World of Tanks || is the Object 268 v4 too good?

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World Tanks. The has been making quite a stir recently here’s what it’s all about!


World Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Amor is Bullshit

  2. Hell yeah it is. It’s just a terrible joke. No Russian bias, naturally.

  3. They should nurf the fwd and rev speed, armour is good but maybe nurf bith aim and accuracy but raise the damage ?

  4. Isn’t there selling point of this vehicle supposed to be a close quarter fighting machine with it’s modility to get in close to your face and headbut you to the chin over sneaky long range td’swith either much bigger damage or faster fire rates but things like this remind me why I haven’t played in a long time removall of weak points making gold ammo more needed than even heavy armour negated gold ammo but this is a different kind of play stile to all the other td’s. (No camping at the back unable to fight 😛 ).

  5. Jagdpanzer E100 is the “superheavy TD” and it has way les armor than the 268/4 Lower plate as well as superstructure. Fair enough it has the highest pen in the game and 1050 alpha damage but at least its slow because of the “good” armor and heavy weight. also the alpha damage may be low with the 268/4 but you can fire every 13 seconds which makes you have more opportunities to shoot. All in all its a completely overpowered tank. Needs several nerfs in all kinds of characteristics

  6. sure..don’t change the armor, it’s perfectly balanced kappa

  7. Interesting and fair.

  8. OVER POWERED is just an understatement. I think they should nerf the mobility first. And maybe some of the armor. But it’s the mobility that makes this tank so good. With slower reverse and traverse this would be easier to flank.

  9. AussieFishHunters

    Completely agree, I can’t deal with this thing in my tier 10s

  10. Quite frankly, its ridiculous. WG WILL NEVER do what the players want because enough of us wont stand together and do something about it.

  11. OP TD….nerf them fast

  12. 100 tons of death.

  13. Alkurt Silvestre

    what do u expect from teen ager WG staffs? unless if WG employs real professional..then i think something will change…the one who designed 264 v4 is far from the point of view of 30 year old player..that means the one who designed that tank is clearly immature and lack of consideration…well include those who approved

  14. I was watching this game when QB was playing on twitch.

  15. Edgars Burmeisters

    Need big nerf of this TD, cunt pen with gold that tank

  16. AliShaqra Shaqra

    I wish if WG make it normal like any other tier x TD… its just too much op and even u can battle with It with ur eyes closed.

  17. 22emporerpenguin

    Seems like the Object 268 v4 is to World of Tanks what the Conqueror is to World of Warships.

  18. I don’t see obj 268 v4 problem for me at all. Meaby because premium ammo, but not problem for me.

  19. Off course not. Its balanced?

  20. I quit the game because of how generic its gun was in relation to other trees, and how OP it would be with all the extra perks WG decided to staple onto it.

    And I owned the 263, WG gave this TD to me and it made me quit.

  21. This TD will be Top of the Tree next month, it will be so bad…

  22. How to play the 268 v4:

    Step1: Press the W key

    Step2: Click the left mouse button

    Step3: Profit

  23. OP AF

  24. Made me leave the game 4 days ago, deleted world of tanks, its not the main reason but it goes along with the real reason.

  25. QB just realized how stupid the accuracy is in this game lmao

  26. Calin Alexandru Stentel

    WOW, u guys still think WG will care what we say…cute…

  27. its not about the strv accuracy vs obj 268 v4 accurcay obj wins every time, soviet tanks hit too often vs other more accurate guns ingame, so obivous rigging right there.

  28. Sergie Gearheart

    It’s not a T-22 med. at least

  29. There is a problem when u see certain tank dominate in cw battles. Such as 907, maus before nerf, bat, etc

  30. rUsSiAn BiAs DoEsN’t ExIsT

  31. 9:52
    I have around 4,4k average damage in my Obj. 268 4 and around 4,8k in my WZ 5A. both have around 110 battles. And I have only 60% wins in my Obj. 268 4 but I’ve got around 71% wins in my M48 Patton which I have around 190 battles in. These are stats without platooning as I like to 3 mark tanks and that is way easier doing alone. My ingame name is KhaaLer1n0, check it out if you dont trust me.

  32. I think it should have overmatchable lower plate and decreased penetration on both normal and premium rounds.

  33. Don’t worry, Quicky, when enough players will be grinded and buyed, they will nerf it’s speed and ground ressistance and will be a shit tank to play..

  34. YEAH THAT TANK IS DEFINITELY NOT OP, Geez it should have 40 as top 15 as reverse and a slower reload, and the armor parameters for the armor should be lowered

  35. these tanks for when they come out on ps4

  36. Nice to see that you have noticed the problem as well. Yes, the 268v4 is not a sniper – and playing it like one is a total waste.
    It has a T9.5 TD gun (which is still more powerful than any other non-TD gun), it has medium-like mobility and gun handling and it has armor most heavy tanks can only dream of.
    The problem with this is the following: you have the mobility to be wherever you want in time. You have the gun to damage anything you want. And you have the armor to bounce almost everything the enemy is throwing at you. All other tanks usually have to chose between at most 2 of those 3 characteristics, which makes them quite limited in their positioning. But the 268v4 as all 3. That combined makes it a tank that can go ANYwhere on the battlefield and dominate that part. You can crush a medium tank flank as much as charge against TD defensive locations and hold/crush a heavy tank front.

    At first i though “well, yea… its strong, but how strong can it be?” So i did test it out yesterday for about 15 battles… It was just ridiculous to play. I wanted to make my own opinion on this tank – not as an enemy but when playing it by myself. I did not want to rely on opions others have and on stats only. And i was not disappointed. Driving this tank even in full TX battles feels like driving an E50 in a T5 battle. In the end i was driving like a mad man laughing my ass off and still ending in 4.5k damage on average – which is a little short of like 1.5 times my average value in TX tanks (excluding arty).
    How to nerf it…. well, first make the lower lower plate weaker, so that its actually a target you can aim for. It does not have to be larger, just a point where T8 tanks with 200mm penetration *can* go through. Like the cheeks of the E3’s lower plate. You are good at aiming? Well, here is your target. Its not large, but you actually have a chance. Second nerf the cupola to about 220mm so that heavy tanks actually have a chance of going through. Its still a small target, and thats ok. Third this tank needs a gun handling nerf. Not the 2s aim time, thats actually ok. But dispersion values should NOT be on medium tank level. 4th i would not nerf the speed, but the engine power. 15hp/t or so should be enough, 20hp/t is NOT necessary…

  37. #FUWargamingUSSR

  38. Agree that it is totally OP. Nerf mobility and increase frontal weakspots. And for pity sake WG, get rid of the stupid 3/5/8 bloody match making so tier 8s don’t need to meet this thing. But of course that is WG’s game plan, to force players to use gold/premium rounds in order to penetrate a tank 2 tiers higher.

  39. too OP

  40. you can even compare the bouncing to heavy tanks… it has the highest bounce% on tier X… sure seems balanced

  41. Is this thing running on anti-matter? It’s ridiculously mobile for that armor and gun. Really? Other vehicles HAVE SOME drawbacks, but this thing can wildly roam across the map killing everything!

  42. *RAW T H I C C N E S S*

  43. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    its a front line assault vehicle. remoove the mobility of it and it will be trash. thats how it was meant to be even talking to russian engeniers thats what its all about really cant deny that fact. and im in no way shape or form defending the tank i also think that it has receive too much loved for the “game” so instead of whining about it. why not finding solutions that accually balence out the ludicrusness of this tank.

  44. Why does it look like a Russian version of the death star

  45. i dont know who is making decisions in WG, but they are utterly stupid. If you want to balance game, you need to work your ass of to do that, not by introducing 3 OP tanks and than fucked up all meta. Do you remember idea of Sandbox??? for Balancing game purpose? Yeah it was long time ago, even they forgot all about it. Idea to balance Tier X and after all other tiers, what happen with that. They are to much in $, they dont care.

  46. OP OP OP O P OP OP!! cHoKoMoKo Was Here

  47. Russian number generator

  48. Too good! Over 20 hms reverse speed! Can you imagine how flexible of this tank?

  49. Do you even realise that this TD will be most likely Top of the Tree for May ?

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