World of Tanks is SO DIFFERENT in 2021!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today marks the end of 2021 and I’m incredibly thankful for all your support! Here’s how I feel about and the in 2021!



  1. Jonathan Offermans

    Happy new year, QB💪🏻

  2. Happy new year QB , the only thing i’m still mad about WG is the new HE mechanics , i’m a 2012 player and knew HE since then , it was never bad , they nerfed it , and didn’t nerf the arty missions in the campaign that’s the only bad point about it

  3. The Christmas new year period has been an absolute cluster fuck in terms of terrible players being grouped into terrible teams by the MM and then the players that take the game seriously have to try and achieve the impossible and baby sit these casual players through the battle which is generally impossible.

  4. this man needs to stop with he useless equipment setups. His viewers tend to be lower skilled players of wot. When they use these strange and frankly silly load outs they simply can’t make them work. From playing a tank like this without vert stabs on one loadout and without a rammer on the other, to putting cvs on a Patton, QB is dealing out some pretty terrible advice these days.

  5. I need that camo for the 122 TM now that it popped out of a holiday box, I didn’t grind that marathon.

  6. If you’re running intuition then having 2-3 HE would be better I think. But you did enough babs, you needed a better team 🙂

  7. Played from the start then took a long break while playing WOWS. Tried to go back, but couldn’t be bothered to even try to figure out the garage

  8. Quickybaby and you all a Happy New Year and a Prosperous and Healthy 2022

  9. I kind of do enjoy this trash I watch, I’ve only been watching it for like 5 years, goodness how I’ve wasted my life on you, you dirty muppet lol ;D

  10. Facts when you stop playing and ypu then go back lol

  11. Happy new year to everyone

  12. 4:37 it’s been a long journey

  13. I got back into the game a month or two ago. Played off and on since 2011 but this return was the hardest. I had no idea what was wrong with my HE shells. I had no idea how to fight all of the insane new premiums. No idea what happened to all of the tech trees. Never heard of most of the equipment available. Didn’t know intuition was a thing. Never heard of field mods before this. There was so much stuff, on top of just trying to get back to the basics with the map knowledge and tank knowledge and mechanics and what not. It was rough coming back but it is fun… sometimes

  14. HNY Quicky.
    Thanks for all the vids

  15. Yeah….in just 3 years, there has been INSANE amounts of powercreep >_>

  16. QuickyBaby: thank You for another year of great reviews, news and gameplay!!! Keep up good work 🙂 Happy New Year for You and your family!

  17. I like your friend Ike, come back to the game this year albeit after an 18 month break. I was aware of the changes due to your great content QB. The biggest thing that I found is that considering all the major customisation and new content the map selection is still the same. I don’t understand why WG does not want to expand the number of maps to make the game feel fresher? I guess the answer is because you cannot make as much money from maps.

    Happy new year anyway and thanks for your content.

  18. I played almost 10k battles on console, then they ruined the game so I turned to the pc version. Even though I know the game mechanics perfectly fine, I feel like a noob.

  19. These new changes (except for the HE changes) are quite good.
    What the problem is, that over 80 percent of all games played in tier 8 tanks are with premium vehicles.
    This number is just absurd and shows how much of a P2W game world of tanks has become in recent years.

  20. 2022 is gona be emotional year💚

  21. Happy new year QuickyBaby,I enjoy watching your vids.


    WOT has become a modern MBT game stuck in WW2, that’s why new premiums are all busted

  23. It’s not play the game again, it is PAY the game again.

  24. Cognitive Dissonance

    Currently there’s a lot of gold rounds around which isn’t great but there’s a lot of new ways to make money it seems easier to fulfil the cash demands

  25. Ike should start watching your videos, sure helped me catch up 😉

  26. Fawlkes Lessaariss

    What’s frustrating about WoT most of the time? You can play well, take good positions, not panic, not over-extend, support your team mates, play the mission and do all you can. And you’ll still lose because your opponents simply load the gold and don’t even need to aim, they just squeeze the trigger and bam: 4-500 dmg every time.

  27. Happy new year QB Thank you for entertaining us 👌🏻

  28. I haven’t played since last Christmas; I haven’t played on a regular basis for years. I played for the first time this year on New Year’s Eve and wow is the game different. If they would fix HE for tanks and TD’s and leave it like it is for Arty I would start playing on a regular basis again. It’s great to see you having fun in the game still. It is your passion for the game that keeps me watching. I do like the field mods but it also adds another level to the grind that Wot is, and that really cripples new or returning players because we have to choose between field mods and accelerated crew training. It would be nice if there was a choice to split the XP between them.

  29. WoT in a nutshell – A powercreep P2W rollercoaster of emotions wherein WG screws over every F2P pleb in every way possible in a game where the wallet talks as well as walks.

    As long as you can pay with real money, your in game life will generally be a breeze, if not, it will be in a constant struggle by living a grindy hell especially if you’re a new player at the game. A game that has poor retention of its playerbase due to a lot of new players quitting the game after a few weeks to a month due to the frustrations and ridiculousness of the MM, poor implementation of the HE changes, poor hit registration of shots especially vs fast moving targets, imbalanced distribution of tanks (3 SPGs per map and sometimes 3-5 light tanks in a game), the difference in firepower between tanks mainly premium vs tech tree variants, questionable in-game economy, etc.

    That’s pretty much the WoT experience in a nutshell.

  30. Nice too see that qb is not a prem ammo spammer.

  31. Also a returning player in 2021(started playing in 2012 and stopped 2018) and I’m probably having more fun now than I did back then. There’s a lot more variation in the game which keeps interesting. There are still some of the same problems, like pay to win, of course

  32. yeah tbh when i return to the game after 1,5 year the field mods was not explained ,so i came to you QB XD

  33. Still waiting for the garage clock

  34. Dear Mr.QB and Ms. QB(Tania). Thank you for your content. For me it is always a must (QB video, Coffee and Breakfast). Your content is always entertaining.
    Wish you and your family happy new year. And also to all of the community watching your content a much happier 2022.

  35. Thanks for all… and happy New year from France

  36. Everything has confused me, returned from last really playing about 6 years ago, I have no idea what I’m doing. I feel like I have a lot of stuff laying around that I just don’t know what it does or what to do with it, I wish I had someone over my shoulder telling me what to do with it all!

  37. I returned 2 months ago after not playing at all for about 3-4 years. I must admit I was kind of confused for a while in the garage, but what got me the most was the sheer amount of tanks I had never seen before. I had no idea what half the enemy team’s vehicles were capable of or where to shoot them.. I also wasn’t used at all to this fast meta – first time seeing EBR, so many tanks with clips etc.

    The game really has changed, I’m just not able to tell whether for better or worse yet (for me).

  38. I’ve played probably 4K games of wot in 6 years off an on an I recently I just tried to get back into playing it again and I was immediately greeted with the very reason I continue to leave the game I can never seem to get top tier I’m always a tier or two behind an for someone with their best tank being a t32 it becomes extremely frustrating because you almost always get shut down an you’re always the first to be shot at so personally for me if war gaming could fix that an make the game more based of skill an a players win percentage I think the game would be a lot more fun

  39. I completely agree with what you say in the video. We (with my wife) pretty much only play WoT in the christmas season. This is the time we have some free time and it makes it worth playing due to the boxes, christmas feeling, etc. But every time we come back, it is an utter mess and I have to shove in coultess hours digging on what the hell these new buttons are. Equipment 2.0 was a huge mess for us as a lot of my tanks got their equipment rid 😀 Now the field mods took some time to figure out. We are still not used to the new systems.
    Also the HE rework – I have yet to find a decent explanation. It has been mentioned on your channel countless times, but I still don’t understand 100% perfectly what changed, apart from the fact that HE is more or less useless now 😀

  40. yo if youre reading this and thinking about playing wot: don’t. the game is trash. and if youve already returned: leave again. and dont come back until the game is not trash (i.e., never)

  41. It’s plays best at ridges supporting heavies (260 turret) or as a TD style tank.. Its got relatively poor maneuverability and slow reload.. So you don’t want to be brawling really…. Camo can stack nicely though and gun is accurate.

  42. It’s different. But it is not better. It is just getting more and more pay to win.. I really miss the old dynamics from when premium tanks were slightly worse than tech tree tanks and premium ammo was something you used very sparingly or not at all.

  43. Kyshaan Ravikumar

    i recently returned after a year and i dont know how to play anymore

  44. Great job this month QB, watched every video and you’ve become part of my
    Christmas routine!

  45. One of my best friends started playing this last night, so this is me! Watching some gameplay to see what it is. FFXIV is my jam!

  46. How do you create the pre sets ( the mods you can switch before the game)

  47. I’ve been watching you since 2013 and still will be for many years to come! <3

  48. Another priceless video

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