World of Tanks – Is That A Big Gun In Your Pocket?

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Source: Mighty Jingles

… or are you just pleased to see me? Subdread here seems pleased to see Grille 15 in this Encounter Battle on Steppes, at least.

of Tanks –

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  1. So…they replace the WT-E100 but that tier ten British heavy is still in
    game. Not like that is a bad thing but I keep hearing rumors about its

  2. Hey Jingles have you heard of that new game called no mans sky coming out?

  3. how you have that x1 x3 x5 x8 x21 zooms ? i dont have can somebody tell me
    how to get that zooms i have only 2x 4x 8x x16 x24 zooms



  5. Goks The giggly Goks

    somehow so much people here went all ballistic because of 2 messages that
    you all possibly have said once

  6. you mean like elc tracks right?

  7. Bah, always respect ur team and the enemy

  8. WG should remove ALL auto-loaders, seems fair

  9. he is mad because thats how all the clan is ……..I am sorry i joined
    that clan last year. Bunch of cunts who forget that this is a fucking game
    at the end of the day . I dont give a fuck about what anyone says…..This
    clan is full of cunts

  10. It’s about the gameplay, not the player.

  11. No matter how good he did. He was a toxic Uniscum that makes playing the
    game unenjoyable for those trying to enjoy it.

  12. yiep…!! this “toxic” player, just carried on the “non toxic” players!!

  13. 1. you assuming the shit players are intelligent enough to realise anything
    . 2. If the report button worked these Muppet s would have been banned long

  14. Anyone else notice that this guy has 48x zoom?

  15. still OPed. it will be nerfed

  16. OHHHH MY GOD!!! Another fucking Grille 15 replay! Please just fucking stop.
    Literally EVERYONE is posting videos of this tank. I have it and so does
    like 50% of the community and seeing a minimum of 4 per team each match of
    this thing. The videos dont help.

  17. The score is now… Well (the score was 9 11 so he thought o shit I
    probably shouldn’t say that

  18. What an unlikeable douche.

  19. watch this with captions turned on…too funny

  20. Jingles for President 2016!

  21. Shining Darkness

    Well the Grille 15 has the luxury of the armor of a light tank meaning it
    gets the same bullshit track absorption calculations they get also
    stationary artillery deflector shields (I mean seriously I can one-shot
    anything that is moving but as soon as I aim at a big, juicy, low-armor,
    stationary TD I miss 3-4 fully aimed shots in a row).

  22. A quickie will have to do for now, better than going to pornhub again

  23. I’ve got a waffle e100 on Xbox….. Wish I had this thing instead. My
    favorite thing about the grille 15 is the aim time…. Basically

  24. crocodile18nic100

    why is everyone bashing this guy for calling his retarded team retarde

    he had to get 75% of the kills for his team with 30mm of armor

    while everyone else died in the west end of the map

  25. am I the only one that noticed Jingles not wanting to say 9-11 at 6:03?

  26. Christopher Robison

    played 3 games in mine. all 3 games were city maps, all 3 times the tank
    would get shot and set on fire from the front when the front was planted
    behind the building but pen marks were anyways on the nose except for the 2
    that killed the gun. missed every tank by 500meters fully aimed middle mass
    with a crew that lost perks upon the tank swap done to steal my wtf e100

  27. less toxic chat scrubs please jingles – thanks

  28. anyone else notice his 40x zoom. Is that even possible? I know that the
    zoom was upgraded but I thought it was only up to 25x.

  29. Xtorin “Xt” O'hern

    the Grille’s gun sounds amazing!

  30. Jingles, could you do an extra long episode of Xcom when you get back?

  31. i hope jingles starts playing warhammer total war. he’ll be crap at it of
    course, but it’ll still be interesting

  32. That tank needs a serious nerf…

  33. makavelidotcom96

    how is he zooming 48x?

  34. The fuck is he doing at the end?

  35. Wait you said at first, the gille 15s gun has a 2.5 sec aim time. Then you
    said it has a 1.5 sec aim time. or did i just hear wrong?

  36. Lusty Argonian Maid

    What a seriously toxic guy. Ugh.

  37. Not going to lie, the guy showed his ass pretty good in that match. He
    wouldn’t have been so gosu himself if he didn’t have god himself deflecting
    shells off his tank.

    Not to mention the enemy team at the end of the match was just as bad as
    his team by coming at a tank with paper for armor one at a time.

  38. looking at the comments make me feel like 80% of the players are nice

  39. jingles, this video was uploaded also by World of Tanks The Best Replays
    channel. lol

    the only reason i noticed was because he was talking about bot scouts lol
    but this video is of higher quality.

  40. Nicolas Vandessel

    Am I the only one that thinks this tank is OP? I mean, compare it to the E4

  41. Gimme enemies like that please. Sheesh.

  42. Guys, just disable battle chat in random battles. Your team has never, is
    never and will never be telling you anything of importance during the game
    so you might as well disable it. Also it helps you to keep calm which can
    improve your game or simply make the experience more enjoyable. Plus if you
    are a person (like me) who tends to have emotional outbursts triggered by
    the failure of your “team”, this will keep you from spaming shit in the
    chat, which in turn will also help you stay calm because going full chat
    warrior mode definately has never helped me calm down. Besides most
    comunication is done via the in game commands and F5-F8 in particular.

  43. Jingles has to drive the TOGII on 500k

  44. Stop being drama queens… He said like one slightly rude comment, big
    deal. Get over it.

  45. That kid is the type that I want to flame on WoT. Just let them play the
    game and shut up

  46. Anthony Van Risseghem

    Yeah HE from KV-2 hitting a ELC no damage to elc.. Yeah and splash radius
    my ass too. Reasons why I quit WoT.. too many bugs and shit customer

  47. Love Casablanca btw

  48. This is just as OP as the WT E-100……

  49. Oh my god, him not only being a douche bag, but the constant zooming in for
    scoping is just about to give me a seizure.

  50. you easily could have found a better grille game with out a ripe cunt

  51. It’s great fun chewing these up in my FV 183.

  52. Wait, no xcom?

  53. switching camera rapidly makes this replay unwatcheble for me. I also dont
    like ppl with that attiude.

  54. I wonder if the people talking about how this “shit-talker” or “toxic
    player” doesn’t deserve a Jingles video realize that they are doing the
    same thing he did. You people are looking at what he said during the match
    and then looking for things to bash him about, just like he looked at his
    team’s stats and started bashing them for it. How about you just appreciate
    the fact that he had an excellent result that most people wish they could
    have? I won’t say that he was right to flame his team, but what does it
    matter? This replay wasn’t put up as a display of a chat debate. If this
    was a QuickyBaby video with QB’s webcam over chat, most of the people here
    would be talking about how great a result this was and how lucky he was.
    But no, the moment they see rude chat behavior, they immediately disregard
    the actual gameplay so they can return their own toxic comments.

    – Laird Moyashi -

  55. Kyllein MacKellerann

    What’s the problem with the team? All the HEROES (Polite term for IDIOTS)
    with their fancy Heavies don’t give a damn about the Team, the Game, or
    anything but using their big fancy Heavies to bash the heads of the Enemy
    tanks. When the team loses because an enemy light capped the camp circle,
    they are the first ask, “Duh, why didn’t you guys proteck tha’ Camp?” Of
    course since the rest of us died trying to do just that, we just wait for
    the cap to time out and hope we get better matchmaking in the next game.
    Hope springs eternal and all that…

  56. Hey, Jingles. Buckle up.
    From the anime Girls und Panzer, there’s a movie coming out. It was
    released a couple of hours ago as I’m typing this, but it’ll be subbed soon
    enough. Hope you’re excited for it.

    Have fun~ ^w^

  57. Vincent The Keeper

    This thing is Arty that shoots straight instead of up in an arc, with a
    500% accuracy increase and more HP.

  58. Constant zooming in and out real fast made the video unwatchable.

  59. TheCartoonKid907

    A saying my dad says: “Million dollar talent, 50 cent head.” This guy’s a
    total dick.

  60. Actually jingles, (had to go there) that bounce he has was an AP round. He
    switched to HE AFTER he bounced.

  61. Tracks: Best armor ever

  62. the shot he bounced on the SU-122 was actually an AP round not HE

  63. This guy is the douchebag who usually die near start then throws slurs at
    his team trying to blame them cause he doesn’t belive he sucks.

  64. Everyone’s got their panties in a twist over a unicum stat player being a
    bit of cunt in chat it’s an online multiplayer based game of course unicums
    act like entitled twats.

  65. I don’t think its the best idea to show gameplay of players who, while they
    might be good, are as toxic as Chernobyl.

  66. Jingles I get that you love getting out to cosplay events or general nerd
    conventions but it feels like your doing it way too often and I’d rather
    more proper content than comic con cosplay vids, do what you want but I’m
    just saying it feels like your producing less and less content with every
    month that goes bye.

  67. The bounce was still an ap round not an he.

  68. Jingles, the only hope of ever being the first person to view your video is
    so damn near impossible because you live on the opposite side of the world.
    Regardless, keep up the great work man, I love being able to wake up to
    your videos and watch them during my worst class, Algebra! Have fun at
    Comicon, make sure to enjoy yourself, and tell Eddy Goodluck on a great

  69. Wonder how many noob random matches he lost before having such a great

  70. 94 dislikes? I find this guy highly amusing!

  71. I remember when my E 50 had .27 accuracy…. *sigh* good days…. :)

  72. Kevin “Doc” Carter

    Poor start. Anyone who wants to play a game that is supposedly FREE, should
    not be criticised for their capability or incapability from ANYONE
    including Jingles. They play for fun not abuse. If seriousness is such an
    issue join a frigging tank regiment and try it for real.

  73. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    Yep it’s a great tank. It’ll be nerfed in 3months, again in 6 months and
    directly or indirectly in a year. On the bright side, in a year, they’ll
    come out with a new tank that does everything this tank does.

  74. he didnt fire HE… he simply switched to it after he fired

  75. people whining about this guy being an asshole

    yo he said like 3 things that could be construed as somewhat offensive

    it’s not like he sat there and started cussing people out for being bad and
    told them to uninstall the game like most people do

    shut the fuck up you social justice warriors, you’ve most likely said way

  76. Cardinal Biggles

    Not sure an abusive player like this should be rewarded with a Jingles

  77. the aim time is so OP

  78. you know what i would love a new tank like the grille 15 but guess what,
    its too much effort and time

  79. yep the best players talk the most shit……toxic attitudes over a
    game…well played

  80. i think it is a bit overpowerd

  81. omg quit loading HEAt at the damnIS3!!!!!!! you actually will pen it easier
    with the AP OMG

  82. YB entertainment

    the thing with the camera zoom in and out annoyed the hell out of me, your
    commentary made me happy as always jingles!

  83. He is just a gigantic dick that doesn’t deserve a replay. Its not even the
    funny salty kind, it’s just aggressive crap. He didn’t really do all that
    great in this game either. He had some good distracted targets to shoot for
    the most part and he was crazy lucky to not die many times like when he
    stops in the open to take shots. Luck can be fun to see, but this guy is a
    toxic ass. I’m not downvoting you or anything but please don’t give these
    people the attention they are begging for.

  84. no jingles. I do not support you supporting toxic players… thats not the
    correct thing to do!

  85. it wasn’t an HE shell Jingles :)

  86. Joshua Sutherland

    Guys like this are the reason I rarely play this game anymore. Trudging
    your way through the low tiers was bad enough without statpadders and
    unicum-drinkers shitting on your every mistake.


    Sometimes I think we need better terminology for shots. That HE ‘bounce’
    was really a ricochet or glancing hit that of course did not result in
    damage. If the shell is not hitting on the fuse/trigger area of course it’s
    just going to glance off and not explode. I suppose part of the issue is
    that we have opted to use the word ‘bounce’ for any non-penetrating shot,
    which is really not very clear either. In that sense the HE shot on the
    SU-122-54 WAS a bounce, but many of the other non-damaging shots that don’t
    pens are not bounces. They are just hits that didn’t penetrate the tank.

  88. Emotionless Otaku

    hey Jingles! you might like this
    also my favorite song is at 4:28 😉 Thank me later

  89. Canadiangaming 101 (Meso1284)

    is that a mirror I see in your pocket because I can see myself in your

  90. we all know this is only OP because its new, it has nothing to do with the
    fact that it has no armour or is fast or has a very accurate gun with 750
    average damage that can snap shot tanks with no difficulty, the lack of
    armour makes up for it, especially if the tracks which are huge, can just
    eat shells.
    It does not take away that this was a decent game, abiet the fact that the
    OP basically had the advantage being top tier, I put a game forward a week
    or so ago, t6 in a t7 game, 4.2k damage and 8 kills, 1775 base xp and get
    nothing back (SU-100 and having to go chasing the remaining 4 enemy down),
    not much chance of snap shotting (though rng did help at one point) and
    actually required some skill. Oh well….

  91. Anyone seen the mars bar advert for this video?

  92. Romanian player is mad at team for being tomatoes? Nothing to see here,
    move along.

  93. Sorry jingles, disliked coz of subdread being a complete prick in chat stay
    great though!

  94. Disliked this one. Shit talkers don’t deserve to have Jingles videos made
    about them. They make the game miserable to play, and all they do is create
    more shit talkers. Reward decent players with your attention Jingles, not
    this trash…

  95. This video was fun but other than that , what are you trying to do ?
    Convince mad previous owners of WT E100 that Grille 15 is as well a fun
    machine ? If that’s the case , why it was replaced ? Give me a breack !
    First of all , I don’t want to bust my hump all the way to tier 10 and get
    a tank only to find myself with another machine ! Second , I currently have
    some fun tanks , what if Wargaming feels like replaceing them too ?! What’s
    the point of grinding tanks if they can be replaced with whatever Wargaming
    feels like ? I saw a ‘consolation’ video made by your friend StickyBaby ,
    zillion dmg ! Fun machine Grille 15 ! Yeah , right ! GET LOST !

  96. Looks like Timmy grew up to be a Dickhead…..

  97. Rude comments? At the beginning of his match he refers to playing with
    “BOTs”, hey, I’ve seen BOTs in Tier X matches too. Later he calls his team
    “retards”, and one of the other team calls his team purple-team “morons”,
    which, by-the-way, isn’t much different. So why all the comments about him
    being so nasty? Is this considered extremely rude on the European server?
    If so, don’t play on NA. This was positively polite and gentleman-like chat
    based on what you see on NA.

  98. am i the only one that has problems with wot clinet since 9.15 came out

  99. that type 61 really tarded out near the end there by not using his gun
    depression and working the ridge on the grille. he didn’t have the 105 on
    it yet but in that situation I would have peaked the ridge and plopped HE
    into the gun shield as much as I could. not the stiffest competition

  100. Yannick Assenmacher

    That Grille 15 player played well, but he behave like an idiot. I would
    rather play with a player who is not so good in WoT, instead of this fool.
    Guys like him suck so hard :/ Sorry but i had to write this comment.

  101. This looks like the same replay you showed us yesterday Jingles

  102. Please dont show off cunt bags

  103. Jingles is time for some WOWP revisit me think?

  104. What! A Video Under 15 Minutes! Blasphemy!

  105. Well played. Having said that: I hope he gets banned from chat for life.
    Players like him are why we can’t have nice things.

  106. Size matters.

  107. i dont actually consider that a “GOOD” replay tbh far too much OP TANK and
    RNG on display…seriously games like this make me wonder why i still
    bother to play the game…personally i wouldnt like to win with that much

  108. skyland00 bob001

    🙂 no reason smile

  109. Jingles you noobs he fired a ap at the su122 45 please practice some more
    wot haha

  110. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    missed, not eaten by tacks

  111. what a beautiful MM

  112. pointing out these “funny” moments when bouncing shots and such you seem
    think this somehow GOOD for the game it just shows me how broken the game
    really is…and how much RNG detracts from “SKILL”

  113. He’s a fucking shithead, completely ignoring the fact that the other team
    was just as likely to have bad players on that team as well, mm just gave
    him the middle finger that particular round. Yet, he was butthurt about it.
    Jingles, I’m disliking this video out of principle that we shouldn’t give
    toxic, shitty people positive publicity. It has nothing to do with your

  114. No- it’s a kanoe!

  115. Jingles always has the best titles. ?

  116. But when there is a Tog in the game, everyone is friendly!

  117. So i’d like to be the one who criticizes the one that is so critical and
    show how much of an asshole this guy is. This is a pretty common thing
    among greedy as fuck players who care more about padding stats than winning.
    10:15 He can win if he sacrifices some health. Of course he’s not going to
    do that though because that would make far too much sense. That’d be a
    hefty repair bill if he gave away that much health to win the game right
    then and there.

    Don’t call other players shit and then do something as stupid as that. I’ve
    seen even the lowest tomatoes work in their brain “I have more health and I
    can take more than one shot and I can one shot them. I should win the game
    right here and now even if it costs me a few credits!”
    Normally don’t complain about it because it’s an online game and there are
    bound to be toxins in the bloodstream, but someone like this is extra

    I also realize that you probably rushed to get a game of this thing but *wasn’t
    there anyone else that was a better choice?*

  118. Hi jingles. Love your videos. I have watched every video you have put out
    since September 2014, but that is beside the point. I hate to be “that guy”
    but I know you have a lot of subs and have helped people in the past, and
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    appreciated. you again

  119. Justin Marciniec


  120. it seems all the east coast assholes have moved over to west coast this
    update. ive never seen so many dicks and people who trash talk
    you….because my wn8 wasnt high enough (its 1159) a toon of 3 t10 tanks
    teamkilled me in my su142. then after the game they had the nerve to all
    message me and tell me what a shitty player i was for killing myself
    without doing any dmg, i reported all of them and sent in a video of all 3
    of them sticking their barrels in my barrel right before i fired, still
    waiting for a response.

  121. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    he wasnt that good and hes just annoying in chat. why did you ever pick
    this replay?

  122. Herrman the German 1

    I pray that they don’t nerf it. it feels like we Germans finally have
    something good

  123. oh jingles, why would you show a match with this asshole of a player, no
    matter how good he plays its a no-no

  124. What’s with the x40 zoom? I thought it only went to x25??

  125. EvolutionPCGaming

    It was a shame he was such a prick.

  126. LaGG Productions

    Not sure which tank is worse the Grille 15 or the old waffle E-100

  127. Robertho Ponomban

    You have to see Girls und Panzer der Film

  128. Concerning the title: I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Southpark but
    they made up a song… I’ve got something in my front pocket sang with a
    20’s voice and one of the kids does a step dance to it…

  129. I once bounced a Sturmpanzer shell off my Matilda… Always knew there was
    something fishy about that “HE doesn’t bounce” malarkey!

  130. I am sorry but… were all of these guys firing HEAT at his Grille 15??
    That is the only concievable way that it could eat so many shells with its

    Gold ammo… load the skill, my arse. Load the fail is more apropriate in
    that case.

  131. Its those gigantic road wheels bruh, secret over 9k mm ninja armor >.>

  132. I’ve been playing WoT for about 3 years now and I play on the NA server. My
    highest tank I currently own is the tier 8 Caernarvon. I honestly have no
    interest in grinding up to tier 9 or 10, b/c as a casual player I just play
    for fun. Something I’ve noticed is that the higher the game tier = the more
    toxic the players are. I simply don’t enjoy that kind of filth. I’m quite
    happy sticking to the lower tiers and having good honest fun playing tanks
    like my M4 Sherman with the derp gun. I don’t care for the toxic behaviour
    found in the higher tiers and simply there’s no need for it…

  133. it wos not he it wos apr

  134. Okay am i missing something, I saw him zoom into 13x, 48x etc. I know they
    added 16x and 25x is that a mod?

  135. What’s the Grille 15’s equivalent in Armored Warfare??

  136. Jingles, you are getting kinda out of touch with WoT. This is how encounter
    on Steppes is played most of the time. You send a 3-4 tanks to the cap (+
    anything that can’t go very fast) while rest of your team overwhelms the
    other flank. If enemy prioritized the cap or split 50/50 it’s an easy
    The idea behind it is that in encounter you can’t cap very fast so 2-4
    tanks can stall it for a very long time. Of course everything depends on
    team compositions and players but that’s the basic idea. Something similar
    also happens on Himmelsdorf encounter.
    To counter this strategy, you have to do the same so you have battles that
    are played as far from cap circle as possible.

    btw. HE and HEAT can bounce at extreme angles. It was changed very long
    time ago…

  137. Personal ratings should be just that, personal. If WG is going for
    historical accuracy, to some degree at least, in what war or battle did the
    soldiers know all the names and skills of every enemy soldier? LOL, it’s
    ridiculous. The result of having this make believe feature in the game is a
    lot of bitching, like we just saw this guy do before the battle had even
    started. Why have 2 to 3 tier difference in the match making? A
    unicum player might say “for the challenge” well lets up the challenge and
    support NOT knowing who you are goin up against. An option to hide stats
    would work, but it might make too much sense for WG.

  138. buffalojoeinchico

    i know that youve been putin up a few more WOWs vids lately (and im a
    fan!:), but how…HOW i ask you do you not put up a WOWS episode on the
    anniversary of the sinking of the bismark?! i totaly bet a friend that your
    vid today would be warship themed(because i was aware of the dates
    relevance an he wasnt) and now i have to sail my ARP myoko through the slot
    on 2 brothers 3 times in a row!!! while ill be doin it in a pink and purple
    ship, at least ill have torps! thanks for letn me down jingles! 😉 LOVE
    what ya do! enjoy comicon!

  139. World Of Tanks The Best Replays showed this replay yesterday 🙂

    But dont stop the uploads go go go

  140. are SU-100 and SU-125 good?

  141. They are fast, it beat my M103 to the heavy corner on El Halluf by 200+

  142. It was not HE lol

  143. TeensierPython -

    good video, after i stopped puking from all the zooming in and out.

  144. x48 zoom ? is this legit and legal ? :P

  145. Did WG nerfed the VK 45.02 P on tier IX?

  146. This player is a typical reason why this game does not get better when it
    comes to mods.
    Complaining about so called “bots” when the games hasn’t even begun but
    shooting blind at a position after reloading a gun that long ( 2:41 – 2:54
    ) is not really better. So touch your own nose first.

    Anyways…was still a good replay of what this tank can do.

  147. Patch 9.15 makes my game crash as soon as I click on a different tank than
    the default one. Background is flashing.
    No mods instelled ever, drivers all up to date

  148. The Raging Tanker

    Another player that uses XVM and thinks it’s never wrong! Yea this is why
    XVM and all mods need to be banned in this game! They don’t do anything but
    cause assholes like him be more of an asshole!

  149. players always massing at the west side of this map! despite the base is at
    the east side of the map! can anyone tell me why?

  150. Lol,

    “Just a quicky today”

  151. thank you jingles, some people don’t understand that it is a game…

  152. Expect a nerf to this tank so it plays more like a Tier 10 M56 Scorpion, WG
    probably just want a brief period of extra revenues from people spending
    gold to get to it (I researched the WT E100 but didnt buy it because I knew
    how polar it could be, but this seems much better)

  153. “How do you like your swordfiah, sir?” Grille it.

  154. Inb4 the Grille 15 gets removed because of good players lol.

  155. wow I got a add for a new movie illumination….

  156. Bowchicawowo

  157. what i find wierd in my t49 with the 152 he ammo,jagtiger is hull down,i
    lob one on that big fat plate that the gun is mounted on which is verry
    thick,400 dammage.
    shoot this thing right in the hull with no armour at all,and 400 dammage as
    makes no sence to me at all and this isnt just once,this is over and over

  158. 5:25 that was an AP shot, not an HE

  159. More world of tanks plz

  160. Have fun jingles we look forward to mingles on monday

  161. It was an AP shell that bounced though…

  162. A message to WG: i like this tank and all, but the one thing that is
    bothering me is how the fuck you put 30 shells on that thing

  163. Jingles, you may want to take control of the camera from people who do the
    constant zoom-in/zoom-out thing. It makes the video very hard to watch and
    actually kind of sickening. How these people play like this I do not know
    but it’s making me almost as sick as that guy’s behaviour in chat.

    Good video otherwise, though. It’s been scientifically proven that you can
    make any replay whatsoever highly amusing by talking over it. Thank you,
    Jingles :)

  164. Average player gets lucky with the fact he doesn’t take 4 shots of damage,
    the enemy team are so idiotic they come 1 by 1, and for some reason his pen
    isn’t enough he needs to use HEAT? Where can I get this sort of luck!

  165. Those HEAT shells were definitely needed to kill that IS-3 at the end… *Kappa

  166. Meh he made a real meal of the IS3 at teh end, even loaded gold.

  167. This guy is a douchebag. Acting like someone who has xvm and just turned
    yellow. He thinks he is a pro and then can call others noobs and bots, but
    he played certainty this game not flawless and was really lucky(standing in
    the open shooting the lowe and the other grille 15, not using bushes right
    and standing in one place for too long when you are out-numbered. Luckily
    the enemies didn’t took advantage of it and kept attacking one at the

  168. You may have called him by the right name, but you still can’t distinguish
    an AP shell from an HE shell… oh Jingles gnome overlord, don’t change.
    And with that, I’ll get back to the salt mines

  169. Stupid tank for what is becoming a stupid game.

  170. Mîșu Iulian-George

    it wan an AP shel Jingles, where are you lookin ` m8 ? :))


  172. Jingles, if people are being a dick in chat like this asshat, you could
    inform them you would’ve shown their replay if it wasn’t for their
    behaviour in chat.

    People that whine and moan about their team before the battle has even
    BEGUN need to be put in their fucking place.

  173. yes a decent player with a lot of luck and no gaming manners

  174. Deathby KillerBong

    the sound when thees tank destroyers is soooo satisfying when shooting.

  175. TA-RE such a shit toxic clan..

  176. The not so Mighty FL_3

    Good game, well played, but what a complete and utter cockholster. I hope
    he got reported and suspended #DetoxifyWoT

  177. Nicholas Fournier

    can someone tell me what the intro song is?

  178. Jingles a film is out for Girls und Panzer!!!
    Upvote so he sees

  179. should have taken control of the bloody camera, his camera … usage ? gave
    me a headache lol

  180. Raymond van der Linden

    WOT, WOWS and WOWP its just utterly fucking hopeless how many retards you
    get in your teams these days…
    defeat after defeat due to braindead apes in tanks, planes or ships…
    No wonder this world is going to hell with the avr IQ these days!

  181. Jingles! *There’s no Mingles with Jingles episode 140!*

    Everyone, join me on a rally against our overlord! The salt mining shall

  182. I’d say we are due for another armored warfare video. been almost a month

  183. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    Awesome Player > Good Player > Average Player > Noob Player > Bot Player >
    Elitist Player. That’s the way i like to judge people ingame.

  184. It was AP shell Jingles, and then he switched to HE after the bounce ;)

  185. Totally agree with what you said at the start. Not everyone is an amazing
    player but there’s no need to shout at people for it.

  186. Those last 5 enemy tanks must have think “oh, only enemy Grille left… i
    go kill that arty”.

  187. So WG has removed the most OP tank in the game and replaced it with the
    most OP tank in the game. Seems legit.

  188. Jingles, could you tell us something about Louis Burwell Chesty Puller?

  189. Jingles, you’re crap! That shell that bounced of the SU-122-54 was’nt high
    explosive. I mean, how? Just, no.. Never change please. ;)

  190. That zoom in zoom out, omfg make it stop u tardo.

  191. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Jingles I have a great replay in the m60 in wt, fairly quick but i know ur
    gonna be traveling. When should i send it? Im uploading it on my youtube
    channel and i think you would enjoy it too. Reply back and tell me when

  192. All the replays that i watched for last 3 days are a proof of that Grille
    15 needs a nerf badly…. Com’on that reloade time and accuracy better than
    L7 105mm… It’s like a goddamn E25 on steroids – klingon stealth device,
    but + goddamn laser cannon… And nope there is no powercreep in WOT… GG

  193. lol he says others r bots … why is he still pressing “t” on everything he
    sees? bot much?

  194. zidane sugiharto

    pls buff obj 268

  195. Holy crap! That gun sounds like a freight train crashing into a skyscraper!

  196. does the waffle e 100 become some premium tank if this replaces it

  197. Yeah, that’s why I stopped wot, too many op shits and too many crying

  198. Looks like another OP TD from wargaming.

  199. aistis rutkauskas

    dude this replay was already uploaded on youtube !!!!

  200. I hate this guy. Thinking he’s everything and he’s a retard with the camera

  201. Jingles you ask why does everyone go so far from the cap on encounter
    because unlike in standard battles there is a cap on how many people can
    actually use “cap.” Making it easy to sweep all the way from across the map
    and reset.. I have posted about this in the forums before.

  202. dannit! i have seen this replay earlier :(

  203. Im going to make a joke

    Donald Trumps hair

  204. Timothy di zazzo

    ermagerd two Wot videos in two days <3


  206. This gun could be the German version of the BL-10.

  207. 9.16 they will nerf it

  208. I love how he called out his team for being stupid and everyone here loses
    their shit. He obviously fucking knew what he was talking about when he
    said that. See how the match turned out? I think good players like him and
    a lot of other people out there who carry their team all the fucking time
    should have the right to tell their team they fucking suck and to rub it in
    there faces.

  209. So this thing is basically if you see the barrel its already too late and
    you better pray their looking at someone else….

  210. Not gonna lie..i’m already sick of the grille 15

  211. Everybody complaining about his comments during the game vs everyone
    backing his views on poor players being on his team. Did anyone check his
    stats? He’s above average. He had a good game, I’ve had games like that
    too. It’s down to the players on the other team for games like that.

    If you’re up against good players you’ll never pull of wins like that
    because they will beat you. Every time. Everyone thinks that pulling off a
    game like that is all about your personal skill but in my experience skill
    accounts for about a third of it with the “bad” players accounting for a
    third and luck for the rest.

    If you didn’t have players like the ones on his team and on the opposite
    team it would be a far worse game with RNJesus being the only decider.

  212. Apathetic Bystanders

    Gorilla 15

  213. what is with the X48 zoom i thought the base game added X16 and X25

  214. sefhyro space pirate

    what was the hell happening to the replay at the end it went cucu

  215. dont do videos from replays where player instantly says noobs or bots ….

  216. 4:27
    A spanking? More like a 150mm punch to the face

  217. Im not cookie monster

    Jingles if we ever become simultaneously gay… for some reason…. marry

  218. What is something Rita Gamer will never need to ask Jingles?

  219. Question… How long before the NERF rolls in? 3 Months? 6 Months?

  220. wester flank is usually where heavies and top list tanks go,something like
    the hill on himmelsdorf encounter

  221. Mr.I can Do Everything

    I smell a pretty bad nerf at 9.16

  222. Goddamnit man. It’s quarter to 5 in the morning. Y u do dis?!

  223. Jingles, you’re crap. that wasn’t an HE shell against the SU-122-54

  224. “It was HE” Sorry Jingles derp moment there. He had actually AP loaded and
    then switched to HE.

  225. How long before all the cry babies in there tier X tanks start whining that
    this is op.

  226. that tank… how is it upright?

    How have the mounting bolts not evaporated under that gun?

  227. So… to be somewhat prolike in WoT just spasticly zoom in randomly all 1-2

  228. Fotios Monocheir

    Jingles didnt want to say 911!?

  229. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    It seems as though the replacement will be getting a nerf bat soon.

  230. This guy is the kind of ally I hate having on my side, constantly spamming
    map locations, constantly asking for requesting fire and calling their team
    retards/noobs/idiots/bots etc and assuming his team are bad based on stats
    that don’t mean much really as the least experienced players can also have
    great games. Yes he may be a good player but doesn’t mean he is a good

    It seems to me that the thing folks forget about is that its a free to play
    game and there could be 5yr olds playing this, could be disabled people
    playing this, could be O.A.P’s playing this. Yet they still comment on how
    badly people play and how stupid etc they are in the battle chat. They
    Assume everyone is compos mentis and should instinctively know how to play
    the game the way the person berating them knows.

  231. The guy in the replay really is that XVM guy that everybody complains
    about, he is the reasons the other tank games refuse to allow their games
    to show stats like that, its that level of douchebag elite you get in WOT
    you rarely see elsewhere, this is why tier 8 and above is so toxic as far
    as random battles go.

  232. Lau Timothy (LockOn)

    He actually managed to make credits….

  233. Is something up with the Grille 15’s tracks? Last vid also had a magic
    track moment.

  234. World of Tanks: Hot Pursuit

  235. Off-topic space question, Jingles! Have you heard of that “Planet Nine”
    that scientists are looking for? It seems fascinating to me, that a new
    non-dwarf planet could potentially be found in my lifetime.

    Also, I guess NASA never got back to you, huh?

  236. jingles that was an ap shell… ooo the memories xD the m4 75mm HE in the
    tiger`s side. good to see that you are ageing but you remain the same xD

  237. Aaron Hilsz-Lothian

    6:05 A bit reluctant to say the score for that reason?!

  238. I like how the dude gets mad at his team but uses HEAT on a IS3

  239. Have you recieved or would be able to, feature a Cheiftain/T95 replays? In

  240. The SU-122-54’s HE shell that failed to do damage likely struck the gun
    barrel… detonating the shell roughly half a mile away from the Grille’s
    damageable model.

  241. Jingles be like: Qb uploads a better grille video, well not today sunshine
    not today

  242. The Grille 15 like all new tanks is bugged ingame the tracks and side
    armour count as way more than the stats indicate at least for now.

  243. BUTTS69

  244. For God’s sake…the camera. The guy was flipping in and out every second.

  245. I need to start making some kind of ”Jingles 500k subs” celebration work

  246. it doesn’t matter how good a player is, if he behaves like this he just
    proves that this game is full of idiots and people who take it way too
    i recommend him to uninstall and play a game that his limited mind can
    handle and doesn’t turn him in to a turd on tracks!

  247. Minarus Infernus

    *Vomits violently from the constant camera shifting causing motion sickness*

  248. this bob doen’t even have 2k wn8 and he complains about bot teams… lel.

  249. BrakeHorsePower92

    Jingles, your laugh makes me laugh, regardless of what’s happening on
    screen, I don’t know why.

  250. might be an idea to not show a replay where the player in question is
    acting like this in chat

  251. WTF with the constant zooming in/out. Damn people stop it

  252. +Jingles but what I did on my WUF E100 is attached the 12.8cm auto loader
    on the hull and go turret down in it is it even possible well I did it XD

  253. Nice zoom mod, is that legal?

  254. the dreaded railgun

  255. ArachnoTheSpider


  256. Despite seeing another replay where a grille 15 tears up an enemy team, I
    still don’t understand why people think this tank is overpowered. It’s just
    another flagpole strapped to a quad-bike.

  257. Cool video as always – just a point Jingles; if someone is arsing around
    with the camera (as subdread does during this vid) could you take over the
    camera? Its rather distracting when all you can see is the camera dancing
    between sniper mode and 3rd person…

  258. he definitely needs to chill. smoke a blunt or something.

  259. Man alive, driving my Maus will be interesting now that the Waffletractor
    has been replaced by the German Jackhammer.

  260. NoGhostHere -Gaming, Airsoft, and Paintball

    Looking for anyone to help me here, i’m having issues in world of warships
    the list on the upper left and right hand corner’s won’t load for me and I
    can’t find the option to make them turn back on

  261. WTF E100 too op? Broken? Lets just put in a tank that is equally op, except
    this is op consistently not just after a minute of reload! smh…

  262. Or are you just excited to see Rit…Circon?

  263. well that guy was a twat

  264. Actually Jingles, He didn’t fire HE when he bounced on the SU-122-54, but
    he pressed 3 once so the next shot loaded is HE! Damn scrub

    Jokes, <3 Jingles

  265. What another Grille 15 (MEANWHILE SEA SERVER IS STILL 9.14 AND WG ASIA

  266. I’ve bounced sooo many rounds with my gun. It’s like extra armor. Blocked a
    head on JpzE100, bet he was pissed.

  267. What are those!

    6:02 Did Jingles go out of it’s way to not say that the secores are 9 to

  268. That shot that bounced was AP, please take the second to actually check
    before you say something completely wrong and try to make it WG’s fault and
    be like sick bug man the “HE” bounced.

  269. Calling your teammates idiots is normal Jingles, yes its not going to make
    them better, thats obvious. But they kind’ve deserve to be. If you are shit
    you have to expect to be treated like it.

  270. I like his zoom mod. 48x zoom


  272. Last time I came this early……Well…..You know the rest :)

  273. ehh ive seen this replay from wot best replays

  274. Thomas Lauridsen

    Best day ever!

  275. How to tell if early: there are only a few comments, and they all say

  276. First time I made it within the first ten comments…

    I guess I will go for the Grille 15 – finally a Tier 10 TD from Germany
    that seems worth playing. :)

  277. 500,000 not far away jingles. Less than 8k subs to go!!!! I LOVE YOU

  278. silem Bochum (silemo)


  279. silem Bochum (silemo)


  280. Destruction Boss


  281. Nr 2 to like this vidio

  282. first

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