effectively. Also, it’s turret is
    also not too bad and strong enough to bounce quite a few shots. I am
    grinding to the IS-4, not the IS-7 for this reason.

  148. hey qb you think well be able to test the new vk100.01 tank in the sandbox?

  149. Awesome advice on the crew skills. My first T10 was the IS-7 and this was
    new to me. Thank you very much re the loaders.

  150. Why don’t you review the IS-4 Quickybaby

  151. With a turret like this, how does this tank get -6 gun depression and any
    kind of view range?

  152. do a vk45.02 review plz

  153. the T-10 has a much better gun than the IS-7 and driving the T-10 feels
    more mobile even though the IS-7 top speed is higher because of the tank’s
    ground resistance. if it wasn’t for the armor the IS-7 wouldn’t become so
    much popular. the IS-7 is my first tier 10 tank but didn’t like it as much
    as my T-10. i play my T-10 more often than my IS-7.

  154. Pls do a IS-4 review pls, consider it’s kinda the not-so-well-known one in
    regards to the more popular IS-7 :3

  155. I keep reading on forums that Vents don’t actually provide 5% improvement
    but more like 2 or 3%. But regardless, I tend to use it in all my tanks
    because I need all the help I can get.
    *Edit: Thanks for the crew skill tips, QB. I never actually knew that about
    the second loader. I’ll keep an eye out for that now.

  156. I’m working on the IS line right now. Can’t wait to get my IS-3. Great
    video. +1 like.

  157. Tier X shooting prem at a tier 9. I dunno just seems sad. Stop trying to
    justify your prem spam with bullshit.

  158. why are there Wt auf E100

  159. Parrish Kerrstein


  160. I think the most played tier X tank is no longer the IS7, way too much BCs,
    E5s and Grilles atm

  161. Praise Stalin!


  163. Cheers man, your video’s kick ass :)

  164. VK4202(P) xD

  165. 16:50
    ” I just completely fapped the shot”

    We all had that moments…LOL

  166. Jpz E-100

  167. liked it aint even watched it yet i know itl be good

  168. 113 next

  169. I think one of the greater reasons for the IS-7 being so popular isn’t so
    much in the armor profile but that the line leading to it is one of the
    easiest in the game with the KV-1(S),KV-85, IS, and IS-3 all being very
    competitive. T-10 isn’t too bad after the buff either. :-/ Just my two

  170. The reason why I sold the is7 after 500 games is because of its terrible
    guns I just couldn’t use it, and I kept getting penned somehow cough cough
    gold spam

  171. review hetzer

  172. all them stats dont mean shit when the enamy is useing AIMBOT

  173. centurion*

  174. The is7s gun in real life can’t pen itself …

  175. maybe you should do a review on the centuries 7/1 I think you should

  176. is7, e100 or t57 for the last heavy mission for obj260?????

  177. Anastacio Vergil Aviado

    Yow QB! been a long time sub of yours, and I’ve noticed that ever since you
    got the 6700K + 980ti set up, your frame rate stays about the same at 61
    fps, it doesn’t seem to go higher than that nor lower, is this something
    that you’ve programmed? like a frame limit to compensate for heavy work
    load? Kinda wanna know what that is, like the idea of maintained FPS, rater
    than throttle then go down massively. Thanks! Also this vid has been quite
    late, been waiting for it in a while. Still loved it though.

  178. love my is7

  179. he said vk4202 not fv4202 lol!

  180. Oliver Richardson

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz×10000000000000000000000 do a
    fucking IS 4 review

  181. Finally!! Thanks QB

  182. if there is not an IS 4 review soonish, bend over, grab your ankles and
    kiss your ass goodbye…

  183. Tank is ruined. Absolutely usseles in Clan wars.

  184. that’s it… IS 4 review confirmed

  185. TheBritishway Britain

    IS 4 review! needed right now

  186. do a batchat review

  187. I mean, come on. you HAVE to do an IS 4 review next… we must know which
    is better

  188. World of tanks is the best game in the world,and developers are so good and
    listen to what the players have to say,and ofcourse who would forget the
    artillery,oh boy do we like that,to get smacked from above,splashed for 1k
    dmg,it just feels so good and rewarding,did i mention the xvm,well you will
    be pleasantly surprised,xvm gets you yoloed cos why the fuck not,and
    retards like colors,they say it adds to the game, 10/10 would not play it
    ever again.

    P.S yes i do realize i clicked on the video about exact same game,not easy
    to just forget something that you wasted 4 years playing it.

  189. nice… but not interested in IS 7, however… next review of IS4? plz plz

  190. since when is 303 prem ammo pen in tier 10 any good? ^^
    otherwise you’re right of course, get up close and personal is the way to
    get good games in the IS7 🙂
    .. you won’t hit anything at longer ranges most of the time (at least
    that’s what I experienced in the IS7) :/

  191. Only learned two things. Look how op wt e100 it is, feels sorry for that
    t34. And second, shameless t62A shooting heat all day long…..

  192. SweetAlex 274 Gaming

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I love my mom, so do you.

  193. It is an eternal question which is better IS-7 OR IS-4 !?
    I think Both are good.

  194. You get 60 extra damage per minute (nothing) .1 more accuracy (decent) and
    .07 extra aim (nothing as its still bad) time for vents…or you could get
    32 more view range…View range will almost always be more important then
    those very limited stat increments..and if you don’t have a BIA crew or
    using food, it actually doesn’t improve your accuracy at all considering
    its more like a .05 accuracy increase. You won’t see your accuracy go below
    .38 to 37 unless you have one of those added on top of vents.

  195. but these replays are your?

  196. Bottom loader :D

  197. OK nice review… could you do an IS 4 one now? I am grinding both and
    would like to know about both tanks???

  198. This was one of my first 2 Tier 10 Tanks. 🙂 The other was the Object 140.

  199. because russia

  200. They should buff the DPM it’s so low !

  201. May you make a review about the E50 M

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    always one on one and even then he refused to match a BC in the first
    replay. The IS-7 was my first tier ten tank, but I never really liked it
    as, in NA at least, everyone smurfs around with prem ammo and out dpms you.
    Face hugging barely works, as anything much taller that you can pen your
    roof with ease, even E100. In my experience it never got to shine with it’s
    armor that much as most people play OP heavies, or Med wolf packs that ruin
    IS-7s. I am not hating on QB, I just think he makes it seem a little better
    than it is. Also, he never got hit by arty in that thing lol. those ruin
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    its rear armor, and then getting teamkilled by the artillery. BTW for the
    curious, the turret traverse is so poor you can empty the entire magazine
    from an AMX 13-57 before an IS-7 can swing its gun around. To be fair it
    might have had other module damage.

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    even newer heavies just simply are so much better. Anytime Quickybaby sums
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    situation is absolutely dire, is it really necessary?

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