World of Tanks || is the AMX 13 57 Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. The AMX 13 57 for sale again but is the T7 French premium light tank ? Here's my take.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. SHPAY-panzer. Not schpeer- panzer

  2. hey QB, the oi woud not have spottet him if he got into the cap, it was his cap and thereby no problem ^^

  3. QuickyBaby well today we played in a same casual game…

  4. Uhm… QB./ you got confused. ‘if he enters the cap circle the oi will know where he is’… so the enemy gets warning if your in your own cap circle?

  5. one buff that u missed is that u can mount vert stabs on all 5+ LT

  6. 9:56 that is his own cap circle lol

  7. is this real?

  8. The CanadianComic

    9:50 it’s the friendly base

  9. Another op French autoloder just as op as as all the other autoloders. U know that gold spammers are going to use this just another way to ruin the game even more

  10. You talk too muche let the video follow the corse and talk where is the important part cheers mate

  11. Very OP tank wg…

  12. Had to buy this one 🙂 thanks for this review !!

  13. The biggest buff to this tank wasn’t the MM buff, it was that now all the french LT, this one included, from tier 5-10 can mount Vert. Stabs now… Made these tanks effective at running and gunning…

  14. AMX 13 57 is the tank that I hate most when I’m playing with KV-2…

  15. Love this tank and my first prem tank to buy. Have it aced multiple times and highest base exp in all of my tanks and as far as I remember it is around.1.9k but the service record says 2.2k

  16. No O-I will not know where he is, because cap circle is his 😀

  17. I hate russians

  18. Aimbot

  19. Yet another premium tank. God knows what the new players think. Still its free to play!

  20. My ammo loadout in this tank is: 56 AP, 0 APCR works perfectly fine

  21. Djurre Karmiggelt

    4:45, rapping

  22. Akuretaki Nikolay

    aprilllllllllll first

  23. I’ve really missed the bulldog with a 10 round magazine with 150 ave. damage each. it can deal 1500 damage per magazine. last time I can 1 clip an IS-3. it was so fun before it change. I have 100k experience in my bull dog to get the T54E1 but the tech tree was changed and I never got the T54E1 and the 100k experience was wasted because I already have the sheridan.

  24. This tank destroyed me

  25. Salty apcr tears are the best 🙂

  26. Had one of these ram my very low health Oh-Ho, didnt even scratch my paint and gave me an extra kill. lol

  27. I own this tank on the ps4 called the HMH Amx 13 57 its cool and i love it

  28. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    quickybaby you are stupid lol. its his own cap… always the same with your videos, thats why every good player thinks you’re a joke

  29. Has it really been 3 years since it’s been sold? @10:46

  30. 20K credits to do 720 damage… That’s all the information I needed. Thanks.

  31. You made it look like one of the heavy tanks in the thumbnail. Non skinned version looks better tho with that camo imo

  32. How i change the GF version to a ordinarie version?

  33. Spamming premium rounds, I swear, premium ammo and consumables are the downfall of this game

  34. QuickyBaby 9:54 was hes base

  35. All the replays i see ppl have autoaim like his own crosshair isnt there and the other one locks on how are they doing this? Im sorry if this is some feature but im new.

  36. wish I could afford this…

  37. Nice Jingles.

  38. Do all E-Sport tanks come with Apcr standart and Ap as prenium? “Not special tank” when it is out loud better than any other french tank at the same tier.

  39. not a very good light tank player is he? that shot from the scorpion was completely unnecessary and stupid he could have used the bushes to the right

  40. Tanks for the follow up on this tank! It’s fun to drive but I’m sure if I were signed into vbaddict I’d lower their averages, bwahaha!

  41. QB, that’s his own cap circle.
    You went full Jingles.

  42. entering the cap circle on your own team-sided does nothing

  43. I think thats a greek name :/

  44. driving a premium tank, having premium as default.. WG must be very happy with him.

  45. Jussi Raitoniemi

    I think players in my team are all Russian, since they’re cowards too

  46. cheated tank !

  47. Lol 10:00 that’s his cap XD

  48. wot IS NEVER going to get a penny from me UNTIL they fix MM!! There is no reason they can’t add another server for under 500 wn8 players!! They can learn to play without burdening more skilled players with their presence! Until then…NOT a penny!!

  49. Tangled and Happiness

    Entering the friendly cap circle….

  50. This Tank is just fun…never had as much fun in WoT as with this one . Im loveing it

  51. AMX 13 57
    13 is for the weight (13 ton)
    57 is for the gun (57mm Auto Loader)

  52. Potassium Cyanide

    Fucking yes far superior in dpm than 13 75

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