World of Tanks || is the 121B Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks released the 121B in the bonds shop at a hefty 15,000 price point – here’s all you need to know about it!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I can’t find a good review on it

  2. if you could do that it would be greatly appreciated 😉

  3. therandomnessisreal

    E-50M IS WEAK

  4. Completely disagree with the 121B having bad gun handling. Playing any tank after playing the M60 will result in dissatisfaction with the gun handling.

    Comparing the 121B’s gun handling to the M60, which has some of if not THE best gun handling in the game is never going to do it any justice. It has similar gun handling to the Cent AX which is by no means a slouch.

    The 121B can’t be compared to any other tank. It can brawl, snipe at long range, outspot most other tanks and can bounce occasionally, as well as having more than enough camo to carry in late game situations on an open map. The higher alpha and pen of this tank compared to RUmeds means you can trade far easier and rack up more damage shot for shot than the 140, especially against heavily armoured targets.

    Having played over 400 battles in the 121B, as well as many more in Russian meds and almost all of the other top tier mediums, the truth isn’t so black and white.

    • Having owned the 121B before and after the buffs, I would still rather play a cent AX over a 121B. Cent AX is just better in most regards to the 121b. Even the effective armoring on the AX is similar and only 10m less view range. Tbh I feel like your more likely to bounce shots in the Cent AX over the 121b

  5. Biased reviews every day?

  6. did you run out of content?

  7. M60 is hot trash, get an M48 if you’re thinking of blowing 15k bongs on an M60. 121B is probably worth getting if you can get it for 4k bonds in a campaign, but idk about 15k bonds

  8. lmao i watched this game on his stream live, a lot less friendly and super toxic quickybaby it was

  9. I feel this thing is the truest representation of a t54 at tier 10. Middle of the road alpha with good armor against lower tiers and a good premium round. But you also have top of the line vision and great hesh rounds with decent pen and reliable accuracy. Also the line up to the 121 is garbage to actually grind up and being able to skip the grind is optimal. Also this tank is gonna be quite rare with a lot of people saving their bonds for the 907 if it comes out.

  10. 3:45
    “Bouncing all lower Tier Tanks”
    Udes – laughs in 308mm pen

  11. QB can u pls check whether 121b has an increased credit income compared to the M60 or not?

    • 121b has increased credit income in chinese sever LOL

    • It did give increased credits for 2 weeks after the first campaign it was offered in but that was an error and was removed.. So no, the 121B does not earn increased credits. neither do any clan wars or other reward tanks

  12. I’m fairly certain that anyone with 30k bonds to spend already own these from clan wars.

  13. No Russian bias.

  14. question QuickyBaby: do you think they will sell tier 8 premiums for bonds any time soon? and if yes for how much would you guess theyd go for? cheers

  15. The question for me isnt whether to get the M60 or 121b. Its “Do you want to continue crew training in the 59 Patton?”

  16. Chinese tank got no love from WG

  17. Yay it’s literally the worst cw reward tank in the game. More junk then the junk m60. Both are the worst tanks out of all the cw tanks and should only be chosen if you already have every other cw reward tank

  18. C’mon guys let’s reach 600k sub!

  19. The 121B has really good HE rounds unlike the M60.

  20. Idea for your next showcase, you already did the entire french medium tank line, how about finishing the other branches from the B-C 12T that split off to the AMX 13 105 and AMX 30B. I’m almost at the B-C 12T and originally all I wanted there the auto-loading mediums but wondering if I should invest the extra time to unlock the other branches. Love the vids, keep up the good work!

  21. how many players have that amount of bonds. Not the average player and I don’t care about these tanks.

  22. b is British’s b.

  23. I have the 121B, I think mediocre tanks just fit me, doing well in this tank takes a lot of micro management skill, though I rather play the T62A because it’s turret and dpm along with camo just feels better.

  24. I’m a free to play player and I bought the Patriot over the Liberty for 8k bonds , is it worth it? Or I should’ve bought the AMX?

  25. PhlyDaily says no armor is best armor.

  26. A Very Gay Butterfly

    It should definitely have much better gun handling or maybe possibly slight rate of fire buff honestly.

  27. so its a 121 with a smaller gun, in a tank tech tree the focuses on massive guns crammed into tiny turrets.

  28. I don’t even play WOT for years now. I barely even follow updates outside what Quick baby and Jingles say.

    But I still watch and enjoy quick baby. I guess I just like his voice

  29. Quicky if your dedicated enough to make a video every day I’m going to watch it every day! Cheers! Heck I’ll even watch a few adds lol

  30. QB u r spoiling me with ur daily free youtube content. Thank you ?

  31. When you are watching a world of tanks video and a war thunder ad pops up

  32. its only 1000 pounds difference QB. half a ton

  33. i think youre looking at the 121B as the kind of tank that should be an expert in the medium tank role like the other russian meds instead of something in its own class… ive been wanting to get my hands on the 121B for years, simply because its a very adaptable jack of all trades. by trading that 122mm gun for the well proven 105mm L7 with APCR, HEAT, AND HESH rounds, along with the excellent soviet armour layout, mobility and low profile compared to its equal tier counterparts, and the amazing 420m view range, you have a tank that is excellent at getting the job done. the gun depression is a great weakness but thats the trade-off to get the low silhouette and thick armour. so baring all that in mind, having a slightly higher aim bloom and poor gun depression are the balancing factors to prevent the 121B from being completely OP.

    also regarding the turret armour, i wouldnt be too worried if i sat in front of a lot of other tier 10s spamming gold as all it takes is some shifting back and fore at distance and you become a very difficult target to actually hit in the right places…. the Obj.430U which is supposed to have great turret armour, well i pen them easy peasy with HEAT rounds at point blank range, but as soon as they get some distance, or they shift around, its much harder to pen that turret with HEAT. if im completely honest, you should look at how armour works more situationally, rather than just the flat stats that are presented to you. heck i even think the AMX 30B has some armour to work with if you know how penetration mechanics vs gun caliber over distance works

  34. Anthony Carbajal Cardenas

    Where is the Mod Pack Quicky baby??

  35. Vasili Paparigopoulos

    Lol ok QB would you rather play the 121B or thevT34-3?

  36. In fact, the focus is on the number of bonds. If enough, I will buy them all.

  37. wat?
    rice tank?
    how is that even possible?

  38. Make a video on “121 or obj 430U”

  39. I got a special attachment to the Type 59 family tree, so when I was deciding between M60 and 121B for my reward tank, I definitely chose the tier 10 Type 59 with a British 105mm-L7, but I can tell you, 121B is really hard to play, it is more like a tier 9 medium tank with 300 more hit points

  40. How about fv215b?

  41. i wish i did purchase the m60 than 121b i wasted my 15k bonds

  42. Do 140 vs 907 vs t62a please

  43. DO one video with ALL the BOND tier 8s together!!! 🙂

  44. are you doing no nut November??

  45. You didn’t cover the he pen 105 it’s better than the m60 with 53 pen.

  46. Skill, Steelguts and Clause have been putting videos out for years. I suspect you’re losing views. You’ve got the base, good idea.

  47. Love your vids QB, loved the game too, but the grind is just so unbearable, especially after discovering the American heavies I’ve researching are practically useless. I guess I’ll just have the live the game thru your vids.

  48. idk, this review feels very biased. You cant really use argument like I rather play 140 or some other tanks, than this for 15k bonds. M60 is waaaay more similar to leopard than this tank to any other tank in the game. So based on this argument this tank is better pick than m60, because leo is very similar tank to m60, but this thing is kinda unique, 140 imo is pretty bad comparison. 140 is all about gun handling and dpm with small alpha

  49. Is the bond thing permanent?

  50. Ah yes. The time when CW reward tanks weren’t rofl op “heavies”

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