World of Tanks || is DpM Everything?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Ó Object 430. Today I’m playing tank with the highest Damage Per Minute in the game the T10 Soviet Object 430 and asking if DpM everything?

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. DPM may or may not be everything, but with the top-tier Russian Mediums
    like this, you get insane DPM, incredible mobility, godly armor, exquisite
    gun handling, incredible accuracy, and extreme camo.

    Gotta love tanks that are just stupidly OP at literally everything by

  2. RNG!

  3. I love my 430. IMO best russian medium, after 907.

  4. Per Arne Ljostveit (Phyromanser)

    You should have used HE there QuickyBaby, even a shot at the track with HE
    would have killed him, but awsome game! :)

  5. that nasty bugger with the cold was jingles….. mwuhahahahaha!

  6. prem bastard use a small first aid kit

  7. Jack of all trades ftw ;)

  8. I just miss my old STA-2
    now is really crappy tank????????

  9. OP110E5, keeping tomato’s alive undeserved since 2016 🙂

    But yes, DPM/RoF is everything World of Corridors.

  10. the man flu epidemic, everyone but rita

  11. Filthy bugger on the plane? Were you on the same plane as Jingles?

  12. great game!!!

  13. No intro ? ^^

  14. jeez QB, if this happened to me id probably quit playing for a long time
    haha. I know it was a great match regardless of the loss but just feeling
    so cheated when you clearly outplayed him.. even with a youtube account
    dedicated to WoT it must be hard sometimes to soldier through these

  15. haha good roll

  16. I think apcr will kill him in 2nd chance but HEAT only damage his track

  17. guuuuys!!!! Watch the video untill the end! XDDD

  18. It always gets on my tits when people only focus on DPM, because DPM !=
    DDPM ffs!

    If you look at vbaddict statistics the E 50M have higher DDPM (as well as
    DD) than both Object 140, Type 62A, and Object 430. Despite having the
    lowest DPM of the four.

  19. im on 430v2 and cant wait for the 430 theyre both amazing tenks

  20. 11:18 hahhahah that face

  21. Ridiculous end… but a great video and an awesome channel. Gg Quicky ?


  23. Dimitrios Keramidakis

    thumb down QB coz u lost!

    jk, epic battle!

  24. @quickybabytv do you have some tips for Mission ‘lt-15’?

  25. i am not in the position to tell you this but i think you couldve won if
    you use HE

  26. Boromir “Hugmir” Smith

    You could also blame this on loading a few too many HEAT rounds ^^

  27. RNGesus giveth and RNGesus taketh

  28. Rip sickybaby

  29. QB…put a dam healing kit into tank. :D

  30. RNG says no…

  31. I don’t think DPM is everythink, because when you are both hands left idiot
    in cromwell, you can only ruin battles. (just met one of these yesterday)

  32. i saw this live. i think you never use prem comcumebles on tier 10 russian
    MEDS….. just a prem fire and small med kit small repair kid it give you
    much more succes….try it;);)

  33. E5 is really overpowered, that’s why t34 premium tier 8 needs a huge buff.
    Normal pen, normal average damage, extremely long reload…. You no longer
    have any advantage when fighting these tier 10s…..

  34. Got a cold, eh? That’s what you get for hanging out with Jingles!

  35. We missed you, glad you come back

  36. Oh! I know who the bugger that was sick, it was Jingles! The old coot gave
    you his man flu!

  37. Ehrm… You forgot your intro….

  38. that moment when he dont use warpack to aim for him~

  39. If DPM was everything the Tortoise would be absolutely insane but it
    actually gets easily wrecked, but hey, that’s none of my business

  40. raul yanez cortes

    Raging snoob, sucking the second sock(IK), E 50 meters… If you understand
    these you are a real fan of QB….

  41. nice

  42. Lol did you forget the T110E5 has 9 sec reload?

  43. Nice facial expressions

  44. Well it is an E5 totally balanced

  45. And a message to a QB from a tomato
    Always pack a med kit no matter what tank you are playing

  46. “Is DPM Everything?”
    Me: To you, QB, it is.

  47. Hahaha, the nasty one with the flue was Jingles LOL…

  48. And fucked by RNG…

  49. arent heat wont be able to overmach and pen even paper armor when its on
    extreme angle?
    i once bounce heat from rhm with jgpz.4 side skirt

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