World of Tanks || is Ranked Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Today I'm talking all about battle, how you have to be to succeed and if it's even worth it in the first place!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. never played ranked, it is no fun at all

  2. Rank battle is much better than normal battle.

  3. Agree with QB about the average or lower players working at the game but never getting rewards. I’m 55 love the game (ex tanker US Army) but I cannot keep up with “teens & 20 year guys”. That hand and eye coordination is gone. Anyone have any tips (serious ones plz) for an old tanker? Thanks.

  4. Played about 250 games on American servers with strv and obj 277 and finished in bronze.

  5. 100% NOT :((

  6. I played ranked a couple times on NA server each season. This season it’s only available after I usually go to bed, takes about 2mn to get into a battle… Competitive, gold slinging, weird times and long queues, don’t have a Super Conqeror/430U/140. Not really worth it. Good way to hemorrhage credits when I am saving them for new tanks. Made millions per week on Frontline while having a lot of fun and I wasn’t even taking it that seriously.

  7. what rank is QB?

  8. I’ll play Ranked again.. when WG stop feigning ignorance and fix the whole game, core mechanics, balancing. All of it. /

  9. Rank battle was suck and i never play that thing

  10. This mode is the definition of all that is wrong with the game; premium spam, unbalanced tanks, toxicity. I will never, ever, play this mode.

  11. It’s not on the North American Server as there aren’t enough players. Usually less than 100 at a time.

  12. What timely advice!

  13. A good 5 minutes discussing how P2W WoT is… Introduce game modes where the only way to play on a remotely even playing field is to sling ‘premium’ ammo. Since only the unicunts will be getting the credit boosters and bonds for purple gear putting them even *further* above and ahead everyone else all of those in the lower ranks will either have to stick with their standard laughably useless ammo – or whip out that wallet to have enough gold to convert to pay for all of that premium shit to sling.

    WG needs to address this if they want to continue being seen as a ‘competition worthy’ game (i.e. E-sports League).

  14. I’m on Australia server and no one plays it. I’m not going on Hong Kong server with 200 ping to play a camp fest with all gold spam with sit at the back unicorns playing as they always play selfish as. The gameplay is so slow I tried it for 4 games but really I have more to do with my time.

  15. All Unicorns are selfish. And that’s what I hate in this game, it’s supposed to be a game where you play in a team, but then you get these egos that just care about them self. That’s why Frontline is the best mode so far.

  16. First, ranked battles are rigged. Map rottation sucks. In this game mode player is one that should be ranked, and not bad team.

  17. Ranked battles are a joke in WoT compared to WoWS.

  18. Ranked Season has ended on NA and I believe that I ended in position 1451. Not bad, I guess.

  19. Well, seems its about as much fun as ranked in World Of Warships. None.

  20. Hello QB, played 3 games…no interest in tier 10’s

  21. I played Kranvagn in ~80% of my ranked games, because I don’t have the Super Conqueror, and let me tell, it is extremely frustrating to see that everybody is spamming gold. Sometimes they even penetrated the Kranvagn’s turret, which is straight away infuriating. Ranked is all about the gold spam unfortunately. I wish WG decided to only be able to use regular ammo in the next ranked season.

  22. for me the fun of WoT is taking risks and trying different things. Not a great thing to do in Ranked. So I just played it using my play style, and got to rank 7. I noticed from there my play style doesn’t cut it anymore, and the games get frustrating so I stopped.

  23. Ranked battles are and will continue to be a joke as long as premium rounds are allowed

  24. Well.. sometimes it’s all about your team and QB knows that. It doesn’t matter if u’re 70% win rate or 50% ..if your team are garbage.. yesterday for example it was pretty bad day for me to play ranked, doesn’t matter how much dmg. I make 2k , 3k, 4k, few kills etc. and at the end we still lose due to idiotic teammates or poor strategies. But still I think it’s worth playing it.

  25. what about asia server? :O

  26. Nathaniel Gousset

    I dont like ranked and will not play it.
    I HATE the fact that ranked affect my games anyway because I had to compete against enhanced module for the Ace Master medals. And that suck.

  27. Nice breakdown for ranked battles, QB!

  28. After 2-3 years of play over 5,000 games I have two tier 8 tanks and about a half dozen lines that I am grinding gernerally. So, quickybaby, this is my opinion of ranked battles. I feel that ranked battles for tier 10 only is a bit of a slap in the face to those of us who haven’t grinded to own one or more tier 10 tanks. I’m not a free to play player and would like to see ranked battles for other tiers. Even if they were at different times throughout the year so that players don’t feel they have to choose which ranked battles they’re going to pick.

  29. Quickybaby when will you review Xbox WOT again?

  30. Ranked game stinks ? rigged player with higher player rating gets better rng fixed

  31. I want Frontline back. I want to be able to play all my tier 8 tanks -.-

  32. Personnaly, I only have one TX (T110E3), and I’m not going to lose my nerves + credits + time to struggle with such stupid expensive “competitiv” stuff.

    I also don’t buy any premium stuff.

    Thanks but no.

  33. This is a video for the unicums, not the nonicums like me.

  34. There is one guy in gold league with 1,1k battles

  35. What I love about CW and Ranked is that Lemming is Meta. It aint World Of Tanks, its world of lemmings and I can not understand why anyone could find it fun to play.

    And that with everyone firing 24/7 gold rounds, it’s just not funny to play…
    I think ranked and CW Gold % is around 90%

  36. Baguette with cheese

    I got to rank 4. Not more because of teams that just get smushed 1-15 games all the time so I can’t get up in the leagues. Probably have to play more…

  37. I’ve tried ranked quite a few times, getting absolutely nowhere, in spite of doing good DMG. The teams are playing like total morons, everybody is trying to use everybody as a meatshield and half the team usually dies in 30 seconds on the other side of the map, leaving the other half hopelessly doomed. To add insult to injury, you have to pay yourself sick to participate. On T8 this mode would make more sense and I’m sure there’d be a lot more players present. Tier 10 is just too expensive for most normal players and many do not even have a T10 tank.

  38. Ranked is the greatest mode ever for singles players. I played only spoters and bat chat, making money by not using gold ammo. Is the most challenging mode and i played only for fun, for that final badge and why not, for that awesome amount of bonds!
    Is pure math, obey the rules and you will gonna climb fast till the gold ligue!

  39. I havnt just because of the gold spam, no tank unless it has spaced armor or is (sorry to say so) Russian has a chance

  40. worth for people who want badge

  41. What’s bad about ranked? Well , I only play the bc 25t because it is the best i have , i manage to get 11 rank in one week ( pretty good for me) , but it is fair when evrybody play just S.Conq. and objs and type 5 … no , it is not , still happy with my result 🙂

  42. Is ranked 15vs15? Nope, 30 egos play for their Chevrons..

  43. Just about no-one in South Africa can play. Here rank start at 02:00 in the morning and ends at 08:00.

  44. I’d say this game mode highlights the worst parts about the game, such as premium ammo spam or even extensive use, using OP or flavour of the month tanks, playing for yourself and not working as a team, min-maxing your score, encouraging use of premium accounts and gold ammo, I hope i got my point across there, because I feel this game mode had almost nothing ever to do with fun, this is why I’d consider this one of the worst game modes they’ve added

  45. We have nop choice but accepting the enhanced equipment…

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